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File: 1498313342933.jpg (184.78 KB, 1440x900, ooEB5H6.jpg)

No. 63840

I'm pretty average, skinny with some little fat, pretty much normal in general. In the mirror everything just looks fine and normal but when I try to take photos, everything turns out… Weird looking? It's like every single flaw seemed to turn out magnified on photos, and things that I just don't notice in the mirror just look extra bad. Like everyone else I can perfectly look fine in a photo with the right light and a good angle, but I can't help but feeling I'm lying and just deceiving myself over all.

Someone else in here feels like this or tries to avoid photos in general for that reason?

No. 63842

Yeah. I'm perfectly fine with videos of myself and even photos taken by other people but I just can't do selfies. This is actually pretty common, if you look it up, there's some scientific reasons for it that I've forgotten.

No. 63843

Let me say it that way, I love that Snapchat Filters are socially acceptable. Feels better than being a weeb and wearing those facemasks in every pic, because I only look good when 70% of my face is covered.

No. 63844

is this what you mean, anon?: https://www.quora.com/Why-do-I-look-good-in-the-mirror-but-bad-in-photos

additional reasons are the curve of the lens, especially front phone camera lens distorting your face and cameras and human eye not processing the light in the same way. i look weird in selfies too, and when i try to look "pretty" i don't look like myself at all.

No. 63851

File: 1498329286081.png (707.39 KB, 1024x535, Posing-101-with-Lindsay-Adler-…)

I feel you, anon. I rarely take pictures of myself for this reason. Could be because I'm obsessed with my nose and how bad it looks to me, and selfie camera distortion only makes it worse.
It could be the same for you, look at this picture. The real you is the one you see in the mirror, phone cameras are extremely deceiving.

No. 63856

I look fucking awful in photos, mostly because I'm not very attractive, but my main annoyance is that the reverse camera on phone photoshops the shit out of your face whether you like it or not. It doesn't actually make me look better when my skin gets all smoothed out, it makes me look weird and lumpy.

No. 63862

Definitely! I can't stand having photos taken of me and will avoid them whenever possible because they always turn out awful and I'm never sure what to do with my face/body. I always end up doing this weird thing with my chin which makes it look huge. Selfies are slightly better since I know my angles but even then some of them turn out awful.

I think it's because I'm just an unattractive person in general (though I have body dysmorphia) but I'd like to convince myself that I'm just unphotogenic or that the camera is distorting my image (since I usually look at least marginally better in the mirror)?

No. 63901

This is a really, really harsh truth, but the camera doesn't lie nearly as much as the mirror does.
When you look at yourself in the mirror, your brain kind of "makes up" for one half of your face and "imagines" your features. So you appear a lot more attractive than you actually are.

Shit hurts.

No. 63902

>>This is a really, really harsh truth

Let's see the proof.

No. 63905

It's especially bad if you're really asymmetrical. I had no idea my jaw was way stronger/wider on the left side of my face until I was like 18 because my brain smooths my features out so much.

No. 63906

i don't think this is true. my bf prefers my face irl over how it appears in the mirror because it looks less lopsided to him, while i think i look great in the mirror but fucked up in selfies. i also feel like he looks better to me vs his mirror’s reflection, which lends credence to the theory that we just think we look better in mirrors because that's what we're used to seeing, and everyone else prefers to see our faces from their eyes.

seeing yourself flipped is jarring because you're just not used to it, not because you're suddenly a hideous hag and your eyes have been deceiving you your entire life.

No. 63911

I have the same complex as Ariana Grande where I only like one side of my face and 99% of my pictures are taken from that side. Someone actually pointed this out so I had to start reversing certain selfies lol. My nose and chin look way bigger on my left side. I'm fine with selfies but when I see candids of me or when someone else takes a picture I look horrible almost always. It's a real shock to see pictures of me, and kind of depressing because obviously that's how I appear to others.

No. 63918

If you're looking straight in one way (a face in the mirror that's, let's say 50 cm away from you) your eyes cover that area completely, the brain does that "best guess" thing for everything on the sides of your eyes. So I'm calling BS.
Cameras are not like a human eye. There's also the "photogenic" factor: some people look like shit on pictures, fact. I observed this on other people, so I'm not biased like I would be looking at myself. Have you ever looked at somebody's picture before meeting them irl and when you met them you thought "Wow, they look better irl". It can go the other way round too, I met a guy who looked handsome in pictures but awful irl. And it wasn't shoop, since when we took a group picture he was looking good again in the picture, shit irl.
Other important factor is insecurity. When you're self conscious you tend to have a certain way of moving, your face expressions and body language literally will make you look bad in pictures because you don't know what to do and can only think about "how bad will you look".
So yes, mirror+natural lighting tell the truth, professional cameras also can tell the truth most times, phone cameras (esp low end ones) are shit

No. 63924

When you look in the mirror, your brain cannot detect your assymmetries the way you can with a person standing right next to you. So your brain "makes up" for those features. It basically plays connect the dots with itself and you're looking at an image your kind created because it can't focus on all of your features at once.

That is why a lot of differences are jarring in photos people take VS your reflection. The camera doesn't add ten pounds, your reflection takes away ten pounds. That is why people get such a shock when they look into a "true mirror." We want to believe we are better looking than we actually are lol and will justify it using any means.


No. 63926

File: 1498413289025.jpeg (230.93 KB, 513x710, image.jpeg)

I'm not saying the camera is all-seeing accurate, I'm saying the camera is more accurate than a mirror. It's literally science. Why is this so hard to grasp?

No. 63927

File: 1498414212940.jpg (12.54 KB, 269x269, 1494358543351.jpg)

no i look like shit in photos and decent in the mirror
you can break my neck before i accept this

No. 63928

I understand lmao. I feel you.

No. 63931

>Camera is more accurate than a mirror
Not an average, obviously deforming phone camera. That's also science. Read again my post. Also, your reason could work for some people but not for others, there's no "We're all ugly lol". If anything, take insecure people for example: they will see themselves uglier than they are, because their brain will focus on the "ugly feature" instead of viewing the face as a "whole". Again, there's many reasons why we don't recognize ourselves in pictures. For me the problem disappears as soon as someone takes my picture with a professional camera, or sometimes even just using the back camera of my phone instead of the front one. For others, it could be simply having a feature that isn't photogenic, other people get awkward whenever a camera is around, etc.

Back into the topic, another possible reason I forgot to add is being used to see your flipped image in the mirror. Try to flip your photos and see if it's closer to how you see yourself in the mirror.

No. 63934

Oh please, you're the one deciding to interpret that as the sweeping generalization of "we're all ugly." That was never stated. Not once. The only point I am making is that a mirror truly isn't an accurate depiction of what we look like. Yes, there are cameras that are worse than others. But for the most part, cameras are inherently more accurate than mirrors because in a mirror you are looking at just that–the mirrored version of yourself. Your brain cannot focus on it the way that it can a photograph. Nobody said we are all ugly. You chose to interpret it that way, for whatever reason.

No. 63935

same OP. My oblong face looks so long in pics while in the mirror/real life it looks normal/nice.
Also my dark circles/eyebags are

I'm not terribly ugly, i mean, i get called cute by a bunch of people so they can't all be lying, but i sure feel like it.
Videos can be hell too. But pics are the worst. Especially taken by friends

God bless meitu.

No. 63936

Probably doesn't help i'm super nervous around a camera/am probably not photogenic to begin with

No. 63948

"We're all ugly" wasn't meant to be taken literally.
Anyway, I'm really not sure about the "making up" of the brain thing, because in that case wouldn't we see ourselves the same way in the picture, since the brain couldn't focus on the whole face correctly again?
My point is simply that mirrors and professional cameras >>>>>> phone cameras, and that there are many factors playing in a portrait, and for each person it may be one, two or more of them, and different ones. Not knowing how to pose, static image that of course doesn't look good as it would be in motion, non photogenic features, cameras that flatten features, flash, or asymmetry. In the last case yes, the mirror fools us, because we're used to see our flipped image during our whole life, and if one has an asymmetrical face there's a chance they won't like themselves in non-flipped pictures.

No. 63950

I see your point but I don't see what it has to do with my post? I don't understand the argument you're trying to make here. It's baseless.

>Anyway, I'm really not sure about the "making up" of the brain thing, because in that case wouldn't we see ourselves the same way in the picture, since the brain couldn't focus on the whole face correctly again?

I don't think you're reading the facts properly. I don't think you're getting the whole "mirror image" thing. Your brain cannot process your image properly because it is MIRRORED. In photographs it isn't mirrored. I don't see what you're having such a hard time grasping about that? Your other points are valid but they had nothing to actually do with the posts you replied to. You're kind of just throwing random facts at other facts that also have merit and acting like there is a point? Y tho

No. 63951

All in all, there isn't anything wrong with being uncomfortable with photographs and viewing yourself as unphotogenic. This has always been perfectly normal. Unfortunately, in the digital age of narcissism and ""selfie culture""~ you're often made to believe it's abnormal. You're fine.

No. 63956

You're so defensive for no reason. Calm down and let's get back to the start. Your first post talked about a point I and a couple of other anons had never heard of and asked for explanation, but if there was truth in there you sure exaggerated it, making it sound as if every person that sees themselves somehow nice in the mirror and weird in photos is deluding themselves. I pointed out that there actually are many other factors playing and that I don't think your theory applies to most people. (You could've also posted source, no offense but you're not very good at explaining things)
It's simple as that

No. 63961

I'm not defensive, but you've made the sort of person you are pretty obvious by how much you love to misinterpret and grasp lol. Have fun with that. Stating facts about how our brain works really isn't a big deal. But you keep wanting to steer it in the direction of "stop saying we're all ugly! You're wrong!"
I don't have any pearls to clutch so I'm going to go about casually browsing and not continue to entertain your replies lol. Again, it isn't. A. Big. Deal.

No. 63991

Your fact was sourceless and badly explained, that's what you don't seem to grasp. No wonder people will ask you for more. (And to be fair, you started being defensive for no reason since the first reply, so don't act like you're the chill one)
If this alone gets you worked up, you should probably avoid not only the internet, but every type of interaction, "my dude".
Moving on.

No. 64000


No. 64004

Weird, I was about to say the same thing about you.

No. 64080

LOL yes this is me. My right side is my good side and I keep thinking about how cutiepiemarzia only shows one side of her face and how people eventually pointed that out to her. I'm also not very creative with my selfies to begin with so they end up looking the same and just being taken from that one side mostly. I literally have one lucky shot of my left side taken in some nice grey skied lighting at the mall parking lot.

No. 64648

What kind of phone do you have? I have a samsung note (5 I think?) and my camera settings by default have this but i was able to turn it off

I believe this anon more since it makes sense.

See I only feel like I look good head on. From the side or the wrong angle I hate how my face looks. I have a semi-strong jaw and a big nose (But everyone I say this to examines my face and asks me what i'm talking about so???)

I refuse to be photographed by other people. For one, they never get my body angle right. I'm a work in progress in the weight department so some angles I look MASSIVE bigger than I am, and others I look how I really am (How my clothing size reflects. In some photos i look like a 22W but my pants are a 16. That's a massive difference). Prety much i've made up a rule for my friends "JUst don't tag me in it if I didn't take the selfie or approve of it." As long as I don't have to see it, I don't care.

No. 64659

I have been called pretty/attractive/thin, etc, had girls come up to tell me they wish they had my eyes, a body like mine, or fashion. Yet I deeply hate seeing my photo or being included in group photos. Family photos as well. They never turn out well. I see a camera and I am out of the room. Even on the days I feel great about myself and my makeup is flawless, it's like a camera distorts everything like a funhouse mirror and I look 10x more terrible than what I saw in the bathroom mirror while I got ready. I posts lots of pictures of various things or of my kids on social media, but rarely any of myself since cameras bring out the worst shadows or facial expressions and I always seem to be caught mid-blink. I won't even show off a new haircut or outfit anymore.

Since I avoid cameras so much, I don't even know my best angles or how to take a proper selfie. By far, I think smartphone cameras are the worst but professional cameras with studio lighting are more forgiving.

Oh, fuck. That's depressing. Time to save up for some medical tourism in South Korea.

No. 64662

No… This is bullshit. Your mirror image is flipped but the camera distorts your image to hell and back. Not even my dog looks like himself in pictures, and I'm fairly certain I'm not so mental as to care so much about my pet's attractiveness to the degree of 'justifying it using any means'.
>it's literally science
No offence but you don't even seem to understand what you're arguing, you're just parroting the article where the experiment was subject to very strong confirmation bias since the subjects were asked to select an image amongst several. Optics is also science.
Source: photographer

No. 64664

Woah, are you me? This is like…spot on with my experience as well. Not to mention how family photos are always extra uggo somehow, lmao. I avoid taking selfies with my iPhone because I find the camera horribly unflattering. Even my friends agree that I look better in person. But what made me feel better though was having my picture taken by my photographer friend with a nice DSLR camera and lens (I think it was a wider angle lens), and I actually ended up loving the photos. So, that made me feel a hell of a lot better.

No. 64665

File: 1499682614068.jpg (132.54 KB, 736x819, fl.jpg)

iPhone and other smartphone cameras have a very small focal length so as to be able to capture as much of an area as possible. Their primary purpose is to take passable landscape and event photos.
DSLRs have removable lenses/optical zoom options with larger focal lengths, which flatten out the face and make facial features less pronounced. A downside to this is when a photographer uses a too wide lens and your face ends up looking square with your facial features awkwardly smooshed in the centre, those photo booth workers who take your passport picture often do this, in a poorly lit area with incandescent lighting at that.

I've had to photograph people whose eyebrows literally move in opposite directions (not twins, not sisters, not even distant cousins, more like separate species) even though they look normal irl, lips change shape depending on the lens used, gain a chin or lose a chin, etc. It fucks with you a lot. I don't know how anyone can possibly say 'you look more realistic in a photo than the mirror'.

No. 64676

Thanks anon, I love you. I feel so much better now.
My bf used to make photos with his 200mm objective and I look exactly like you described it.
I thought I look like this IRL and felt very bad about myself, because I find myself pretty in the mirror, but thought the photos were more accurate.

No. 64691

Your mirror image is flipped, but it at least shows your face in 3D, and depending on the lighting you could look better or worse.
One trick is to place a hand mirror against a wall mirror in a well-lit area, that way you can see your face the same/similar way others do.

No. 64766

i agree. the slightest tilt of the camera or angle, and I look like a completely different person. it also stretches out my face DEPENDING on wear im holding it. oh, and lighting will completely change your features as well from the phone. that anon is full of shit.

theres also some model on twitter who looks way different vs her face at model shoots and her face in selfies she takes on her own. she looks average as fuck in her selfies and her face is a lot more rounder but in her modelling photos, she was gorgeous. so camera is a big ass factor too.

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