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No. 64941

Can we have a thread where we post healthy food recipe pictures and discuss healthy meals/meal planning?

No. 65159

File: 1500503465942.png (903.05 KB, 1440x2560, Screenshot_20170716-130437.png)

I'm just starting to get into cooking so this would be a useful thread. This recipe is pretty good, very healthy and super easy.

Start by cooking the onions til golden, adding the peppers and cooking til soft, then throwing in the paprika and thyme.
Then pour in the chopped tomatoes and the kidney beans. Add the stock, bring pot to boil and simmer for half an hour. Then liquidise, return to heat and season. Hope this is a decent starting point!

No. 65168

Everything is fine in moderation, but it's probably best to avoid that lemonade or any fruit juice if you really want to be healthy

As for a recipe, I love saving recipes but I'm too lazy to make them. My roommate was vegetarian and hated cheese, so that took away a lot of the recipes i wanted to make, and I left all the cooking to him

Here's a tuna poke recipe that looks so good


I'm going back to college next semester and eating in the dining halls so no meal planning for me I guess.

No. 65174

Thank you for this! That's perfect for a lazy ass like me.

No. 65212

W-What's wrong with lemonade?

No. 65213

It's basically sugar water with no real nutrients. I drink it myself but only as a treat.

No. 65215

That looks delicious, but where do you guys buy the raw tuna? I want to make it but bringing raw fish on the bus with me in this heat seems like a terrible idea.

No. 65218

Lemonade is sugar water. Did you really think it was healthy?

No. 65246

Check if your grocery store has sashimi grade tuna. Tbh I don't think it's a big deal if you bring it on the bus but you could try an ice pack or one of those insulated lunch bags if you're worried about it.

No. 65259

Not necessarily anon. You can make lemonade with fresh squeezed lemons, water, and some honey. It won't be super sweet, but should be healthy.

No. 65260

Eh, at that point why not just put sliced lemons and limes in a jug of water? Gives a bit of flavour to it and is definitely good for you, less hassle too

No. 65261

Sure you can but that's not what I meant by lemonade. Juice in water is perfectly fine, but the quarter cup of sugar mentioned in op image would equal out to nearly an entire day's worth per glass. Honey is just sugar via bee and is no healthier than adding cane sugar.

No. 97730

r/ing some filling, low-calorie lunches that I can make on Sunday and take to work all week. Preferably vegetarian.

No. 97755


Expand on low calorie. How much are you looking at per meal? Also, what flavours do you/don't you like?

No. 97763

Can anyone recommend healthy things I can make in a slow cooker? I only started cooking recently and like the slow cooker a lot.

No. 97766

300 calories or less, or 350 calories or less for something full of fruits/vegetables. I like savory and sweet, but not too sweet or too spicy. I don't like mushrooms, oats, or artificial sweeteners. I have ample refrigerator space at work, and access to a microwave and a toaster oven.

No. 97876

For lunches I tend to make spiced chickpea wraps with veg and hummus/garlic. Season your chickpeas in a bowl with different spices, over with a bit of oil and bake until they're golden. They're good in the fridge for a few days so you can make a lot of them and use them through the week. Breakfasts I normally make scrambled eggs and have some fruit. And dinner is normally a very small amount of carbs, a healthy portion of chicken/beef and vegetables. I tend not to count vegetables under my calories unless they're particularly sweet as they don't tend to add towards much. If you're wanting to stay fuller and snack less, eat more protein. For my snack I will have some cottage cheese and some fruit. Never find myself hungry even though I'm on a cut of 1400 calories a day at the moment.

No. 119733

I recently got an electric pressure cooker so I could cook without heating up the whole house. What's something easy and vegetarian that is low-calorie and is either one serving or can last a few days?

No. 119752

what size do you have? i have tons of instant pot veg/vegan recipes.

No. 119786

6 quart.

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