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No. 66328

Not asking you to self-dox. Just looking for advice and sharing experiences.
Any anons here using instagram?

For the first time in years my life feels good and I am developing some self-esteem.
I lowkey would like to have an account and use it as a picture diary, follow a few friends and maybe even cool internet strangers.

I don't want to be a cow so I considered going private but at the same time I feel that what's the point of having instagram if nobody is seeing my posts?
At the same time I don't care about having thousands of followers, though a few would be nice…

No. 66329

Just as a warning, this will probably be deleted. There are already a couple of IG threads floating around somewhere on /ot/ and /g/. You should use the catalog to try and find them to post on.

No. 66330

Checked, found threads about instagram hoes, but not one like this… It's okay if it gets deleted. Would do it myself if I found Insta thread in /g/, but it's too late.

No. 66337

can you all stop making fucking IG threads. this could easily fit into one of the other three, we don't need a new thread for every little instagram detail

No. 66349

The best way to find people with similar interests on IG is to browse tags that you're interested in. When you find someone who has a cool profile, follow them and more often than not, they follow back.

I have plenty of people added who post dog pics and we like pictures of each others dogs all the time. I'd also like to make some friends but it seems like a weird platform to make friends on.

No. 66351

File: 1502394595378.jpg (45.68 KB, 1440x900, man.jpg)

I personally don't have it. Don't have snapchat or a smartphone even. I have a fuckton of friends and I am fairly popular, but I've always been afraid to seem like an attention whore. Even when people try to take pics of me I get kinda nervous because I don't wanna pose (and be a poser). It's so late in the game now that I just can't jump into it anyway.

I do use facebook (without posting pics) and chat clients like discord, slack, telegram … I just feel like I've gone over all of this already when I was a PC obsessed kid on phpbb forums rping in a harry potter-like universe, making anime review sites on freewebs.

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