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No. 66711

Does anyone else here have the urge to be a traditional woman? I am not really enjoying the rat race. Am I being weird?

No. 66712

You can be whatever you want to be.

No. 66715

theres already threads on this and i hope you know the origins of certain religions before you decide whats traditional for you. good luck

No. 66721

but why not just be a NEET or stay at home mom and do whatever you want. you don't need to strangle your interests and personality to be more feminine just because you don't want a job lol

No. 66734

It's my worst nightmare but do you I guess.

No. 66754

I don't have that urge, but would rather not work a 9-17 if i had a choice lol.

But I wouldn't trade my financial indiependence (=freedom) for a life without job stress.

No. 66799

Depends on what you mean by "traditional." I'm nurturing, like to pamper my partner, don't mind housework and am by no means financially well off, but I'm not about letting him treat me like a doormat while he does whatever and treats me however the fuck he wants just because he happens to be bringing in more money than me. I also want to be able to work at least part-time when I have kids. Not really big into the idea of being a stay at home mommy until they're 18.

If you have a partner who respects you as a person, is okay with that sort of deal and the housewife-y lifestyle appeals to you, go for it. Just don't end up a passionless doormat to some "dominant" fuckface piece of shit who treats you like an object and isn't meeting any of your needs other than financial.

No. 66800

I would ask yourself why you immediately associate not enjoying the rate race with being "a traditional woman."
If you also want all the other shit that comes with that then go for it but if you just want an excuse to not work and see being a traditional woman as your only avenue to freedom then you're in for a rude awakening and exploitation

No. 66801

>If you have a partner who respects you as a person, is okay with that sort of deal and the housewife-y lifestyle appeals to you, go for it.

Think about it, what if you break up? What if he has an accident/falls ill/dies? You will be left with no or next to no experience in the job world in will likely have to settle for lesser paying job.

No. 66817

this. not having to do a 9-5 grind, being a nurturing mommy/wife, making nice homemade stuff, pretty outfits/aesthetic…cute!

having no financial padding if marriage goes south so you have to move back with your parents/gold dig/stay in a fucked marriage, being expected to love everything about motherhood with little thanks, being heavily scrutinized subtlely or outright if your looks start to go south from all the pregnancies/aging, not having much going for you other than looks/motherhood…….not very cute!!!!

you may have more options than you think OP

No. 66818

what i really fucking hate about the "tradfem" thing is that a certain type of man will talk it up and act like women wanting to work or just not be traditional is sooo unnatural and the reason people hat feminism etc etc. but they'll STILL criticize women for traits that commonly come from either being a traditional housewife or pregnancy i.e, being very image conscious, not having their own money to spend, nagging, being weak and sensitive, being hormonal/moodswings, being needy/codependent. You dont' have to agree with radfem politics to see that you can't fucking win and a major part of the reason they like the idea of tradfem so much is because you'll always be in a palpably subordinate position. Your spouse may not think in this sexist way but if he doesn't, why go for the entire tradfem package? There are so many combinations of work/housework that you can do where neither person is completely dependent on the other.

No. 66839

Have to agree, I don't think anything is wrong with being staying home to take care of the house or kids, but I hate the tradfem rhetoric that some people try to talk up, especially the men who think it's a woman's 'natural' state to be subservient.

I don't see a reason to cling to the 'traditional woman' banner, start a thread on home keeping if you want to talk about that stuff. As long as you exercise some responsibility (don't be obviously lazy or take advantage, make sure you're in a stable relationship before you combine finances) and don't feel the need to push your lifestyle on other women then do whatever you want, I support it 100% and I think it can be a really great environment for kids to grow up in.

No. 66840

Exactly. I'm glad you got what I meant. It's ok to not have a full time job, it's ok to want to be a stay at home mom, but turning that into a whole tradfem lifestyle is such a slippery slope to entrapment. there's a reason the dynamic between the housewife and breadwinning man has been so generally toxic and a reason there was such a push against it. it's like people are forgetting that and are sick of being broke but full-time job millenials so they want to go back to before women's lib. for me the ideal partnership is both people working part time, so there isn't one breadwinner who gets justifiably annoyed when he comes home after working all day at his annoying job to his wife annoying him further with her drama, and one housewife who feels justifiably heartbroken and horrified when the person who her whole stability depends on comes home and is mean to her after speaking to her for five minutes. people don't fall into these stereotypical toxic roles because they're shitty people, it's because these roles come with their own frustrations and not everyone can just push it down and handle it perfectly.

No. 67000

I don't like the rat race, but I have a fantasy of learning to produce music and making a living off of selling it. Being a housewife, especially with the expectation of having children, is one of my worst nightmares.

No. 67020

>i want to be traditiona womyn

You mean you want to be lazy, pampered, cow. Sitting all day home, doing fuck all and pushing out few kids, maybe…

Yeah no, back to work, the (((national economy))) demands your input!

No. 67021

fuck off

No. 67023


Also, with majority of women in workforce, the wages of men are rarely good enough to even alow you be a "traditional".

Unless you live in, like, Scandinavia (lucky fucks), you got little to no chance of finding a prince charming that:

a) is rich enough to let you be trad fem

b) is stupid enough to pick YOU in particular be that trad fem - remember, rich studs have options. And did not become rich by being stupid.

Lets face it, if you find yourself on chans, instead… i don't know, being gainfully employed or super hot, you are not what men call "a good catch".

But hey, you can try. And remember to document your adventures for posterity.

No. 67027

what about part time job or being a WAHM kek. do you know only about 1 billion people on this earth are employed full time by an employer? but keep believing your only options are full wagecuck or NEET, just like you're supposed to.

No. 67031

Ever try raising kids anon, anyway there are options for a mother to do/go to work after the kids are old enough

No. 67038

true, it's rare men who are financially stable enough to get a housewife to would choose the traditional type girl, unless the wife has some side job that doesnt get in her way of housework

No. 67040


>Yo dawg, i heard you wanted to be part time trad fem and stay at home and raise family. So i put some part time work in your trad fem so you can trad fem while part time work while you trad fem.

Literally what?

Whats the point of going "trad-fem" if you just end up working some pink ghetto job and never being at home?

Just go for proper career and leave the brats at daycare. Part time work is waste of time, as you don't get to do your home duties or get a proper wage.

No. 67042

Some countries in Europe are only place where lower middle class or poor can be "trad" and still manage to have acceptable living standards.

Yay for socialism, i guess.

No. 67043

oh sorry i agree with you. i should've been more clear. part-time job or even working at home revoke your tradfem card so tradfem is stupid because it's overly limiting for someone who supposedly just doesn't want to work full time.

No. 67740

If/when we could swing it, I would kill to be a housewife. Hubby and I want no kids, so it'd be a carefree life of wonder. Sadly, I wont be doing that as hubby most likely won't make more than $45,000 a year in his field for a while, so it's much less a stress for him financially if I contribute until we have a lot more saved.

This, it just proves how much people who push tradfem are motivated by misogyny even though they insist it's not. I also love these contradictions.
>women's focus should be more on children and the home, it's just what's natural, their brains are more wired for it than men. they shouldn't prioritize careers as much as men.
>men are the true victims of sexism! women get unfair preference in custody battles!
>women are shallow gold diggers! the more money you have, the more likely they'll want you!
Like, you can't say that women are naturally the ones meant to parent more then complain when a judge thinks they're the more fit parent. Or say they should just be supported by a man instead of being independent, then complain when money is an important factor in choosing a partner to them. You're butthurt because now you're the one being fucked by the very logic you use to control women.

No. 67770

exactly, these particular types of men just literally hate women, plain and simple, which is why women can never win in their eyes no matter what they do. they hate women for being independent and they hate women for trying to make codependence on men less risky by trying to protect themselves with laws or money. it would seem that the only way to please this lot is to both be completely subordinate and give up everything you have with no safety net or backup plan, but women like that are still victims of abuse, if not even more likely to be victims of abuse than most anyone else.

i honestly think that most men are not like this at all, and i wish that the word misogyny wasn't so watered down by libfems and was instead reserved to palpable intense hatred exhibited by men that hate women no matter what.

No. 67781

my partner makes enough money/our expenses are cheap enough (own house, etc) that i don't have to work and we'd still have a little money to play around with… but i'd get bored and i can't stand the no experience thought that other anons said. besides, me working too = more money = more fun things we get to do

No. 67808

I'm pretty sure my partner and I would both like to not be in the rat race, but that's not tradfem since, well, he's a guy. I don't know how much "tradfem" is really traditional because of the fact that people just don't like being in the often toxic modern working world, and it's not exclusive to women.

No. 67812

I guess I'm a "traditional woman" since I don't work and just stay at home with our kid while my husband pays all of our bills. It's very depressing, t b h. Although, I never wanted my life to be this way, but it's how things ended up after a long series of circumstances. AMA, lol.

No. 67817

I'm sorry anon. Are there any hobbies that you've always been interested in starting? That could give you something enjoyable to do when you have some downtime. Is there anywhere beautiful where you live that you could bring your child and take nice long walks?

I'm just unemployed right now so I know my situation is in no way comparable to yours since you actually have responsibilites, but I always find taking long walks and also reading help me pass the time and not be so depressed when I'm stuck at home all day.

No. 67829

The only things I do when I'm not cleaning/taking care of a toddler/running errands is read books or play video games. When I'm not in the mood to do either of those, I browse on my phone or watch anime on hulu. I really wish I could get a job again, but child care is insanely expensive where I live so my salary would be breaking even at best. I think I want to get a gym membership at this big gym with a kid's room. I hate contracts, though. Like, what if I don't go as much as I think I will? Bleh, sorry for typing so many words.

No. 67842

Personally I would love to be a homemaker one day, but I understand how tough it can be in this economy. I don't see it as being lazy like a lot of people seem to think but I suppose it depends on the person and how much work they're willing to put in. I think there's more than one way to contribute to a relationship than just financially. I almost feel like if one person is solely responsible for all the cleaning, cooking, running errands, etc. while the other person is responsible for financial income it might make things easier on a relationship? I could be completely wrong about though given that I have no experience with it myself.

No. 67844

As someone who used to be a """"homemaker"""" (involuntarily), it puts a lot of strain on the relationship. The person working will harbour resentment towards you because you do nothing but 'laze around' all day and they have no concept of how hard cleaning up everyone's messes and keeping the place tidy can be because in their mind it 'only takes ten minutes' and 'what did you do the rest of the day? Nothing.' all your hard work is constantly disparaged because you don't make any money and are therefore little more than a trophy or a pet to them. Yet whenever you say you're leaving, they suddenly remember all the good things you do for them. My bf used to remind me that he pays for everything, how I should be grateful, etc every ten minutes.
No thanks, I'd rather live in my own flat and only have myself to clean up after.

No. 67846

>Like, what if I don't go as much as I think I will?

Nothing will happen or change because you wouldn't be paying for said contract. Do it.

I believe you when you say childcare is really time-consuming and you don't have much time for hobbies outside of reading or gaming.
But how is it exactly depressing? Do you actually mean that you're just tired of the boredom and monotony of everyday tasks?

Maybe a little side job would be a nice change of pace for you, but I would wait until your kid is older and starts going to school in the daytime. I have to do cooking, cleaning, and running errands for my household while working 40 hrs a week (minus a child) and it's so fucking stressful. And because I don't pay rent specifically, though I front utility bills and big household purchases, my partner sometimes doesn't appreciate my contributions and implies he has a fuller load just because rent is the major bill he pays.
Couldn't imagine throwing a small child into the mix with the workload I have. Don't do it yet anon, you'll regret it and wish for these days back.

No. 67847

that's something that I think a lot of young naive "traditional" dudes don't understand. They THINK they want to marry a housewife but they don't consider how much it will drain them having to pay for EVERYTHING and how much they'll end up resenting their wives.

No. 67848

Maybe it's less that men never considered the consequences of having a stay at home wife, but that they consider it their right to be extra critical in that situation because of the fact that they feel they're working more. I think some men get satisfaction out of being nasty to their spouses, and knowing they can get away with it.

And hey, society completely backs them up via hinting that domestic chores and childcare are easy as shit.

No. 67850

they claim they want traditional housewives and in the same breath drag women for being leeches who 'use men for their money.' Which…yeah in that situation, your wife and children need your money to survive. You can't fault them for that. That's literally what you are asking for. (Women can't win no matter how they play. Breaking news.)

> society completely backs them up via hinting that domestic chores and childcare are easy as shit

And then they wonder why some women don't desire that life? My mom was an incredible stay at home mom who gave me and my sibling the best childhood/adolescence imaginable. I love and admire her more than anybody in the world. My father though? Never thanked her. Never appreciated her. Made constant demands and she complied without complaining. Their relationship dynamic led me to decide at a very early age to never get married or have kids, and I've never wavered from that. Unfortunately in a lot of cases it's a thankless job. People don't realize it's not just 'throw a load of laundry in and then sit and watch the Real Housewives.' It's so much more than that, and it breaks my heart that people don't recognize it for what it really is.

No. 67870

Just remember that it's highly idealized especially by the alt-right, etc

Like yeah I'd love to be thin and gorgeous with an adorable healthy child with time to put on makeup in an upper class clean house making a joke making a nice breakfast.

But is it going to be like that realistically?

No. 67871

Making a joke wasn't supposed to be in there , wtf

No. 67882

Currently in that role after emigrating and I’m at home so I’m really getting into the wifey shit. I’ll be starting work soon and Things will change but for now I’m enjoying it. Maybe you need some time? Is it porriw to cut back hours and with that you adjust the responsibilities. It can be annoying but (ugh I don’t know how much detail I can give so brb reading the rules again before I continue)

No. 67886

Thanks for your perspective, I can definitely see where you're coming from. People really don't understand how tough domestic work can be. Do you think your experience is typical/common for partnerships where one person decides to stay in the home or more representative of having a not so great relationship/partner?

No. 67888

Yeah, except if you work you still have to do all of those things (unless you can afford help) so it does sound idealistic.

No. 67890

>they consider it their right to be extra critical
I think this is very true, and I think that when convenient for them they will use it against their wife. Maybe a guy will be happy with the situation most of the time, but when there's tension or friction in the relationship, it's an easy way for him to act like he contributes the most and therefore is more in the right/more deserving/has more authority, etc. Basically a sense of entitlement and resentment.

No. 67912

It's depressing for me because I'm not the "domestic type" and never wanted to be a SAHM. I had always planned to get a career, but it turns out that's hard with my particular degree, then I got pregnant accidentally (luckily, my husband and I have a very stable relationship and have been together for a long time/plan to be together for a long time in the future.) My state is red through and through so an abortion wasn't really an option and I found out too late anyway. At this point, I'm just trying my best to cope, but it feels like I'm constantly failing. I fucking suck at pretending to be complacent. I hope my kid doesn't resent me when he's older for not being an ideal mom.

No. 67914

>I hope my kid doesn't resent me when he's older for not being an ideal mom.

Aw, don't be so hard on yourself anon. The main thing is that you'll have been around your kid a lot during their formative years, and that's means a great deal for kids these days who usually don't get a lot of attention because their parents can't or are forced to work. You're doing your best, I just feel for you that you never got to chase your career goals because of motherhood. I hope you can again in the future when your domestic life levels out a bit <3

No. 67917

Thank you so much, anon. :') I have moral support from family, of course, but getting some from a stranger is a bit more affirming in some ways.

No. 67961

So much this. I wouldn't mind being a SAHM and homemaker if (and only if) my partner was appreciative and supportive. If I work hard every day, I need my partner to recognize I wasn't just dicking around all day.

No. 68582

My mother was a SAHM from my birth until I started school at about four. I am forever SO grateful that she did this. She could have had a glamorous career herself (although at this point in her life she doesn't regret how things turned out) but the way things worked out I came along. Sometimes she says she could have done better (caring for me) or feels like she didn't do enough at the time, but really I know that just having her there, talking to me, near me when I was tiny was 100% the best thing for me. You can and will do right by that child. Sage for blogpost.

No. 68631

Don't be silly, that's when you go marry another rich guy.

No. 68684

Not really. I love being financially and mentally independent. If I stayed home to be a housewife for 20 years and then my husband left me for another woman I'd be more than fucked. No job experience, no degree, just leeching off a husband and taking care of kids. Not my idea of a fun, secure, stress-free life but not going to judge anyone for doing it I guess.

No. 68690

This works if you have an utatlitarian view on things like marriage, which I can respect. But imho there's a lot of stay at home mommies that watch TLC and browse tumblr for tutorials on messy buns and I only hope they have the ability to latch on another rich guy if the first dies

No. 68691

jesus i am fucked up

No. 68744

Make it 40 years instead of 20 and you have exactly what happened to my mother. She landed herself a man that made good money and got left home at 19 and after 45 years of a shitty, broken marriage he just up and vanished one day. I think he might be dead. Either way, my mom has little to no work experience and now barely makes ends meet by cheating the home healthcare system. She chose to be a stay at home leech instead of doing anything for herself and now she's elderly and bugging me to help her find divorce lawyers. Just me. Not her 40 year old children that she's been shown to love and care about more through my entire life.

Their marriage is the sole reason why I never wanted to get married for the longest time, and why I resented the idea of a traditional stay at home mom up until very recently.

I have a domestic personality and I enjoy taking care of kids (I worked with them) but I'm not gonna do the traditional wife thing. Maybe for a couple of years after we have kids, just so they have a decent start but not permanently. It won't be the biggest deal if I do end up a housewife but god forbid I end up that dependent on another human being. I like working.

No. 68874

Not if you've gotten too old. Even if you take impeccable care of yourself, your looks fade with time. And having children makes you less attractive as wife material compared to a childless woman.

No. 69558

I would love a traditional wife :^)(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 69567

We're both very traditional, and very happy this way. I don't have kids, but I make the house cozy and snug for my husband, do laundry, cook meals (on weekends we do that together because we like cooking together) play games, go hiking, all stuff that regular couples do. I just don't have to work. I like knowing how to mix drinks and make his favorite food and things like that. I'm not religious at all. I just love doing nice things for him. He brings me little presents, flowers, leaves poems on the pillow for me, takes me on surprise vacations. We're not rich or anything, he just likes to make me feel special.

We've been married since high school (seven years now) and the lifestyle suits us.

No. 69569

I'm glad I'm not the only one who feels this way lol. I've always wanted to be a stay-at-home mom/wife but I get shunned for wanting to be either "lazy" etc. I'm very good at the trad-fem roles. I'm very feminine by heart to fit the stereotype. Idk it just comes in my nature, I feel like I was meant to be a SAHM because every job I've done I've always been too slow or stupid to keep up. That doesn't mean I won't give up, its just disappointing in myself. I've never had the stamina to work either but I do it just because its best these days to have two incomes rather than one to support a family. Being a girl, I feel like I have two jobs. I work and I do all the house cleaning, cooking, take care of the pets, look after the (future) kids, etc. There's just not enough time to bond with your kids if both parents work.. I always feel comfort knowing a guy can take care of me. A lot of guys I met in college say they hate the idea of a traditional woman though. They're too dependent and like the ~independent woman~ types" and think they're hot. idk. There is a stigma that the traditional type of relationship, the girl will be a doormat, but honestly how can you complain if you get a free roof over your head and stay at home all the time?? I know there are boundaries though (like physical abuse and cheating is a NO).

No. 69574

Well, some girls are afraid because a free roof over their heads and being dependant on someone for nearly everything that you need to live might mean that some years down the line you'll get fucked over by that person and end up being left with nothing. Which is a very real possibility tbh…

No. 69576

I would absolutely love being a traditional house wife but this is the exact reason why I'm not. I'm so scared I'd get fucked over and left with nothing I don't think I could be comfortable giving my partner that much control.

No. 69577

This. I would love it too but watching my mom left with nothing after years of devotion makes me way too afraid. You can't trust men. One day they will support you, the next, they'll want a younger piece of ass.

No. 69579

This sounds like a dream to me! I'm curious what job does your husband do or how do you make this work financially? Also how did you guys discuss/approach starting this sort of lifestyle? I'm single right now but hope to one day find a guy who is open to the possibility of me being a homemaker

No. 69581

Or the guy dies and you only get enough from life insurance to bury him. You're fucked regardless in being able to get a job later.

No. 69585

You'll even have at least half of your "traditional" buddies turn on you for being a "single mother" afterwards, especially the men. It's the relationship equivalent of having $25 in the bank and no insurance. If everything goes right sure you'll live, but if even a minor thing goes wrong everything will.

The only thing you'll have left is family. If he's abusive he'll try to cut you off eventually and they could pass away or be struggling themselves. Most people's families can't/won't support an adult woman and her children forever either. Especially if they looked down on it and warned you from the beginning.

No. 72940

Being a traditional wife sounds nice but it doesn't work these days because most guys these days don't start maturing until they're 30s and sometimes not even then. They can't take care of a family. Plus, until you're rich it'd be annoying to ask your husband for everything like new clothes etc

No. 72945

> most guys these days
lol, it was never a matter of maturing, it was just being forced into expectation.

do you really think dudes in the 50s going bowling and drinking with their friends after work while the woman took care of everything is a sign of maturity?

No. 72948

This 100%. Nice to see someone with their head screwed on. Your post is the worst case scenario but even the best case scenario is really bleak. Having a husband and kids who can't even cook/clean for themselves making you completely house-bound and unable to go away for the weekend or out for a night with the girls without having to do a full meal-prep and a big cleaning job when you get back is miserable.

No. 72951

As I said in the thread over in /ot/, it is entirely possible to coexist with modernity. I see a lot of people glamourize what it means to be a stay at home mom/homemaker and those same people have never been married and don't have children, so of course it never crosses their minds that life still won't be perfect. There will be ups and downs unless their husband has a very good career and they know how to budget properly and even then anything could happen.

I enjoy being home to cook and clean for my boyfriend regardless. However, I also would like to be able to leave our children something when we pass on. I'd like to be able to help with their tuition.

No. 73083

For those who do subscribe to the lifestyle what are you favorite homemaking blogs?

No. 77083

I would like to go tradfem, I would like to grow our own produce and raise chickens and kids and have a nice homestead that works towards low waste and sustainability. I too am sick of the rat race.

No. 77085

modern homesteading actually takes a fair bit of startup money, ironic and sad.

No. 77124

It also sounds like it would be a lot more fun with a lot of funding.

No. 77150

My dream life.

All I want is to grow my veggies, sew my clothes and blankets, raise some ducks and sheep, and have some kids with my partner.

I somehow went from an angry little punk teen to unironically sewing my own aprons and underpants. It’s great tbh.

No. 77988

I'd love to be on a homestead with a homestead husband, no kids though.

No. 79101

File: 1523632041094.jpg (61.93 KB, 852x480, so much plaid.jpg)

My dream is to be financially comfortable while I stay home and my husband makes money from home without having to work for too many hours in a day. He'd make money and I'd care for the newborns. We'd both take care of the house and homeschool the older children. The rat race sucks. I want to have a family and a situation where we can spend most of the day enjoying one another. We could go on field trips and give our children excellent experiences. I wouldn't feel isolated and overwhelmed trying to care for older children and a newborn. My husband wouldn't be stuck away from his family all day.
Of course, none of this is really possible. If it was, most people would be doing this.

No. 79178

Not really. My family was super isolated like that and now, as an adult I refuse to visit them because they act like I betrayed them by moving out and having my own life/relationships outside of them and my SO. I agree, the rat race sucks, but socialism’s outside of your own family is essential to kids and teens so they don’t turn into those whiny entitled teens who are used to only having to deal with their parents.

No. 79262

This is how my parents raised me and it fucked me up. Think about your children as humans instead of tools for your happiness.

No. 79270

Obviously, I'd want my kids to be social, too. Perhaps it's because I live in a small city, but I imagine homeschooling as very social, with lots of groups. The children I've known were not isolated. They had friends and did things away from their families. Once kids get to be around middle school, they need some time away from home. A lot of homeschoolers in my area went to high school, either public or private.

No. 82383

File: 1526105291646.png (167.15 KB, 652x422, 1525564850559.png)

Socialism has nothing to do with it.

If you think Scandinavian countries practise socialism you're wrong. They are instead market economies, not planned economies.

Im so tired of people thinking we're socialists. We'd be standing in bread lines if we were. Mind you we (Sweden) have been in decline for the past decade or so with crippling taxes and migrants.

You'd think our feminist foreign policy would keep toxic masculine cultures out but I guess not.

Also we don't have traditional families all that often, what we do have are great maturnity leave laws for men and women which is nice.

No. 82396

anon, don't bother, americans are too dumb to actually look up the term "socialism" yet keep slapping it around

No. 82442

I can somewhat imagine wanting to be a stay-at-home-mom, but why in the world would you want to be a housewife with no kids? To me it sounds like a silly dream of freedom and fun but in reality it would get utterly boring and monotone very fast. Not to mention, how easy would it be to get isolated.. no social contacts from a job, your peers are all busy with their own jobs and kids.

No. 82443

It sounds like hell. You’d have to join clubs and volunteer, or you would go crazy. Humans aren’t supposed to be in one place all day by themselves. And like you said, everyone else would be working or raising kids or in education.

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