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No. 63421

I'm aware there are makeover threads but what about this one, I'm sure I'm not the only farmer with this issue:

How to make yourself over to be sexier and more trendy as opposed to just cute?

I'm 23 and look a lot younger, but my body is very curvy and killer. I never know what makeup or styles of hairdo would match my body enough to get rid of the cute little sister vibe and make me feel powerful next to all these women I see who are taller and just have more mature, sexier vibes?

How do you eminate a more mature, sexy vibe when you physically look younger and rounder?

Please can we start a discussion for other farmers and myself who are trying? I want to feel hot in my prime twenties. Teach me your secrets.

No. 63425

Learn to walk elegantly in high heels I guess.

Maybe do a lot cardio to get rid of the curviness.

No. 63433

not OP, but curvy isn't sexy?

No. 63439

File: 1497918681424.jpg (74.88 KB, 600x280, 1432286389061-1.jpg)

Determine your body shape and wear dresses accordingly.

No. 63440


I've got the same issue and have been working on it.

I went on Pinterest and put a board together with women, fashion, hair, and overall beauty stuff I was aiming for with the occasional "sexy women attitude inspo" (if that makes sense). Every now and then I give this board a look over and remove things that do not fit into the image I am trying to create.

When I shop, that board is my guide so I don't buy things that just push me further into the cutesy thing. I don't impulse buy anymore and will usually gravitate towards more form-fitting items. I tend to just try anything and everything I like-as long as it fits into my wanted image-and then keep narrowing it down.

The vibe thing is always a work in progress. I find it really hard, but my tip would be to find a person who you can look up to, and try to like capture that essence (not necessarily copy). Its really fun to create and be the person you want to be.

No. 63457

File: 1497926549742.gif (2.78 MB, 625x511, Alison-Brie-GIF-01.gif)


So I wasted a lot of time on this site, and while I don't really believe in these weirdly specific stereotypes of female beauty, it did make me realise why I can't wear a push-up bra: it doesn't suit my childish face.
Similarly, Alison Brie has a killer rack but never looks quite convincing when they dress her up for sexy photoshoots, but looks completely lovely in a peter pan collar shirt.
I think you just have to work with what you got in that respect, although changing your hair to be 'sexier' will probably help.

No. 63464

Holy shit, this is so helpful. We were discussing Kibbe body types and this is actually way more helpful.

No. 63468

D-do you know if there's a men's version of this or something similar?

No. 63483

File: 1497947731552.jpg (45.59 KB, 564x564, MM.jpg)

If you are rond and soft you need to play up your strong femininity, you will never be strikingly beautiful but you can fit in the romantic and sexy archetype.

No. 63489

i beg to differ about strikingly beautiful. marilyn monroe was a the definition of cute, innocent, childlike, but with a curvy and sexy body. the combination drove people crazy. she was a baby face without make-up but still hailed as the all time sex goddess. so don't feel bad OP.

if you want to lose some more baby fat try toning up. wear flattering make-up and clothing that fits you well. especially clothing that enhances your feminine assets. whatever reminds people of sex without being vulgar.

also confidence is sexy. if you can tap into that sort of charisma.

or go for the girl next door thing.
i'm in the same boat, it doesn't help i'm extremely short either. i kind of gave up & realized there's a lot of women that would kill to have what we have. so i've played it up and the response has been good.

after all can't change who you are. everyone wants what they can't have. at least we'll look 20 for the next decade!

No. 63490

sexiness is 50% attitude. ask any guy.

No. 63495

It's not. Sometimes confidence is sexy, sometimes professionalism is sexy, sometimes looking cold is sexy, sometimes looking cute is sexy.

If you want to look or appear sexy, the most important things are confidence and your mannerisms.

Looking sexy and being sexy are two completely different things.

No. 63499


anon, what you're describing IS attitude.

No. 63503

I agree, some girls just have it, no matter how they're dressed you can clearly see/sense it. But you can always fake it.

1. Good posture. Boobs to the front. Ass up.
2. Movements, mannerisms - I think slower movements appear more sexy. Play with your hair. Expose/touch your neck. Long eye contact.
3. Clothing - you can't go wrong here if you'll go for your typical sexy-considered stuff. But without going overboard, too flashy etc. You can easily find ideas on Pinterest or just googling.
4. Hair - loose and high ponytail are your cliche sexy hairstyles. Bonus if long or curls
5. Makeup - strong lipstick.

This is the easiest route. It's stereotypical, but people think in stereotypes. Force some of it on yourself, try it out, and maybe you'll find your own way of sexy out of it.

No. 63505

This is amazing! I just learned my style type. Thanks, anon!

No. 63515

You just proved their point though.

No. 63685

I don't mind looking either tomboyish or cute most of the time, but it kills me that when I want to look sexy for my boyfriend, all I get is cute. What do?

No. 63690

Having the right attitude but doing everything wrong won't make you sexy.

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