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File: 1501274707707.jpg (139.7 KB, 600x864, IMG_5692.JPG)

No. 65714

Curious to get some opinions from anons who have given birth.

I am considering an elective c-section as I am worried vaginal birth will ravage my vagina and I'll never get to experience pleasure again.

Maybe I am ignorant on the subject, and perhaps pushing a 6-8lb baby out of my vagina won't be so traumatizing.

I would love to hear your experiences with vaginal and c-sections; the good and the bad.

If c-section, how was the recovery? Do you wish you had given vaginal birth? Any complications?

If vaginal birth, have you noticed any changes in sex? Lose the ability to orgasm? Bladder control issues? Was your perineum cut? How was the recovery?

No. 65733

c section deprives the bebi of your unique bacteria, which are important for the development of immune system.

No. 65755

Just smear some of your shit on the baby's lip. Exact same thing.

No. 65756

Getting a c-section doesn't help keep your vagina the way it was pre-baby. The pelvic floor muscles get stretched from supporting a baby for 9 months no matter what you do. Additionally, healing from a c-section is not always straightforward. Sometimes c-sections can cause painful intercourse for years. Talk to your gynecologist about your concerns; he or she should be able to explain what to expect.

No. 65764

the vagina is designed for childbirth so doing it the 'natural' way is best if you can do it

No. 65765

The vagina will look different for a while after birth, but the whole "ruined vagina" is just nonsense. Mine looks the same as before and feels the same. At first it was more lose in the sense of the opening not being "closed up", but that is to be expected when you push a baby out. It goes back to normal. You just gotta remember the kegels fo strengthen things up again.

C-sections aren't less mother-y, but vaginal births do give a very big feeling of self proudness and accomplishment.

You should always expect your births to be done vaginally. It sounds pretty silly asking the doctor to cut you open only you don't wanna push it out. Would you rather have an ugly scar on your stomach, or a vagina that looks weird at first but goes back to normal?

No. 65775

Dude, I'll take the weird scar over an episiotomy any day. Are you fucking kidding me?

No. 65789

Where are you getting your information from OP?

You're going to have all the same side effects of a vaginal birth if you get a c-section. Your pelvic floor muscles are going to be loose regardless of method of delivery. Do kegels. These will help keep your muscles "in shape" and make it easier to push the baby out and keep things tighter afterwards.

Your bladder control is going to be shit. It's going to get crammed down by the baby. Vaginal or c-section delivery is not going to change that. Do your fucking kegels.

I tore pretty bad when I delivered. You will recover much faster from a few stitches in your taint than a surgical incision in your abdomen. You will also be able to take care of your baby much quicker. I just needed a day to sort my shit out before I was up and about. You will also be able to breastfeed or pump sooner as you won't be on heavy pain killers post-surgery.

At the time I was delivering a c-section sounded great because it was "easy" but in terms of recovery it is weeks vs a few days. If you're able to deliver vaginally then do it. Don't be a pussy because you're afraid of the aftermath. If you want to have a kid you have to make sacrifices. Your body changing should be the LEAST of your concerns.

No. 65791

Thanks for making this thread OP, I'm a childless woman currently but I've been thinking about the C-section vs vaginal birth for a while. I hope to hear from more moms.

No. 65825

Vaginas look exactly the same after having a baby as before.

We are not here to provide you material for your weird fetish. Gtfo

No. 65835


Plus a normal delivery should not affect your vagina that much. Yes, accidents can happen but that's the same for any medical event, you shouldn't lose feeling or change too dramatically after a vaginal delivery. C-sections are always going to be tougher (it is surgery, after all) and there will be a longer recovery period.

If this is real you should really talk to your doctor about this because and read around because (and I don't mean this offensively, honestly) you seem really misinformed about this. A c-section is a serious surgery and you shouldn't immediately jump to that if you don't have to, it should be avoided as much as possible.

No. 65873

My kid was 7 pounds, 1 ounce. Had an easy natural delivery, but everyone's pain tolerance is different. Vaginas are meant to stretch. Abdomen muscles aren't meant to be sliced through and into. I know women who've had C-sections 10+ years ago and their scars still bother them. That's a really horrible place for one, also, right on your pants line. All my experience, though.

No. 65874

Where do you live? Episiotomies are mostly a thing of the past in first world countries. Doctors won't do one without permission.

No. 65876

I haven't had any kids yet but I hope and pray to God that I don't have to have a C-section when I'm pregnant. I'll waddle laps and do squats while in labor if I have to so I can have a natural birth.

I get the whole "aesthetics" bullshit that women (specific birthdays, making sure the baby isn't born during Aunt Pam's wedding to her fifteenth husband, etc.) do but it's still completely bumfuck illogical. Why would somebody in their right mind want to pay MORE for hospital bills, enjoy far less of the early weeks with your baby cause you're trying to heal muscles which shouldn't be sliced through, have greater risks of infection and complications, and the near guarantee that if you have future children you will have to deliver them through c-section.

It's asinine to me to even want to consider c-section as an option over natural birth.

No. 65877

I don't have kids but I just wanna throw my 2 cents in.

My mom has 5 children and 4 births. Her first child, my half-sister, was delivered vaginally. The other children were all c-sections, because my second oldest sisters are twins and they were in this X position inside my mom, so it was a c-section or baby death. After you have a c-section, you can't deliver naturally for another 10 years, so all the other kids were c-sections.
She always said to me that, if she could, she would have delivered all of her children naturally, as painful as it can be at the time.
She told me that yes, the pain is strong, but when it's done, after about one to two hours, she was functioning normally, whereas on the c-sections she had to stay mostly on bed for like a month or so, and she said it was painful and it can also lead to post-birth depression because it's miserable.

The loose vagina thing is such a myth though. Of course the first couple of days you won't be the same down there, but your body as a whole won't either. Like, you'll still have a post-birth belly and some hormones pumping and the like. Once everything goes back to normal, well… Everything goes back to normal.

I don't plan on having kids, but if I was to, I'd totally chose natural over c-section. Not to mention c-sections are kind of an industry as well, but this a talk for another time…

No. 65903

>After you have a c-section, you can't deliver naturally for another 10 years

lol where the fuck did you read this? Lots of people do vbac few years later, although some can't due to high risks. But especially those who have a child after they had twins through c-section, vbac works just fine.

No. 65906


Both my parents said that to me. Maybe it was like that ins the 80's, I don't know.

No. 65916

That's no longer the case but it's still difficult to find an OB/GYN who is willing to do a vbac.

No. 65917

France. It's still done here. There's actually a big discussion about the generalized obstetric violence going on here right now. There's plenty of articles (if you can read French) with really gruesome stories of women not being given epidurals when they ask them, being given vaginal exams during anestesia without consent, and generally being mistreated at the hospital/during medical consultations. It's nightmarish.

No. 65918

Oh, shit. I had no idea. I guess I just assume everyone's health care system and hospitals are better than ours in America. If I were in France, I'd probably refuse to have children too.

No. 65921

They do it for a good reason though. It's better to get a small snip than to tear to your anus.

No. 65922

Yeah, no. It's a widespread thing doctors are used to do here, not a medical necessity in most case.
There's also a rumor going on about 'le point du mari' where they supposedly purposely stitch you up tighter to the benefit of your husband (hence the name, the husband's stitch). Not sure if it's an urban legend, but I heard and read about it a lot.

No. 65923

Sounds like a horrible place to be a woman. Especially if all those cheating Frenchman stereotypes are true.

No. 65926

Actually any decent doctor would let you tear instead of cutting. Some doctors get overzealous with the cutting and the incision can end up bigger than the tear.

Just like any OB worth their degree wouldn't offer elective c-sections.

No. 65928

The husband stitch is a thing in America too. Or, used to be a thing. I doubt that it's done anymore except by maybe some very old and old fashioned doctors. Shit, I kind of think it might've happened to me. Unless this is just what post partum is like. It just feels like my entry is tighter than it should be while the vaginal canal is not as tight as that. If that makes sense. Could also just be scar tissue where I tore making it feel painful in that way.

No. 65930

It's probably scar tissue. I'm the same way. Certain positions hurt during sex now as compared to before my kid where there might have been a kind of stretching feeling but no pain. I had a grade 2 tear that was bordering on a three. My epidural was winding down when they were stitching me up though. I will never forget that feeling.

No. 65938

I actually tore on the inside on my walls on the sides, didn't even know that was possible.

No. 65943

Plus tears heal better than cuts. When skin is cleanly cut with a scalpel it takes longer for it to fuse back together.

No. 65945

That's really strange, I had no idea. I have an English friend who lives in France and wound up in hospital a few times for different things, she always said the care/room/treatment she received was amazing and so much better than the NHS, even over things like an allergic reaction. I also heard women get free government provided physio classes and other perks after having babies, so that's really surprising and scary. Wonder why it's like that.

No. 65946

It really depends where you go, the quality of care can vary dramatically between 'only hospital for 40 miles' and big town ones.

Our new Secretary of Women's Rights said that 75% of women have an episiotomy, doctors say it's bullshit and the problem is that there's no official statistic on this so it's really a cluster fuck of a debate.

No. 65978

If you e only read about it as a rumour it's retarded to present it as fact. The whole 'extra stitches to tighten her up' is an old crass joke, not a real medical practice.

No decent doctor would do an elective c-section but I'd refuse a doctor who just allowed a tear. Idk who told you guys that weird rumours like extra stitches and shit are real but the fact that you think doctors are doing it seems to indicate you guys don't know enough obstetric medicine to be giving advice.

No. 65980

I don't present it as a fact, can you even read? I said I wasn't sure but there's a whole lot of people denouncing it.
And dude, I think you got lost, you thought you were talking to doctors on lolcow or something? Kek.

No. 65981

Episiotomies are definitely not recommended and are usually only used if absolutely necessary.


No. 67763

For the love of god, don't do a c-section unless it's medically necessary. I've never given birth, but literally every woman I know who has done both kinds is emphatic about the horrors of a c-section vs vaginal. You're so much more prone to complications and are 3 times more likely to die (still really rare to, but it's more likely than with vaginal by a lot.) Healing takes significantly longer and is much more painful, and your vagina does go back to normal eventually despite what the biologically ignorant think.

Good luck, anon. Hope you have a healthy and safe delivery whichever you choose.

No. 67794

Med fag here: vaginal births are better, faster healing process, better bonding with your baby, basically no scars, no risk for another pregnancy (c section scars can lead to a rupture in the uterus)
it's just the way it's supposed to be
so if it's a viable option, go for it

No. 67802

File: 1505927056851.jpeg (1.43 MB, 1964x1210, c section.jpeg)

If I ever got pregnant I'd probably go with vaginal birth due to the fact that it's more natural and all that.
This may seem weird and off-topic, but is anyone else really into the way C-section scars look? For me, that's the only reason why I'd even consider getting a C-section.

No. 67810

If you just like the way it looks, why not go get a scarification body mod done to look like that? Then there's no awful abdominal cutting to recover from while also caring for an infant.

No. 67811

It's better to have a vaginal birth. Yeah it's painful, but pushing a child out is less costly than a c-section. C-sections should only be used when all over options during labor have been exhausted or the mother and/or child are in a life threatening situation.

No. 67963

C-section recovery is also no joke.

No. 69041

I gave birth vaginally and despite having a second degree tear and having to be stitched back up, my vagina is pretty much exactly the same as it was before, maybe even tighter from the internal stitches. Just get an epidural, you'll be fine.

No. 69042

what happened with your tear anon? i had one but it still bothers me sometimes so i'm worried it healed wrong.

No. 69044

It was a typical second degree tear, which means the muscle itself actually tore a bit. It was stitched up and after 6 weeks it was pretty much good as new. One of my inner labia protrudes more than it used to but that doesn't really bother me. I'm a nurse and I get floated to gyne a lot, we do see postpartum women who didn't heal correctly so it's definitely possitble. I'd recommend getting it checked out by a gynaecologist or your family dr. Besides a small amount of scar tissue there should be no lasting discomfort or sexual impairment.

What exactly is bothering you about it?

No. 69045

oh it just kind of gets sore in that area when i use tampons. i'm not sure if that's just because it's a scar or what.

No. 69046

Definitely wouldn't hurt to get it checked out, good luck!

No. 69132

That is very true, your abdomen hurts, REALLY HURTS, for quite awhile. And you have to take care of a newborn, carrying it, nursing it, changing it, etc. I don't know how it was for others, but I also had a reaction to the painkiller they gave me during the C-section (which was an emergency due to fetal distress) and I puked afterwards for HOURS, while waiting for the fucking hosp to get me something to make me stop. Nothing like throwing up way past dry heaves after major abdominal surgery. And trying to nurse on top of it. Ugh. Would strongly recommend vag birth, c-section sucks.

No. 69139

Goddamn, anon. That sounds like a nightmare. Pretty glad I had a vaginal birth now, even though I still sometimes have trouble with the scar from my 2nd degree tear.

No. 69143

File: 1508185074245.png (427.14 KB, 540x476, hiss.png)

>giving birth either way
>not adopting and keeping your pusspuss intact while also saving a child from a life of mediocrity

No. 69144

It sounds idyllic, but there are so many factors that make adoption not an option for some people. The rolling in money, fertility treatment assholes have no excuse though.

No. 69145

Oops, meant idealistic instead of idyllic.

No. 72870

Same issue in the Czech Republic, and probably other Central European countries. Episiotomy has been done routinely here, without asking permission, and without considering if it's really necessary. The mother is basically viewed as an object and something the doctors can do whatever they want with - she has no say in it (same with the obgyn practice in general). Some well-deserved outrage happened and the situation's changing now, but very, very slowly. I don't even want to think about how many women suffer from PTSD because of the procedures that were performed on them without their consent. The idea of giving birth in these countries is still extremely off-putting to me.

No. 72871

US fag here, my dr was going to do that. he also was very very pushy about giving me a labioplasty (i was doing natural birth so no drugs) and didn't stitch me up properly.

No. 72877

Labioplasty? Do you mean he offered to do it after the childbirth? Wtf, so strange, that's not even related?

No. 72878

yeah. it's kinda fucked. we had an issue in the states where a dr was giving women 'porn vagina' tier cosmetic surgery without their consent after childbirth that ended up fucking them up permanently and they sued and the dr got arrested. idk wtf is up with murrica and genital mutilation…

No. 72883

Apparently sometimes with a c section they have to physically remove some intestines and put them out of the way in order to get a good angle to stitch up your uterus. So, it could be a fucking horror show either way you do it OP.

No. 72890

The thing that put me off the idea of caesarean was the fact that your organs can fuse to the scar tissue, and then need further surgery to fix it. Along with the greater risk of death and realization that it's a huge cut on your torso. Western media is blasé about caesareans (because it is blasé about all female health care) but yeah. Let your body do its thing. Our bodies do everything-sedative, pain relief, healing better than any medical intervention as long as the initial problem is a natural one. The more unnatural intervention, the more unnatural follow-up is required.

No. 72904

I know a girl who was awake and unable to move for the entirety of her caesarean and could feel everything including her organs being physically moved. Her story is online, she suffers from ptsd after it now.
I would really get a c section as a last resort, I fear all the complications a lot more than any involved in a vaginal birth.
What are your opinions on medicated versus natural birth? The whole natural birth thing is hella trending now and it seems like some women really get a superiority complex out of it which I don't like even though I would like to experience a natural one myself (haven't had a kid but will soon.)

No. 72905

i did a natural birth for the wrong reasons. i honestly wanted to die. i think anyone who does it is stupid because childbirth is dangerous and painful and terrifying. there's also a lot of work to be done afterwards that ends up painful. i'd never do natural now because of how painful it was.

No. 72906

Thanks for the reply anon! I'd be interested to read about it if you're up for describing it but if not it's totally fine. I have heard that with an epidural you're essentially totally numb from the waist down, and id like to be able to feel/be aware of it, but I am seriously afraid of going to far to get an epidural and realising I'm in too deep with pain.

No. 72909

You ARE awake and unable to move during a c-section. They give you a spinal block which numbs you from the waist down. And yes, you DO feel them moving your insides around, not painfully but you feel the pressure. Her experience is not unique unless you meant to say she was feeling pain because the spinal didn't work.

I do agree that c-sections should be left as a last resort though. The recovery is so shitty and you don't realize how much you use those muscles until they've been cut open and stapled back together.

No. 72910

I would 100% get an epidural again. I was terrified at first but I was induced and the pain was excruciating so I finally said fuck it. The anesthesiologist was a super chill dude and talked the whole time through the procedure. He had to stick me twice but I felt nothing. There's so much going on it will be the least of your worries.

The only thing I didn't like is they cath you if you get an epidural since you can't walk to the bathroom. The burning during peeing was the shittiest part of recovery.

No. 72911

Yeah I meant that it didn't work as in her block wore off very quickly during the procedure.

No. 72912

Fuck shit I did NOT know this and I have a very specific phobia of catheters god damn

No. 72923

Me too. The catheters and not being able to move around is what puts me off epidurals (never been pregnant but thinking about it soon). I think being able to move around a bit is probably good and might help things along, plus ideally birth happens in a squatting-type position. I've heard some people say laughing gas is a possible alternative. I'd be willing to deal with pain, I just want something to take the edge off.

No. 72928

This thread was really interesting to read, because I had no idea that c-sections were heavily critisized amongst you. In Slovenia it's vaginal by default and you only get the c-section if your obgyn, doctor or psychologist decide so. The general narative is thus that the c-section must be easier and less painful and women often go as far as to give birth in our neighbour Austria for 3k€.

To put things into perspective; giving birth and hospital stay here is covered by basic insurance (which is 20€/month and almost everyone has it, you can even get it for free upon aplying if unemployed). Even for those uninsured it costs relatively little, only about 1k€.

No. 72938

2 weeks ago I had a vaginal delivery of a 7lb 6oz baby, with a non-opiate epidural (so I was catheterised). I had an amazing midwife and - thanks to pain relief - could take labour at a decent pace, so only 1 labial tear that required 2 stitches (which I didn’t feel at all and have healed perfectly) and no episiotomy.

Worst part of recovery is the feeling of having a sprained clit… which I’m assuming is a combo of catheter aftermath and having everything stretched out of place temporarily. I’ve been peeing pretty normally, but trying to poop is weird because the pressure gauge down there is kinda fucked up, so pushing it out feels like your bowels are escaping your asshole? But it’s all pretty much back to normal now. I haven’t had sex yet because I’m still bleeding, and they don’t advise sex until after your 6 week check-up.

Not planning on any more kids, but would happily go for vaginal with epidural again if I did. If you need a section then obviously you do it for the sake of your baby, but there is definitely a sense of pride that comes with completing a vaginal delivery! As well as the benefit post-partum of not having been through major surgery. New motherhood and recovering from birth is hard enough when you do it nature’s way, so I can’t imagine what it must be like when you’re bed-bound for 6 weeks.

No. 72941

Congrats, anon!! So happy for you and your new little one. And that you had a good experience. Are you aware of anything at all down there when you have an epidural? I'm a bit freaked out by the thought of not even being able to feel if I'm actually pushing or if anything is going on.

No. 72975

Not that anon, but another anon who had an epidural. You do feel things like pressure. You are numb, don't get me wrong, but I could still move my legs and squat (a position I tried when it came time to push). The only problem I had is not being able to feel the contractions and they dialed back my epidural dose so I could deliver, which fucking sucked. It took the edge off but it was still painful.

No. 74688

Hi there, I’m the anon you replied to originally. I actually was too numb to push when it came to it, and I could barely move my legs etc, so I had to wait a while for it to wear off before I started pushing. It’s not weird, more annoying than anything else because by then I was ready for it to be over! I could kind of feel pressure - like the midwife having a look inside me - but nothing else… Tbh by the time you’re at that point you don’t give a fuck what’s going on down there, as long as your baby is okay!

No. 74706

There is a big chance of you being cut down there to help the baby out with a vaginal birth. You can prevent this by birthing squatting (lying down was an old royal thing to prevent babies being swapped and is actually pretty bad). Also do not accept pitocin (Ricki Lake made a documentary about this). In France they do some fancy kegel exercises before and after birth and their cutting rates are much lower, definitely look into that.

In my opinion though, babies are disgusting and not worth ruining your baby over. I'd adopt.

No. 74707

Also, when they stitch you up do not let them give you an extra "husband stitch".

No. 74712

I had my first child vaginally. I was 19 when I got pregnant and I had barely ever even put a finger into my vagina or looked at it in a mirror. I paid zero attention to it or it's anatomy. So pregnancy really threw me for a loop. In the later weeks I would ask my boyfriend to check my cervix for dialation bc I just wasn't comfortable doing it myself.
Birthing my baby was a ridiculously scary experience but it was also otherworldly. I wish I had chosen a route less medical. I was induced and very much rushed along through my labor and delivery… But the hospital I birthed in was amazing so i can't really complain too much.
I feel like a C-section is a hundred times more scarier. My best friend had a C-section with her daughter and is very much traumatized from the experience of childbirth and extremely intense surgery. I also feel vaginal is easier to recover from because hormonally and physically your body recognizes that you've birthed your kid…not saying csec isn't real birth because it is but vaginal is much easier on the body. Of course listen to your doctor and how they feel about it…. Good luck preggo anon.

No. 74714

Same anon as above. I bounced back super quick from my pregnancy but I was also very active during it. I walked and stretched a lot… I am a bit fuller maybe and my puss is different but my bf says it's not worse or less enjoyable than it was before.

No. 74717

This thread is terrifying.

When will they invent artificial wombs already?

While I hadn't thought of it much before I've lately been experiencing some really odd feelings towards the idea of bringing new life into the world. There is no getting around how much of an ecological disaster 1st world humans are, and it downright sucks that it is impossible to continue a bloodline without harming the planet. But then secondly, and I say this because I'm prone to depression, no one gets a say in being born :/

No. 74720

I just realized how mean this might sound, that wasn't intended I'm just depressed

No. 74746

Big sage here, I don’t have a child and clearly don’t plan to have one but I’ve had a hysterectomy with a bikini cut and my clueless doctor who didn’t do the surgery thought I had a c-section. The healing was and still is a bitch. I can’t imagine having to raise a baby while recovering. The best part was right before going under the surgeon asked me if I wanted to stay awake. I don’t know if I’m just sensitive or what, but things just aren’t the same. I know loss of sensations, that’s to be expected, but there’s something more to it.

No. 74759

> When will they invent artificial wombs already?

This so much! I don't want to go through any of that. Vaginal tearing? Snippety snap of flesh? I get sick by just reading that.

I don't even want to think how women gave birth in the past centuries. No wonder the death rates of women during child birth were so high.

No. 74769

Before how they did it now, they put women into a "twilight sleep" where they would forget everything. Horrible nightmarish stuff.

It's worth keeping in mind that babies were smaller in the past and they used birthing stools (the correct position to give birth).

No. 74775

Adoption is always an option if you don’t want to do childbirth! :)

No. 74778

You clearly have no idea about the adoption process.

No. 74779

My mother did have a tear with my brother, but it healed up well, and she still enjoyed sex enough to have me lol. She said it wasn't that bad, if you can handle a brutal period you can have a baby no problem. In her loving words, "I've taken harder and more painful shits than you"

No. 74780

File: 1518055467986.png (160.15 KB, 500x740, me-i-want-an-all-natural-birth…)

My mom said similar once. I have endometriosis and she said that if I've handled those cramps I probably won't be too shocked by Labour. I still expect it to be 5000 times worse though

No. 74785

…am I mistaken? Would it involve anons giving birth to their own child? Or are you just being a little bitch because there’s restrictions on adoption that are completely irrelevant to the point, of my comment and this thread as a whole?

No. 74786

I wish I’d had your mum’s experience. Labour was without doubt the most painful thing I’ve ever experienced, and the strong regular contractions (stage 1) lasted for 8 hours straight. I literally screamed “help me” at one point lmfao. Thank fuck for epidurals, as I wouldn’t have handled it.

No. 74803

Nta, but you said "adoption is always an option" when it really isn't.

No. 74810

It is actually easy at some places, stop thinking everyone here lives in US.

No. 74811

…Adoption legislation differs from place to place, neither do you.

No. 74812

It's hard everywhere, what are you even talking about.

No. 74814

I said “an option” not “a guaranteed failsafe way to have a child no questions asked”. jfc

No. 74848

i would absolutely do a c-section over natural. my vagina is naturally extremely tight to the point of it being more inconvenient than 'hot'. i can't remember a single time that i have gone to a gynecologist and NOT cried when they insert a speculum designed for virgins in me. a lot of my sexual encounters were awkward because i couldn't take the dick. even when i'm wet or on my period my vagina doesn't expand. so i am utterly terrified of having a natural birth. i've talked to many women who have had a c-section and they all said that it was so relaxing and carefree. the recovery is a bitch though, but to me 3-4 weeks of post op is much better than being in labour. i remember when my mom gave birth to my brother (c-section) she was 100% fine after only 2 weeks, but i do get that everyone's experience is different. one of my best friends just gave birth (she's my age so 20yo) and she was in labour for 26 hours. it's been 2 weeks since she gave birth and she says she still experiences major pain from time to time. i would always choose a c-section if i could.

No. 74849

What does having a tight vagina matter when you have the choice of an epidural anyway?

No. 74858

Hormones could change your body enough that vaginal birth is okay for you. The body goes through a lot of changes during pregnancy in preparation for birth.

No. 74859

i know but i've heard many stories of the epidural not being effective. both my mom and sister only had one half of their bodies numb while on epidural. also they cut off the epidural when you need to push the baby out which is pretty painful. idk i guess i'm a pussy when it comes to stuff like that. i'm still pretty young so i might change my mind when i'm actually pregnant

No. 74862

In the late stage of pregnancy your body produces a hormone aptly called “relaxin”. It loosens all soft tissue in your body ready for labour. The main point is supposed to be so your hips can expand to accommodate the baby passing through the birth canal, but it also loosens your vaginal entrance and anal cavity (temporarily). So don’t worry - between that, the pain relief, and the complete mindblow that is being in labour, your tight vagina should be fine. If not, they will give you a section anyway. So don’t let it worry you.

No. 74863

Samefag but pushing the baby out isn’t actually the painful bit. It’s the contractions that get. Stage 1 labour was far far worse than Stage 2, IMO.

No. 74867

>they cut off the epidural when you need to push the baby out
What shit hole country do you live in that does this so I can avoid giving birth in it?

No. 74868

They do that in England? Because epidurals numb you from the hips down and you need to be able to feel what you’re doing so you can push. Trust me, not being able to feel what you’re doing makes it nearly impossible.

No. 74875

I've given birth with an epidural in the US and they don't take it out until the baby is out. I could still feel lots of pressure and could push just fine. It wasn't that hard, but I had a very quick labor and delivery compared to a lot of women I talked to, so maybe my experience wasn't the norm.

No. 74876

a shithole country indeed, the Netherlands. luckily i am not dutch and won't be giving birth there.

No. 74883

Straight into basic bitch status here and this is the most relevant active thread, did any of you watch kylie jenner's trending video to her daughter? I thought it was very sweet. I am not a kardashian fan and havent seen a single episode of the show and dont follow any of them but i admire how she kept her pregnancy quiet and the statement she posted afterwards. I am honestly sad that I wasn't born into a wildly rich family even if it's at the cost of cameras on me and scrutiny. That baby is going to be so loved and have it's every need and wish met.

I absolutely know I'm going to tear like wild when I have a kid. My mom also had placenta accreta with all 3 of her deliveries so I'm very paranoid of that somehow happening to me even though afaik it's not hereditary at all, but I have very rough painful heavy periods that have landed me in the ER so I wouldn't be surprised if my dumbass uterus implanted that shit too deep

No. 74887

This is baby is going to be used as soon as possible even if kylie doesn't want her daughter to have the same life as her, as long as Kris Jenner is alive all of them will have to hussle.

No. 74890

>only had one half of their bodies numb

Uh yeah, thats what an epidural is? It numbs you from the waist down?

No. 74891

i think anon meant like left or right. some friends of mine have had that experience.

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