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No. 66124

Put lolcow in interests so we can talk to each other and post omegle stories

No. 66137

File: 1501968238748.png (78.91 KB, 500x2133, d3ecd406d429b06b.png)

Convo today

No. 66138



No. 66145

oh, you two. people saw the thread, we just knew it was gonna end up like this.

unless someone gets on cam and does some funny shit and screenshots it, this threads gonna blow

No. 66174

no one in the tag today :/

No. 68632

Bump for interest

No. 68641

Damn I thought this was really friendly and smooth convo. If that's considered awkward then I'll never be normal enough make friends.

No. 95538

used omegle in past

No. 138902


No. 138925

It’s not awkward, that anon is just being a jerk. But I’d say it seems too polite which defeats the point of omegle.

No. 139174

I don't use omegle because it's scary. Idk what the fuck was going on but many years ago I was only doing the text chat and someone was able to continue to message me each time I disconnected and reconnected. Like, instantly. They said I had a funny name or something and it was a randomly assigned name I got from whatever program they used to mess with people on there. There's many other reasons why it's scary but that's the one that I never understood. Overall I am terrified to even go to omegle to this day.

No. 141547

dumbanon, that was a script which allows you to lock on a single user. omegle++ or what was it called.

also bump

No. 142369

I've use omegle to annoy men and now for text roleplay. Though I usually wake up the next day feeling mortified.

No. 142503

had to try and talk a white supremacist degenerate out of fucking his 7 y/o sister on there once when i was like 14 (didn't give out my age or gender ofc, pretended i was also a 20 something male)… it was in the ask a question feature and the prompt was "what is a secret you can't tell anyone in real life" and this guy was like "I once kissed my 7 y/o sister while she was in the bath" and things spiraled from there.

Dude was convinced that little sister wanted his dick bc she once asked what a penis looked like. Spent like an hour+ talking him down. He was like "I really love her so I wouldn't hurt her like I was hurt as a kid" and I had to try and convince him that fucking her WAS going to hurt her… jesus.

I still think about that conversation to this day bc it was so weird to have to pretend to be a bro to this freak in order to try and talk him down… always wonder what became of that poor girl. Never been back since.

No. 142509

In the future just don't engage. Those gross fuckers want someone to talk to their fantasies about.

No. 142545

Last time I used omegle was when I was 16, I was gonna do the usual stripping because I was retarded but I came across actual cp so I had a panic attack and never came back there since. I would never be able to get those two seconds out of my mind. Horrible.

No. 144035

ERP on omegle with women is so much more enjoyable than with men, I might waste too much time doing this kek.

No. 145321

I put lolcow in the interests and I got someone from kiwifarms kek

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