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File: 1501191725259.jpg (44.93 KB, 500x333, hair-loss-in-women-female-patt…)

No. 65645

Are any other women here balding? I'm only in my mid-twenties, but lately whenever I brush or so much as run my fingers through my hair, massive amounts of strands come off. I don't really have any massive bald spots, but I feel like you can still tell that my hair is thinning, especially right above my temples. I've been taking Biotin supplements and using an anti-hair-loss shampoo for maybe two months now and haven't really noticed a difference. Can anyone offer advice or similar experiences?

No. 65646

I don't know if this would be of any help, but a friend had this problem as well. She started taking anticonceptives and looks like it made her loss less hair.

You can also try meditation and other forms of relaxation, stress contributes like a bitch to hair loss.

No. 65647

Time to get on spironolactone

No. 65650

I googled spironolactone and it's apparently for high blood pressure? Did you have success with this treatment?

No. 65653

it's used off label as a dht blocker. but androgenic hair loss rarely starts from the temples in women, so there's that.
regards, diff anon

No. 65657

This may not be terribly helpful but that happened to me for a very long time and it got better after I improved my diet (more fish, vegetables, fruit, etc) and worked on stress management.

Still, it might not be a bad idea to talk to a doctor if you can.

No. 65660

It's probably not androgenic unless it looks like a guy balding, and is oily.

No. 65664

Its common for your hair to thin or bald temporarily due to stress OP.

When I was 21 I had just broken up with my boyfriend of three years. He was abusive and my self esteem was more shot than it had been in the beginning so I was convinced i'd never find love (I'm now 26 and married so 21 year old me was a retard).

I had tried distracting myself with my problems by getting into the Homestuck fandom (Also known as the most mentally ill fandom before SU came around imo) and one of my friends was continuously hitting me up for me to play therapist. Handling his stress along with my own legitimately gave me a bald spot right on the upper left of my hairline.

Once I blocked him and got over the drama that followed with it (HUge shitshow, lost 5+ friends from it all) my hair grew back.

No. 65676

Are you me, OP?

But seriously, have you checked for PCOS? It's a common cause for balding. That's my case

I've heard about saw palmetto, but I'm gonna buy a garlic tonic, some folks said it worked. I'll report back if it's working or not.

No. 65879


No. 77086


sorry 4 necro but did saw palmetto work for you? i just got put on it by my doctor for hormonal shit incl. hair loss

No. 77114


I ended up not buying it. I bought Inositol instead and became a pescetarian (I was a vegetarian before), and my hair seems a bit healthier, but I think it's still a bit early to say (I've made those changes recently). I had a biiiig iron deficiency due to my PCOS, so eating fish and seafood again is helping to balance it out.

No. 77181

hm, okay, thanks! i got inositol too, so hopefully that's an okay combo cos fuck pcos to death honestly

No. 77241


I am not totally sure about the hair and Inositol relation, but I noticed it did make my period cramps a looooot easier to handle, so it's working for something. And I don't know if it was the seafood or it, but my hair was thinning alongside with falling, and also whitening. I've noticed my hair seems a bit thicker/normal thickness and the white hairs are not showing that much. Been taking the Inositol for 2 months, by the way, and the new diet I think it has a month or so. I'll try and report back three months from now or such!

and yes fuck pcos so much

No. 77254

you should see a doctor as soon as you can
maybe you can stop this or slow down the process
and be more gentle with your hair use a different brush

i dont think the anti hairloss shampoos work
if you see 0 result after months of use
try stopping

>posting on lol cow


No. 95181

I'm worried about my hair thinning. I have curly hair, so it's not too noticeable, but my hair used to be very thick and strong and if you knew how my hair was before it's pretty obvious I lost some volume. I struggle with anxiety issues and have been going through lots of stress the past 3 years, particularly this last one has been the most I've experienced. I'm at a loss about what to do. I hope you guys don't mind me necro'ing for advice. Maybe I'm bad at googling but all my searches end up being click bait or shill articles. Pls help.

No. 95189

If it’s just thinning you could try Platelet Rich Plasma (PRP) treatment! It helps your thinner hair grow back stronger by infusing the follicles with spun-down plasma from your blood

No. 95193

It's not a one time thing and your hair is back forever. If you stop the hair stop growing back, the treatment is pretty expensive too

No. 95194

no that's not how it works.

No. 95202

My hair is somewhat thin and an annoying amount of it falls out every day. But it doesn't seem to actually be getting thinner over time and I don't have bald spots. it's like my hair just has a shorter lifespan. Is that a thing? Also, any ideas on how to get it to stop? I know they say losing like 100 strands a day is normal, but other people around me don't seem to shed like I do. There's hair fucking everywhere. It's a weird feeling sitting across a table from your friend and seeing them look down and pick a hair off their sleeve that clearly came from your own head.

No. 95203

How does it work then? You have to keep getting the treatment done over and over like I said, the results are not permanent.

No. 95207

Same, it fucking freaks me out. It comes out in huge amounts when it's wet especially, but it sheds all the time. It's not like my hair is thin or looking any worse for wear but I feel like one day Ill wake up bald because of it. And cleaning it is a pain in the ass, vaccuums do NOT like hairy carpets.

I noticed it started when I was on accutane like 5 yrs ago, it's a known side effect. But you'd think it'd have stopped by now, christ.

No. 95211

If you're in a place where health care isn't a financial stressor, maybe you can get a blood check or whatever for any deficiencies in your diet. Esp if you have any other issues like lethargy or sleep abnormalities

Same here. Although as long as there isn't any real thinning, I think it's normal. You say your hair is thin but it may still be dense, so the more hair total you have, the more you'll shed. And depending on styles you have, if you wear it loose you'll be shedding regularly, and if you keep it braided or w/e, you'll still lose the hair, it may just not come out until you wash through or brush it out. But I always thought we notice our own shedding more than other ppl's. Since I started paying attention, even the most put together women still shed a bit visibly. They probably just use lint rollers more often to clean up.

>when it's wet

As in when you're applying shampoo/conditioner? If so it's ok as you're just disloding what you've already lost but it hasn't fallen out yet. Otherwise don't brush while wet

No. 95217

I lose hardly any strands a day, maybe like 7 from brushing, and because my hair is tied up nothing falls at other times. My hair is thin - as in each strand is thin, but I have a normal amount of it, even after lots of bleaching.

Hair loss might be affected by overall health or hormones, sorry I don't have advice. Focus on improving over all health with diet, rest, drink choices, maybe will help.

No. 95219

I'm the same. I don't think my hair is getting thinner, it's not really thick but not stringy either but I still shed like crazy. I keep getting loose strands of hair everywhere and it's freaky as shit. I have dark hair and can't really wear white shirts because they'd be filled with hair at the end of the day. It seems to be somewhat periodical, like sometimes my floors and carpets are full of my hair and sometimes not.

No. 95248

I was losing a lot of hair (Hypothyroidism) which lasted for around 3 years, every-time I showered I had a handful of hair come out which was so bothersome. I stopped drinking soda and eating junk food, I try to de-stress and drink lots of water. Now I drink lots of tea and changed my diet. It seems to be helping because I only lose about 5-10 strands now every two days or so. I will still lose a strand or two if I run my hand through my hair but that's about it.

No. 95335

I've switched my shampoo from ordinary ones to (more) natural ones. It slowed my hair loss. Say no to chemicals anons.

No. 95343

File: 1537042596702.jpeg (193.57 KB, 698x1920, B155625F-96FA-4E30-ABC9-FD1523…)


What kind of natural shampoo do you use anon? I’m not really losing but I have a widish part and I don’t wanna push my luck

No. 95353

I use DM's Alverde line of shampoos

No. 95365

I had sudden telogen effluvium last year. Three months after having terrible strep throat/ear infection my hair would diffusely come out in clumps. I had super thick hair so you couldn't really see any noticeable bald spots, but I left hairballs everywhere I was. It ended after about 4 weeks. Depending on whether yours is sudden or if its been a gradual process I'd ask a doctor…

No. 95410

File: 1537125291450.jpeg (251.87 KB, 1076x1333, 1535416020239.jpeg)

I'm 21. I used to have extremely thick hair, wore it short for 4 years, then grew it out for about 2 years. I was in a bad place last year and had a bit of an anachan phase (relapse…) which led to me losing about 2/3 of it.

So now that it's finally long, it's thin and ratty. You can't see my scalp unless I'm pulling back my hair, but I notice the difference. Well, here's a cautionary tale I guess! Even if you think you're getting your vitamins, if you diet too hard (and stress out) you'll most likely lose a LOT of hair.

No. 95411

This was 8 months ago. I found it extremely distressing when I lost it; when I showered it seemed like my hair would never stop coming out. My mom (I live at home) commented on the drain being full of hair, even though I'd tried to gather it up and throw it out each time. I used to be very obsessed about my hair when I was shedding and cried a lot about it, but now I've mostly come to terms with the situation. Right now, though, I'm sort of scared that it'll happen again and that it'll be genuinely noticeable with bald spots and the like. I suppose I'll just cut it short if that happens. I'm very stress-sensitive…

No. 151953

my hair was thinning then i decided to shave my head because it just looked so awful. idk if it'll ever get better.

No. 151954

Been losing hair since I was 16, I’m 18 now and I still don’t know how to deal with it, I miss my thick hair

No. 151958

This is common near mid 20s, no one talks about it but it's clear to see. I have some general thinning, and my hairline on the sides is thinning. I started dermarolling my scalp, hopefully it works, there's a few studies that show promise with dermarolling. Please don't put your hair up everyday, that's how I fucked up and got here.

No. 152121

I’ve been experiencing MASSIVE hair loss over the past two months. I already have thin hair, so I’ve been freaking out. I come away with entire clumps while shampooing and brushing, my clothes and surroundings are covered in strands, and it even falls into my food while I’m eating (which is disgusting). I called two of my doctors and asked to be tested for both hormonal and thyroid issues; my results came back fine. I saw someone online say that doctors often don’t order the correct type of thyroid tests. Is this true?

I haven’t been under any more stress than usual lately, my diet hasn’t changed, I haven’t dyed my hair in two years, I don’t use heat, and I use all-natural shampoos/conditioners.

Any advice would be appreciated. I’m desperate at this point and pretty scared. My hair was one of the only physical aspects of myself that I liked, and I’m not the kind of person who could pull off a shaved head.

No. 152123

yep, my hairline has thinned out so much in the past 5-ish years and now it's becoming hard to hide it. I take hair vitamins, I tried Rogaine, twice (both generic and name brand), and I used castor oil.. nothing works. I have no idea what else to do.

No. 152132

My hairline is definitely thinning out. It sucks. I was vegan and alcoholic for a couple years which probably did a lot of damage because I was not eating properly at all. I started eating animal products again partly because of my hair lol. I also suspect PCOS (even though my period is like clockwork,) I'm super oily and dealing with facial hair even though it's not normal for anyone in my family.

No. 152134

does it count if i put my hair in a loose bun? I use a scrunchie and only roll it twice, which is extremely loose for me since my hair is short/fine. I pull it back to avoid playing with it and making more fall out..

No. 152160

My hair is also doing this, do you have any other weird or annoying symptoms going on? I also have awful hormonal acne on the sides of my chin and jaw, no temperature control, super sweaty, tons of hormone related miniproblems (and also every symptom of graves disease to the max) that I didn't realise are all likely related and a family history of women with thyroid problems but my thyroid and hormones tested normal as well and I found many people online saying the threshold of "normal" in these tests can include tiny changes that while they may not mark as a problem amount, they can still be a big change for you.

Even if you have seemingly random annoyances about your physical health (like the temperature thing for me) they could link in with what you're experiencing with your hair. I started spironolactone for the acne which it cleared but it hasn't helped the hair loss much.

If we were magically rich wouldn't it be great to go to an endocrinologist or some shit and get mad tests done.

No. 152169

Any tension is bad imo, I'd do a loose braid instead.

No. 152271

Do you anons think balding is caused mostly by genetics or an unhealthy lifestyle?

No. 152282

By genetics and hormonal profile, I think unhealthy lifestyle baldness is mostly reversible.

No. 152284

I’m so relieved that someone can relate (though, at the same time, I do hope that you’re able to find answers). It would indeed be wonderful to come across a large sum of cash and be able to speak to knowledgeable doctors.

I actually started breaking out all over my face (especially under my chin) around the same time. Curology has been working wonders so far, though I’d much rather get to the root of the problem, rather than “mask it” with products. I also have temperature control issues (my hands and feet are always ice cold, regardless of the weather), but I’ve struggled with that for years.

Is there anything else that we can do, or do we just wait around until we go bald? Some of my fallen hairs have bulbs on the end; does this mean that they’ll never grow back?

No. 152390

does anyone know if miniaturization means your doomed to have androgenic alopecia?

No. 152448

How are you able to tell that you’re experiencing minimization (shrinking follicles that produce thinner and thinner strands until the hair eventually stops growing) and not just telogen effluvium (normal strands that are falling out rapidly)? Both cause your hair to appear thinner. Hopefully I’m understanding these terms correctly.

No. 152532

Been suffering from AGA for years. Around my temples, the miniaturisation is quite visible. I first thought that meant I was getting my hair back but I realised it was just how this type of hair loss works cause the strands are way shorter, lighter and thinner than my actual hair. And they fall out easily too. I don’t experience miniaturisation in every hair loss area though. It’s so bad that I can’t put my hair up anymore, as all you’d see is my scalp with some areas covered with thin, short hair. Usually, miniaturisation does indicate AGA but idk about other hair loss types.

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