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File: 1499808597935.png (259.25 KB, 1242x1858, IMG_2392.PNG)

No. 64763

I didn't see a thread about this so I wanted to make one. Where do you guys get your low cost wigs/hair extensions that still look "nice" enough to wear outside? By nice I mean non shiny/Halloween wigs. I'm going to post some TaoBao links when I get home.

No. 64764

File: 1499808639027.png (232.67 KB, 1235x1210, IMG_2390.PNG)

Another wig I thought was cute, too bad they are trying to sell this shit for 99 bucks.

No. 64765

any realistic looking extensions and wigs are going to cost you 70 usd+, anon. it's a luxury. i used to wear 3 sets all the time when i had black hair (easier to blend) and im glad i dont wear that shit anymore. all i ever did was worry about people being able to tell and constantly touching it to make it look neat. there was always that sort of shame that i was constantly lying and being fake but thats just me feeling guilty. big load off my shoulders altogether however for multiple reasons.

No. 64767

>the fact that you can see where the wig starts because it's not a lace front that's been blended in.


No. 64774

I thought that she was wearing a black headband at first fuck thats bad

No. 64779

Black beauty bloggers on YT are a goldmine of information if you want to know more about decent wigs, I think.

No. 64781

I think I'd much prefer to have a black woman or drag queen teach me to wear a wig. I'm sure there are white women that can do it, but I've never seen one.

No. 64782

I haven't tried it myself, but I heard if your wig gets shitty or you have a shiny wig you can soak it in fabric softener and it'll make it all nice.

No. 64803


she didn't even try with this fucking wig the styling on it is horrible and sloppy.


Celebrities and the super rich who hire black women and drag Queens probably know.

No. 64805

Probably, but I reckon the hella friendly girls who immigrated from Somalia and now work at the fruit market would be more likely to teach me than a celebrity

No. 64876

I recommend you kanekalon wigs, they are not expensive and looks very similar to natural hair. I use extensions of this fiber since two years ago… I hope it helped you

No. 64965

I recently bought a human hair wig from AliExpress for £60 which was a bargain with free shipping! And honestly it's a lovely wig and the hair is sooooooo soft (Brazilian) so I'd advise fellow farmers to buy human hair wigs as they are pretty affordable these days and amazing quality and if you can't afford them make one, there are plenty of tutorials on YouTube! Also I agree about getting wig advice from black women (I'm black but was a wig virgin) they seem to be the most knowledgeable and actually know how to blend their edges and pluck hairlines haha, I guess you could maybe listen to drag queens when it comes to styling synthetic wigs but drag queens don't usually have natural hairlines or wigs so I'd say stick to black youtubers like peakmill if you wanna have a natural looking wig!
(Sorry for the rambling, I cannot write for shit)

No. 64966

Also don't use synthetic extensions as they don't blend with natural hair very well and look cheap, as well as often being thin. Invest in a good set of human hair extensions or make your own by buying human hair wefts from AliExpress (AliExpress is the God of hair) and buying extension clips and stitching them to the wefts

No. 64967

Spamming tutorials on how to make wigs from scratch / how to make wigs look natural by peakmill because she is truly talented!

No. 64968

File: 1500264786992.jpg (718.2 KB, 1104x1320, Screenshot_20170717-050518.jpg)

No. 64969

File: 1500264829994.jpg (846.45 KB, 1213x1378, Screenshot_20170717-050608.jpg)

No. 64970

File: 1500264877930.jpg (1 MB, 1322x1435, Screenshot_20170717-050638.jpg)

No. 64990

Anyone bought a lace front from Wigisfashion? They look pretty good in pictures and are cheaper than Evahair's even though they look the same

No. 65092

hey anon, can you link the wig you bought? I'm half black & have recently gotten into sew ins/weave, but I'm pretty sick of those now (my edges were suffering) and I'm looking for something similar but a little different. I was always really scared to buy hair/wigs from ali though.

No. 65097

I've got a lace front from Wigisfashion and I definitely recommend it if you need slightly cheaper than normal options.

No. 65098


This looks super good. It looks like it could be her actual hair.

No. 66494

Do any of you have experience with wearing wigs daily? My hair is falling out due to chemo and I feel so embarrassed going out in public. I was looking at getting a freedom couture wig, they're so expensive but they look so natural. I saw so many bad reviews on google though.

No. 66495

File: 1502688160923.png (530.42 KB, 575x575, Screenshot (23).png)

samefagging sorry, I forgot to add pic.

No. 66496

I've bought few wigs from wigisfashion and the hair is really pretty for the price, but the lace front NEVER fits my head. Even with glue it just fits my head so odd and I think I have an average sized head. But, if you're willing to work with the lace a bit, it's really a good wig for the price. They sell many of the same units that Evahair and Donalove sell

No. 67680

I just bought the wig in OPs pic, a couple of days ago. I've seen other pictures of others wearing it. So here's hoping it'll look good on me. I'll come back when it arrives and give a review on it ,if someone is interested I suppose. I got it on sale, it was 89 but I got it for 58

No. 67685

Whats the best brand for clip-on hair extensions that is natural hair? I would opt to go to Sallys and get the Remys extensions I think. My hair is a dyed dark red, so I'd prefer to find ones that are already in that color or extensions that can be dyed to that color.

No. 68138

anyone have some tips about blending clip in extensions? I have some nice ones that are dyed to match my hair, but they look obvious even if I do shit like curl my hair + the extensions.

I think most of the problem is my hairstyle isn't layered enough (my hair's about shoulder bone length, the extensions go 3-4 inches longer).

I try to clip them eyebrow height and below so the wefts aren't visible, but maybe that stacks them all too close together? halp.

No. 68141


The key to a good blend is parting your natural hair and getting them in as close to where the part falls. Try to space out where you're putting the clips in because you might be putting them in too close.

No. 68143

I have Bellami but I kinda hate them, they always look like shit after a few months. So I second anyone who has any suggestions

Get them textured to match your hair by a stylist, I do that every time I get new ones. It's necessary to have them look like they match

No. 70091

I bought my first pair of clip in hair extensions from irresistible me two years ago. The price seemed reasonable. It was on sale for $240 compared to their $300 something price for 24 inch length, royal remy hair. The color wasn't a perfect match , I guess because my hair has a natural ombre to it (never dyed it). My top layer is way lighter than my underneath layer, so the root area did not match at all, but it blended seamlessly on my ends. (like from the shoulder down). so I have to be careful they don't poke through too much or you see the obvious color difference as you look higher up my head which is kind of annoying.

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