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No. 64136

Thread about fellatio and other sexual things, so my boyfriend has a rather big dick and I can only manage about a third of it without gagging or nearly being sick. I really want to deepthroat him and I feel really embarrassed that I haven't mastered this yet, as I could with previous partners but none were as thick or long as him so it's more difficult.

I try practicing with bananas a little but maybe not enough.

Sorry this thread is somewhat nsfw but I see farmers discuss lots of other things similar so I thought I'll make a thread!

No. 64140

Do you gag while brushing your teeth? Maybe try to practice brushing back there more to train your body to not gag, and try to hold the banana there for a few minutes to get it accustomed to having a dick there for long periods of time.

No. 64145

Are you seriously gonna try to deep throat him knowing you might get hurt just for his own pleasure?

Unless it's your ultimate fetish just give up.

No. 64146

>I really want to deepthroat him

I think that's your answer there

No. 64148

Are you by any chance a guy? Your thread reeks of a male rping. Sage.

No. 64181

Talk to him and let him know this is something you want to try to achieve. He'll obviously be down to help you. Then lay on your back on the bed and let your head rest on the edge. This is the easiest way to angle him in or if he's laying try leaning in from above rather than below. Like sitting by his shoulders not between his legs. Definitely try the bed thing first.

Okay so the bed position should help a lot. Then you have to relax yourself around him and try to find the right angle. Don't push too hard if you want to take it easy but it helps to get excited. Touch yourself or wrap your arms around him. Make it happen. Your throat can take it. It's your choice whether you want to elevate your sex life. Go for it, it's worth it. I'm not confident about much but I love knowing I'm secretly dynamic in bed.

Have fun with it and be aware if he's got a curve you'll need to angle for that. You'll sometimes hit the wall if it's not right but you'll learn what it feels like and how to guide it.

No. 64184

I think i'm super bad at blow jobs. It takes like 15minutes (watched the clock lmao). It' super exhausting for me and i can't coordinate hand, mouth and tongue at once. Also i can't deepthroat because he's too big (i couldn't deepthroat smaller tho fml). Sometimes he pushes his dick super deep and i have to gag and it hurts but i say nothing, because i think he finishs faster so…
Pls help

No. 64199

Can we talk about general oral stuff?

I like receiving it but it makes me so self conscious I never let people do it

No. 64216

I've heard that most women don't like receiving oral.

Is that just because most women have low sex drives (compared to men) so it doesn't feel good, or because they're just so self-conscious?

I assume it also has something to do with most guys not having "pretty" faces, they have facial hair, look masculine, etc. I think most women would prefer another woman or a boy for getting oral.

No. 64220

It takes me around that time as well. I think it's normal.

Anyway I gave a blowjob to 3 different guys and I only mastered it with my current bf. I could never make a guy cum before, it was awful.
My current partner is pretty big (7inch) I cant deep throat him for shit so I just stroke his penis as I go up and down with my mouth. Seems to be working perfectly. I want to deep throat him without gagging one day though

No. 64221

I think it's the self-conscious thing, and worrying that it won't get them off even if it feels good. I'm a virgin but I fantasize about guys going down on me a lot, and often masculine dudes as well.

No. 64224

Men told me, if i can't get him off in 5min i'm doing something wrong. Omg i'm so dumb to believe this bs.

No. 64226


No. 64227

not sure that's true at all…sounds more like women are just self-conscious tbh. the girls i know who are more open/wild talk often enough about wanting guys to eat them out. think your theory about wanting a boy/another woman is off unless you're not talking about straight women.

not a virgin but same >>64221 i picture sitting on my bf's face or grinding on it a lot.

imo it's dependent on the guy as well. i'm pretty good at giving blowjobs (all of the guys i dated couldn't get enough) but couldn't make my ex or current bf cum with just my mouth, they need a lot of stroking/friction.

No. 64228

I haven't met a girl that hasn't liked oral! We LOVE oral. It's much harder for a man to fuck it up as opposed to finger clit massages.

When I was in high school I heard that men hated giving oral, but I have yet to meet one that actual does hate it. My experience is that they usually brag about it, like "i loove this i could do this all the time"

All in all, i think men like licking pussy because its the easiest way to make a girl moan and theyre all secretly scared that they cant pleasure a woman

No. 64231

… and whats this shit about not wanting normal men going down on you?

no way youre a woman

No. 64236

Nope. Nope. Nope.

Whenever a guy has tried to give me oral, they always stretch out the skin around my clit, can hardly find my clit to begin with, then their big noses and scruffy faces are awkwardly grinding against the area which irritates the fuck out it and takes away from any pleasure they can manage.

No. 64238

sage because I hit post too early

Wanted to mention i'm in my twenties and have had 3 different partners who otherwise were great in bed, they all told me I was the only girl who had these issues with receiving oral though so idk.

I figured I just have an awkwardly shaped clit area that doesn't fit well with people's faces kek.

No. 64241

>they always stretch out the skin around my clit, can hardly find my clit to begin with
What a nightmare holy shit

>I think most women would prefer another woman or a boy for getting oral
Why? I'd like to hear your reasoning.

I do know I was the first person to ever make my bi friends who hadn't been with women before come from oral, but I assume that's because a girl would be better at eating pussy than a guy, not because of my face

No. 64253

I can kinda deepthroat but I have a smallish mouth and big ass teeth so other things get in the way anyway. Actually I'm pretty toothy, I've been hold how tf do you avoid getting your teeth in the way?

I have no idea how to explain it but you have to relax the back of your tongue/beginning of your throat enough so you won't gag…

No. 64268

>they always stretch out the skin around my clit
What? Tell them not to.
>can hardly find my clit to begin with
Show them. Use your hands to guide their hands.

No. 64272

Urgh I feel you OP
My fiance's dick is 8 inches and girth to boot. You'd think that'd be fantastic but it's a nightmare even trying to fit it in, let alone fellatio.
I have a small mouth and an easily tickled gag reflect. I can only fit about a quarter of his cock in, and the girth makes teeth an issue too which is a mood killer to say the least.

Oral in a lady usually feels fantastic, it's just bypassing the insecurity and self-conscious mindset.
Even I'm afraid because I don't think my partner will enjoy it.
The trouble is finding the clit, doing it too fast or just not doing it right.
It's a total killjoy.

No. 64282

I hate being eaten out every time it just
Fucking tickles and never feels good whatsoever. Idk why but I think I'm super sensitive and I only like my clit being touched by me.

Also the smell of semen and dick makes me gag before it's even in my mouth. Am I cursed and damned to a bad sex life kek

No. 64290

I'm the same exact way, I'm very sensitive and it doesn't take much to make me orgasm. I'd rather grind against my partner to climax than get eaten out. It makes me feel like I gotta pee

Semen also taste really gross(I've heard it varies guy to guy but my bfs smells/taste like bleach.

No. 64294

>my bfs smells/taste like bleach.
Oh god. Did you mention this to him? Maybe tell him to implement a little pineapple into his diet to make it sweeter.

No. 64298

Its so sad to me that straight girls get bad oral sex, holy shit. I thought it was just a lesbian joke. how can you not know what to do with a clit

No. 64300

He's well aware, I think we tried that in the past and it didn't help much. He also tried this whole recipe to make his cum thicker/better tasting but he reported it didn't work at all.

It sucks when you want to be a huge cum slut but the taste is unbearable. I have to hold myself back from throwing up sometimes when I swallow.

You're telling me you don't just spell out the alphabet with your tongue? Kidding, do you have any tips on what to do to make it better? I've only been eaten out by one person so I've never had better.

No. 64310

How many guys have you been with, anon? I used to have the same problem with my ex - his dick smelled and tasted really nasty and his cum made me want to puke (despite him being vegetarian). But I've been with two guys since and the taste was much more subtle, still like dick but not unpleasant. So it might be the guy(s) you've been with rather than your problem

No. 64313

every time i try to give bjs i… apparently use my teeth too much. i have a small mouth but i always try to unhinge my jaw as much as i can so idk. i think it has to do with the fact that i'm not experienced or confident at all.

No. 64316

Do you tuck your teeth under your lip?

Unfortunately, bleach-tasting cum isn't that uncommon. Idk why but I've noticed it and I've heard from other girls that they can taste it too.

No. 64328

I had a similar situation anon, and I'm personally convinced it's linked to diet in general, not just how much pineapple he ate that day. My first boyfriend made me puke the first time I gave him a blowjob because of how much it tasted like bleach. He also was a stereotypical nerd who ate crap and friend things, but my current boyfriend generally eats healthy and his cum is really mild and inoffensive.

No. 64340

Same experience here. My first boyfriend was vegetarien and is was good, next one junk food nerd with lots of beer and current bf eats healthy and rarely drinks. But I do notice when he's had a few beer (usually a few days later) so that could be a factor.

No. 64466

Has anyone found any way to mask the flavor?
I read that chewing mint gum helps but I've yet to read first hand accounts if that's true or not.

No. 64501

I still don't know how pornstars manage to gulp down like 30 strangers cum at a time. Imagine all the disgusting tastes and smells. Or those gokkun videos. Do they throw up off set or something? Ugh. Even then that's still disgusting. Cum chunder.

No. 64502

I agree. Wanting to please your man is fine (as long as he's making the same effort to please you) but when it gets to the point you're in pain or puking from forcing it, just stop. Seems so many girls mind on here have been ruined by porn standards saying you HAVE to do anal when he wants it, you HAVE to deep throat him until you gag etc. No you don't. You don't have to do anything that causes you a lot of discomfort. Guys only have to stick their tongue or dick in a warm wet hole. They don't have to experience pain. Girls shouldn't have to either. Unless that's what gets you off.

No. 64503

Most pornstars are on drugs when they shoot. It's why they look so loopy. A lot are either addicts who go into porn for drug money or become addicts to cope with the grossness of what they do.

No. 64510

Nope, I've only ever had one really dominant gf who only liked "pillow princesses". I've never done it but I know what NOT to do, I guess

No. 64518


I have a problem with too much focused pressure. Tongue needs to be flat, it's awful when they do that thing where you, like, clench your tongue? So it's harder and pointier, for lack of a better description.
There's a really delicate balance between gentle/medium pressure and so light it fucking tickles.

Anyhow, it's cliché to say, but it really is important to communicate. Even if it's just one word like "more," "higher," "lower," etc. Anything helps. They'll never learn if you never say anything.

No. 64521

File: 1499364125168.jpg (67.78 KB, 604x453, IMG_0406.JPG)

I feel terrible for the girls who aren't getting eaten out right/struggling with blowjobs. It's honestly about relaxing and doing what feels right to you. I had an okay experience the first few times with different guys but I was also self conscious/in my own head instead of focusing on the experience. Get to know and be comfortable with your body and don't be afraid to coach. (It also helps to experience more partners but no everyone is a cumslut like I am) Semen tastes meh most of the time probably because I've eaten nasty health shit but I've only had one day where a dudes semen made me gag. But I'd take awful tasting semen over semen in the nose or eye any day.
For me blowjobs with deep throat is all about breathing technique. If you aren't breathing out as the head hits the back of your throat and breathing in as the head and shaft are being pulled away you're going to have a bad time. The trouble is when you master this guys get really into I and naturally want to thrust to make it go deeper so your rhythm gets fucked up. For instant gratification go to the sex shop and buy yourself some throat numbing spray. It usually comes in different flavors and you can deep throat just about anything, even you boyfriend up to his balls ;D

No. 64562

I can't be the only girl that thinks bj's are disgusting. I've had 2 sexual partners and never given one, I sometimes feel really selfish for receiving but not giving, but i don't know. The idea of putting a dick in my mouth is just disgusting to me.

No. 64573

Some people just aren't into it and that's perfectly fine, if a partner sees it as a dealbreaker that's their own problem. Giving doesn't entitle you to jack shit.

I don't care for oral, giving or receiving. I've had both men and women go down on me and eh. I'm bored. And blowjobs are weird, my ex really loved the idea and I had already managed to deepthroat another ex (he was like, half the other ex's size though) and it had been a meh experience for me, but then I saw how huge he was and I was like "LOL" because he thought I'd just go full porn star and deep throat him and he'd cum in 3 minutes.

So I was reluctant because I wasn't looking forward to gagging everywhere but I briefly tried a few times, got like halfway through and he was way less responsive so I felt self conscious even though I knew he wasn't as responsive in general (my other ex shuddered when I even touched the tip, this one barely blinked, probably because he jacked off like 4 times a day) and he was barely moaning and I knew I was in for more than a few minutes of vague dick smell and possible gagging for him to possibly not even cum so I just said fuck that and did other shit with him.

No. 65195

When I was with my first boyfriend I used to HATE giving blowjobs, and I refused to give blowjobs to like hookups after we broke up. But I think that was because I wasn't actually very sexually attracted to him/them. Used to feign stomach aches a lot to avoid sex. Now I'm with someone I genuinely love I'm much happier giving blowjobs/doing things I found unsavoury before. It's fun to pleasure someone you genuinely love, even if it doesn't personally get you off

Sorry for blog

No. 65514

Update- I'm the anon from before. I ended up actually giving my bf oral the other day and it's just like you say, even though i didn't necessarily enjoy it I felt happy to be making him happy.

No. 65517

This, it plays a BIG part. One partner, I was actually looking forward to give it all the time, he made me horny af.
The next partner, an 'accident' (piss) happened and I pretty much stopped giving head to him because I couldn't even try without shuddering with disgust.

No. 65527

File: 1501020896049.gif (1.58 KB, 48x48, tumblr_inline_mn8sk7AkgI1qz4rg…)

I ate pussy twice now but that was two years ago when I had a gf. She patted me on the head and told me I did good especially for a first time but I want to become better for my future girlfriend.

I kinda get how to breathe in a way, to avoid smelling the fishy smell, so there's that, but I have a small tongue so I can't really put it in like she did to me (she had a pretty big tongue though).

No. 65531


oh no anon

i know everybody tastes different and everybody also smells different things but there should absolutely not be a fishy smell

No. 65533

Oh, no no! It was light, nothing like what you think. Fishy might not be the best word to explain the smell but it's close.

No. 66507

Op here
I've gotten a bit better at deep throat but still nearly make myself gag once nearly all of it is in

My bf is about 7-8in and quite thick so I want to but it's so difficult

What do I do

No. 66516

I have an issue where I smell/taste like the food I eat down there, usually strong spiced stuff like curries etc. i get really insecure about having my bf down there, even though he says he doesn't mind, i know he does. does anyone know what foods I can eat to make the taste/smell more pleasant. pineapple work for girls?

No. 66517

Pineapple works for everyone, but make sure to drink tons of water and avoid smoking and drinking for best results. And remember that pussy isn't supposed to taste like peaches or vanilla or whatever else, it's supposed to taste like pussy.

No. 66523

Thanks anon, I know that, but mine will literally taste like curry (i know for a fact) it's just weird to me and I am glad I can fix it.

No. 66535

How to get the taste of cum out of throat, I don't mind swallowing, or when he cums directly down throat, but the taste IN the throat is the worse. I tried drinking water, and it doesn't help.

Also, am I the only one who likes to kiss their S.O after they went down of them? It's pretty neat tasting myself.

No. 66543

lol not sure how helpful this will be to you but i always like to have a beer or some whiskey after i give my bf head and it definitely helps

No. 66548

File: 1502834751451.gif (475.78 KB, 400x273, 1384544863285.gif)


Not sure if trolling or not. A pussy that taste like curry is like, dream for many men and women.

Imagine if you had some Pizza, too. Oh, the possibilities are endless!

No. 68129

Just let him know that you want to practice. I'm sure he won't complain, unless you're hurting him.

No. 68131

I'm not trolling actually…

No. 68247


Start an Indian takeaway service

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