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File: 1500278251088.jpg (68 KB, 578x612, jorg.jpg)

No. 64977

Post unpopular things that you're attracted to


Popular things you're unattracted to.

Pic related is what I'm extremely unattracted to, but seems to be en vogue at the moment; basically the stout, built, lumberjack type.

It also feels like body hair and even baldness are rather hot these days, and it's such an immediate turn-off for me that it makes me feel weird.

The guy pictured has a pretty cool youtube channel though.

No. 64979

Older men in general turn me off. When will girls stop pretending wrinkles, 'dad bods' and receeding hairlines are sexually attractive? They're either attracted to his money/stability, or they're attracted to being the hotter, younger (read: more valuable) one of the couple. Men constantly tell us how unattractive women become as they age and insist they age like fine wine, it seems like some girls deal with it by lowering their standards and dating ugly old men just to feel more secure in their appeal.

I'm not all that attracted to over the top manliness regardless of age though. I hate body hair in particular. Muscles are hit and miss depending on his proportions but I love slim, smooth bodies.

No. 64980

File: 1500296118064.jpg (90.58 KB, 901x901, IMG_0075.JPG)

smooth slim bodies are my shit too, anon. my bf is skinny/semi athletic and tall, tanned skin, dark, thick full head of hair, clean shaven and 19 y/o, so basically the opposite of the "Dad' older man look. i agree its gross. (pic related: my bf)

No. 64981

I agree. Most men age just as "badly" as women (as in, it is totally variable and generally not as dramatic as people make it out to be), a lot of older men just delude themselves into thinking they look hotter than they are or that young girls want old man features like wrinkles and graying hair.

I don't like muscular, fit guys. Obviously not the roided out ones but I'm not even that into the "swimmer mode" thing that's supposed to be the most popular male body type.

No. 64983

So you are 15y/o? Because your boyfriend looks like… well a boy.

Dad-type-guys don't sound sexy, I don't know any girl who would fall for that.
But a lot of girls I know, including me, fell for a prof. Because they were wiser, smarter, funnier than any boy in our age. And a lot are just so hot.
Sorry for my english, hope you get my point.

No. 64985

Why are you posting pictures of your loved ones on a gossip imageboard, what's wrong with you?

No. 64986

>a lot of older men just delude themselves into thinking they look hotter than they are or that young girls want old man features like wrinkles and graying hair
even girls who claim to like 'daddies' usually mean attractive older actors like Colin Firth and not actual balding middle-aged men

No. 64987

why are you posting your s/o online on a site literally dedicated to shitty internet personalities?

also, no offense, but the 19 y/o clean shaven (not by choice, he probably can't grow a beard) types are usually the first ones to cheat because they aren't mature enough for a relationship.

No. 64991

Shaved heads, fucked up teeth (espically if there's one or two missing), big and flat noses, trashy tattoos (bonus points for face tattoos), either chubby or borderline anorexic bodies - I'm not into plain skinny or muscles at all. Idk what else.

No. 64993

Boyish looking, skinny, pale, always shaved, undercut or other trendy hairstyle, kpop boys, pretty andro face.
Also chubby, pseudo intellectual, militant atheist/vegan, stoner, obsessed with 9gag, has a waifu.

No. 64997


>your boyfriend will cheat on you because he doesnt have a beard

okay, thanks for the advice, anon

No. 64999

oh dear!!! i might get doxxed via a picture of my bf which i havent posted on social media elsewhere!!! what to do?!

No. 65000

nope. im also 19

No. 65002


Why does he got a black eye op?

No. 65003

I honestly don't know why his eyes are so dark around them, I think it's because they're deep set and because he is an insomniac so gets little sleep and thus dark circles. I'm not sure if it's genetic or not. I think it's sexy though

No. 65012

File: 1500320987992.jpg (29.86 KB, 442x332, chxZtBa.jpg)

negative canthal tilt, it's charming

No. 65025


stop beating your boyfriend :^)

No. 65026


I feel like there's a loose archetype for negative canthal tilt:

long head, narrow jaw, strong chin, mostly dark colored, very hairy, usually Middle Eastern, Indian, or southern European, deep voice.

No. 65027

File: 1500329986786.jpg (94.45 KB, 866x606, IMG_0045 (1).JPG)


I assume this is a joke but honestly he really does just have very dark skin around his eyes. The exposure in the other pic makes him look a bit black eyed, heres another pic from the same time. They're also a little bit creased, but i think it's so adorable and endearing

No. 65031

He doesnt own any kind of gaming device, hes more into reading the news into the late hours of the night (when this pic was taken anyway) and working long shifts as well as school. He would do 4 hours 3 days a week and full 8 hour school days 5 days a week.

No. 65032

So, are you trying to get your bf doxxed or are you just him self-posting for attention from girls?

No. 65034

dude you look fine stop self-posting for validation on a mongolian cheese-pressing board, you're embarrassing yourself.

No. 65042

File: 1500339977429.jpg (1.89 MB, 2880x3840, IMG_9501.JPG)

Fuck me, I love older men and i always have. That being said, I probably would never date someone significantly older than me because if they're that age and not married, there's a high chance something's wrong with them.
I love men with long hair though. Sucks because I'm in med school and obviously none of the guys here have hair like that.

No. 65043

Your bf is a cute but you shouldn't post him on imageboards :(

No. 65044

File: 1500342973959.png (409.13 KB, 577x602, Randall1.png)

The younger looking the better. No, i'm not a pedophile, i'm not actually attracted to children. But men look their best 16-25 just as women. Age of consent is 16 in my country so don't freak out.

It's just something about smooth nice skin (preferably pale) and the energy and "innocence" younger guys have that make them so attractive. I'm also more attracted to cute faces instead of handsome ones. Btw i'm 18 myself so im not some old predator lol.

No. 65045

anon…it's not weird or unusual to be attracted to men your age…

No. 65047

I love "short" men and guys with long hair. A little body hair is alright, but extremely hair guys and bald guys need to be shot.

No. 65048

Idk it seems like most girls wants an older guy/"daddy".

No. 65049

So I don't have a specific kind of man I'm attracted to but there's a pattern and its "hue".
So far, I've been only attracted to this features

>Long hair. Not really long but you know, on the shoulders. My current bf is curly, very light brown, soft and I love it.

I also love straight hair but if it's long and soft, I like it very much

>Not really fit or skelly but normal with a little of a bit squishy tummy. I don't like very big muscles or buff types. I like my men soft

>Taller than me. Doesn't really matter the difference, but must be taller than me (I'm 162cm, not too hard)

>I don't have a preference for eye color. As long they're expressive. But I like dark&dark combo or green/hazel&blonde.

>For the beard, eh, Idk. I like it but not the full beard. I don't like moustaches

>For the body hair I think that "normal" is ok. I wouldn't care if he shaved must he must not be a bear. Happy trails are my weakness tho.

I don't like teenagers, I prefer men in their 20s (I'm 21), the maximum I would date at this age is 25.
You know, the typical young adult who doesn't look too "dirty" or precise.
I don't like older men or OP pic, I don't like "tough" guys or guys who feel the need to mark everytime their manliness with random stuff.
I'm also a simple girl and I want a man I can relate too, who can understand my point of view.

No. 65051

hairy, especially happy trails
squinty eyes, sterotypical greek fuck boy hair, zits (not a lot)
some muscle but not a lot, wide shoulders

hairy arms are my favorite

No. 65052

File: 1500344938042.jpg (28.06 KB, 365x365, 439a9e8733346862f21f572dedcaec…)

To make it short, if you look like this you win my heart.

No. 65054

I've never clicked so fast…
Damn boy… who is him?

No. 65055

File: 1500345730877.gif (1.78 MB, 268x268, 34573.gif)

I never realized it until recently but I tend to be drawn to men with large or otherwise distinctive noses like Javier Bardem or Goran Bogdan. I also love dark circles and red sick/sad eyes and think it's kind of hot when men cry, which feels kinda predatory lol.

No. 65056

I don't know my excellent taste friend…
I just do a quick google search about "young men with long hair"
My bf looks a little like him, just with lighter and more wavy hair(same lenght) and looks younger due his face but that's okay, I'm babbiefaced too.

No. 65059

I know a lot of people who are weirded out by gaps in teeth – I was talking to a guy once who said he dumped a girl just because of the gap in her teeth because he couldn't stop looking at it when she talked – but I think they're adorable. Lea Seydoux and Tyler the Creator are two of my biggest celebrity crushes and I'm pretty sure it's because of the gaps in their teeth lol.

No. 65066

File: 1500359903235.jpg (38.46 KB, 640x895, kult_model_Bertold_Zahoran_118…)

Men absolutely peak around that age range much more severely than women and I agree with you.

I think the thing I hate most about aging men is just their hairline and widows peaks are so ugly and such an instant indicator of age. I like how robot and incel type men say women age poorly after like 30 or 25 or something, but women constantly maintain their looks. Men just decide when they are balding to do shit like shave their whole heads or grow out a beard to compensate or something. It's just awful.

That being said, a nice head of hair on men is almost everything for looks with me and a great indicator he takes care of himself. The window for the prime of their looks seems to be very short and it's probably why I prefer women a bit more.

No. 65070

I really don't like fat girls but certain fat guys are really cute. Does that count?

No. 65072

>I like how robot and incel type men say women age poorly after like 30 or 25 or something, but women constantly maintain their looks
I can accept that men are naturally attracted to youth for youth's sake, but I can't fucking stand them trying to justify it by saying it's women's fault for not looking after their skin. On what planet are men more dedicated to sun protection and skincare than women, or less likely to smoke/drink/do drugs? They insist wearing makeup is what causes women to age badly but it has nearly nothing to do with it compared to other major factors that men know nothing about, they just want to blame women for natural aging. Men tend to have rougher, more aged skin even disregarding that they have more collagen and thicker skin that should age better, because they don't know shit about skin care. But they don't notice and don't think it impacts their looks because only women are expected to have perfectly smooth baby faces.

It becomes more obvious when you consider that gay men experience 'gay death' at a young age but lesbians stay attracted to appropriately aged or older women.

No. 65074

As if we didn't know you're posting your own pictures lel. Just stop

No. 65075


Is this all the same person sperging out? I was simply just answering your question. I posted him because it was relevant to the thread. If I have any fear he'll get "doxxed" over a low res picture, (lol) I used a password and will delete the pictures.

What a stupid reason to sperg honestly kek



No. 65077

Rougher =/= aged

Female skin aging is a wrinkle thing, primarily.

Men have rougher skin, in the same way that blacks have rougher skin than whites, who have softer skin. And we all know black people age great.

There are a few more things like that where men are basically more "black". There was something about fat structure being one way in blacks and men vs women and whites.

There's also the coloR thing, men are consistently darker than women. It's interesting.

No. 65089

You're the one who posted him in the first place–we want UNPOPULAR PREFERENCES, not the same preference as every fucking highschool girl.

No. 65091

my unpopular preference is older guys, daddy types I guess. think of Reinhardt from Overwatch, who is a great example but makes me sound like a pathetic human being (plot twist: I am lol). I also like dudes with a lot of hair. idk, bears are great.

my taste in women kinda ranges though, so idk why my taste in guys is so weird.

No. 65093

what does greek fuckboy hair look like? I tried searching but all that came up was porn

No. 65094

lol anon all these are commonly seen as attractive maybe except for the zits

No. 65099

I like guys with slightly fucked up teeth. My boyfriend has a noticable gap on his bottom teeth and it's kinda just the cutest shit ever when he smiles.

Rotting and Yellow teeth, on the other hand are an instant turnoff.

I prefer guys closer to my own height and general size too. (I'm 5'4 and my ideal range is 5'7 - 5'11) Its easier for me to steal hoodies that way.

No. 65108

I like reading glasses on a man. Guess that's an unpopular preference, because to me wearing reading glasses adds at least 2-3 points to attractiveness. I dated 2 guys with glasses, and when they took them off, I was immediately turned off. Luckily, they probably couldn't see the subtle disgust in my face kek

No. 65111

Yes! I like crooked teeth, tooth gaps, and missing teeth if it's not grotesque. My husband was actually born without his lateral incisors. I think it's cute. He wants to get implants, though.

I also like pronounced philtrums/long upper lips on guys. I don't know why, but it seems to be a recurring thing with people I find attractive. I've read comments here and there talking about how ugly it is. I'm assuming it's not popular.

No. 65116

I used rougher as a generic descriptor, like 'he's looking rough'. I meant they are aging badly with more wrinkles.

You're right about all that other stuff but I find that not even their natural ability to age better helps them when so many of them work in the sun all day but think sunscreen is too feminine to wear.

No. 65118

i love it when someone acts incredibly shy, especially men. its cute on paper cuz 90% of the time its actually just weird off-putting geek guys, which isn't my thing.

No. 65125

i like lanky thin men
i also love glasses i think theyre super hot LOL
i like if theyre shorter
and younger and submissive
its sounds like a dream on paper but irl its more like a shut-in neet :^(

No. 65126

I'm ^
I thought about sharing my ideals in the "mindset" of my candidate men. (Also sorry for bad english, I'm from pizzaland)

>He must not scream at every little thing.

I get that you can scream out of rage but said rage must have a reason (I mean, if he yells at things I don't mind) but no screaming at me.
We can talk, we can solve things calmly. Once you scream at me you can't have a second chance because I'll dump your bloody ass right away.

>Must respect people and understand them. It may be obvious but like if we are out and he sees for example a disabled person and starts making fun of them, that's a complete no.

Harmless comments are okay as long they're not that offensive and not based on what a person can't control
(For example : That chick is wearing a garbage bag?? And we laugh for 2 seconds on our own and that stops there)

>Must not call me unironically "his bitch" "his little hoe" etc etc even lovingly or during sex

You're your own bitch, fuck you.

>Can take care of himself, can cook (basic level is enough, not expecting a chef), clean or do the laundry. Not because I want a maid but because if WE have a house, it's not MY and ONLY MY responsability of taking care of it. And I can feel safer when I get sick and viceversa

>Lets me have my spaces, he will not get mad if I don't talk to him for an hour or two if I'm doing my business/hobbies. Yes, if he wants something I'll reply but I want my "me time" and I will respect "his time" too.

>Must trust me and my abilities, don't think that I'm retarded or that me, as a woman, can't do shit

got scarred from past relationships ugh
also sorry for extra babbling but I liked the "perfect bf" idea

No. 65127

Ahhh yess!! The shy ones are my favourite too.
When I knew a guy (that didn't go so well but we're still friends), even if he was taller and you know, bigger than me (I'm 5'2 and petite, I'm in my 20s but you can easily mistake me for a teenager), I already felt he liked me and I kept looking at him in the eyes, he would just look away smiling and then look at me with the corner of his eyes.
Super cute and his face was even cuter, because you could easily see he wanted to do something but didn't know how.

No. 65157

I like short guys. Tall is attractive too, don't get me wrong, but there's something instantly appealing about a shorter guy, one my height or even slightly less. It just feels more intimate or something, I don't know, maybe because I don't have to keep my neck craned up to look at him.

No. 65169

I love super cute and feminine guys. I think I would also prefer to date a bisexual guy over a straight one lol.

No. 65171

I fucking love shy, short, lanky, geeky and feminine boys. The shy nerd stereotype and everything that comes with it.

It's great, I managed to snatch an adorable one all for myself

Your English is so cute

No. 65173

Holy shit same!! Minus the short. I tend to prefer tall on both genders. I snatched myself a bf who's as pretty, lanky, and geeky as I am and I'm in HEAVEN.

and when he wears safety glasses or dress clothes, unf

No. 65175

Thank you anon!
Sometimes I still have some difficulties because I don't know how to translate things properly.
Also I feel you both (even >>65173)
because my bf is exactly my dream bf and I love him and I would only choose the perfect person for me.
The only bad thing is that we are in a LDR but will manage soon to solve this problem because we're both suffering it…

No. 65180

Me too but at the same time I'd have no clue what to do with them. Like, I'd be so thrown off by not being the pretty one that I would feel like I need to act differently to compensate somehow.

No. 65203


>pronounced philtrums, long upper lips


No. 65206

older men cheat all the time out of insecurity hence the reason they go for younger naive women

No. 65207


older men cheat because younger women look good. Also because loveless marriages.

No. 65208

100% me. I know when I'm 35 I'm going to go after 19 year old guys.

No. 65209

lol you sound like you don't know any older women. They lust after younger men when they're around other women and can talk freely about that stuff and they fuck like rabbits.

No. 65211

This. I've worked around a lot of older men and they go crazy at a certain age (mid-life crisis, I guess). It's really sad and pathetic, and I feel for their wives who have to suffer through it because most of the time, they did nothing wrong except age. Older men aren't necessarily better than younger ones and I feel bad for anyone who falls for that stupid line. I've met 16 year old boys far more level headed and mature than some 50 year old men I've had to deal with.

So to keep on topic, I actually prefer the younger ones (legal, of course).

No. 65216

Same here, assuming I'm not married. Maybe I'll start at 30, I'm looking forward to it and with tinder or whatever equivalent will be around in 10 years, it will probably be really easy.

The only problem is that I don't think I'll ever fit the experienced, confident MILF stereotype. I'm not sexually experienced and won't consider sleeping around until I'm a bit older.

No. 65221

Exactly. Older men aren't more mature, they just know more tricks.

No. 65222

Younger men are just as inexperienced and they won't know better. You can totally fake it until you make it and they'll never have a clue. I also plan to be a cougar.

No. 65238

i'm very unattracted to quirkiness. i hate seeing weird autismo and sperg behavior and horrid-looking haircuts and wardrobes be turned into something cute and desirable. plus a lot of quirky ppl i know irl get really dog shit tattoos. not for me.

No. 65241

File: 1500619355996.jpg (18.92 KB, 500x374, IMG_20170102_015927.jpg)

might not be so uncommon, but i prefer feminine/androgynous men. i'm rarely attracted to macho men, tbh. i just love "pretty-boy" type men

No. 65276

Its kind of funny that "macho/muscle beefcake/lumberjack" is said to be super attractive to a lot of people right now but I have never met a girl besides myself that actually is attracted to/wants to date these men. I'm almost 30 and every straight/bi female I've talked to wants a fit but thin, clean shaven metrosexual dude. My job has people from all over the US so it isn't a regional thing. Where are you people getting the idea people want beefcakes from, /fit/bros?

No. 65277

I'm into 30+, scruffy dudes that look like the guy on Brawny toilet paper and I have yet to meet a girl who also likes it. Even the girls I see who claim to love beards like metro men lol. I see a lot of girls who like the thin, hipster, plaid shirt with trendy tattoos type of fade-beard thing.

No. 65278

your bf looks like he hasn't slept in 19 yrs

No. 65282


preferences are always relative, and beauty standards change slowly.

so when people say "I like beards and beefcakes" they just mean relative to the former ideal. So instead of hairless thin cleancut, we now want guys with 2 day stubble who occasionally do pushups, not a full-blown lumberjack.

Same thing I've noticed with the recent trend of big booties, a "fat ass" is just anything that isn't Asian-girl flat, which the previous ideal was. No offense if you're Asian.

No. 65283

eh, i think it's subjective to the area you're from as well.

i personally love myself a hairy man with a beard.

No. 65290

Facial hair is a massive turn off to me. It's so gross and unsanitary looking. I don't like body hair either. Nothing will turn me off faster than a beard or mustache though.

This is why I wish I had been born sooner. So many pretty men in the 80s. And so thin too. No excuse to be a fatass.

No. 65291


im very into this as well anon. a full well groomed beard and at least some indication that he's an active, outdoors-y guy is definitely a turn on. i just wish so many guys who had beards around my age didn't also have that fuckboi haircut. really not into the scrawny hairless guys either.

No. 65305

Unpopular in general:

>Any sort of tattoos are a turn-off

>"Bad boys" are a turn-off, best are guys who are sweet and nice but can fuck you seven ways from sunday in bed in spite of their gentle demeanor

Unpopular for lolcow:

>Asian men are physically unattractive and the K-Pop idols are the worst of the bunch, their personalities are also usually disgusting

>Androgynous men in general (with the exception of Bowie) behave like little bitch boys

No. 65307

Not the same anon, but I'd guess Bruce Willis or maybe even Stephen King (eh maybe not SKing..).

No. 65314

tbh American white women have the flattest asses I've ever seen, even compared to petite Asians. Sage for unrelated

No. 65365


unsure if cow or robot

No. 65366

Unsure if butthurt korean, koreaboo or person with tattoos.

No. 65367


I've just noticed people are really jealous of Korean men, because Korean/Asian men are considered to be the most handsome by basically all women in the world now. Look at YouTube and the hashtag kpop on twitter if you don't believe me!

I'm doing this to protect my oppas from assholes like you keep in mind. >_<

No. 65368


is it possible to get cancer from a text post on lolcow Chan? Because I don't think chemo will cure whatever you just gave me. Congratulations, friend.

No. 65369


Please keep your trash in here


No. 65370

I'm >>65366, not >>65367.

What are you so mad about? I just said I didn't like like guys with tattoos or effeminate asian dudes and you assumed I was a robot.

Can you explain your thought process in making this conclusion? Because I'm drawing blanks here.

No. 65375

I'm guessing she's one of the girls who likes asian dudes and got annoyed by that part of your comment and assumed you were a guy trying to rile her up or something.

No. 65390

the anons in this thread who want to go after teenagers especially when they hit 30 sound as creepy as onision tbh…

my preference is only unusual for where i live i guess? they're very machismo down here and other guys have shat on my bf for being slim, but i love it. tall and lanky and boyish makes me weak.

No. 65408

Maybe one day it will actually be creepy, if women start going after young men in droves and normalize it the way men do to the point of basically brainwashing the opposite sex to think they're unattractive the instant they hit 25. For now it's a few people with a niche attraction that is 100% welcomed by legal younger men who aren't being influenced in any systematic way and aren't doing it out of internalized misandry.

No. 65414

Perfect taste

No. 65538

Lol right? It's not comparable.

No. 65539

so true, and if women started sprouting out little boy fetishes and finding guys who act like children and look/dress like them attractive "but but, not actual kids!!!!"

it will drive r/redpills crazy

No. 65551

Are you implying that, if men's attraction towards teenagers or women who look like teenagers weren't normalized and were niche, it wouldn't be creepy at all? Because that's the impression I got from your post. Wether something is normalized or not doesn't make a difference on it's "creepiness" imo.

By the way, I don't find your preferences wrong and I'm not that anon. It's just something I felt I needed to point out before another weird trend comes and snowballs, like ddlg.

No. 65555

Well, what does 'creepy' mean to begin with? I think of it as crossing boundaries/unethical behaviour in a relationship context. And my point is that considering the power imbalance between men and women, older women going after legal younger men is neither of those things, whereas older men going after younger women often is. Young women have had it drilled into their head that men age like wine and they age like milk, or that their best shot at life is to be with a rich older guy, that innocence and youth are necessary to appease men, that it's natural for a more established, high status man to lead them etc etc. Young men aren't told anything of the sort, they're encouraged to date younger girls for as long as possible because that's when they're hottest, most virginal, and most easily influenced. If they choose to hook up with an older woman it's literally just because they're into it. Not because they're in a vulnerable position and accept it as their lot in life.

Honestly, you just have to read what men have to say on the subject to see how toxic and misogynistic it is, cougars wanting to fuck a cute guy doesn't compare.

No. 65567

Guys aren't influenced the same way as girls but they are so brainwashed by society to accept older women's come-ons, much more than girls I would say. Look at how much accepted female predators are. Young males ares basically forced to accept that their statutory rape is a thing to be cheered on, whether or not they actually like it, lest they be ostracized as gay or unmanly. I'm sure that from a young age most girls are aware and told how gross it is for older men to notice them sexually. For guys? No way. It's another symptom of patriarchy but it still ignores the feelings of guys and preys on their vulnerability as well.

I'm not excusing men's attractions at all - I feel like you guys make it sound like I am. I hate that society focuses so much on youth and that I even have my own obsessions with it. I'm much more disgusted by older male/younger female for those reasons you listed. I'm saying age gaps are creepy because of the power dynamic. I'm college aged and I find boys this age the hottest so I understand why you'd be attracted, believe me. I even find some high school guys hot too, but I stay away because I'm just that much older and I know the discrepancy in our life experiences show too quickly, and personally I would feel guilty if I was at all coercing/manipulating them on the basis of that, even unintentionally. Guys my age are also younger mentally, and I think that makes the mental age gap between older female/younger male look even worse than vice versa. I don't think older women have disgusting outlooks the way men do about younger partners, but I do find the encouragement of it to be troubling. I still have an aversion to both.

Kind of relevant but I was apparently leered at while playing pool today by the older men at a bar/tavern. Even worse my cousin told me before that I look 15 (I think closer to 17-18 but w/e). I try to not notice these things I think as a defense mechanism but knowing makes me sick to my stomach. I guess I'm sick of adults invading on my youth and am protective of my friends + people my age.

My take is just let people enjoy sharing experiences with their peers who are on a similar level to them. If you and someone younger click, then cool, just be aware of the differences in life experiences. I don't really respect anyone who goes prowling for people they know are more inexperienced though, even if they're around the same age. I was manipulated and emotionally abused by someone 2 years older than me when I had just turned 19 and I wish someone had warned me about how far apart emotionally we were.

No. 67820

You're spot on. he literally hasnt

No. 67821

I would probably like a guy if he looked like one of my Pokemon husbandos. Though I haven't seen anyone that looks like him, ever.

No. 67835

Crooked teeth. Not just a little bit but the type that makes people say "fix your fucking teeth!" I find it endearing and attractive on people i'm already attracted to but thankfully it's not full on fetish territory. Still makes me feel a bit creepy.

And rotting/super short or long teeth are still unattractive to me as well as anything that actually visibly fucks up your jaw.

No. 67836

I am not attracted to white men with the beard and quiff combo, they all look the same.

No. 67840

File: 1505973975202.jpg (121.17 KB, 684x1024, bowie.jpg)

I think slight overbite/crooked teeth are cute and endearing. Hygiene is a must, though.

(pic related: I liked his looks best with his crooked stereotypically British teeth)

No. 67852

File: 1505989433146.jpg (31.3 KB, 293x400, 43bacb32563c75791a07d98ef9ad46…)

kind of agree. I don't like very crooked but aesthetically acceptable crooked, I guess. I hate this trend to have fake ideal teeth that can blind crowds when a person smiles. God damn veneers

No. 67853

oh that's a good one! the full on glow in the dark white veneers are so creepy!

No. 67856

Thin guys, freckles and tanned skin and long and slim nose also messy hair, wish if i had example but i am not cultural rich so i don't remember anybody fit my taste

No. 67887

File: 1506024486311.jpeg (132.76 KB, 736x997, 1C64BAA8-462C-49ED-824E-7CC2BC…)

this is probably odd and gross but sometimes I think certain acne is cute. I've felt like that since I was little.

I had bad skin all through high school and it's finally calming down now in my mid 20s. I hated the kind of acne I had - regular red pimples would pop up on the crevice of my lip (making it look like I had herpes/a cold sore) or like, right on my nose. and I would get blackheads/whiteheads EVERYWHERE.

but anywaywhat I find cute is just regular red/pink pimples (no pus or anything in it) on someone's cheek. not on their lips, nose or anything like that. even now, when I do get an "average" pimple or two on my cheek/face I find it cute and don't usually cover it up.

I don't know why I like it. I remember thinking pimples like that were cool when I was in elementary school, maybe bc I associated it with teenagers/the "big kids" I looked up to? but that doesn't explain why I still like it now

No. 67892

I really never got why people consider acne gross tbh. I've only ever ONCE been grossed out by someone's acne and it was only because she had huge clusters all covered in foundation. IMO acne clustered together looks better without foundation, whereas acne that's more spread out across the face looks fine either way.
Though now that you mention pus I kinda get it. I never had acne/only one pimple every couple of months so I've never had to deal with that, I always just kinda waited til they went away. Kinda stupid of me to assume that it would "feel"(?) the same with actual acne.

My unpopular preference is overweight guys. That includes both kinda chubby to obviously obese. (Though the moment it gets into the "no walking" territory I get grossed out). There's this one singer who used to be overweight/obese pre-fame, which made me kinda sad because he used to look SO cute; not that he's ugly now (though I get he probably prefers to have lost the weight since it's healthier).

No. 67906

I fucking love it when black dudes have stretch marks on their shoulders.

No. 67910

File: 1506044044456.jpg (465.96 KB, 684x1024, 567236923.jpg)

Imo i like my dudes with some extra body hair, but full beards or mustaches are a turn-off for me??
like happy trails and a good bush can pretty much win my whole heart, and imo hairier brows can look real charming on the right people
i still like a bit of stubble on the face, but like i could never be with a guy that has a some fraction of his face obscured all the time

No. 67916

File: 1506050848931.png (1.03 MB, 988x1236, 4646.png)

I think unibrows and unruly eyebrows in general are super cute

No. 68500

not really, well at least where I'm from, some of the nicest, roundest asses I have seen are on white americans,I don't know where you're from but here almost every white girl I know has a big round ass and tiny waist

No. 68795

My unpopular preference is really skinny white guys. I'm really attracted to sunken cheeks, dark circles, pasty skin, visible ribs/spine, etc. I know there's like this whole 'heroin-chic' aesthetic, but I'm more attracted to the shut-in, never-leaves-the-house kind of twig than the high-fashion types. In fact I think it's cuter when they aren't super fashionable and just wear a hoodie and jeans.

I've always been really curious about this, but does anyone else have this type and know why they have it? I feel like it can't be an evolutionary preference since it seems counterintuitive to be solely attracted to people who look like they'll drop dead in a few days.

No. 68804

File: 1507585084787.jpg (90.56 KB, 960x960, 1482946276376.jpg)

i like guys who wear lolita fashion

i hate super fit, ripped guys

No. 68805

couldve done a better job at hiding/photoshopping his beard shadow though

No. 68813

>i hate super fit, ripped guys

When women say this, 100% of the time they actually mean "I hate steroid abusers".

There is guys who dedicated years to lifting weights, are at the natty limit, and women think they just look good, but they also think they're not even "jacked", they think some guys just normally look like that with no effort.

No. 68827

kek you sound bitter
Maybe she means exactly as she said? you can't speak for women "100% of the time"
You're complaining about hidden male struggles to maintain a non-ripped bodytype but some people will always be a bit chubby even when they work out and others are just naturally slender just from sitting at a computer all day, just like with women. Besides, tell me where she said she only liked guys that put in no effort?

No. 68940

I love big noses on a guy.

That and older dudes, mmm, silver foxes…

No. 68945

Bardem's a guy I like purely because of his acting talent. I mean I'd think he was a little above average if he was just a generic actor, but he's just so damn good (especially in No Country) that I find myself attracted to him more than I otherwise would.

No. 68951

File: 1507843417100.jpg (3.25 MB, 4000x2662, gettyimages-508370258.jpg)

I like guys with this eye shape. I know, it's oddly specific, but I've noticed the same shape on guys I've like/dated. I also prefer brown eyes. God, this guy looks like a rat, though. But also just like my ex.

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