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No. 66545

I couldn't find a recent thread similar enough on here so I wanted to start one myself.

Do any of you struggle with addiction to drugs/alcohol etc? Do you have advice for those who do?

Personally I don't think i have an 'addiction' but a habit which could turn into one. I struggle to go to sleep at night by myself without a few bottles of wine or weed. For the last couple of months I've been going out drinking/smoking every other day. I also picked up smoking because of the people around me even though I don't necessarily like it. I'm still a teenager and I have alcoholics and ex drug addicts in my family so this worries me. I've tried other drugs like Coke and Molly very briefly so I know it isn't very extreme case. Advice/thoughts are appreciated

No. 66603

A few bottles? Jesus, anon.Try some kudzu to tamp down on the alcohol cravings if you can, ive heard good things about it. Ive never touched that stuff but i have many addicts/alcoholics in my family, parents included. The addiction can and will sneak up on you. 3 lethal overdoses in my family here, can confirm it ruins lives. My cousin was only 23 when she died.
My only advice for you is to get out and get help while you can.

No. 66607

Jfc anon. Go see a counsellor, you don't need to chat about addictions when you're knowingly and deliberately dicking around with addictive substances. You're gonna end up like Luna Slater if you treat that shit like a joke.

No. 66622

I started drinking right when I turned 21 despite growing up hating the smell/taste of it and now I'm 24 and can't go to work if I'm sober. Me and my significant other work at the same company but he has no idea that I've been drinking in the morning before work for about three months now. He does know I have a few drinks when we get home after work, usually while cooking or cleaning, one with dinner, and then a little before bed to help me sleep. He also knows I drink on the weekends but I have never let him see how much; I will wake up eaelt in the morning, like 5 or 6am to start drinking then when he wakes up I'll wait a few hours so it looks like I only had drinks in the afternoon/evening. I've also brought in alcohol with me to work but since I work so closely with other people I started to worry I wouldn't be able to hide the smell. I can't do anything that involves being around people while sober, even grocery shopping or going on a date with my boyfriend requires me to drink to feel even remotely at ease. I've never had so much I've been sick or anything so it just never seems that bad but I know it's getting to that level because I had to go a whole weekend without drinking recently and I was so anxious and miserable I genuinely thought I was going to die.

No. 66632

It's fucking tragic how alcoholism is treated like a humorous, relatable thing in the US. I see birthday cards for 21 year olds that are all "HURR DURR GO GET A DRINK XDD", have customers who come in every single day and buy 2-4 cans of beer or other customers who buy several bottles of wine and packs of beer, and people make games out of it everywhere thinking it's cool and funny. I noticed a post from r/drunk trending on the front page the other day and internally raged, the whole sub is "teehee look I drink and am stupid!!!" bullshit. It's disgusting how this poisonous substance is encouraged by people so frequently like it's nbd.

I have an uncle who's an alcoholic, he's a disgusting swine who smells of alcohol, constantly shakes, and talks like he's mentally challenged. He's also abusive towards his parents and breaks everything they have when they're extremely poor. One time he brought a dog home and then threw it against the wall by the neck. My dad was also a piece of shit alcoholic as well, drove drunk with me in the car at night from family parties when I was a child, and his side of the family would encourage him to get drunk then let him drive with me like that. He would do jack shit all day except drink and not look for a job.

Sorry for the rant anons, but I hate alcohol so much. Please don't ever drink for your own sakes, it's not worth the money or time.

No. 66644

Wow anon, you sound like a lot of fun

For one thing lolcow is supposed to be a 18+ board so everyone here has already tried alcohol. Drinking is fun, and it's not so bad going hard every once in a while. Also I've started finally appreciating the taste of beer now. I understand drinking is addictive and is bad for you, but it's not like banning it will change anything. You sound like you need a drink.

No. 66645

Are you off of school/work at the moment? If so, now would be a good time to detox. It'll take time to be able to sleep normally. You'll have some sleepless nights, but eventually, your body will balance out again. If it doesn't, see a doctor in case there's something else wrong.

No. 66646

I agree with you about alcoholism being treated like a joke in the US but you lost me at the end where you urged people not to drink, ever. there is a big difference between alcohol use and alcohol abuse. not everyone is an alcoholic.

No. 66649

I'm a heroin addict in recovery. I've been on methadone for 2 years. I am tapering off now but it's honestly one of the best choices I've ever made in my life. it's not for everybody and I would definitely suggest attempting to get clean w/o medical assistance first, but if you "fail" multiple times like I did, and you've been an intravenous heroin user for multiple years, it's a good option that is often overlooked or looked down on by NA assholes who say you're "not trult clean" if you're on it.

I still do get cravings to use heroin but I've kinda resigned myself to the fact that I likely always will. it's like an ex you had an abusive relationship with - you tend to romanticize the relationship when you miss him or her, only remembering the good times. but then you remember how it completely ruined your life and are thankful that it's over.

No. 66651

not truly* clean

No. 66653

I'm an alcoholic and I have been for about 3 years. I haven't been without a drink within 24 hours for probably longer? I used to be a lot worse, and drink over half a fifth a night. But now I drink between 4-6 drinks most nights. More on weekends.

I honestly fucking hate it. The withdrawal is horrible and I'm more anxious to stop because I don't want to have a seizure or something. I'm shaky every single day, I don't sleep well. I wish I never started drinking as much as I do, but I'm so dependent on it. It fills the void. I'm bored without it. The less I drink, the more I smoke weed. And I'm crazy when I'm a stoner. Idk what to do. I work ~120 hrs a pay period so when I'm not working I'm drinking.

Also I can't eat much because alcohol is hella calories and I'm trying to lose weight and it's difficult but I can't stop drinking!

No. 66655

>Do you have advice for those who do?
Yes. Travel. Sports.

No. 66658

I should have been more clear about that, but if you're posting on a thread about addictions and struggle with one, then no, you shouldn't be ingesting an addictive substance at all.

And first anon, the whole "you're no fun unless you're drinking" idea makes you sound like you're fairly young yourself, along with the wild assumptions. Not everyone over 18 has had a drink, smoked a cig, etc., and not doing those things does not make a person childish or uptight.

Not sure why alcohol-obsessed people get so triggered when others don't drink, and try to pressure them into their habits

No. 66661

You do sound like a fun person :^)

No. 66663


No. 66665

Right let me break off this confrontational negativity by elaborating on those positive, constructive things.

Travel -
addiction is huge part habit. Being trapped in a bad pattern. Getting out of that setting, being faced with new things and circumstances, helps a lot.

Addiction has also a lot to do with chasing stimuli. Travel will provide you with a lot of new exciting stimuli.

Sports -
It will give you a high. A good, beneficial high, for a change. A natural high that your own body produces instead of an artificial one.

It will enable you to become physically and mentally stronger, it will build your discipline, all key in kicking an addiction, as you will learn to master your body and mind.

No. 66666

but i'm poor and have anxiety, isn't there another way?

No. 66667

>I'm poor and have anxiety which obviously makes me unable to move my body
Another way is to kill yourself. Guaranteed to never get cravings again.

No. 66668

whatever, who am I supposed to play sports with? myself? that sounds embarassing.

No. 66670

File: 1502973567222.jpg (140.58 KB, 600x450, shitfaced peasant.jpg)

Go for a run or ride a bike while listening to some good music.
Go to the gym if you have the resources for that. Nobody ever said sports are something you have to do with other people.
If you find that moving your body on your own is boring, join a club. That will also allow you to get in contact with other people and distract yourself for a bit, and help you work on your anxiety.
Anxiety sucks, but it's not supposed to be an excuse to never change your toxic lifestyle. It's another obstacle to overcome, which is why you should work on exactly that, overcoming it.

Since this isn't the fitness thread, I too have had some mild problems with substance abuse in the past. It was mostly weed and at times alcohol, and I still smoke every now and then, but not as much. I find that my habits were born out of boredom.
It's easy to get high before doing stuff and then coming to the conclusion it's more fun that way, but thinking like this makes it easy for things to go out of control. I started getting rid of my dependencies by setting strict goals for myself, like one would when trying to lose weight and eat less. I told myself to try and not smoke for three days to begin with. I only truly realised I had a problem when I found myself disregarding my plans and smoking that same evening. I kept thinking of logical-sounding bullshit excuses for myself to keep up the habit, and that was a wake-up call.

No. 66675

I struggle with alcohol everyday. What started as socially drinking turned into a major dependency. I can't focus on anything unless I have a few drinks in me, my hands are shaky i sweat all over unless I drink something. I don't even want to mention sleeping. Everything else is just boring, can't enjoy things without having a drink.
I'm working on it okay……..cutting off slowly.

No. 66679

What sports are funnest, anon?

No. 66685

OK i agree that exercise/sports can be great for battling addiction but I work out a lot and endorphins don't give me anything i would consider a high, especially not a comparable one to drugs/alcohol. It lasts like 5-10 minutes and it's not even euphoric, just a little bit of a good energetic silly mood. Are my dopamine receptors fucked or what

No. 66686

bodybuilding/strength training/yoga/running/jogging/hiking. doesn't have to be team sports

No. 66687

No, you're normal, endorphins from exercise aren't THAT intense. People are OTT about how good they feel after working out, it's basically a meme at this point.

I feel mediocre after working out for the sake of working out. I feel great after doing sports, but that's all psychological and related to my enjoyment and performance.

No. 66690

OK thank you. I think exercise can help emotional wellbeing in many ways but I don't think it does any good to act like they give the same effects as good drugs.

No. 66701

The point of doing sports or working out to help shake addiction doesn't have anything to do with an endorphin high or anything to me. I might feel a bit more upbeat or energetic than I usually would have when I just went on a run, but that's it. It's more about teaching yourself to maintain discipline and focus in different aspects in life in order to help the specific addiction aspect. Also to distract yourself.

No. 66851

My own experience: I am alcoholic, it's not an everyday thing, but it's not normal, every 2-3 days I drink half a bottle of vodka (and I drink every friday, saturday and sunday) so I can be happy, my boyfriend just dumped me, I don't have any friends and I have eating disorders, clinical depression, anxiety, I'm suicidal and other stuff, I can't sleep unless I'm drunk, I'ts just terrible, I'm here because I don't have anyone, I was on treatment(shrink and pills) but I don't have the money to keep going. I'm also a gym rat because of my body dysmorphia, I go to the gym 2:30 hours a day, I don't know what to do anymore. I need advice, please. I don't do drugs, not even mj, it scares me. Alcohol fills those voids, it's sad.

No. 66852

I know this is a shit thing to say and I wouldn't wish this on anyone, but I'm just so glad to see so many anons with drinking problems here.

I felt like such a retarded piece of shit for having a problem with alcohol. I kept thinking, everyone drinks normally and don't get addicted, why is it only me? How are my friends able to hang out for hours without a drink? Why is it only me?
And it's such a shameful addiction. Not that addiction, in general, isn't shameful, but an addiction to alcohol felt so dirty and disgusting. Alcoholism is for poor middle-aged men, not kawaii young girls. I even tried other drugs for a while, even harder ones, because then it'd feel like a had a legitimate reason to be addicted ("it's a strong/addictive substance!") instead of just being a weak-minded fuck-up. And turns out I still liked alcohol better.

I'm doing better now, sort of. As depressing as that is, I only started getting my shit together after hitting a rock bottom of sorts - friends and family started noticing (and thinking less of me for it), the consequences of whatever dumb shit I did while drunk started piling up, I started drinking in order to stop caring about the consequences of my drinking. I failed classes because I was passed out from sunday drinking on the monday morning and missed an important test.

Until shit piled up so high I couldn't stop caring even if I drank. I just accepted I'd need to stop and deal with it, now. That I had to deal with it as soon as possible, that each and every minute I spent drunk would only mean more shit to fix once I finally sobered up. So I started tapering, and kind of stopped.

I relapse sometimes, especially when I'm with friends who don't judge. With people who do judge, I manage to only have a few beers and stop. Not drinking daily really shows you what a toll it takes on your body, because you're finally sober enough for long enough to notice your skin is shit, your stomach and liver feel like crap, you're shaking, you can't sleep, you're in a much worse mood than you'd be if you hadn't drunk… it can get boring if substances are your #1 source of entertainment, or if you need them to enjoy other things, but you have to deal with it.

A good thing to keep in mind is that it fucks with your chemical balance but that goes away after a while. You absolutely will feel like crap for a while. But it does go away, it does get better. And if you're drinking to cope with mental illness or anxiety, try remember this too: the alcohol is making it a lot worse.

No. 66855

I hate being addicted, because I didn't start this way. The anxiety and depression did, and over the years + shitty situations, here I am. I hate my life and myself so much the only tolerable way to get through it for any length of time is drunk. I wasted $50,000+ on a degree/career to nothing, to end up in a factory with a fiancee who I love but I'm pretty sure is a huge chunk of why I drink. I'm always wrong, stupid, a pain in the ass to everyone - which would be melodramatic if they didn't actually tell me that.

Being addicted is awful. Knowing that your life is shit and you'd be addicted to anything because you can't cope with your life anymore? The worst.

No. 66857

NAYRT but alcoholism is no joke to deal with when another family member has that issue. My father has been an alcoholic for the majority of my life and it's an absolute nightmare to live with him or to even go to family events. He's driven many people away with his addiction and my mother was always too scared to do anything about it either, she tiptoes around the topic or hides away whenever he has an outburst.
One of his cousins died from alcohol poisoning a few years ago, she'd binge drink so much that her kids and husband found bottles of liquor hidden all over the inside of their house. He does absolutely nothing to help himself so to be honest I feel like I need to mentally prepare myself for the ordeal that's going to be him having cirrhosis in a couple years. I started reading recovery books for 'adult children of alcoholics' and as it implies alcoholism also fucks up the personalities of the kids or spouses who get wrapped up in the problem. Unless I go to therapy I'll never be normal or be able to enjoy a drink with friends.

And since addictive personality traits run through our family I'm without a doubt addicted to the internet. I spend hours every day on my phone browsing, doing absolutely nothing but reading or checking my email. I don't even have Facebook or instagram but I can't stop going online and stay up browsing until my head hurts. I need to start turning my phone off every day or switch back to a dumbphone.

No. 66858

You can be addicted to anything. Most of us are. Do you have a hobby or nervous tick to smooth over seconds or minutes or hours where you'd be left alone in your own head? Congrats, you're an addict. Being unable or uncomfortable with your own thoughts and doing something else to distract you from it is essentially addiction.

No. 66867

Hey, I've had a similar situation. Father was an alcoholic. Him and my mom never let me go anywhere, so I spent all of my time on my computer which led to my addiction to internet. I spend 8 hours a day at the computer at work, only to come home and spend another 4-5 hours on the web.

I don't have instagram and similar shit either and I have a dumbphone so I don't go online when I'm not indoors. Having a dumbphone is absolutely awesome, no fomo at all, highly recommend.

No. 66868

Fuck off with your bullshit. No, a distraction is nowhere near substance addiction. Don't talk about something you obviously don't have any knowledge about, you're sounding really stupid.

No. 66870

lol do you know what withdrawals are sweet hobby addiction chan

No. 66871

I guess I'm 'addicted' to Xanax.
I only take a quarter of the lowest dose, prescribed to me because I've had crippling anxiety since I was 12 (so 12 years now, though it has got way more manageable as I got older), but I simply need it to function. I don't go through withdrawals or anything and I only take it as needed, but I end up needing it every time I go to some social gathering, travel or just need to calm down late at night when everything feels like the world's going to end.

No. 66887

I'm addicted to alcohol and I don't get withdrawal symptoms, because of how much and when I consume it. I don't get the shakes or sweats or anything when I can't have it, I just get massively irritable. So, withdrawal symptoms =/= addictions.

Addiction is just the fact or condition of being addicted to a particular substance, thing, or activity that 1) You sometimes use more than you would like to use. 2) You continue to use despite negative consequences. That's literally it. It can be anything. I have a friend who is addicted to exercise, and I can say that because of how negatively her life and mental state have been affected. TBH it sounds like you're running from the looser definition of addiction to avoid coming to terms with your own addictions in life, thinking you're 'better' than most because you don't stoop to drugs or alcohol. It makes it safer in your mind, it's just a distraction! It isn't. You're running away from yourself just like the alcoholic is.

It sounds like you need it for anxiety. The only things that can help with that is therapy to get to the root of your anxiety and seeing if there are other coping skills besides xanax. I'm doing that ATM with my anti-depressants because they fuck me up for good and bad.

No. 66896

I understand that even substance addictions aren't always physical but your original comment conflated all kinds and levels of addictions and came off a little flippant

No. 66900

I can relate, I never drank until I could buy it when I was 21. What kind of job do you have? At my worst, I was also drinking before work (retail. thought it would help me because i'm a social retard), and literally every single one of my coworkers made it obvious to me that they knew, and did everything they could to belittle me to my face. Somehow I didn't get fired. Still live with the shame though.

No. 66908

I used to have a severe weed dependancy which along with untreated PTSD led to psychosis.

I finally kicked a cocaine, speed, benzodiapene and painkiller pill addiction this year. I was in debt because of my addiction and did horrible things just to score.

I'm proud of myself. I have self control now. I don't even take paracetemol and even refused painkillers when I was hospitalised for extreme cramping and huge blood clots. I also have a diazepam prescription sitting in my room I have no intention of getting. If you have an addiction, I am proof you can come back from it. I fucking had sex with my dealer a couple of times to score, that's how bad it was.

I finished my first year of uni with top marks a couple of months after sorting myself out. It can be done, doesn't matter how far gone you are.

No. 66914

TRYING DESPERATELY to quit smoking cigarettes. Any tips from anyone who's quit successfully?

My problem is my husbando also smokes so if he doesn't stop i'm gonna have trouble stopping too.

No. 66971

I am/was addicted to benzos/ambien. I have severe anxiety so psychiatrists hand me that shit out on the regular.
Everytime I start taking it again, my life becomes a train wreck. I take way too much, start doing weird shit while high, have a shit memory, become way more depressed and suicidal.
I know the effect it has on me. I know every single one of my suicide attempts was while taking this stuff and yet every couple of years or so, I fall back in.
I've stopped taking them for a month but I'm so afraid of the next time it's going to happen. I already want to be on ambien again for that comfy bedtime instead of the usual 3 hours nightmare of trying to make myself sleep despite all the things going through my head.

No. 67087

Try one of those small disposable cigarettes or vaporizers. They're still not very good for you but they're less toxic and still have nicotine in them for you to get your kick. That's what was effective for me and don't listen to the retarded kids who don't even smoke that think vaping is a meme. It's been effective for a lot of people who are trying to get away from cigarettes but struggle with addiction.

Pretty much it's about cutting down until you don't need to rely on it anymore. I think vapes and disposables are a better method than nicotine chewing gum.

No. 67089

File: 1503705714248.jpg (23.54 KB, 350x350, airbornecokecan2.jpg)

This isn't as severe as some of you guys' problems here, but I have a pretty extreme addiction to soda. Coca Cola, specifically. I have cravings for it almost constantly. It almost hurts physically to restrict myself. I know it's probably ruining my health, but I HAVE gone from 5 cans a day to usually just 1 or 2. Does anyone have advice for cutting it out completely?

No. 67090

well part of it is probably a caffeine addiction, so switch to coffee with sugar, then phase out the sugar, then phase out or cut down on the coffee?

No. 67096


Don't do this, I'd go with tea instead. Coffee contains a lot more caffeine than soda drinks do (sometimes more than double). So changing it in with coffee will just be a bad time all around.

Cutting it slowly is honestly the best way, and then after that you just need to NOT buy it, maybe have it as a treat on a saturday but never keep it in your house.

If you never want to drink it again, you could get one of those apps to track how long you have been without drinking it, and then calculate how much money you would spend on soda each week, and then buy yourself something nice with that money after not having drank soda for x amount of time.

No. 67097

shit my bad. you're right. i was just thinking because coffee doesn't have carbs/sugars other than what you add but i didn't realize it's not comparable caffeine wise. your advice looks legit

No. 67099

i have terrible coke addiction i almost kicked twice now but i always bounce. recently i started drinking it with enormous amounts of ice, undiluted soda already started to taste a little gross, so maybe i will be able to wean myself off it again that way.
funny though when i eat sweet grapes i'm out after a cup or so because they taste too sweet to me, but 400kcal worth of coke is totally okay to my palate. thank you carbonated jew.

No. 67102

Same anon, that was my worst addiction to cola as well. Sparkling water brands like LaCroix help, I need something carbonated to drink and it helps when it comes to kicking soda.

No. 67108

I read this without looking at the post you quoted and thought you were talking about cocaine. I thought holy shit who drinks cocaine like that?

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