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File: 1502051544785.png (967.51 KB, 1022x752, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 3.31…)

No. 66171

Do any of you farmers wear alt or goth fashion styles? What brands do you like? What have you bought recently, or what do you want to buy?

No. 66172

mostly get stuff from hell's headbangers, shirts and destroy, shows, thrifting, and sewing patches onto stuff.

No. 66173

File: 1502056794688.jpg (52.17 KB, 600x600, darkmori3.jpg)

Not really goth but I do like this dark mori stuff. Lots of layers, forest themed accessories etc. I live in a cold country so it works.

I'm too cheap for brands so shop mostly on ebay + charity shops.

No. 66175

I'm more of a grunge style honestly.

No. 66176

All of these are cringe.

Grunge is good. At least it passes as a normal outfit.

No. 66178

File: 1502058949140.png (342.27 KB, 619x489, Screen Shot 2017-08-06 at 3.34…)

i'm a lot more influenced by metal and bikers than goth so idk if i count but people are always calling me goth so here's my basic bitch style

No. 66193

I don't understand what the point of this comment is? No one judges anyone in any of the other fashion threads, but at least you saged it.
It's always people like that who make fun of people for how they dress, and then make a post on IG when someone like Bowie or Prince passes. The irony!

No. 66195

It's because the "edgier" the fashion, the more elitist people become. Remember, the idea is to be the most edgiest mother fucker out there and out-edge anybody who stands in your way.

Rabid jealous twats they are; just all of them.

No. 66214

>make a post on IG when someone like Bowie or Prince passes. The irony!
>No one judges anyone in any of the other fashion threads

It's because the "edgier" the fashion, the more elitist people become. Remember, the idea is to be the most edgiest mother fucker out there and out-edge anybody who stands in your way.
>commenter talks about liking normal outfits

Serious question… are you two retarded?

No. 66216

Are you really that oblivious to the uppity shit that people who are goth, punk, grunge, etc. do when it comes to fashion? Don't play stupid.

No. 66223

The anon was obviously referring how people from other fashion groups don't go in the threads and shit all over them, like how you were bringing random negativity into this thread when we were just trying to discuss clothing.
Reading comprehension is good. I can't wait for summer to be over.

No. 66238

i also wear dark mori/'strega' outfits quite frequently but even i have to agree that this collage is not good. the boots, scarf and bracelet are all fine pieces, but i would scrap the striped fingerless gloves (solid color would be better) and wide-striped socks. striped socks can look good in an outfit, but look for ones that have narrower banding so they won't come across as cartoonish or like something from a halloween store.
the outfit itself, well, I really hate the blouse/cardigan combo. it reminds me of something from those boho-grandma stores. if you're going to wear a cardigan, something with like a batwing fit or made from a loose sweater knit would give it a more natural/witchy feel.
i also think that the skirt is a little off for strega. the paisley lace just doesn't fit–it's a persian pattern and dark mori seems way more suited to nordic/celtic design elements. if this is already in your wardrobe (or something similar is) I'd recommend ravaging your hemline with a seam ripper until it matches the hankerchief hem of your blouse, which would also allow others to see the detailing on the boots.
those are the triple lace ones that demuelemeester made, right? i saw a pair of the originals on ebay recently but they were like $2,000, where do i cop a decent knockoff

No. 66242

What are you on about? Did you even read anyone's post itt?

Except there is definitely negativity in other fashion threads on this site. Not that you would be able to remember, newfriend.

>Reading comprehension is good

What's that got to do with anything lmao are u ok

Again… are you two retarded? Go take some deep breaths. No one cares about how you two dress you both look like giant pygmies irl which is what the anons upthread already stated. I'm not sure why you guys are triggered over no one liking your ugly ass styles.

No. 66269

I really loved this stuff as a teen and in my
early twenties but I'm trying to find ways to incorporate it into something a bit softer without going full dark-mori or wearing that god-awful Edwardian style some older goths end up in.
Minimalist jewlery and bags, and clean lines in the outfits help a lot and give me some leeway for the beloved clunky boots but so much of it feels way too OTT for a rural social worker

No. 66286

File: 1502307478046.jpg (55.74 KB, 615x476, me.JPG)

I don't define myself as goth or anything mostly because there's so much drama attached to the fucking labels for fashion. So while everyone I know says I'm goth, goth-y if they need to describe me, I'd still be eaten alive for using the term lmao

anyway I just kind of wear what I want, I like layered black brandless items paired with leggings or tights and my demonias, more layered black shit or a massive sweater with leggings and vans, I like to mix it up with tiny, tiny blobs of colour and vintage pieces depending on the feel of the outfit

No. 66295

i really like that you do little accents of primary colors!

No. 66304

I've always been into punk and metal and their fashion styles, even have a vest that I patched and studded up myself.

I'm too ashamed to dress that way anymore though, literally only for the fact that it's now associated with SJWs,and I am not an SJW.

No. 66305

i do studs and patches too! i don't think you'll be lumped in with sjws if you have bands instead of sjw slogans and sailor moon imagery. even though the bay area and pnw metal scenes are becoming more and more sjw, there's still way too many long term members of the metal scene that aren't sjws for them to fully take over imo

No. 66306

File: 1502334803583.jpg (221.61 KB, 620x616, berkeley-antifa-moldylocks.jpg)

That's definitely true. I actually bought a new jacket recently because I want to start a new vest. This one will be mostly metal stuff, instead of punk stuff, for the same reasons you mentioned. I don't wanna be associated with SJWs, I know a lot of people won't know the difference but the veterans will at least.

No. 66307

yup. veterans can tell forsure. it also depends on what you style it with. >>66178 this is me and i like to think that keeping it relatively simple and classic also keeps me from being lumped in with sjw punx.

No. 66338

you should be fine, anon. there's a huge difference between an exodus back patch vs a sailor moon 'girls fight back' patch.
that being said, i'm too afraid to wear mine in public. it seems like any skinny girl that wears makeup and takes care of themselves is automatically labeled a "poser". i guess it's all to blame on instagram thots wearing metallica shirts when they don't even know who cliff is.

No. 66340

no one will call you out on your battle jacket nowadays especially if the band patches are more underground and arent just the big commercialized 4. i think most people wont even know the bands and if you do happen to come across that one angry bro who thinks only men are capable of listening to great music, just rock his world with your knowledge of the bands and see his face slowly morph lol.

there was a really hot chick at a cafe wearing a woods of ypres shirt and i striked up a convo with her about it. other girls should be cool with u

No. 66354

generalizing i know but if you live in a coastal/larger city then metalheads have seen lots of female metalheads-including musicians and artists, and if you live in a smaller/inland place then any metal dude would be dumb as fuck to scorn what is probably the only other fan in town :P

No. 66372

Too poor to shop brands but I have a few pieces from HellBunny that I got for birthday gifts that I love. Most of my stuff is thrifted not counting boots and accessories.

Seriously if you're any kind of alt fashion minded, thriftstores can be a treasure trove.

No. 67366

I dress pretty "trad goth". Mostly i wear band shirt, shorts, and docs though. I lost one of my velvet jackets that i diyed. Might post pictures of the blazer im currently working on and my battle jacket if anyone wants to see them.

Currently have killing joke, siouxsie, and the chameleons on my blazer. I might cut up an old The Cure shirt and turn it into a back patch. But i kinda want to make a Rudimentary Peni or Throbbing Grustle backpatch. Making Nausea patches tonight.

No. 72088

I like this place that an anon posted some time ago.


I was really into Pretty Attitude, but it seems as if they're not making too many pieces that look like their old stuff anymore.

No. 72189

I don't really care about the brand so much but I own a couple of hellbunny items. I honestly get most of my clothes off either amazon or from thrift stores. You don't really need to buy from a specific store to be goth and I like finding things that not many other people will have or pair with the kinds of things I will (Like this weird knife necklace my friend got me from a yard sale for $0.25 when we were in high school. It's a knife but the blade has these weird little rings in it.I still have it)

No. 72240

where do you girls find band merch? like sites that have a large arrange of rock bands, not the ac/dc/nirvana/shitty metal 80s band t-shirt that i see everywhere bc its trendy. i want cool merch but most of the bands i like are from the UK, and their merch is sold at european sites = it costs way too much to get it shipped to my continent (America). i've tried hot topic a few times but i feel like they always bring merch of the same five bands and never anything else. i want variety

No. 72241


the only actual outfit i'd see a goth at a rave wear and shit itt and it gets dragged, but the faux tumblr/instathot shit gets praised. not surprised but still bums me out. i support you anon. we can be tacky goths together

No. 72301

In England it is pretty easy to go to places like Shoreditch, Camden and route around second hand stores for vintage band tee's or some old school punk/goth items. I don't know where would be similar near you that has a ton of vintage or pre-owned clothing stores but it's worth a look even if it means looking through a lot of shit items. Look on Ebay also.

No. 84099

File: 1527947291706.png (355.9 KB, 800x1169, Screenshot_2018-06-02-06-43-46…)


No. 84104

Does anyone have any suggestions for online shopping? For years I’ve been “stuck” shopping at places like Hm, f21, uo even tho they’re wildly outdated and not good quality in general. After years of shopping at the same places tbf I hate my wardrobe, it looks sloppy and gross (it’s mostly a mish-mash of skinny jeans and graphic tees), but I’m not sure where to start shopping to fix this. I really wanted to like lazy oafs because that’s the only new alternative brand I’ve noticed lately, but it’s too “XD LOOK AT ME” and if I would judge myself hard for wearing it. I’ve also browsed through prettylittlething and found it to be too instathotty (not sure why I expected otherwise). Regardless, I’m clearly not up-to-date or paying enough attention to know where to look for anything I’d be comfortable wearing, let alone replacing my wardrobe, so where do you guys shop? Any and all suggestions (loosely within the alternative realm) would be greatly appreciated, at this point, I need all the help I can get.

No. 84105

If you can, try ordering from more popular alt sites? Like killstar, dollskill, sovrin etc, they're a bit hit and miss so reading reviews might be a good idea.
Also, what style?

No. 84125

I would recommend Foxblood(.)com I found them on insta and they have all black, nice clothing. Dollskill just bought House of Widow and are coming out with more from that brand. Killstar used to be my choice, but they are getting too 3edgy5me..but some of their pieces are still nice.

No. 84135

File: 1528032729844.jpg (55.21 KB, 638x638, 18113275_30d2ece5de.jpg)

I love the health goth style. Nothing like rocking all black, and looking like I can go for a run at any minute.

No. 84137

I just wish it was more accepted and there were actual brands and stuff.
The response/comment that I get most of the time are basically how it's just "girls wearing black sports clothes with heavy or no makeup to the gym"…like sorry there aren't many super goff outfits for the gym that are actually practical and not just pretty.

No. 84143

None of those people look like they could go for a run tbh. But I get the vibe and i think it’s chill

No. 84604

I've been improving my goffik look since middle school
I used to love Torrid but they got lame so a lot of my stuff is self-made or modified through thrifting

I WOULD love to buy more shoes, though. Recently it just clicked in my head that with a hot glue gun and some time I could make anything more or less fitting but… meehhhh I want something I can brag about, ya know?
Also hair has been tough for me.
My job was really chill about colorful hair but since I got a promotion there's been some hand-wringing and shit so I'm trying to tone it down, and considering wigs.

No. 84711

File: 1528619334699.jpeg (147.34 KB, 640x640, 40ABB359-20BA-4758-962C-3E1338…)

My wardrobe is 80% black basic bitch thrifted shit (sweaters/T-shirts/skirts/jeans), but I’m trying to branch out with my look and styling so i don’t look so fucking lazy. I’ve been getting a lot of Listen Flavor pieces because I love the cute/edgy aesthetic and wearing out lolita as a day to day look instead of just for meets and cons.

No. 88653

File: 1531802146488.jpg (70.94 KB, 640x980, ff65006c9f8d3faf1aac1ec4c85caa…)

what do you think of pastel goth tho?, i think many goth people doesnt really like it, but i find it very cute if you want sometimes to use a little color between all your blacks clothes

this looks very nice tbh, i'd use it, it looks kind of witchy

same, i think goths people tend to talk shit about anyone who likes goth and maybe theyre not that good at being goth, but i think that kind of people theres everywhere, sorry for my bad english btw

i dont define me as goth neither, but i really like the fashion, ans some gothy things around it, i tend to end uo using many black clothes

No. 88804

What can I wear with an underbust corset? Preferably nothing too revealing.

No. 88873

File: 1531933046566.jpg (119.8 KB, 683x1024, 57d9147da6b0d_howtowearunderbu…)

No. 88874

File: 1531933079744.jpg (51.05 KB, 450x698, Besten Famous T-Shirt Kleid Ko…)

No. 89644

File: 1532576888362.png (933.23 KB, 1074x539, cincher.png)

Dunno if this is going to be of any help but I like it over dresses and skirts

No. 89989

Are you talking about a legit steel-boned corset or a waist cincher? Do you mean over the clothing or under (i.e. "stealthing")? If you want to wear a legit corset over your clothes, you can wear pretty much anything as long as it's not too baggy. Stealthing is a different story of course…

No. 89996

Yeah, steel-boned. And either way, I guess. I have no ideas so far.

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