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(pic unrelated)
I lost my best friend a month ago due to a falling out, and two other subpar friends with it.

>give her less attention and time after dating incredible bf

>she angery i guess? never expresses it to me except for insinuating im rude to her at times
>i apologise to her, tell her ill work on it, and follow on my word
>shes been constantly complaining to male friend #1 in our group (group consists of me, her and 2 boys)
>on the last day of school, shit goes down
>we argue about the ethics of a depressed man who took time off work and allowed his 16y/o to pay bills which lowered her attendance. i said it was wrong, and she blasted me for being insensitive and saying "BUT U CANT GET OUT OF BED IN THE MORNING BLUHHH" which is obvious bullshit (no derailing). if u have a child its u have to overcome that or get on welfare. she doesnt have depression and i do so its nice to see shes arguing with me about my own illness
>she walks out of the last day school assembly, idk why, maybe cus of previous strop
>male friend #2 is waiting in a room while male friend #1 is searching for her, we're waiting for her to get over herself so we can enjoy the last day
>we all reunite and hang out
>she goes off in a strop again and then male friend #1 starts telling me im a terrible friend to her
>"mate, you've been manipulated"
>cant comprehend, takes it as an insult to his mighty intelligence, flips shit, cusses me out and tells me to leave
> i leave

in the evening

>i get a message from her sister saying hi

>dont wanna b rude so im like hey
>we start talking abt relationships and then she suddenly lays into me
>admits she hacked into my facebook and read all my messages with people to find out i , shockingly, wasnt happy with her behaviour
>i believe its her using her sisters' fb at this point, or team effort at least
>what the fuck.jpg
>she starts claiming her strop earlier was a ''panic attack' and that i neglected her and it was my fault blah blah
>sure jan.jpg
>i block both sisters on all social media and unfriend male friend #1, havent spoken to male friend #2 since either
>change facebook password
>Creepy fucks

this happened 2 months ago. i messaged said friend just now saying hi, can we talk.
her reply is >no stop messaging me
kek because she was the one who betrayed me and manipulated my friends against me by exploiting their empathy and appealing to emotions. lmao boys are gullible as shit
>i texted her just now saying "okay" even though i wanted to say "u betrayed me, but okay"

Was i in the wrong? should i have followed her when she went off in a strop? (she went to bin something, so we assumed she was doing that so how could we have known?)

My thoughts:
there was nothing i could have done to have changed the outcome of this situation. she didnt wanna be friends, and she didnt want me in the friend group and had been anticipating the split for a while.

can i just say id been an incredible friends, always been ther ewhen she cried, stayed up to talk to her, got her food some days, idk how i could have been a better friend.

i know its hard to see urself in the wrong, but really feel like there was nothing i could have done.

No. 65988

it sounds like you've already made up your mind that you aren't in the wrong. This didn't need a separate thread, you could've posted about this in vent or relationship gen. I suggest you repost there, because this thread will be deleted.

No. 65995

sorry, cheers

No. 66003

sounds like kid drama to me

You're both in the wrong. She's being a bitch and you're obviously ignoring whatever deeper issues she has. If she's not interested then just move on, stop trying to justify that this isn't your fault with internet strangers.

No. 66037

If it's any consolation the odds were you would lose them as friends regardless since friendships often die after high school at some point whether it's right away as you go to separate colleges or move away or because one of you starts popping out babies

No. 66053

>last day of school

fuck off, child. both you and her sound retarded.

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