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File: 1497925219263.jpg (32.03 KB, 480x480, 12093294_1652177731666171_8239…)

No. 63448

Have you had it done? Would you do it? What about the full lip procedure to correct imperfections in the shape/enhance the color?

No. 63451

I've had my eyebrows done nearly a year ago and it's still looking okay. I do want a touch up because I got used to seeing the freshly done dark brows and my natural brows are just too light now.

Be sure that you get retouches free until satisfied. Some people need more retouches than others due to skin type.

No. 63458


I don't think there are too many people who will do unlimited touch-ups since it's only supposed to last 1-3 years because of the depth it's put into your skin and using pigment vs. tattoo ink, but you should have at least 1-2 touch ups post-appointment right?

No. 63459

I'm about to get microblading in Korea this week. I hope it goes well. My eyebrows are overplucked for so many years… and I'm sick of filling them in everyday.

No. 63552

Yes, you should have 1-2 touch ups just after the appointment included in the price.

No. 63579

Does microblading work on scars?

No. 63639

No. 64019

File: 1498529646072.jpg (Spoiler Image,516.9 KB, 2078x2078, IMG_3603.JPG)

Finally got my eyebrows done. That's a before and after. I'm surprised how good the results are. Although they are still a bit dark and if will fade. Touch up session is in about a month.

No. 64036

Oh that looks really good anon! Great shape and so much fuller than before.

No. 64037

Looks good! How much did you pay?

No. 64064

I don't mean to sound bitter but they're too far from each other

No. 64093

that all depends on how far her eyes are apart, your eyebrows should start where the inner corner of your eye does

No. 64097

Thank you!

I paid about 160 USD for it. Touch up for next month is included.
My eyebrows start on the corner of my eyes. I don't think it's too far apart and I can't do much if my eyes are like this.

No. 64106

Okay, if they match your eyes then it's all guud

No. 64128

File: 1498755530593.jpeg (101.1 KB, 1295x1236, image.jpeg)

May I make a recommendation–and I hope it's not out of pocket and I'm not nitpicking, just making a suggestion– at the front of your your brows, the hairs should be coming up rather than brushing down. When they brush down at the start, it looks as though you over plucked your brows or shaved them too far because it doesn't mimic the natural follicle pattern of brow hairs. I did this on my phone so it's obviously not the best infographic but the top is how brows grow naturally and the bottom kind of shows what yours does. I'm not saying they look bad but they could look more natural and flattering.

No. 65398

This is really good advice, I hope anon takes it.

No. 65648

i bet they did it like that because she wanted a straight brow and her natural shape was quite arched and rounded.

No. 65972

As trained technicians, they should've known better. The goal is to make them mimic natural brows. I'm kind of surprised they did that,

No. 65984

Why anyone would get this done is beyond me. It looks like someone went in with a sharpie.
Unless people are tattooing each and every individual brow lash and in varying ink hues for each lash; you're going to look like shit.
Don't fall for this crap. Everyone always comes out looking better than before they went in.

No. 65994

>hurrdurr no idea how it works

It looks real when it's healed. The only time it ever looks like a sharpie is when it was freshly done.

No. 66094

I've gotten mine done and it's sort of gone in the beginning of my inter brow but the rest is fine. Almost three years now.

No. 66121

File: 1501914936933.jpeg (Spoiler Image,58.53 KB, 768x781, gallery-1501605152-caters-eyeb…)


No. 66122

I've considered buying the needle and pigment and just doing them myself, but the cost and effort makes me feel meh about it.

Unless your brows look straight up dreadful, some careful tweezing and regular tinting (i just use regular hair dye in dark brown) should do. An eyebrow pencil is much more reliable.

No. 66125


what … happened here??

No. 66128

No. 66136

Idk, I've thought about it but considering it costs 500+ dollars and lasts only 1-2 years I'll probably pass. Much cheaper to buy some $20 dipbrow that will last just as long, even if it can't be on my face 24/7

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