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No. 66545

I couldn't find a recent thread similar enough on here so I wanted to start one myself.

Do any of you struggle with addiction to drugs/alcohol etc? Do you have advice for those who do?

Personally I don't think i have an 'addiction' but a habit which could turn into one. I struggle to go to sleep at night by myself without a few bottles of wine or weed. For the last couple of months I've been going out drinking/smoking every other day. I also picked up smoking because of the people around me even though I don't necessarily like it. I'm still a teenager and I have alcoholics and ex drug addicts in my family so this worries me. I've tried other drugs like Coke and Molly very briefly so I know it isn't very extreme case. Advice/thoughts are appreciated

No. 66603

A few bottles? Jesus, anon.Try some kudzu to tamp down on the alcohol cravings if you can, ive heard good things about it. Ive never touched that stuff but i have many addicts/alcoholics in my family, parents included. The addiction can and will sneak up on you. 3 lethal overdoses in my family here, can confirm it ruins lives. My cousin was only 23 when she died.
My only advice for you is to get out and get help while you can.

No. 66607

Jfc anon. Go see a counsellor, you don't need to chat about addictions when you're knowingly and deliberately dicking around with addictive substances. You're gonna end up like Luna Slater if you treat that shit like a joke.

No. 66622

I started drinking right when I turned 21 despite growing up hating the smell/taste of it and now I'm 24 and can't go to work if I'm sober. Me and my significant other work at the same company but he has no idea that I've been drinking in the morning before work for about three months now. He does know I have a few drinks when we get home after work, usually while cooking or cleaning, one with dinner, and then a little before bed to help me sleep. He also knows I drink on the weekends but I have never let him see how much; I will wake up eaelt in the morning, like 5 or 6am to start drinking then when he wakes up I'll wait a few hours so it looks like I only had drinks in the afternoon/evening. I've also brought in alcohol with me to work but since I work so closely with other people I started to worry I wouldn't be able to hide the smell. I can't do anything that involves being around people while sober, even grocery shopping or going on a date with my boyfriend requires me to drink to feel even remotely at ease. I've never had so much I've been sick or anything so it just never seems that bad but I know it's getting to that level because I had to go a whole weekend without drinking recently and I was so anxious and miserable I genuinely thought I was going to die.

No. 66632

It's fucking tragic how alcoholism is treated like a humorous, relatable thing in the US. I see birthday cards for 21 year olds that are all "HURR DURR GO GET A DRINK XDD", have customers who come in every single day and buy 2-4 cans of beer or other customers who buy several bottles of wine and packs of beer, and people make games out of it everywhere thinking it's cool and funny. I noticed a post from r/drunk trending on the front page the other day and internally raged, the whole sub is "teehee look I drink and am stupid!!!" bullshit. It's disgusting how this poisonous substance is encouraged by people so frequently like it's nbd.

I have an uncle who's an alcoholic, he's a disgusting swine who smells of alcohol, constantly shakes, and talks like he's mentally challenged. He's also abusive towards his parents and breaks everything they have when they're extremely poor. One time he brought a dog home and then threw it against the wall by the neck. My dad was also a piece of shit alcoholic as well, drove drunk with me in the car at night from family parties when I was a child, and his side of the family would encourage him to get drunk then let him drive with me like that. He would do jack shit all day except drink and not look for a job.

Sorry for the rant anons, but I hate alcohol so much. Please don't ever drink for your own sakes, it's not worth the money or time.

No. 66644

Wow anon, you sound like a lot of fun

For one thing lolcow is supposed to be a 18+ board so everyone here has already tried alcohol. Drinking is fun, and it's not so bad going hard every once in a while. Also I've started finally appreciating the taste of beer now. I understand drinking is addictive and is bad for you, but it's not like banning it will change anything. You sound like you need a drink.

No. 66645

Are you off of school/work at the moment? If so, now would be a good time to detox. It'll take time to be able to sleep normally. You'll have some sleepless nights, but eventually, your body will balance out again. If it doesn't, see a doctor in case there's something else wrong.

No. 66646

I agree with you about alcoholism being treated like a joke in the US but you lost me at the end where you urged people not to drink, ever. there is a big difference between alcohol use and alcohol abuse. not everyone is an alcoholic.

No. 66649

I'm a heroin addict in recovery. I've been on methadone for 2 years. I am tapering off now but it's honestly one of the best choices I've ever made in my life. it's not for everybody and I would definitely suggest attempting to get clean w/o medical assistance first, but if you "fail" multiple times like I did, and you've been an intravenous heroin user for multiple years, it's a good option that is often overlooked or looked down on by NA assholes who say you're "not trult clean" if you're on it.

I still do get cravings to use heroin but I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that I likely always will. it's like an ex you had an abusive relationship with - you tend to romanticize the relationship when you miss him or her, only remembering the good times. but then you remember how it completely ruined your life and are thankful that it's over.

No. 66651

not truly* clean

No. 66653

I'm an alcoholic and I have been for about 3 years. I haven't been without a drink within 24 hours for probably longer? I used to be a lot worse, and drink over half a fifth a night. But now I drink between 4-6 drinks most nights. More on weekends.

I honestly fucking hate it. The withdrawal is horrible and I'm more anxious to stop because I don't want to have a seizure or something. I'm shaky every single day, I don't sleep well. I wish I never started drinking as much as I do, but I'm so dependent on it. It fills the void. I'm bored without it. The less I drink, the more I smoke weed. And I'm crazy when I'm a stoner. Idk what to do. I work ~120 hrs a pay period so when I'm not working I'm drinking.

Also I can't eat much because alcohol is hella calories and I'm trying to lose weight and it's difficult but I can't stop drinking!

No. 66655

>Do you have advice for those who do?
Yes. Travel. Sports.

No. 66658

I should have been more clear about that, but if you're posting on a thread about addictions and struggle with one, then no, you shouldn't be ingesting an addictive substance at all.

And first anon, the whole "you're no fun unless you're drinking" idea makes you sound like you're fairly young yourself, along with the wild assumptions. Not everyone over 18 has had a drink, smoked a cig, etc., and not doing those things does not make a person childish or uptight.

Not sure why alcohol-obsessed people get so triggered when others don't drink, and try to pressure them into their habits

No. 66661

You do sound like a fun person :^)

No. 66663


No. 66665

Right let me break off this confrontational negativity by elaborating on those positive, constructive things.

Travel -
addiction is huge part habit. Being trapped in a bad pattern. Getting out of that setting, being faced with new things and circumstances, helps a lot.

Addiction has also a lot to do with chasing stimuli. Travel will provide you with a lot of new exciting stimuli.

Sports -
It will give you a high. A good, beneficial high, for a change. A natural high that your own body produces instead of an artificial one.

It will enable you to become physically and mentally stronger, it will build your discipline, all key in kicking an addiction, as you will learn to master your body and mind.

No. 66666

but i'm poor and have anxiety, isn't there another way?

No. 66667

>I'm poor and have anxiety which obviously makes me unable to move my body
Another way is to kill yourself. Guaranteed to never get cravings again.

No. 66668

whatever, who am I supposed to play sports with? myself? that sounds embarassing.

No. 66670

File: 1502973567222.jpg (140.58 KB, 600x450, shitfaced peasant.jpg)

Go for a run or ride a bike while listening to some good music.
Go to the gym if you have the resources for that. Nobody ever said sports are something you have to do with other people.
If you find that moving your body on your own is boring, join a club. That will also allow you to get in contact with other people and distract yourself for a bit, and help you work on your anxiety.
Anxiety sucks, but it's not supposed to be an excuse to never change your toxic lifestyle. It's another obstacle to overcome, which is why you should work on exactly that, overcoming it.

Since this isn't the fitness thread, I too have had some mild problems with substance abuse in the past. It was mostly weed and at times alcohol, and I still smoke every now and then, but not as much. I find that my habits were born out of boredom.
It's easy to get high before doing stuff and then coming to the conclusion it's more fun that way, but thinking like this makes it easy for things to go out of control. I started getting rid of my dependencies by setting strict goals for myself, like one would when trying to lose weight and eat less. I told myself to try and not smoke for three days to begin with. I only truly realised I had a problem when I found myself disregarding my plans and smoking that same evening. I kept thinking of logical-sounding bullshit excuses for myself to keep up the habit, and that was a wake-up call.

No. 66675

I struggle with alcohol everyday. What started as socially drinking turned into a major dependency. I can't focus on anything unless I have a few drinks in me, my hands are shaky i sweat all over unless I drink something. I don't even want to mention sleeping. Everything else is just boring, can't enjoy things without having a drink.
I'm working on it okay……..cutting off slowly.

No. 66679

What sports are funnest, anon?

No. 66685

OK i agree that exercise/sports can be great for battling addiction but I work out a lot and endorphins don't give me anything i would consider a high, especially not a comparable one to drugs/alcohol. It lasts like 5-10 minutes and it's not even euphoric, just a little bit of a good energetic silly mood. Are my dopamine receptors fucked or what

No. 66686

bodybuilding/strength training/yoga/running/jogging/hiking. doesn't have to be team sports

No. 66687

No, you're normal, endorphins from exercise aren't THAT intense. People are OTT about how good they feel after working out, it's basically a meme at this point.

I feel mediocre after working out for the sake of working out. I feel great after doing sports, but that's all psychological and related to my enjoyment and performance.

No. 66690

OK thank you. I think exercise can help emotional wellbeing in many ways but I don't think it does any good to act like they give the same effects as good drugs.

No. 66701

The point of doing sports or working out to help shake addiction doesn't have anything to do with an endorphin high or anything to me. I might feel a bit more upbeat or energetic than I usually would have when I just went on a run, but that's it. It's more about teaching yourself to maintain discipline and focus in different aspects in life in order to help the specific addiction aspect. Also to distract yourself.

No. 66851

My own experience: I am alcoholic, it's not an everyday thing, but it's not normal, every 2-3 days I drink half a bottle of vodka (and I drink every friday, saturday and sunday) so I can be happy, my boyfriend just dumped me, I don't have any friends and I have eating disorders, clinical depression, anxiety, I'm suicidal and other stuff, I can't sleep unless I'm drunk, I'ts just terrible, I'm here because I don't have anyone, I was on treatment(shrink and pills) but I don't have the money to keep going. I'm also a gym rat because of my body dysmorphia, I go to the gym 2:30 hours a day, I don't know what to do anymore. I need advice, please. I don't do drugs, not even mj, it scares me. Alcohol fills those voids, it's sad.

No. 66852

I know this is a shit thing to say and I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but I'm just so glad to see so many anons with drinking problems here.

I felt like such a retarded piece of shit for having a problem with alcohol. I kept thinking, everyone drinks normally and don't get addicted, why is it only me? How are my friends able to hang out for hours without a drink? Why is it only me?
And it's such a shameful addiction. Not that addiction, in general, isn't shameful, but an addiction to alcohol felt so dirty and disgusting. Alcoholism is for poor middle-aged men, not kawaii young girls. I even tried other drugs for a while, even harder ones, because then it'd feel like a had a legitimate reason to be addicted ("it's a strong/addictive substance!") instead of just being a weak-minded fuck-up. And turns out I still liked alcohol better.

I'm doing better now, sort of. As depressing as that is, I only started getting my shit together after hitting a rock bottom of sorts - friends and family started noticing (and thinking less of me for it), the consequences of whatever dumb shit I did while drunk started piling up, I started drinking in order to stop caring about the consequences of my drinking. I failed classes because I was passed out from sunday drinking on the monday morning and missed an important test.

Until shit piled up so high I couldn't stop caring even if I drank. I just accepted I'd need to stop and deal with it, now. That I had to deal with it as soon as possible, that each and every minute I spent drunk would only mean more shit to fix once I finally sobered up. So I started tapering, and kind of stopped.

I relapse sometimes, especially when I'm with friends who don't judge. With people who do judge, I manage to only have a few beers and stop. Not drinking daily really shows you what a toll it takes on your body, because you're finally sober enough for long enough to notice your skin is shit, your stomach and liver feel like crap, you're shaking, you can't sleep, you're in a much worse mood than you'd be if you hadn't drunk… it can get boring if substances are your #1 source of entertainment, or if you need them to enjoy other things, but you have to deal with it.

A good thing to keep in mind is that it fucks with your chemical balance but that goes away after a while. You absolutely will feel like crap for a while. But it does go away, it does get better. And if you're drinking to cope with mental illness or anxiety, try remember this too: the alcohol is making it a lot worse.

No. 66855

I hate being addicted, because I didn't start this way. The anxiety and depression did, and over the years + shitty situations, here I am. I hate my life and myself so much the only tolerable way to get through it for any length of time is drunk. I wasted $50,000+ on a degree/career to nothing, to end up in a factory with a fiancee who I love but I'm pretty sure is a huge chunk of why I drink. I'm always wrong, stupid, a pain in the ass to everyone - which would be melodramatic if they didn't actually tell me that.

Being addicted is awful. Knowing that your life is shit and you'd be addicted to anything because you can't cope with your life anymore? The worst.

No. 66857

NAYRT but alcoholism is no joke to deal with when another family member has that issue. My father has been an alcoholic for the majority of my life and it's an absolute nightmare to live with him or to even go to family events. He's driven many people away with his addiction and my mother was always too scared to do anything about it either, she tiptoes around the topic or hides away whenever he has an outburst.
One of his cousins died from alcohol poisoning a few years ago, she'd binge drink so much that her kids and husband found bottles of liquor hidden all over the inside of their house. He does absolutely nothing to help himself so to be honest I feel like I need to mentally prepare myself for the ordeal that's going to be him having cirrhosis in a couple years. I started reading recovery books for 'adult children of alcoholics' and as it implies alcoholism also fucks up the personalities of the kids or spouses who get wrapped up in the problem. Unless I go to therapy I'll never be normal or be able to enjoy a drink with friends.

And since addictive personality traits run through our family I'm without a doubt addicted to the internet. I spend hours every day on my phone browsing, doing absolutely nothing but reading or checking my email. I don't even have Facebook or instagram but I can't stop going online and stay up browsing until my head hurts. I need to start turning my phone off every day or switch back to a dumbphone.

No. 66858

You can be addicted to anything. Most of us are. Do you have a hobby or nervous tick to smooth over seconds or minutes or hours where you'd be left alone in your own head? Congrats, you're an addict. Being unable or uncomfortable with your own thoughts and doing something else to distract you from it is essentially addiction.

No. 66867

Hey, I've had a similar situation. Father was an alcoholic. Him and my mom never let me go anywhere, so I spent all of my time on my computer which led to my addiction to internet. I spend 8 hours a day at the computer at work, only to come home and spend another 4-5 hours on the web.

I don't have instagram and similar shit either and I have a dumbphone so I don't go online when I'm not indoors. Having a dumbphone is absolutely awesome, no fomo at all, highly recommend.

No. 66868

Fuck off with your bullshit. No, a distraction is nowhere near substance addiction. Don't talk about something you obviously don't have any knowledge about, you're sounding really stupid.

No. 66870

lol do you know what withdrawals are sweet hobby addiction chan

No. 66871

I guess I'm 'addicted' to Xanax.
I only take a quarter of the lowest dose, prescribed to me because I've had crippling anxiety since I was 12 (so 12 years now, though it has got way more manageable as I got older), but I simply need it to function. I don't go through withdrawals or anything and I only take it as needed, but I end up needing it every time I go to some social gathering, travel or just need to calm down late at night when everything feels like the world's going to end.

No. 66887

I'm addicted to alcohol and I don't get withdrawal symptoms, because of how much and when I consume it. I don't get the shakes or sweats or anything when I can't have it, I just get massively irritable. So, withdrawal symptoms =/= addictions.

Addiction is just the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity that 1) You sometimes use more than you would like to use. 2) You continue to use despite negative consequences. That's literally it. It can be anything. I have a friend who is addicted to exercise, and I can say that because of how negatively her life and mental state have been affected. TBH it sounds like you're running from the looser definition of addiction to avoid coming to terms with your own addictions in life, thinking you're 'better' than most because you don't stoop to drugs or alcohol. It makes it safer in your mind, it's just a distraction! It isn't. You're running away from yourself just like the alcoholic is.

It sounds like you need it for anxiety. The only things that can help with that is therapy to get to the root of your anxiety and seeing if there are other coping skills besides xanax. I'm doing that ATM with my anti-depressants because they fuck me up for good and bad.

No. 66896

I understand that even substance addictions aren't always physical but your original comment conflated all kinds and levels of addictions and came off a little flippant

No. 66900

I can relate, I never drank until I could buy it when I was 21. What kind of job do you have? At my worst, I was also drinking before work (retail. thought it would help me because i'm a social retard), and literally every single one of my coworkers made it obvious to me that they knew, and did everything they could to belittle me to my face. Somehow I didn't get fired. Still live with the shame though.

No. 66908

I used to have a severe weed dependancy which along with untreated PTSD led to psychosis.

I finally kicked a cocaine, speed, benzodiapene and painkiller pill addiction this year. I was in debt because of my addiction and did horrible things just to score.

I'm proud of myself. I have self control now. I don't even take paracetemol and even refused painkillers when I was hospitalised for extreme cramping and huge blood clots. I also have a diazepam prescription sitting in my room I have no intention of getting. If you have an addiction, I am proof you can come back from it. I fucking had sex with my dealer a couple of times to score, that's how bad it was.

I finished my first year of uni with top marks a couple of months after sorting myself out. It can be done, doesn't matter how far gone you are.

No. 66914

TRYING DESPERATELY to quit smoking cigarettes. Any tips from anyone who's quit successfully?

My problem is my husbando also smokes so if he doesn't stop i'm gonna have trouble stopping too.

No. 66971

I am/was addicted to benzos/ambien. I have severe anxiety so psychiatrists hand me that shit out on the regular.
Everytime I start taking it again, my life becomes a train wreck. I take way too much, start doing weird shit while high, have a shit memory, become way more depressed and suicidal.
I know the effect it has on me. I know every single one of my suicide attempts was while taking this stuff and yet every couple of years or so, I fall back in.
I've stopped taking them for a month but I'm so afraid of the next time it's going to happen. I already want to be on ambien again for that comfy bedtime instead of the usual 3 hours nightmare of trying to make myself sleep despite all the things going through my head.

No. 67087

Try one of those small disposable cigarettes or vaporizers. They're still not very good for you but they're less toxic and still have nicotine in them for you to get your kick. That's what was effective for me and don't listen to the retarded kids who don't even smoke that think vaping is a meme. It's been effective for a lot of people who are trying to get away from cigarettes but struggle with addiction.

Pretty much it's about cutting down until you don't need to rely on it anymore. I think vapes and disposables are a better method than nicotine chewing gum.

No. 67089

File: 1503705714248.jpg (23.54 KB, 350x350, airbornecokecan2.jpg)

This isn't as severe as some of you guys' problems here, but I have a pretty extreme addiction to soda. Coca Cola, specifically. I have cravings for it almost constantly. It almost hurts physically to restrict myself. I know it's probably ruining my health, but I HAVE gone from 5 cans a day to usually just 1 or 2. Does anyone have advice for cutting it out completely?

No. 67090

well part of it is probably a caffeine addiction, so switch to coffee with sugar, then phase out the sugar, then phase out or cut down on the coffee?

No. 67096


Don't do this, I'd go with tea instead. Coffee contains a lot more caffeine than soda drinks do (sometimes more than double). So changing it in with coffee will just be a bad time all around.

Cutting it slowly is honestly the best way, and then after that you just need to NOT buy it, maybe have it as a treat on a saturday but never keep it in your house.

If you never want to drink it again, you could get one of those apps to track how long you have been without drinking it, and then calculate how much money you would spend on soda each week, and then buy yourself something nice with that money after not having drank soda for x amount of time.

No. 67097

shit my bad. you're right. i was just thinking because coffee doesn't have carbs/sugars other than what you add but i didn't realize it's not comparable caffeine wise. your advice looks legit

No. 67099

i have terrible coke addiction i almost kicked twice now but i always bounce. recently i started drinking it with enormous amounts of ice, undiluted soda already started to taste a little gross, so maybe i will be able to wean myself off it again that way.
funny though when i eat sweet grapes i'm out after a cup or so because they taste too sweet to me, but 400kcal worth of coke is totally okay to my palate. thank you carbonated jew.

No. 67102

Same anon, that was my worst addiction to cola as well. Sparkling water brands like LaCroix help, I need something carbonated to drink and it helps when it comes to kicking soda.

No. 67108

I read this without looking at the post you quoted and thought you were talking about cocaine. I thought holy shit who drinks cocaine like that?

No. 201314

Probably in the wrong thread but I couldn't find one on /g/ about smoking. Might as well ask here. Have any of you nonnies struggled with chain smoking or even light smoking? I used to chain smoke from age 15 (23 now) but lately I just smoke when I'm drinking. I want to quit entirely as I feel like shit doing it and I only smoke because the action of it is just too addiction to my pathetic brain. I tried vaping but for some odd reason it makes me breathe worse than smoking so I had to drop it. I also enjoy going out with people drinking on weekends, but I always seem to buy a whole pack which I end up smoking throughout the week. My question is, have inhalers/patches/gum helped you?

No. 201376

oh god same

No. 201629

I am literally having the same problem and basically same age frame too. I hate vaping and it actually burns my throat more?? I successfully quit for 2 years once, but with a new super stressful job I’m back to smoking when I drink/ finishing the pack. I feel so awful about myself bc I knew I never should have started in the first place but I was a dumb angsty teen. Now I know I need to just stop?? It won’t ever be easy I just have to. What happens when I stop and start having breakdowns in other areas of my life though haha? I always rationalize that a cigarette is better than losing it. Any advice other anons??? Bumping

No. 201631

Also struggling. Smoking for almost 15 years. I'm so desperate that I'm going to try hypnosis. I never believed in stuff like that but recently I had a hypnosis session for something else and it helped me greatly

No. 201663

A big mind switch for me was realising smoking didn’t actually help any breakdown. Like I am still stressed now I’ve given up, but at least I’m not stressed AND a smoker.
Honestly I still miss it like fuck I just try and focus on the money saved

No. 202188

Same; I've been smoking for 15 years, a pack a day (or more, if drinking or smoking weed). I've cut back to 5-7 but am vaping a ton so no real win there if the goal is to cut back on nicotine. Would like to get to a point where I can just have 1 or 2 a day. I can't even imagine giving it up entirely, despite how dirty, smelly and trashy it makes me feel.

No. 203874

I'm still recovering from a porn addiction I've had for on and off 4 years I think. It's fucked with my view on sex and confused my sexuality a lot, I wish I knew what I was getting into when I started. I don't understand how watching porn is seen as normal.

No. 204515

I have a drinking problem and I’m a bit of a cokehead. Granted, I can function fine for the most part but I still struggle with addiction. I do coke like every two weeks which is still a lot. I’m definitely not as into it as I used to be but I wish I had better control.

No. 204524

I feel like I've got my alcohol issue better under control but I got looped back into smoking cigarettes again after being off them for about 3 years. I vaped and worked myself down from 6mgs nic to 0.5mgs nic but now I'm that smoking cigarettes again the vape just isn't doing much for me. I really only smoke on Saturday's though which is my designated drinking day.

I wrote out a gay little contract stipulating that if I purchase another pack before the year is over I have to dump all my hoarded liquor and unsubscribe from world of fucking warcraft. i have my friends supporting me and keeping me honestly about it which cigarette check ins so I cant be like "OH i TOTALLY didn't buy a new pack this is still the last one from September!" which i know is shome shit i might pull. wish me luck.

No. 204526

It's now been a whole year since I last smoked weed and yet I've been getting cravings so intense that I've cried. All my friends talk about how high they're getting and I feel so angry and jealous because I know if I start again it'll take over my life like it did last time. I wish weed wasn't so normalised.

No. 204681

same here. It doesn‘t relieve stress and the need to smoke stresses more than the ‚good‘ effect from it, i.e. the short nicotine buzz. We just get tricked by our own brains because it’s so addictive and increases the concentration capacity for the blink of a second, hence why so many people are addicted to smoking at work.
Not to mention that your concentration ability is way better off without your brain being under constant additional stress from addiction.
I used to smoke a shitload like that too for many years. What is really important imo is to radically stop smoking in the morning or whenever you get up. The later you enter ‚smoker mode‘, the less you will smoke over the day. In my experience, after the first cigarette the urge to smoke more in regular intervals is much stronger, so delay that as much as you can. Not starting your day with smoking was the biggest step for me, and it will get easier over time to the point where you feel disgusted at the idea of smoking early and it becomea an evening thing. For me it was a slow road, nowadays I only smoke when I‘m drunk because otherwise it gives me a headache.

No. 341143

File: 1689909492784.jpg (178.52 KB, 1024x683, FzKpaeJaIAE0bjq.jpg)

how do i stop drinking. i just want to stop drinking. it is my one and only vice. how do i stop drinking.

No. 341144

I will finish off my six pack tonight and then I will go ONE WEEK without purchasing alcohol or consuming alcohol. It's just a fucking week. I'll report back.

No. 341151

Reminder that alcohol ages your body and especially your skin prematurely and makes you ugly, bloated, fat and wrinkly.

No. 341152

Well if that'll make me not good for sexualisation I'm gonna have to start drinking even though I can't stand alcohol. Maybe name some actually bad reasons?

No. 341156

Maybe try to find something enjoyable to replace it with for a bit? Try some other beverages that have similar qualities or are just fun, like a strong iced tea or fancy soda or idk fucking wheatgrass or turmeric shots or something. Might sound silly but it could make it a little easier to have something to fill that gap when you'd usually grab a beer. Also try to notice how physically different you feel when you don't drink and how much easier it is to think after a few days, even when you're not drunk. It's easy to blow it off when people say alcohol kills brain cells but when you feel everything coming back it's pretty outrageous. You are going to feel like shit for a while though, don't worry about it and just take good care of yourself.

No. 341157

NTA but for me the effects of alcohol on your cognitive skills would be the biggest scare. I don't want to end up a drooling mess who can't even walk straight and whose only thought is where to get the next drink.

No. 341177

-Alcohol increases chances of getting all types of cancer - throat, stomach, breast, etc
-Long term heavy drinking makes your neurons shrink
-Depending on a substance just to have a regular day is cringe. That's basically a breathing tax

No. 341248

File: 1689979116238.png (159.17 KB, 559x371, 1677458588335.png)

I have an insane painkiller addiction that I've had on and off for 5 years (constant for 2+). I was able to kick alcohol and weed successfully but I cannot for the life of me fucking quit opiates. I just constantly need it, every day, and need more. Sometimes I take some stims to get a poor man's speedball. I just don't wanna die and I'm so tired of this. Almost no one in my life knows because I put extra effort in looking healthy and busy.
What can I do? If I went to some clinic would they give me a substitution treatment or is that just for those who do heroin? I feel so fucked. Nonnas please never do opiates as much as you can avoid it.

No. 341323

Nona you have to solve the underlying reasons why you need opiates. I was addicted to them for 10 years on and off and managed finally to kick them completely 5 years ago. Because I was finally addressing the stuff that hurt me so much as a child. Sorry if this sounds like a meme but it was true for me and I’m sure for many others too.

No. 341326

I’m kind of addicted to energy drinks and weed, but by far my worst addiction is pain killers (just regular ibuprofen/paracetamol). I take one every night because my legs hurt. I don’t know if they actually hurt or does my mind just play tricks on me? I manage to occasionally kick the habit, but when my periods come and I have to take pain killers for those I start taking them daily again. I can’t fall asleep without them. I also have to take several melatonin pills every night and that is NOT related to my energy drink consumption at all I swear

No. 341327

do you why your legs hurt? I just recetnly got pain in my knees every evening and it's from drinking too much caffine (Too much for me is 1 cup of coffee daily and 1 coke bottle a week ugh). Not sure how it's in english but it's this acid that gets stored in your joints because of caffine and generally all unhealthy fun drugs. So just an idea if you don't have a reason for the leg pain.

No. 341328

Whaat, I’ve never heard about that

No. 341375

Nta but a lot of cases of leg cramps or "charlie horses" are from dehydration, and dehydration is exasperated by caffeine.

No. 341400

In all seriousness that didn't sound like a meme because I realized I haven't really been told that before. I'm looking for a qualified therapist to treat a CSA issue I've never really adressed. It made me troon out when I was a teen and I guess going back to reality in my adult life, with a body forever changed by a knee-jerk subconscious reaction to the abuse, is unbearable enough that I only get a break thanks to opiates. It'd make sense since weed made me dumb and alcohol made me sad, there's something unique that's hard to describe about opiates specifically that both help you escape the moment and make your body feel great within that moment.
I think you're honestly right, until I unpack all the above with a professional that actually knows what she's doing, just taking a bunch of methadone and hoping the addiction disappears is not going to work.

No. 341401

And? Lol

No. 341404

Please be careful depending on how long and how much you’ve been drinking going cold turkey from alcohol can legitimately kill you.

No. 341405

How do you even get access to so many opiates to become addicted? I took almost all my nigel’s codeine and Vicodin pills when he got dental work bc he wasn’t in pain and I’m always in chronic pain. It was a nice reprieve but once they were gone they were gone and I knew getting more would be impossible.

No. 341412

I have migraines and chronic pain from scoliosis, somehow after getting a pain assessment with a specialized team they decided to keep giving them to me. My country is usually pretty strict on them so I just always stuck to the very limit of my prescriptions and find combinations or potentiators so they don't suspect abuse. Ironically though they probably know that it's been so long they can't just stop giving them cold turkey

No. 341415

I have both those things too, doctors in my state are just like “damn that’s crazy, anyway…”

What would you do about the pain if it weren’t for the meds?

No. 341426

I struggle with alcohol. My whole family does. I didn't even drink for the first time until my early 20s because I wanted to be so removed from alcohol in general. Literally was over for me the first time I had some shitty cooler. I loved how I felt so much. I loved not feeling anxious, I loved the numbness of my lips, I loved the feeling of my body becoming completely relaxed for what felt like the first time in my life. 10 years of substance abuse under my belt now. It's been better lately, I only drink twice a month instead of daily. I still drink excessively those days, and sometimes it feels like the only thing I look forward to. It doesn't feel the same anymore though, the escape isn't the same. One of the only reasons I stopped drinking so much. I could drink more to match my tolerance but I'm also obsessed with calorie counting lol I want to feel peace and stop running on self-hate

No. 341489

That's pretty criminal of doctors not to give you pain management solutions if you do suffer. If it weren't for the meds either I'd consider suicide, alcoholism or a lot more of my money would go into heavy doses of Kratom (which I already supplement the meds with a few times a week). Part of it is hyperalgesia due to having been on the meds for so long but the pain makes daily activities difficult, I couldn't take the reduced quality of life if I had no way of numbing pain (or at least tackle flareups).
I have no idea how you can bear it. Physical therapy and a TENS machine have actually helped a lot for me but not enough to make me consider life without codeine for now. It sounds cliché but they really did work better than "try yoga and swimming".

No. 341501

How does one go about getting over something akin to celebrity worship syndrome, or a bordering on pathological obsession with a celebrity? Have any nonas recommendations for successful therapies that do work with curing obsessive thoughts? The problem is that part of it has invaded my subconscious, so it appears in my dreams and nightmares. My memory also sucks and is shot, so even though I have prior trauma, I dont think EDMR would work with my malleable brain. My brain is literally full of gaps and holes. I don't know how to fully overcome it, by now I swore I would've stopped, but I feel chained to this wall it's constructed. I can't break out and I can't break over, so when it comes to an unconventional addiction that's tied to other addictions, how does one break free of that? It's just not easy for me

No. 341571

you have to go cold turkey on looking at anything related to them even images. You have to completely remove outside sources of them from your life and then eventually your brian moves on. I tried to "ease my way out" of a celeb obsession as a teen and it didn't work, you just keep going back. The good think is that unlike crack you can quit cold turkey and not die. And that's what you've got to do.

No. 342239

Just had a cigarette after an emotionally charged discussion. Quit for almost a year and slipped up a few months ago, was on a weeks-long no smoking stretch recently that I just broke. Help

No. 342241

Nevermind. Just posting this helped, I’m disgusted. I can quit again. Didn’t help at all anyway. I keep forgetting it doesn’t improve my mood or anxiety I just believe it will for some stupid reason. If anything I’m more upset lol

No. 342248

Screenshot these posts and save them as a reminder, nonnie.

No. 342256

I was coping trying to convince myself I wasn’t gonna backslide, had like 5 cigarettes after that. I will screenshot though

No. 342257

I need someone to slap me!

No. 342260

File: 1690513678729.jpeg (102.33 KB, 720x960, 7BB75CC5-D3E5-4192-88BB-9A26E6…)

No. 342677

Deleted almost 100% of my phone folder containing his pics, working on trying to delete the rest that aren't in the folder (luckily for my phones facial recognition). Got a burst of adrenaline from that alone, like he's no longer sucking out my soul.

No. 342686

Food, cigarettes, alcohol, cocaine…doesn't matter, I'm easily addicted. I have a very weak mind as soon as something bothers me I need to take refuge in something. At my worst I was drinking one bottle of vodka a day + 0.25g of cocaine + a pack of cigs. Now I have a reasonable consumption. Luckily for me, career means a lot to me so I won't allow myself to be anything other than a functional addict. Also luckily for me I have a very clean social circle. A good social circle is so so important, it's 50% of the work to get better imo.

No. 342697

File: 1690766745728.jpeg (42.92 KB, 262x146, DC175F2D-79E8-4010-82FF-0CF7FC…)

someone please fucking help me with my internet addiction. i lost my job in feb and instead of using my free time to read or draw like ive always wanted ive been pissing it away on the internet and daydreaming. help.

No. 342702

The only thing that works for me is to get physically far away from any device and get busy with something or someone, but you have to do it in the first place. If you want to read, go to the library, in my case I always feel too shameful around others to do anything other than reading/working there. If you want to draw, go to a cafe, a park or something remote where you don't have access to your computer/phone and can focus. The start of the day is really important imo, so try to do something immediatly when you wake up that is not browsing the internet or you'll set a bad intention for the day. Good luck nonnie, we're in this together.

No. 342723

thank u nonnie ill give ur advice a go

No. 342753

write yourself an email every night telling yourself what you're going to do tomorrow. when you wake up it should be the first thing you read. (a physical note also works if you put it somewhere you have to look at it, just thought you might be more likely to read your email if you're addicted to the computer lol)

No. 343042

File: 1691038245327.jpg (115.7 KB, 1200x676, 20191111.jpg)

After my mental health got worse and I lost a lot of people I've grown to have a shopping addiction and I've become a hoarder to fill the hole I felt inside.
I feel so ashamed about it and clean everyday although The hoard is an organized mess it stresses me seeing so much as I suffer from OCD that's grown worse, I cannot touch my own food and I can't hold myself back from buying something or else I'll think about it until I get it but when I do get it I don't care about it anymore. I've gotten a bit better as I realized I need to stop, I use to have to buy two of one thing so it could be mirrored when displayed but I finally held myself back and stopped. I want to stop my addiction and get rid of things, what can I do as the first step?

No. 343089

I think you did the first step already by realizing you had a problem and trying to get better. I wouldn't consider myself a full-on hoarder, but I used to thrift a lot during my teens and ended up with a ton of clothes that I almost never wore. I stocked most of those in cardboxes in a storage unit, but when I moved out I realized that there were carpet beetles which attacked all my collection and the stuff I really liked and wore. Anyway, it helped me throw out the unsalvageable stuff and was a wake up call to make some change. Some things that helped me :

Making some money selling stuff. Obviously it's a net loss in the end because you rarely make a profit, but it made it feel rewarding and it racked up pretty quickly so it was motivating. I don't know if you can set up a garage-sale, but it's a good way to get rid of a lot of stuff in a day.

Feeling good about donating things. I gifted nice clothes to friends and enjoy seeing them wearing things that were left in a closet for years. If it was for a charity, I'd imagine someone finding it and loving it and it was easier to let it go.

Don't think about the whole. Sometimes I felt like I would never get to the bottom of it, and the task seemed to daunting. The hoard didn't make itself in a day, so it will take some time. I found vidrel some time ago on a 30-day challenge where you have to get rid of 1 thing on day 1, 2 things on day 2 etc. It's a bit silly but it can be a good first start to do things progressively.

It gets easier. In my case, the more I got rid off, the more I wanted to be gone. I quickly forgot about the stuff I parted with and don't regret a thing, but I do feel lighter and better, prouder of myself, and I chase this feeling of clear-mindedness more now than the instant gratification of buying something. The process took me so much effort and time that I now think a lot before buying something, because I see it more as a potential burden.

This is only my experience, so I'm sorry if it isn't that helpful especially since you struggle with different issues. I hope you work your way to get through this, you can definitely do it, so you can feel lighter and less stressed out in the future.

No. 343135

My back has been hurting a lot for a couple of weeks and I have done a lot of alcohol, muscle relaxants and benzos to cope with it. My mother has an illness that causes chronic back pain and I am worried that I also have it. Even though it is probably just from sitting on computer too much and never exercising. I managed to quit drinking completely and then to just drink very lightly but it all got out of hand now. Used to do codeine as a teen and am scared that if the pain doesn't stop I will go for it or stronger opiates. At least I know I will never be prescribed anything stronger than ibuprofen because as a retard I also managed to get drug charges. I did years of therapy and mental gymnastics to get my life in order I don't want to fuck it up again.

Any recommendations how to cope with pain without drugs? Taking walks and swimming seem to help, but I also need to sit on computer and sometimes drive for work which make it worse.

No. 343143

It doesn't sound like you're at a stage where you should cope with your pain but you could try to fix it first? If you're sedentary and sit for most of the day without exercising, you will definitely have back issues. There are a ton of stretching, yoga, back strenghtening videos on youtube that you can do at home, and you can get better habits like avoiding slouching, doing breaks every few hours and going for a walk or stretching. Investing in a good, confortable office chair is also nice. If you are worried about having a chronic illness, go see a physical therapist to get that checked out.

No. 343167

File: 1691119493496.gif (13.41 KB, 220x185, original_827b20ac3a65e59dd2ffc…)

I have the same exact issues that you do nona, keeping u in my thoughts. It's so hard but breaking the cycle of it is possible. Do you notice the compulsory spending happens more when you're super on-edge and anxious? Every time I've been super high strung this week because of my summer classes I've wasted money buying things online to "soothe" myself, I cannot stop myself. Some of the packages came today and I'm too embarrassed to go pick them up because there are quite a few. If I keep doing this I'm not gonna have money for groceries kek. Anyway, sorry to blog in response but I feel ur struggle and I hope things start looking up for u.

No. 343168

I have a hoarding issue too and I'm just trying to get rid of things little by little like >>343089 said. I keep imagining how happy I'll be when I have all of this clutter out of my life. It's not gonna be a permanent fix to my mental issues or compulsions but having a living space that is organized might inspire me to get my act together.

No. 343200

Same, nona

No. 343229

I guess should have worded it "how do I not do drugs when I have a shitty excuse for it and already started" kek. At least writing that down made me see my dumbassery more clearly. Like it is a little pain a lot of people deal with it just fine. But I'll try that stuff to fix it or at least make it not get worse.

No. 345536

Thank you all for the sweet replies!
When I'm sad I turn to shopping to cope with the empty feeling, I've lost so many people this past year and I suffer from loneliness so buying things, even things I didn't need help fill that hole. now I'm that I own more than needed I'm stressed over it and find it hard to let go due to my OCD and the " what if I need this in the future feeling"
After my message I took the weekend to sit down and think about myself,I started collecting everything I no longer used and decided I will be selling at the local flea market soon! It doesn't matter how much I let this stuff go for as long as it clears space and I can keep my purchases down I'll be happy, whatever remains I will donate to the local thrift store.
I hope all the anons struggling with the same problem can get through it.

No. 386068

I have the most retarded weed addiction that doesn’t really make any sense.

I smoke weed every day since I was sixteen but I hate weed. Sure, in the first years I enjoyed it but in my early twenties I started to get pissed when I could actually feel the high, like not being able to think properly, being sucked into the couch etc. All I did was microdosing, enough to think I can relax but not enough to feel like I‘m under influence. But I needed it, still need it. I couldn‘t go on holidays without smuggling weed or finding a dealer immediately. I got kicked out of psych ward because I couldn‘t stop smoking and missed out on other opportunities to get help for my mental issues. Once I stopped and smoked cbd instead but the craving never really left and I fell back into it after 6 months or so. Since then I only had a break for 2-3 day maximum and I couldn‘t think of anything else than the irrational feeling of needing it.

Now I‘m on a break since like 5 days and aside from the feeling of needing it and uncomfortable dreams… I feel exactly the same like when I‘m on the right dosage. I could not tell the difference between a thc joint and a cbd joint when I accidently mixed them up but I have the illusion that the taste or burn in my lungs doesn‘t feel right and satisfying when there is only cbd.

The other reason why I feel the addiction makes no sense is because I have cakes with weed in it in my freezer but I hate edibles and it is missing the thing „I need“, also vaping or pipes don‘t do it. So i can‘t „really“ be addicted to the substance if I don‘t even want it in any other form than smoking it even when I‘m going through a physical withdrawal like now. Like what the fuck, why does my brain force me to waste money and be dependent on it like that?

I have the same issue with amphetamines! I get ritalin described in two different forms, the one is the lowest dosage, 10mg in a tablet that I can crush, cut in lines and sniff. The others are capsules that are designed in a way that there is nothing to crush snort.

So what is the result? Multiple packages of the capsules with higher dosages and longer lasting effects (8h instead of 4h) are stacked in my drawer and I rarely have the desire to take them. But when I get the 10mg pack with tablets to sniff once in two months? They‘re gone in a week in which I stay awake for three days every time. After they are gone I crave them for a few days and then don‘t care anymore. It‘s like eating potato chips. I don‘t really like them but when they are around, I eat them all. Why is my brain like this?

Can people who are addicted to drugs they don‘t even enjoy really stop?

Oh and lol, I had a „real“ and heavy addiction to benzos as well but it wasn‘t pointless in the sense of I really like the high and my body needed it to not get seizures, yet I managed to withdraw from an insanely high dosage over a few years.

I can get clean from benzos, not get addicted to alcohol, coke, amphetamines etc. But I can‘t stop smoking weed for my life?????????????????

Fuck me

No. 386072

Can you just travel somewhere it is illegal, like a different state? I was convinced I was addicted to weed until I went somewhere it was illegal and then I just started drinking instead. Was pretty surprised at how easy it was, like how you can't stop eating chips and then decide you just have to stop buying them. Well either way, good luck.

No. 386080

I live in europe where it‘s still illegal but not that much of a big deal anymore and I think it‘s the same in other countries here with a few exceptions. At every bar, park, club, concert etc. are stoners. Are there even any non-muslim countries where smoking weed isn‘t accepted that aren‘t far away in asia or so? I have no desire to live in a non-european country with an exception of some places in the us and canada, japan and maybe south korea for a while because I can‘t stand heat and don‘t want to live in a religious state without first world living standards. singapore sounds boring as hell and I‘m not really interested in hong kong. I wouldn‘t have the means to go there, I‘m just a student and bartending is the only job I ever had.

where did you go and how long did you stay for? are you back, could you avoid smoking? didn’t you become an alcoholic by weed with booze?

No. 386085

Oops sorry for being retarded and assuming you're in the US kek. I went to South Korea for 6 months and yeah it pretty much immediately broke my weed addiction even though everyone there drinks like crazy. I just can't get addicted to alcohol, I'm not sure why but my brain won't let me. When I came back to a place where it was legal, my relationship with weed became a lot more manageable for awhile, but then I fell on some hard times and started leaning on it too much. Moved somewhere rural as fuck where it's illegal and no one smokes (but there's a huge alcohol culture). I've honestly come to believe pretty much everyone is addicted to something, whether it's alcohol, nicotine, weed, fast food, gaming, or the internet. I don't think it's good, but I guess it helps me get a little perspective and realize I'm not uniquely bad with self-discipline, pretty much everyone has some sort of vice. Moderation is key, which is easier said than done, and I do worry about if I ever go back to a place with a heavy weed culture because it's so easy to fall into and feels relatively consequence free. It sounds like you just do substances that you form habits around, so it sounds like you're going to have to break those habits to break your substance. I think it is promising that you don't really like weed, it sounds like if you change up your circumstances you'll be able to kick it for good. I'm the opposite, I genuinely love everything about smoking weed, like the smell and taste and feel, which is why it's so hard for me to kick when it's around.

No. 386111

I bet you were already a koreafag before and knew some of the language etc? Could you find work there or what did you do? How was it in general? If you don‘t mind sharing. I wonder if liking the fashion, cinema, skin care, a fascination by some antics and wanting to marry the squid game actor won‘t be enough to enjoy it there? How was it language-wise?

I‘m a bit luckier because I don‘t feel that ashamed about it, I know enough other fuck ups and seeing alcoholics, annoying cokeheads make me feel like I‘m basically sober and most of all, still in reality. but i agree, lots of people have their vices but i also know enough people that don‘t have any harmful habits at al. Not sure what you mean by weed culture that you like or what kind of people there are? I do like the smell and taste but the cbd either doesn‘t have that specific one or I just think that because I need the thc. And I don‘t hate it entirely either.. that was a little exaggerated, what I still enjoy is to feel a bit more than nothing before I go to bed and can afford feeling lazy, sluggish and chill enough to watch movies and I would still enjoy doing it with a friend, goofing around all day and watch funny bullshit if anyone was here (also moved back to a rather rural area because of the benzo issues and all friends from here moved away). I also like some weaker sativa strains that made me feel euphoric and light but that‘s all in sort of a party mood, concert or social setting where i feel like dancing and letting go for the day. But at home and alone it just turns me into a couch potato with no motivation to get up for anything and when I can feel it messing with my mind, you know that psychotic feeling where you can‘t have a proper conversation and do much at all, then I get really stressed and just want it to end. I would enjoy moderate use like just in these social settings or during bed activities but I don‘t get to do any of it here and smoke from morning to night and hate it every time I accidently feel too high and hate the consequences of pointless smoking (money, vanity, mental issues, poor lungs). If I was able to just smoke one a night I wouldn‘t see an issue but that‘s never the case.

I assume you also tried to swap your current addiction with working out? God, I keep failing to force myself through the uncomfortable part before it suddenly feels nice and makes you high (allegedly). It‘s hard to believe but many addicts somehow made it like that. Is discipline also what keeps you from doing it or other reasons?

No. 387202

I’m addicted to Kratom and adderal. I don’t even take that much but I can’t stop taking one or the other. I kicked my alcohol issue. I was recently pregnant and it was 9 months of total sobriety. Almost every single day was filled with immense dread and panic attacks. I have extreme fear constantly and for no reason. I take the drugs to make those feelings go away. I was sober for the first 20 years of my life but when I found out that I could make those feelings of terror go away with drugs it was over. I used to be addicted to benzos but that’s long over with. I desperately wish I could be normal and not fear that something bad is about to happen or is happening every waking moment. I wish I could feel the full range of human emotion normally and sober. I wish I didn’t have sensory issues that are heightened when I’m afraid. It’s just never going to happen for me because my brain is on backwards I’ve been extremely afraid since I was a child. My resting heart rate is 110-120 sitting down. People might classify what I have as anxiety but I think it’s much more severe than that. Some sort of paranoia that releases extreme cortisol into my body and inflames it to the point of being in physical pain. Last week I heard a loud noise in public and I without a thought ran into the public bathroom and hid. I was afraid for my life for no rational reason. I can’t even drive because everything is too loud for me and the sensation of vibration I have in my body is happening is too much and I can’t focus on the road unless I totally numb my brain with Kratom. Even then it is still difficult and I often pull over, cry, and give up. I have such little control of my senses I feel like I am not allowed the control over my body that most people have in their bodies. The worst part is that I’m very ambitious and I keep failing and failing at basic parts of life. I am not comfortable being a loser at all I am not complacent. This is also why I do the drugs because I am so ashamed of myself. I want to be a capable person but my body won’t let me so I try to fix it with drugs to be somewhat functional…..but we all know how long that actually lasts! I’ve never told anyone about my extreme fear and paranoia so it felt nice to write it out and also admit it to myself.

No. 387310

i quit drinking 2+ years ago, and all other substances unintentionally went along with it.

generally, i've been numb and recently, i'm wondering if i'll ever feel the highs i used to feel in life, or if those feelings were synthetic.

No. 387400

how did you quit alcohol?

No. 387448

Sorry nona, forgot about this and so my reply is late. Yeah I'm part Korean and I studied abroad in Seoul. Work culture is notoriously terrible, but schooling was fine. Seoul specifically is very English-friendly, all the signs have English counterparts and it's not hard to navigate. Korean is hard to pick up if you're not exposed to it much, but they're very forgiving if you just try. My Korean is like a 5 year old's and no one cared. But the prevalence of alcohol is pretty offputting sometimes and is pushed in a way that would put most potheads to shame.

Also, by "weed culture" I just mean everyone around you smokes weed, everyone talks about the strains they like, there are dispensaries everywhere, smoking is sort of communal, etc. Just a ton of temptation and everyone treating it like it's no big deal, so you think maybe it wouldn't hurt to get back into it. Also, on second thought, I totally get what you mean about hating the effects. I feel like it's a really fun drug sometimes, like you said, before bed or on the weekends when you can afford to lounge around. But it feels fucking horrible to realize you wasted all day doing absolutely nothing because you were couchlocked. I also agree sativas are way better, I avoid indicas like the plague unless I need to go to sleep because they just make me so useless and lazy. I can't stand that feeling. It makes me genuinely really depressed and I feel like I'm losing time and wasting my life.

I did try working out as a replacement but it didn't work at all and I am convinced the whole "workout high" thing is a lie. The best I get is feeling less guilty for being too sedentary, which is rewarding. Honestly, I think the biggest thing I've been working on is understanding why I had such an unhealthy relationship with weed, and it just boiled down to living a life I didn't actually want to live. I realized I smoke the most when I'm either super stressed (and want to procrastinate/escape) and when I'm depressed (and want to wallow/spiral). So I'm trying to learn how to deal with those feelings productively because I want to be able to smoke without letting it take over my life in case I move somewhere it's legal.

But I do think quitting cold turkey by force and realizing…nothing that bad happened is really powerful because then you realize how psychological most of weed dependency is. I know it's not like that for everyone, but weed isn't a drug that will kill you if you stop smoking, it really is mind over matter. I think realizing you have that power is important in starting to tame your dependence on it.

No. 387600

I was addicted to alcohol, amphetamines, and cocaine for years. I can't even remember how I used to have fun without them. They became such a significant part of my life and personality that I completely changed my social circle to accommodate my substance abuse. When I finally got sober and began therapy for my personality disorder, I stopped using drugs. However, I found myself substituting my substance abuse with other behaviours like compulsive shopping and adrenaline. The problem I'm facing now is that I don't have a developed personality outside of my impulsive behaviour. I started abusing alcohol at the age of 14, so I never took an interest in hobbies or developed other aspects of my identity. On the bright side, I have a strong support system that helped me get clean. However, I can’t explain to them that I don't enjoy ordinary activities and that I struggle to find fulfilment without engaging in impulsive behaviours. I’m and extrovert but I struggle with a poor work ethic, and I honestly find it difficult to find joy from mundane activities. It's scary to think that the rest of my life might feel like this.

No. 387699

I just finished the bottle of wine I got from work so I won’t drink again until Easter. I need to stop drinking every day, I plan on getting completely sober by August but I’m taking baby steps right now, I can smoke as much weed as I want as long as I only drink twice a week. I can’t be around alcohol like a normal person and it’s hard because my nigel is a musician so I spend a lot of time at bars and clubs seeing him play so I’m around drunk people or in places where it’s it’s convenient, or sometimes even free for me to drink. If I’m truly serious about getting sober I may need to stop going to his shows.

No. 387749

NAYRT but I'm impressed you didn't run into weed while studying abroad there, I def hotboxed at least once while I was doing the same? Or was it that the lack of legal avenues for obtaining it were enough of a deterrent to keep you off of it?

No. 387807

>If I’m truly serious about getting sober I may need to stop going to his shows.
In my experience, if you're a problem drinker and not a full-blown alchie then you can adjust to moderate drinking (i.e. binge drinking on weekends and holidays), but regardless of whether you do that or go sober, you'll probably need to avoid or strictly limit contexts where drinking is commonplace to do it. Being sober and surrounded by drunks sucks anyway.

No. 387837

Wow, really? Maybe it was just where I was studying, but they treated weed like it was literally crack or something kek. I was told the only place you could find it was Gangnam and it'd be ridiculously expensive. And they all kept telling me that you get in big trouble, that I would get kicked out of school, etc. and I thought it wasn't that serious when I could just drink a little bit instead. I'm really surprised you were able to hotbox, but maybe I shouldn't be since my cohort was really "good girl" studious types who were easily scandalized. Well, they at least helped me feel a bit of shame for my weed feening.

No. 387943

Unfortunately I got into vaping. I know it's backwards but I'm successfully using cigarettes to quit lol. Vapes are too accessible, I can hit it nearly as many times a day as I want, nearly anywhere. In my room, in my car, at work. I can't as easily light up a cigarette. I think it's working anyways. I still think about caving and buying a vape but it's not as intense, and the time between my cigarette use is increasing.

No. 387954

So I'm a crystal meth addict, for the better part of 7 years its been a constant for me. but next Wednesday I go to rehab. wish me luck, nonas.

No. 387965

Good luck anon! ♥

No. 389578

> I don't have a developed personality outside of my impulsive behaviour.
>However, I can’t explain to them that I don't enjoy ordinary activities and that I struggle to find fulfilment without engaging in impulsive behaviours.

This is hitting so close to home. My only hobbies rn are getting drunk and doing cocaine. One of my relatives pointed this out to me but nothing works, any other activity bores me.

No. 389586

good luck nonny

No. 398434

File: 1715855725250.jpg (55.84 KB, 960x936, 9tpi48onffga1.jpg)

That's it, I've ended the cope and admitted to myself that I'm addicted to weed. I've been smoking daily for five years, and only coped because when I had to stop for a week or so (going on family visits, holidays etc.) it was pretty easy so I felt like it wasn't a real addiction and I could just stop whenever. In those times when I stopped for a bit, I would always think about how nice it was, and how I should quit, if only for a bit… and then would start again like nothing had happened. I'm putting an end to this and really want to stop, especially since I mostly smoke with tobacco thus memed myself into being addicted to that too. I know I'll never ditch weed completely out of my life, but I want it to become a special occurence, like shrooms and other substances, that I enjoy and indulge in a few times a year but not on the regular.

It's hard because I live with someone that smokes, but my mind is set now and I already feel more free and in control of myself. It was also harder than I thought because I can now feel my emotions 100%, and my depressive state hit me like never before. It was a wake-up call because now that I can really feel how out of it and depressed I have been all this time, I feel even more drive to overcome that state. I'm still smoking one hit or two every night to get myself to sleep, but I'll try to quit totally when I can afford to miss a night of sleep and finally regulate my sleep pattern.

I've written and drawn a cute journal entry to remind myself of why I'm quitting by listing all the negatives, then the positives. Of course the negatives far outweigh the positives, so I drew a tilted scale to symbolize that. I then picture myself in my mind, 10 years from now, still addicted to weed with yellow teeth, droopy eyes, foggy memory and slurred speech. Then, I picture my ideal self 10 years from now, a stacy that has control of her life and is ambitious, motivated and clear-minded. These two things really help me get away from negatives thoughts and focus on the future and the positives I already feel after quitting for a bit.

Is anyone else trying to quit weed or slow down?

No. 398482

I’m riding a sober wave in an attempt to quit edibles. Even the benign withdrawal symptoms can be awful if you’re stressed. I typically get really vivid dreams when I don’t take an edibles before I sleep and holy shit, they turn into the most realistic nightmares. I’ve woken up in a dead panic and been inconsolable for hours because of a dream where everyone I loved died and I couldn’t get them on the phone to check. It was awful. Even if you know it’s just a dream your body is still responding and dumping hormones and adrenaline.
Now that things in my life are calmer my vivid withdrawal dreams aren’t as inclined to turn into psychological torture so I’m taking the chance to quit. The edibles are getting too expensive anyway and I can’t justify the cost any more, not to mention the memory dysfunction that comes with regular use. Like you I feel a lot better when I’m not using, weed really should just be a nice little treat during good times or with chill friends.

No. 398725

Ugh. Yes. I've been a daily smoker for around four years now. The nail in the coffin was moving into an unofficially stoner-friendly apartment with zero oversight. I was and still am dealing with a lot of unprocessed bullshit so I used weed to numb it all and now I'm realizing I should've just dealt with it when I had the chance because now I have to deal with it and quit weed.
I've switched to CBD and it's killed most of the withdrawals but not the psychological cravings. I feel the same as >>386068 , my mind just knows it's not the same so it feels unsatisfying and not quite right. I've decided I'm allowed to smoke on saturdays and it's taking every single drop of willpower I have to make it happen. I've taken breaks before, tried to cut back, it never sticks. I have no idea if it'll stick this time, which probably means I'm already subconsciously planning on slipping up. It's just so fucking miserable.
I think probably the worst part is the emotions and the nightmares. I'm sitting up late right now because I can't calm down enough to go to sleep and I end up crying about something every time I'm alone with my thoughts. I have to remember though that weed lowers my overall tolerance to stress even if it helps me in the moment. I can't just run straight to getting high every time I think of a bad memory, that's not how a mature adult lives.

No. 398772

The nightmares and vivid dreams are really a pain, but they also drive me to quit. I feel like its our subconscious that has been put to sleep for too long and just lashes out now that it can finally express itself, so it floods your brain with everything that was locked up until then. I miss having (normal) dreams and remembering them, being in tune with my subconscious and interpreting the messages and symbols in them. I'm rooting for you nona, let's quit and save our money and time for better purposes!
I tried CBD before and I don't like it all, it isn't as satisfying as a real joint and it also gets me really nauseous for some reason. It's not because you failed before that you can't do it now. In my case, I feel like I've reached a breaking point and my mind is too set to go back on my decision. Maybe you could write the last sentences of your post somewhere, add the other reasons why you would like to quit, and just read them anytime you feel the urge to smoke. Holding yourself accountable is the hardest part but it's really the key in my opinion to bypass the impulsion. If you really know why you want to quit it's easier to get there. I also told the person that I'm living with that I'm quitting, so that if I want to relapse they will confront me. I know you'll get there in time nona, I'll think of both of you when I want to stay motivated.

No. 398839

Thank you nona, I'll think of you too.

No. 399482

If you are struggling with alcoholism and substance abuse, perhaps this can be useful
Minute 28:32 for discussions about a path to sobriety and why someone can become an addict

No. 399639

Try replacing these substances (or the habit of using these substances) with going to the gym
Results guaranteed
The fact that alcohol is a devastating drug in the long term, and it is available in the form of Jack Daniels and Jim Beam pretty much in every grocery store and bar around the corner, is an appalling thing
Even tobacco cigarettes are "better" than alcohol in terms of long term harmful effects

No. 400012

I feel so pathetic for the fact that I quit heroin yet for the life of me I cannot stop smoking. All the friends I had from my junkie days have either died or relapsed, all bar one. I'm so incredibly lucky to be alive and well and have so many years sober under my belt. Everyone tells me how "strong" I am, and it's all bullshit. I genuinely don't think I can function as a person without some sort of fix. When I quit drugs, I hit the booze heavier, when I quit the booze I started smoking more and drinking more caffeine. It's always something, and while I do genuinely enjoy smoking, I can't help but wonder if it's a mental health thing. I've always romanticised my self-destruction, even now it's still tempting to go grab a bottle of whiskey and score some H and start chipping. My life is going great! I should never be thinking of these things! But that temptation is always there, the fucking devil on my shoulder. Nearly every time I smoke I think "damn, whiskey would go real nice with this" and then "opioids would go with this even better!". Sorry, this rant has no real point, I just needed to get it off my chest. Sick of being lauded as "strong", I get that it's a compliment but, geez, if only they knew how weak I truly was.

No. 400037

File: 1716422292048.webp (54.37 KB, 960x681, dearana.webp)

I'm trying quit weed after 5ish years of daily smoking too. What sucks is I live with my parents who smoke multiple joints per day plus grow the stuff, so it's ALWAYS around me. I haven't been able to go more than 48 hours without smoking, and when I do I often replace the weed with alcohol, benadryl, or vyvanse. I got hooked on getting high every day to distract myself from sexual trauma and eating disorder thoughts. I've been trying to let myself feel my emotions and cry instead of reaching for the drugs but the last time I did that (last week) my boomer mother cornered me and hit me over the head a few times to "snap me out of it" so not suppressing emotions puts me at risk.
It's so tempting to be able to ingest something and immediately change my mood. My teeth and gums are getting fucked up from the hot smoke. I want to reduce the damage while I'm still young and can bounce back. But if I don't smoke weed the rexxie thoughts come back full force and I become so emotionally unstable. I feel like if I lived alone I could achieve sobriety much easier, but I live in fucking Canada and our country is bringing in a fuckton of international students to use them as cheap labour + is building no affordable housing + I have no savings. I told myself that at 23 I'd have my shit together but I don't and it feels like I've wasted so much time…

No. 400951

Everyone talking about that disgusting moid Rekieta and his cocaine arrest is reminding me of my own negative feelings about my past cocaine addiction and how deeply ashamed of it I still am. I thought I was over it and finally starting to move on since I have been clean for over a year, but just looking at the spiral that him and his wife and sidepiece took really makes me wonder if I was heading in that direction or if i was also a disgusting embarrassment to everyone around me. I was only addicted for about 4 months but it really happened so fast. What an insidious drug cocaine is.

No. 403021

sorry nonnas, this is probably gonna be a bit of a long rant. this thread is kinda dead anyway but i need to get it off my chest

i finally admitted to myself that i'm addicted to cocaine and realised just how fucking common it is in my country if you're young and live in a big city. pretty much all of my friends (not even just close friends - colleagues, acquaintances, my bf's social circle) have at least tried 'hard' drugs, if not use them semi-regularly/recreationally, and it makes it so difficult to try and have a social life that doesn't involve a drug of some description. it's not even a case of poor judgement in making friends or intentionally choosing to keep that company; i went on a night out with my coworkers for the first time and every single one was on class A's, my managers included, and as much as i enjoy party drugs (unfortunately) i hate how normalised they are here.

i dabbled in coke at parties or on nights out because i liked that it masked my social anxiety, gave me confidence in myself and kept the feeling that everyone secretly dislikes my company at bay, and let me be unapologetically myself with people instead of thinking i was too weird or that the 'tism showed too much. then i started picking up myself and realised that i don't get wired on coke, i just get really productive and motivated and i'm able to focus, prioritise, and organise my thoughts, which is a very very welcome feeling when chronic depression keeps me from doing shit that needs to be done. realised that this is actually a very common experience for those with undiagnosed ADHD, because essentially you're just self-medicating with a different kind of stimulant that has the same effect as adderall. went to my GP after doing more research (but tactically left out the coke habit part in case they assumed i was just fishing for stimulants), they said that they were also fairly certain that i have ADHD based on my symptoms and assessment, but a formal diagnosis will take years to get because the waiting lists are so long now.

which means that now i'm stuck as a high-functioning cocaine addict at 23. i have a fast-paced management role, i maintain a good standard of living in the city centre, i have a very large friend circle now and an active social life - but if i didn't use coke, i likely wouldn't be able to keep up with all of this and risk being so fucking depressed that i lose everything and get sectioned. i feel like i'm stuck between a rock and a hard place until i can get prescribed ADHD medication. i'm even considering buying black market meds because i figured anything is better than burning a hole in my nose and fucking up my heart. i know that stopping buying coke would likely save me the money that i'd need for a private diagnosis so i can skip the waiting lists, but also i'd crash too hard to make it a viable option; i can't lose my job and most other aspects of my life are so chaotic and turbulent that i can't manage them without the clear head that coke gives me.

i'm bored of doing it. i don't necessarily enjoy the act itself but it's habitual now. if anything, i just want to keep it to recreational usage instead of functional, but ideally i'd stop altogether. and after struggling with an ED for all of my teens and twenties, it's 'nice' to not focus on that 100% of the time, but i know i'm always just replacing one addiction with another. if i do coke, i'm not eating, but i'm not binging/purging either, but i also can't sleep so i smoke more weed or abuse sleeping tablets (DPH), and then i'm so used to coke that for nights out i'll buy MDMA instead, and when the comedown from that inevitably happens i'll feed into the depressive spiral by intentionally k-holing to numb it out. it's just one big vicious circle and it ends with either getting clean from everything or probably dying . even seeing my friend become a homeless drug addict, another friend have a heart attack from daily coke use, and being hospitalised for extra cardiac-based complications of an antidepressant/sleeping tablet overdose (suicide attempt) that wouldn't have happened had i not been anorexic and abusing coke have not been enough of a wake-up call, so i really don't know what will be at this point. hopefully i'll get an actual ADHD diagnosis soon but i'm not banking on it solving all my problems because i clearly just have an addictive personality and substance abuse issues. pray for me nonnies

No. 403278

Never tried drugs, but I also live somewhere with a major coke problem. Pretty much everyone under the age of like 40 seems to be on it. Not just the stereotypical coke users like young hard partying women with rich parents or lawyers trying to unwind from stress or whoever, but seemingly conventional, nice, normal middle class people are commonly on it. There are lots of people living otherwise normal lives, who after finishing their normal jobs on a Friday evening go to the bar after work, keep passing by you every five minutes because they're going into the bathroom to do more bumps, and then go home to their normal homes where their normal spouses and kids are. They're functional, sure, but the question is how long can they stay functional with regular drug use?
You're so right about how it limits socialising if you're not interested in taking coke. I'm basically a recluse at this point because I avoid parties and peer pressure and just hang out with my one friend whose also clean-living. I've drifted apart from people I used to be close to because I'm good at saying no. It's just really crazy how if you're in the younger generation and don't want to do a substance that could ruin your life, you're the weird one.
I really feel for you nona, I hope you get the help you need. Is it possible for you to ask your parents for a loan for the private diagnosis?
I don't have the solution to drug dependency of course, but I would suggest reading Mackenzie Phillips' biography High on Arrival for motivation. She's the daughter of Papa John Phillips of the Mamas and the Papas (famous hippy group) and her father gave her drugs from a young age. Started off with weed and acid and was on coke by the time she was in her teens. She was a functional coke user for quite a while when she was starring on a sitcom until she got arrested, and then her addiction spiralled out of control. But she got clean after hitting rock bottom on multiple occasions and has been sober for over a decade now. I think if someone like her, who was literally raised to be an addict can get clean and stay clean, then anyone can.

No. 403344

File: 1717488629584.png (124.05 KB, 1358x354, HJDFRSTXEH MJKNL¨%IORDE.png)

An update after I've managed to stop smoking any weed for about two weeks now. I feel so much better overall and my self-esteem has significantly gone up since. Not gonna lie, the mood swings are way worse than I would've anticipated. I can handle being overly emotional, but having such a short-temper when you're in a relationship is hard to deal with. I haven't been this snappy and angry since the worst phase of my teens, but I feel so grateful to finally feel my emotions, really feel them and be in touch with myself. This emotional rollercoaster phase is supposed to last for the first 2-4 weeks, so I'm excited to be past that point. Besides that, I'm starting to slowly build an appetite back. I didn't have much trouble with sleeping since I didn't quit cold turkey.

This is it for the negative side effects and the positives already outweigh them easily. I didn't have much relapsing thoughts, I knew my mind was set to it when I decided to stop. When I did, it was easy to blow them away since I've written down all the reasons I had to stop and all the positives I'm feeling. Reading what I wrote and keeping that in mind was the most motivating thing, and I'm excited to write a new journal entry at the 1 month mark to keep myself motivated. Telling people I stopped also helped me staying accountable. Now the hardest thing is realizing that even though it had taken such a big place in my life, it is not my only issue and weed wasn't the cause of all my problems. I might have had that mindset beforehand and thought this would be a miracle cure-all, but it obviously isn't. But it's way easier to face my problems now that I'm not held back.

Sending lots of positive thoughts and strength to nonas struggling. A lot of you itt are past the denial stage, already know why you're abusing drugs and what sets you back from stopping, so you have all the cards in your hands to make that change.

No. 403537

thank you for this nonnie. 'casual' coke use is commonplace where i'm from too (might as well just say it: the UK) and what you've said about conventional middle-class people using on weekends with a spouse and kids at home is par for the course here too. it's probably less common in small towns, and i know that being a graduate in a city where nearly half of the population are under 40 means i have far more exposure to it. but in saying that, when i lived with my parents in a smaller town about an hour from a major city, i was still working with people my age who'd talk about their habitual weekend drug use, even when the local bars/clubs/pubs would only be open until around midnight.

slight tangent, but it's also standard to start going to festivals and parties at around 14/15/16 here - so naturally, when teens are away from parents for a weekend in a big field, sharing a tent with 10 mates and as much booze as their car can carry, they're going to be heavy and irresponsible with their drug use, and this is just accepted as a regular teenage experience. i'd probably be a hypocrite if i complained about the normalisation of it (as someone who partakes, largely enabled by the ease of being able to access drugs), but being able to source drugs at 16 for leeds fest should absolutely not be standard.

my parents wouldn't be able to lend me that amount of money unfortunately, and even though i have a great relationship with them and am open about my mental health, i'm not sure they'd consider a private diagnosis 'worth it' unless i told them about the coke addiction and it being the reason i need the medication. i'm fairly sure they know i've tried hard drugs on nights out and are kinda on a 'don't ask, don't tell' basis with me. they're cool with weed but confessing to being a cokehead is going to cause far bigger issues than i can handle honestly.

thank you for the recommendation, i love reading about success stories/watching intervention because it kinda humbles me when i start thinking things can't get any worse kek it might sound bad but it's genuinely really good for putting things in perspective and motivating yourself to make those changes.

two weeks is good going, congrats! your last sentence really resonated with me, it's frustrating being self-aware but feeling unable to change anything. at some point you admit that all the excuses you make as to why you keep using don't make a difference, because ultimately you are the only one who can change your thought/behaviour patterns. still makes you feel hopeless or weak to think that you're not capable of changing things though

sorry for the essays nonnies but it feels good to get this off my chest. i could talk for hours about drugs and addiction but it's not really a topic you want to get into irl kek

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