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No. 67173

As of a few minutes ago I've found out I'm (probably) pregnant. This is a bit of an issue for me for a multitude of reasons. Have any of you gotten an abortion, what was the process like from when you found out?

Definitely going to be making an appearance at my doctors today.

No. 67188

This isn't ever an easy topic, and I'm sorry to hear that this is something you have to go through.

The best advice I can give, as someone who had to have one a month ago, is to make sure you have a support group after. Depending on what procedure you have to get, it will be very mentally draining. It was cause you to be severely depressed, and you will feel an extreme sense of loss. These are things they go over with you at the clinic before and after, but I want to make sure you hear it from an actual patient. I suffered, I really did, and it took about a week for the severe depression to pass.

I wish the best for you, and hope that whatever you choose it is your choice.

No. 67191

Thanks so much for your response and kindness, I'm glad to hear that's over for you.

It's funny, I've always known that if I were to fall pregnant I'd want an abortion but I still feel something inside me about it. Guess that's only natural. Thankfully my partner is very supportive and someone I can count on, personally coming from this like emotionally volatile base, yeah, I can see the after of the procedure easily having me feel all types of ways, but it's better than carrying to term. Thanks again for the caution <3

No. 67192

>Guess that's only natural

don't have personal experience so sorry if i'm stepping out of line but that's very common! i've had several friends and acquaintences who were 100% sure about their choice, never had baby fever prior, but the process still made them very sad and part of them wished they could keep it. It's mostly powerful hormones and just the fact that it's a major event no matter what your politics are. Even if the sadness increases later on it doesn't mean you've made a mistake! Sorry you're going through this anon

No. 67195

Not out of line at all, thanks for that. Yeah it makes perfect sense to be emotional about everything, just forever wishing I had an off-switch for this shit ha.

No. 67198

Depression doesn't always happen.
I couldn't afford a baby and i knew i have to do it. Of course, there was a pang of sadness in the whole situation but i knew i wasn't really ready. I happened to have mine quite early as well.
Absolutely get a support group though. Every woman is different - i don't have issues with abortion, but you do and it's just nature and sometimes you just can't help it.

Most of all, this is not the end of the world. More women than you think have been through this and felt the exact way you did. I honestly wish you the best.

No. 67201

so how many abortion threads does this make bc no one can bother to check the catalog… 10?

No. 67204

>ctrl + f "abortion" in /g/ catalog
>only result is this thread

Uhhh i dunno anon

No. 67206

There are only 3 in /ot/ and one of them is specifically pro-life, not really that big a deal to make a new one.

No. 67219

Hey anon, I had an abortion in April. I was 5 weeks when I found out so I was probably 7 weeks for the abortion.

I'm an ausfag and opted for surgical over medical for many reasons. Its done with straight away and I could also have an IUD inserted at the same time, all under anaesthetic so I was asleep. I had bad cramping that night and then spotting for a week. I read tons of stories about pill abortions causing people to be in agony for hours and potentially not even working, so glad I went with surgical.

I also had no intention of having a babby, college student who lives with roomies. I had some on and off depression for around three months and now I'm back to normal. Have someone you can speak to. If you have no one to talk to let me know and I'll drop a throwaway.

Good luck anon.

No. 67231

Women who have abortions are 3 times more likely than the general female population to commit suicide, and 6 times more likely to commit suicide than women who carry the baby to full term.

No. 67233

File: 1504046669249.jpg (52.57 KB, 400x501, thot alarm.jpg)


Nobody's tax dollars should be going towards paying for this shit.

No. 67234

File: 1504047551130.jpg (50.68 KB, 343x318, fdgd.JPG)

yeah it should honestly go towards the annihilation of the makers of Crocs and people who are into scat

No. 67235

I paid for this with my own money you cunt, go back to your /pol/.

No. 67247

Go back to church and let the actual grown up women speak. Also grow the fuck up lol what world do you think you live in?

No. 67248

Because the world needs more unwanted babies on welfare.

Friendly reminder world population is over 7 billion and increasing exponentially.

But more babies yay!!!

No. 67252

In what dreamland are abortions free dipshit?

No. 67258

And how is anyone here supposed to know you aren't lying?

Flimsy non-argument. You do realize 4.5 billion of the 7 billion people in the world are in Asia? 1.2 billion people are in Africa. Abortions are mostly marketed to Europeans and Americans. Hmm, I wonder who is behind this propaganda. Meanwhile, Ahmed and his wife are still having 10 kids each.

Pay for them yourself then? Why should people who pay taxes be paying for some thot who can't keep her legs shut, especially if they disagree with abortion in the first place? Doesn't sound like you asked for the taxpayer's 'consent' when it came to your 'choice'.

No. 67260


He's a muh white babies troll, probably brought to lolcow by the Lauren Southern thread. Don't bother engaging.

No. 67261

So anyone who disagrees with you is automatically a male or a troll? I bet you think female Trump voters are just a myth too. Oh how wrong you are.

No. 67262

Go away, doormat, gotta cook meals for your white trash husband.

No. 67263

Shouldn't you be treating your STI and crying into your glass of wine?

No. 67264

Ummmm how is cooking a meal for your husband 'doormat behavior' lmao? Whew. Angry intersectional feminist detected.


No. 67265

I'm sorry but I don't drink and I don't engage in casual sexual intercourses. Don't assume every person who disagrees with you does that because you hold your morals close to you so you won't do what you really want (be a slut and drink alcohol I guess). That's called projecting and it's ridiculous.

Also don't forget to pin your condoms so you make sure you have babies from the /pol/ retard you are having sex. Assuming you wear condoms. Assuming you have sex.

No. 67272

File: 1504098401061.png (162.63 KB, 472x322, irony.png)

>joking about poking holes in condoms in a thread full of people who unintentionally managed to get pregnant

Whewiest of lads. Now that's what I call projecting.

No. 67273

So you're against drinking alcohol and casual sex, but you think killing fetuses is acceptable?

Do you ever listen to yourself? Sounds like someone needs to get their priorities in check.

No. 67274

I never said I am against it, God, some of you are really dumb. Not doing doesn't mean you are against it. I am not aborting but I don't condone people who abort.

No. 67275

I'm assuming you meant to say condemn?

Don't call people dumb when you can barely string a sentence together, sweetheart.
Pot calling the kettle black again.

Also, sage your posts.

No. 67278

I've never had abortion, but my best friend in University did. She told me she has zero regrets and the procedure was easier than she expected. Though apparently some pro-life fags tried to offer her snacks and invited her to come into their "Health Counselling" next door. You can't eat a certain # of hours before an abortion, so they were sneakily attempting block her from getting an abortion under the guise of ~personal help~. Cunts. Anyways, good luck OP.

No. 67279

File: 1504108715341.gif (489.87 KB, 300x287, GLWCbHc.gif)

If you don't like abortions, don't have one. Stop condemning women for making decisions that differ from yours, especially when they don't affect you negatively in any way.

Freedom of choice is important.

No. 67280

Pro-life people would be better being called pro-birth. They don't give a shit about the children after they are born, they literally only want women to have children and not be able to make a choice.

No. 67283

So you think you can read every pro-lifers mind now? Hmm, intriguing.

No. 67284

agreed. but only tell people who are known to be supportive and trustworthy people in your life. I had to have one in 2011. I was 20 and doing drugs and I just wasn't ready for a kid.

my mom found out bc I guess I used the family PC to google stuff about my health insurance and abortion. she was super supportive, took me to all my appointments and told me it was my choice entirely, etc.

but then in the years to follow, she has thrown it in my face multiple times when we were in arguments about unrelated things. she'd usually say it in a taunting way. like "you think you're so perfect but you killed your kid!" or one time she was like "I should've had an abortion with you." and I said something like "…wow, that's such a nice thing to say to your daughter." and she went "you can't judge me for SAYING it, because you're the one who DID it!" (even though she has had multiple abortions in her own life,,,,,)

it's crazy. I would have never told her about it if I knew she'd use it as ammo during arguments

No. 67285

not sure if man or just stupid

No. 67287

People also have every right to feel disgusted by your decisions. Everyone has a right to their opinion, not just you. It's a two way street.

And it is people's business if their tax dollars are going towards something they are morally opposed to.

Planned Parenthood sells parts to third parties, often without the patient's consent. They sell to cosmetic companies, Pepsi Senomyx, and various 'private' organizations who use them for shady experiments.

The reason they encourage abortion is so they can make money off the aborted baby parts. It's just dollar signs to them.


Tell me how feminist and empowering post-abortion depression is again?

No. 67288

so? all of those things can be said of circumcision too, and we pay for that with our tax dollars. plus abortion is a much more important life choice.

No. 67290

How is aborting a potential life in any way comparable to cutting a loose piece of skin off your dick? And if they can sell foreskin cells (and there are hundreds of circumcisions every day in the US) why are they still using fetal cells anyway? Maybe you should ask Planned Parenthood that question.

No. 67292

Every fucking thread about abortion we get these conservative nuts not understanding people might not want to have kids and that has nothing to do with their lives and there is nothing they can do about it.

At this point I guess it's impossible to talk about it because this person will keep sperging here.

>Planned Parenthood
>muh taxes

Why do you think everyone here is american?

No. 67293

This tbh. And almost none of them are vegetarian either, making the whole "pro life" thing lose it's credibility. Even the conservatard in this thread has made it clear they're "pro life" because they want to use us as vessels for creating white children, and outpacing "Ahmed".

No. 67294

And what about vegetarians/vegans who get abortions. Doesn't that make them hypocrites too? Comparing humans to cows and pigs just makes you seem like a degenerate moron.

No. 67296

>calling others degenerate as argument

gtfo /pol/

No. 67298

>country entirely built by slaves
>USA is culture is basically culture of other countries
>doesn't like immigrants

lol delusional /pol/tard

No. 67301

Retard confirmed, don't feed him.

No. 67303

File: 1504118845424.jpg (286.29 KB, 1920x1080, 1446854668829.jpg)

How much of a bitter virgin it takes to invade a thread about abortion to preach about conservative nut shit but it's just really about being afraid islamic people are gonna invade your country and fuck your women?

No. 67306

Well, to be fair, any woman would rather fuck a mysoginist Ahmed that at least doesnt weight 140kg and smells like cheetos and semen and only knows talking about conspiracy theory and the jews.

No. 67307

Lmfao did you really deleted your shitty unfunny post to replace it with an even cringier one?

No. 67308

He did, hahaha!

No. 67310

I didn't expose anything, I thought it was common sense nobody would fuck a man like you… lol

No. 67311


No. 67313

File: 1504120068351.jpg (8.26 KB, 240x210, haha.jpg)

Stop deleting your comments you fuckturd

No. 67314

File: 1504120264147.jpg (359.25 KB, 800x800, epictrole.jpg)

What the fuck did he mean by this

No. 67315

You should be encouraging the thots to abort.

No. 67316

Nigga please stop deleting your comments, you seem like a spineless coward when you do that, you don't want to look any worse, do you lol

No. 67317

File: 1504120443345.png (97.84 KB, 255x267, Capture d’écran 2017-08-30 à…)

I can't this is too pathetic.

No. 67318

Oh, I'm not that man. I think abortions are ok.

No. 67319

Oh okay, sorry fam

No. 67320


You're the same person, right? Why do you keep posting in such quick succession? Also, LEARN TO SAGE.

No. 67321

Stop bumping this shitty thread, idiots.

No. 67322

File: 1504120703220.png (109.88 KB, 256x193, 1492730833549.png)

Sorry, do you want me to stop posting? Too bad, I won't do what you want lololol

But hey at least I don't delete my posts.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 67323

They'd sage all or none of the posts if it was the same person LEARN TO KILL YOURSELF(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 67325

Did you know women who have abortions are 6 times more likely than the general female population to kill themselves.

No. 67326

Did you know incels are 2080% more likely to kill themselves than men? Also 2% of male fuck 100% of females!!

No. 67327

I'm not even that anon, I'm the anon who made the same point in >>67231

So calling me an incel or male doesn't affect me, it just makes me think you're an idiot.

No. 67328

>Women who have abortions are 3 times more likely than the general female population to commit suicide
Also you
>Did you know women who have abortions are 6 times more likely than the general female population to kill themselves.
Sounds trustworthy. Understandable, have a good day anon thanks

No. 67330

But you're clutching at straws and ignoring the main issue that I pointed out.

I've been at work and had a long day, 3 or 6 times, yep I mixed the general female population up with the women who give birth, but it's still a major increase whichever way you look at it.


You claim to care about women and women's rights but it doesn't really sound like you do since so many of them (it's estimated at 60%) have suicidal ideation afterwards, for which they often receive little to no support or follow-up. You should at least be warning women of this potential risk.

No. 67331

So your argument against being able to have a choice is that the choice might hurt?

It's like you want to protect women but without giving their own right to choose.

No. 67332

Now you're just arguing semantics.

No. 67333

I had one 7 years ago when I was 16. I didn't want an abortion at all but I had a very manipulative partner, very poor mental health and no support around me. Honestly not a single day goes by where I don't think about how much I regret it

I think that how you deal with it depends on how you feel, that is different for everyone. I may be wrong but you sound like you're at least considering it, just make sure you know what you want

As far as the procedure goes, I was 7 weeks and 6 days along and I just had to have a couple of pills a few hours apart and I was told to go straight home (the clinic refused to give me the pills if I was getting public transport so bear that in mind, I'm in the UK). I had pretty bad stomach cramps and heavy bleeding and passed the fetus the next day. Bleeding lasted about 3 months for me but I don't think that's a normal thing.

No. 67334

File: 1504123221029.png (355.7 KB, 572x380, 1496975921282.png)

Stop saying buzzwords and answer my question you dipshit.

No. 67335

Why are you implying that choice automatically = good?

People 'choose' things that are terrible for and detrimental to them all the time.

No. 67336

You seem like someone who really hates their parents and wants to get back at them or something. Sorry you were so unloved.

No. 67337

Being able to choose is elementary. Not being able to choose is reactionary.

Stop projecting.

No. 67338

I'm sorry about your experience, anon.

There are a lot of women who were co-erced and manipulated into abortions. My friend's parents persuaded her to get an abortion in her teens and she's still emotionally scarred from it despite being in her twenties. Clearly a lot of other women are too, judging from the surveys.

Sociopaths like >>67331 don't give a shit about how the women feel or react afterwards. They just have some weird radfem point scoring agenda.

No. 67339

Why are you so much against feminism? What did feminists do to you besides giving you the right to vote, work and choose what you want to do?

No. 67340

I'm curious as to how many women abort out of choice, and how many abort due to co-ercion from partner, friends, family etc.

No. 67341

You don't need to put a - between co and ersion lol

No. 67344

File: 1504127898361.jpg (11.51 KB, 222x300, 847a5e36c524603d727b9bada96f9e…)

As if women can't be coerced into and traumatized by carrying to term. Neither of these are fucking easy choices or experiences. That's why people feel so strongly about it. It's as dangerous as it is pathetic that people on both sides will down play one choice like it's nothing.

Freedom does not imply ease, pleasure, or even net benefit but it's astronomically better than being forced to abort OR carry. Don't let any shitheel tell you which restriction is good for womankind, no matter what camp they're from. They are not your friends.

No. 67347

>Killing a pig that has intelligence, has an independent body and can feel pain is OK

>Killing an embryo with as much sentience as pond scum and is literally only alive as a parasite to an unwilling host is BAD because MUH HUMAN DNA and MUH WHITE BABIES

No. 67348

Most abortions are of black children, not whites

No. 67349

Only rational person so far

No. 67350

Your source, Liveaction, is an anti abortionist organization. Their site cannot be trusted. Their statistics cannot be trusted. Searching statistics on abortion and suicide almost soley brings up pro-life biased websites.

You know what I can find unbiased statistics for? Post-Partum Depression, which can mildy affects over 70% of women who have given birth (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IuS5huqOND4). With fifteen percent of women getting diagnosed with it. Despite PPD being common and can end in suicide, there are no actual hardline statistics on how often it ends in suicide…mmm probably because so little research and care is put into womens health concerns?

And hell, suicide aside, if we're talking about the United States, we have the worst rate of maternal deaths in the first world (http://www.npr.org/2017/05/12/528098789/u-s-has-the-worst-rate-of-maternal-deaths-in-the-developed-world). The number of women who die in the US from pregnancy related causes is rising. You should at least be warning women of this potential risk when they carry to term.

No. 67352

Women actually experience depression from an unwanted pregnancy, rather than the abortion itself. Look it up.

No. 67353

Depends on your situation and feelings, OP.

I've had three abortions in my life and I can tell you that I felt differently at every one.

>15 years old

Highschool bf coerced me into having unprotected sex, got knocked up, and then I avoided going to my parents for help early on because they were Catholics and constantly shamed me for sexual discussions. They refused to get me bc and would yell if they found condoms.
Bf knew I was pregnant and did fucked up shit like name the fetus and told all his friends. I started to feel guilt for not wanting to be pregnant, one time I even jammed a coat hanger up my vulva like a retard lol.
When I finally couldn't bear it anymore at ~20ish weeks I came out to my parents who gave me no choice but abortion. Ironic for Catholics, hm?
The bf abandoned me after saying he'd be there for me, and his parents tried to play it off like he was a sweet angel who had nothing to do with the situation. He actually went on to knock up some other crazy bitch a grade below me shortly after. She went through with her pregnancy, and he abandoned her and that kid too.

This abortion was particularly awful because I had waited so long. It was actually a two-day process. First day they stuck some rolled up seaweed into my cervix and gave me pills to dilate me. I went through a painful labor overnight. Was crying in the waiting room the next day because the 'contractions' were so awful. I waited for three hours. Looking back I feel bad because I probably traumatized the other women waiting in the office for more simple procedures. This day was for the D&E, where they actually do the vacuum extraction.
The doctors put me on an IV painkiller. They wound up sticking me over six times because they couldn't find good veins.I remember being in complete agony for the whole time, it felt like an hour of pure pain.

When I had to go back to school, my shitty ex had told all these bastard kids about my abortion (my school was pro-life) so I quickly got a reputation. I was being targeted by kids and some teachers. This went on for YEARS until my senior year when I got into college early and didn't have to be at my high school for the day after 10am.
I was an honor's student and in a lot of advanced classes. I remember some kids and teachers trying to flat out sabotage me and get me kicked out of afterschool clubs. I actually got kicked out of honor's society because the pro-life club secretary refused to take my attendance, and thus I was kicked out for being tardy to meetings twice even though I was present.
I was denied taking AP-Chem because the teacher didn't want me in her classroom despite having the grades to be accepted, citing "behavioral issues." I never did anything in her classroom and it was all based on rumors and hearsay. She told my parents I was stupid in a parent/teacher conference. In reality, she just didn't want the girl who had sex to be in her classroom.

Overall, 10/10 traumatizing experience.


Morning after pill failed and I didn't find out I was pregnant until later. When I did find out, I had to save up money for the abortion and do all sorts of paperwork to get the rest of the costs covered. This was all between going to college and juggling a job.

Because of the wait, I had to opt for another D&E abortion.
This time I kept my parents completely out of it. I asked a trusted friend to drive me to the clinic and everything went a lot more smoothly. I don't even remember much about this abortion because I don't remember being in pain and emotionally suffering.
It was just really inconvenient.


This was an accident that I admit was mostly my fault. I took my bc incorrectly, but because I knew the sensation of being pregnant I knew something was amiss within 2 weeks.
I went to Planned Parenthood and took the abortion pill on the third week. Easy as pie. No pain. It was like having a period.

These days, I'm much more sexually informed. I have a hormonal implant so I don't have to panic about pills. I've been with my current bf for 4 years who has agreed to let me get an abortion should I ever have an unplanned pregnancy.
It's nice and I feel really secure, compared to how I was at 15.

No. 67372

>'b-but your sources are unreliable!'
So your lazy ass couldn't be bothered to do a 0.3 second google search, huh?


'The suicide rate associated with birth was 5.9 per 100 000 births and for associated abortions was 34.7 per 100 000 abortions, giving an odds ratio of 5.9 compared with births (95% confidence interval 3.6 to 9.9)'

And why are you assuming everyone ITT is from the US? The lapses in your healthcare system are unfortunate, but not a case for abortion. There are almost 4 million babies born per year in the US, and the number of women who die from birthing complications is something like 800. That's 0.02% of births. Tragic, yes, but you are talking about a tiny proportion. Stop using the marginal point to argue the wider case.
The study also stated that obesity is one of the biggest co-morbid factors.

Maybe stick to posting Westworld trailers.

>be you
>make fun of someone for spelling coercion incorrectly
>spells it 'coersion' anyway

Whew laddie.

Soyfag detected. I don't even eat meat but now I'm going to start stockpiling bacon, sausages and every other meat product I can find, just to to piss militant vegan shitheads like you off. Parasites are A DIFFERENT SPECIES to their host. Fucking loser.

Kate is a Conservative, JSYK ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 67374

>>67372 Do you have to say laddie in every post? I don't even understand why you're here just whine somewhere else about how mean abortion is.

No. 67375

OP here, I began the process of a medical abortion about five days ago, still bleeding somewhat heavily but not at a concerning level.
There was some kerfuffle about ID (because I couldn't seem to find my one and only expired photo ID), I came back with a birth certificate and that was that.

After the initial ultrasound to confirm then taking mifepristone to stop pregnancy hormones all I felt was the utmost relief. I was able to look at my own situation and what was happening in an extremely detached, clinical manner and just, fuck. Glad I did this.

Thanks so much for your responses, follow up ultrasound on the 20th to make sure everything has been expelled. Gonna get implanon ASAP and start appreciating my periods if only for indication that nothing else is gestating down there.

No. 67376

Oh, and to clear some shit up, I'm in AU and while medicare and etc partially paid for the procedure it was still $530 from my own pocket through Marie Stopes. For anyone else who isn't near one of those clinics, the Tabbot foundation can conduct everything over the phone and send out to you the necessary medications assuming you're in that 9 week gestation period where medical termination is applicable. Will still set you back about $180, but it's better than an unwanted child.

No. 67385

File: 1505034988702.jpg (22.02 KB, 494x334, graveyard pussy.jpg)

No. 67406

I'm glad things have worked out for you. Hopefully the sperg in this thread has not pulled you down too much. Wish you a quick recovery!

I'm so happy to live in a country where no one questions a woman's right to choose.

No. 67409

I'm glad for you anon. Would've done the same thing if I was in your position.

No. 67415

Just wait until the abruptly ended pregnancy hormones hit you. Keep us updated!

No. 67416

I know this is supposed to be retarded but I did laugh.

No. 67441

There seems to be a lot of shame in accidental pregnancies, if you're not in a place to continue them. I just think people don't get how easy it is to get pregnant. I conceived while on bc, I didn't miss days, I had just broken up with my bf and was barely active. People get pregnant with iuds and even after their tubes are tied. Abstinence is really the only fool proof method, and I just wish people would stop being judgmental and assuming things.
>well you must be having tons of unprotected sex you whore, close your legs etc.

No. 67460

Thanks all, definitely will. I've had some scattered moments where I'll become teary-eyed but they're quick to pass. I only need time, really.

Absolutely and it's disappointing as hell. I've now stories of friends in more remote locations getting sass from medical professionals due to their decision and like for fuckin' what? It should be concern of no-one which path the parent decides to take. Unfortunately it is all tied to religious and cultural expectations, hard to escape and profound change is a pipe dream.

No. 67492


Maybe step outside your little lolcow/tumblrina feminist echo chamber and into the real world every once in a while.

No. 67496


>RealClearPolitics (RCP) is a Chicago-based political news and polling data aggregator formed in 2000 by former options trader John McIntyre and former advertising agency account executive Tom Bevan.The site features selected political news stories and op-eds from various news publications in addition to commentary from its own contributors. Though their own political views lean conservative, the site's founders say their goal is to give readers "ideological diversity" in its commentary section

>In an interview with the conservative magazine Human Events, McIntyre described the philosophy behind the Web site as based on "freedom" and "common-sense values". Said Bevan, "We think debate on the issues is a very important thing. We post a variety of opinions". He further stated, "we have a frustration all conservatives have", which is "the bias in media against conservatives, religious conservatives, [and] Christian conservatives".

lol, you shill for Russia too honey?

No. 67501

Lol, you shill for Killary and CNN too, honey? Let me guess, you're a huge fan of Lena Dunham too.

Blaming the Kremlin is a meme and anyone who takes that shit seriously is certifiable.

53% of white women voted for Trump. Even other women are done with your bullshit and it's got you shook. Admit it.

Is this you in the video by any chance?

Oh and tumblr is that way, libcuck-chan.

No. 67508

not even part of this argument but dont be a retard, only 28% of voters actually voted in the election, whatever backwards beliefs you have on women dont represent the whole country

Also what the fuck is going on in this thread? Did a bunch of southern belle anons get triggered by abortion?

No. 67510

Clearly those obese lazy radfems were too busy munching box or eating their feelings to go out and show their adoration for Shillary by voting for her.

It's called diversity of opinion, something which I'm sure is completely alien to you since you probably spend so much time fingering yourself to Andrea Dworkin speeches.

No. 67512

Ngl, you sound like the average r/The_Donald poster and its pretty embarrassing. Why are you so angry, robot?

No. 67523

Just stop replying to him

No. 67738

I'm sorry you were in the position of an unwanted pregnancy, OP. I've been there and it was really hard for me for about a year after. I never regretted it, but it still sucked. Stay strong, honey.

No. 75267

File: 1519142984463.gif (442.74 KB, 500x375, tumblr_my5tgyvWYB1qa8gddo1_500…)

I'm getting an abortion next week. Vaccuum suction and curretage method. I'm really only afraid that it's going to be painful, even though I've given birth so I logically keep telling myself that it can't be any worse than that. Any anons had one of these around 9 weeks? What does it feel like? I know they'll give me pain meds, but still.

No. 75279

You might regret it but it was for the best. Your situation sounded terrible to be in and t would be extremely unfair to bring a child into it.

No. 75280

I had the same method at 9.5wks, and the cramping was unpleasant but not unbearable; about on par with heavy period cramps, I’d say. Resist any urge to “bear down,” though they’ll most likely tell you that. The process won’t take long iirc, Anon, 10 mins, not more than 15. My strength to you. <3

No. 75287

Thank you so much, anon. I don't know anyone personally irl who have gone through this, so it's obviously been freaking me out not really knowing what to expect. I actually have a tendency to "clinch" like kegels instead of "push," but I'll try not to as much as I can.

No. 75307

Hey, no worries! I didn’t know anyone IRL either. I have time to write a bit more, and I wanted to add that some clinics have a “twilight sleep” (a mild anesthetic) available with the d&c method. Mine was about $100, but it varies.

You’ll be fully awake for the procedure, but it’ll be very difficult after to recall the “physical” parts of it, if that makes any sense? It relaxes you beforehand, too. They’ll likely dispense either a muscle relaxant or a benzodiazepine such as Xanax before you go in, whether you opt for the anesthesia or not.

After the procedure is all finished (it felt like a crampy, more pressurized pap-smear to me), you’ll head to a recovery room with a liner in your underwear, and a nurse will bring you some water/juice and crackers, and you’ll stabilize for an hour. And that’ll be it! I know you’re worried now, but the waiting is the dreadful part.

You’ve got this. I promise, Anon. <3

No. 75401

My appointment got changed to today, so I thought I'd update. It went more smoothly and quickly than you said! I actually got IV Fentanyl and Versed, so it felt like a flash and the pain was very minimal. I'm so, so glad I chose this method rather than the pill. The bleeding and cramping afterward has been pretty minimal so far. Thank you so much for the encouragement. Even though everyone here are faceless internet strangers, it feels good getting support like that.

No. 75402

we love you anon, be strong! just know your body is going to go through some weird hormone changes similar to postpartum depression, but you can do it!

No. 75406

D&C Anon from before here, I’m glad it went smoothly and thanks for updating. Get a good long rest and your hormones will settle down soon! Best of luck on your journey forward, Anon.

No. 75414

Why don't all of you get steralised? If getting pregnant means getting an abortion for you then it's unlikely you will purposely want pregnant to have kids in the future anyway.
Steralised = No pregnancy = No need for abortions

No. 75423

I've gone through two psychologists and two therapists to help convince a doctor to sterilize me. They still say no. It's not easy.

No. 75424

are you an idiot? sterilization for women is dangerous and drs always ALWAYS talk you out of it and tell you no.

No. 75429

Ah, to be young and ignorant of the world or a robot. I mean, you have to be a man or you would know that it's absolutely impossible to find a doctor willing to sterilize a younger (hell, even older,) physically healthy woman.

No. 75460

god i wish

No. 75715

Abortions are dangerous too.

No. 75717

yup and that's why there are rules and contraception. same with sterilization.

No. 75718

abortions are less dangerous than childbirth tho

No. 75725


Just because birth is "natural" doesn't mean it's not morbid as fuck.
I've known women in their 20s getting shit like blood clots, septic shock, infections, internal bleeding, etc.
Maternal deaths all over the world and people act like pregnancy is nbd for vulnerable persons and minors to go through with. Holy shit.

No. 75740

I hate that people try to downplay the severity of either decision. Like people will either act like pregnancy is nbd and perfectly safe like you said, or they'll act like abortions are nbd and 100% absolutely not the cessation of a life, even though science can't prove that one way or the other yet.
I wish more people would just acknowledge that both decisions need to be taken very seriously and have a lot of emotional and physical impacts, and that's why you should respect what women choose to do, not just dismiss whatever option makes you less uncomfortable as being a walk in the park.

No. 75753

Comparatively speaking, abortions aren't that big of a deal compared to birth. It's context.

No. 75760

I'm sure it depends on how far along you are, but even then, abortions would be less medically traumatic. I agree that both are huge decisions with huge downsides, and that it should always be a woman's choice to make.

No. 75777

>they'll act like abortions are nbd and 100% absolutely not the cessation of a life, even though science can't prove that one way or the other yet.

most people don't really care about the aspect of 'life' which is fine!

No. 75786

Yep exactly. Abortions can cause huge psychological problems, but the media portrayal of them is like going in to get a tooth pulled. Late-term abortions especially, I can see why <1month might be treated more lightly as that's within the boundaries of normal function. But abortions at 14-24 weeks are all considered equal which is not the case.

No. 75810

>abortions at 14-24 weeks are all considered equal

You stupid cunt, you can't even abort after 12 weeks anywhere abortion is legal unless the child is severely fucked and will die either way.

No. 75812

Lol yeah you can. If you say you aren't ready for a kid and that it will negatively impact your mental health, they will flush that shit out easily up to 16 weeks. Then after that it depends on the health of the fetus or the mental and physical health of the mother.

No. 75813

I still think it's worse having a child you don't want (lifetime commitment you might regret for the rest of your life) than having an abortion (something you might take a few months to get over).

If you just think you might regret then don't do an abortion and ruin your life because of your sentimentalism or something. Nobody cares.

No. 75814

Also in england you can choose to abort up to 24 weeks.

No. 75827

>Around 200,000 abortions are carried out each year in England and Wales. Less than 2 per cent of those were performed between 20 and 24 weeks and 136 after that time.

Source: https://www.telegraph.co.uk/news/health/news/9582428/Abortion-24-week-limit-QandA.html

No one is waking up at 24 weeks and deciding they don't want a baby anymore. Usually those terminating at 20 weeks have found out the child will either have severe disabilities or has something else wrong with it.

No. 75837

>Abortions can cause huge psychological problems
Birthing causes huge psychological problems.
Having children when one isn't ready or willing causes huge psychological problems.
Post partum depression, PTSD, psychosis.

But tell me how many movies about pregnancy there are, baby commercials, and how society has normalized becoming a parent as soon as one is physically capable.

Also this >>75827. Even if you argue abortion can cause mental and emotional problems, it happens to a relatively small pool of people and there's no way it would be worse than carrying a dangerous or mentally turmoiled pregnancy to term.

No. 75838

Oh no I have no doubt that childbirth can also be very damaging, especially the repercussions of childcare, recovery, relationship strain, bodily damage. Just making the point that abortion is not a walk in the park/delightful/easy as some pro-abortion types like to propagate. Both choices need serious consideration for different reasons and no judgin' those who abort. It is damaging and nobody talks about that. You're supposed to just "be a good feminist", enjoy your freedoms and get over it.

No. 75844

What do you mean nobody talks about it? The few times abortion is portrayed in the media, its usually a decision that the main character regrets, is shamed for, or is deeply disturbed by after. I don't know where you're seeing people acting like abortion is no big deal. Even most pro-choice people will admit that abortion is a necessary evil. Women are treated like monsters for not regretting or feeling bad for their abortions. If you get off lefty circles like on tumblr, people aren't friendly about it, even if they're liberal.

Abortion should be spoken about neutrally, and the possibility of regret or depression after shouldn't be treated as an inevitability but a possibility that some experience.

No. 75846


Studies shown that the post-abortion depression is mostly a result of woman being told that abortion is a sin, murder etc.
In most cases, it's not a result of the medical procedure, but brainwashing by pro-lifers.
Not saying that women can't have doubts or feel bad about having an abortion, but there is so much anti-abortion propaganda which is meant to take away the choice from us.
'What if your child could cure cancer?', 'Your baby will die not knowing why his mommy is killing them' and of course 'if you have abortion you will become suicidal from murdering your baby and it will ruin your life'.

No. 75862

Kinda worried about responding here but. I had an abortion after a lifetime of being told I would never be able to get pregnant (why I never used condoms) and going through most of my boyfriends without even a scare. When I did get pregnant it was immediately obvi to me, got morning sickness, huge tits, sense of smell was ridiculous, so I went over to the local PP and scheduled. I was afraid of pain so I wanted to be given general anesthesia. I reacted very poorly to it, for whatever reason. I was never told what they used, but it felt like my body got cold starting at my extremities and crept up along my limbs and spine until it got onto my face, at which point I started screaming that I was dying and that was not cool. I still to this day don’t know why I had such an abnormal reaction—and it was abnormal, I know—but it was bad and I apparently fought whatever it was they used most of the time. The nurse who attended me said that they were concerned at one point because I was out, but I was not still and they had to bring in someone to help hold me down.

If there’s anyone out there worried about pain and wanting anesthesia but is also frightened of anesthesia, maybe try to find out what they use in advance and how it affects the majority of women. I don’t know if it’s because I was poor and using PP, I know PP does great work for women but it was honestly a horrific experience for me.

Another thing that was fucked up was that they did an ultrasound just prior to the procedure to see if I was in fact far enough along, and the monitor was placed in such a way that I could see it. I almost felt like, is there some Christian fundie that infiltrated this place?

Sadly I also had complications following and had to be hospitalized for three days after I started bleeding in the shower two days after and running a fever of 103. They were going to do another procedure in case it had been a partial abortion, but it turned out I was clean, and they were able to get the infection under control, it might have been caused by me thrashing around, I don’t know. My experience was just very bad.

If I’d had the option to take the pill and just abort at home with my boyfriend taking care of me, I would have done that in a second despite what some women say about seeing what comes out.

No. 75866

How psychologically damaging an abortion is as individual as the women accessing them. Anons claiming it’s absolutely going to traumatise everyone are mostly showing they aren’t capable of understanding that other people do not feel the same way they do. For a group of people who claim to be protecting and caring for women and babies they sure lack the ability to empathise with their fellow women.

No. 75869

Way to argue against a point I didn't have? I just said it was possible to abort up t 24 weeks if you wanted to, not that all women wait and then go "whoops I don't want it anymore lets abort". Learn to read.

No. 75871

I am so sorry you had that experience. Your reaction to the general anesthesia is exactly why I'm so phobic of ever having any major surgery where it's required.

No. 75873

I think it’s always a good thing to discuss the type of anesthesia you’ll receive with the procedure with your clinic or doctor, definitely, if you have to have a surgical abortion. At the time, PP was all I could afford, and I have wondered if their options for methods of sedation were limited because who cares about poor women.

I’ve had surgery since then and it was not nearly as traumatic, though I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t scared of that happening again. I think they make sure you have enough benzos in you so that you couldn’t be scared even if you wanted to be, and from now on, I’ll always talk to the doctors about it beforehand.

No. 85741

Sorry to necro this thread, but does anybody know where can i find the official statistics from the cdc for death of women by chilbirth and abortion?
I found "pregnancy related morbidity" but that one seems to include both, and i found no report on death of women by abortion itself.
I saw a female doctor on the tv saying that according to the cdc there were 1.200 deaths by legal abortions in the us last year, and that would be about 1 out of 500 abortions, while third party studies say the rate is 1 out of 100.000!
Does anybody know how to get the detailed info directly from the cdc? Sorry for my terrible english, I just couldn't find it in the general report that they make available to the public. And i don't trust third party studies from either side.

No. 85742

>The pregnancy-associated mortality rate among women who delivered live neonates was 8.8 deaths per 100,000 live births.
>The mortality rate related to induced abortion was 0.6 deaths per 100,000 abortions.
>In the one recent comparative study of pregnancy morbidity in the United States, pregnancy-related complications were more common with childbirth than with abortion.
>Legal induced abortion is markedly safer than childbirth. The risk of death associated with childbirth is approximately 14 times higher than that with abortion.


>The national legal induced abortion case-fatality rate for 2008–2013 was 0.62 legal induced abortion-related deaths per 100,000 reported legal abortions.


It is 0.6 deaths per 100,000 abortions according to CDC and other legitimate sources. Be very wary of any other figures. A lot of pro-life sites/groups will claim the mortality rate is much much higher. Its fear mongering bullshit.

No. 85747

Thanks anon! Yeah i was shocked because i saw that on national tv in my country. I will look more into it because i'm pretty sure that you can't just give fake info on tv freely without consequences. First i need to make sure that i didnt misshear like an idiot though.

No. 85853

Still, pro-abortion groups use abortion mortality as an excuse to legalize it.
The thing is, an abortion can give you side effects and also kill you, but it's not frequent at all.

No. 86516

Sorry to reply to such an old comment, but I've been reading through the thread and wanted to respond.
I thought I was pregnant a couple of months ago. I've been on birth control since I got married (I was a virgin until our wedding night..crazy, I know)
and I take that pill every single morning at the exact same time. My period is like clockwork. The same weekday every month.
Well, that month it didn't happen. I wasn't even cramping or having PMS symptoms. I'd had pregnancy dreams twice that month…Three days goes by and I'm starting to panic. My nipples were killing me. I haven't missed a period since I was a teen, but I was also anorexic and not sexually active, so it wasnt a big deal. I start googling things. See to take a pregnancy test a week after the missed period.
I do that, its negative. But, I'm still being nutso and panicking. Call my gyno. Tell them what happened.They say that its probably because I'd started a new birth control brand two months prior and my hormones were jacked.
Went to get a urine/blood test from my gyno anyways and it was negative. HUGE relief. i was worried about the abortion. I come from the south..you don't get told positive things about it. only horror stories..

But, during that two weeks of panic, I did a lot of research on abortions. I knew i didn't want kids. My husband doesn't want kids. I have too many issues from childhood and honestly I want to be selfish and live my own life without dealing with a kid.

The amount of people that are SO anti-choice astonished me. Men and women saying that you should keep your legs closed and not be a slut. People that are stuck in that mindset that you should only have sex if you want a baby…it was really bothersome.

I'm married and I've only ever had sex with my husband. I've never been with anyone else..but people think that because I want an abortion that I'm a dirty slut? What a shitty world lol.

No one wants an abortion. But many people don't want children. Or many women have been abused and a baby has resulted from that…they need to be able to do what they want.

I'm so glad OP's abortion went well. It definitely makes me feel better if I do accidentally conceive.

Sorry for the blog post…

No. 90757

This depends on what exactly you're trying to find a place for those of us live alone and just the biggest reason, actually.

No. 90773

I really can't say that the mercs are all fucking idiots.

No. 91014

kek at the thinly veiled incels trying to police our bodies.
We'll do whatever we want with it whether you like it or not (and guess what,whether you believe in a magic man in the sky or not, it's scientifically just a bunch of cells that isn't sentient,if you hold that opinion you better be a vegan) you have no say in it fagtrons.
We are the one carrying those fetuses for 9 months,ruining our bodies,getting sick,etc.. over it, you guys just shoot your load and it's over.

If men had uteruses i stg you would be the first one crying about it all.

No. 91049

I saw something once along the lines of, "if men could get pregmant abortions would be legal and free" and I do believe that. Hell, Viagra is covered by every single insurance yet BC is hit or miss, has horrible side effects and insurance companies like to pick and choose which forms they cover.

No. 91065

Males be forever mad they can't play god

No. 91072

viagra isn't covered by insurance you idiot, it's only covered for a few months for people who got their prostates removed.

i'm not arguing your point, just don't spread shitty false information. also, IUD birth control is covered by insurance and doesn't have the side effects of hormonal BC.

the BC and abortion thing is specifically christian men. who are garbage. the same reason men don't have BC themselves, because it's not as if they wouldn't like to be able to pump and dump every girl they see with no condom and no possible consequences.

No. 91073

Saw this on tumblr today, a pretty good argument actually:

>I don’t remember where I saw the post, but someone once made a very good point about how reproductive autonomy is not tied to one’s genetic relationship to the fetus.

>If I, a woman, donate eggs for another woman, who then has them fertilized by her partner’s sperm, I have no say in whether or not she chooses to terminate that pregnancy later on after implantation. Yes, I would be that child’s biological mother, but it isn’t my body that will go through the process of pregnancy, and therefore my input would be irrelevant.
>So far no dude I told this to has been able to justify why they thought they, as the father, should have a say in what their hypothetically-pregnant partner chooses to do.
>Nature did not distribute the reproductive burden equally between men and women and our legislation on reproductive issues needs to take this into account.

No. 91074

>IUD birth control is covered by insurance
Not in every country. Also, don't forget that very young women also take BC for different reasons other than to prevent a pregnancy and an IUD is certainly not an option for them.
I'm a virgin, have taken BC for years now due to PMS and whenever I buy it, it reminds me that I already had to spend a couple hundred bucks just to be able to got to school without pain.
My brother doesn't have to spend that money, same as my male friends…

No. 91113

well your brother doesn't even have a fucking period anon, that's not really comparable since you're using it for pain.

also you can have IUDs even if you weren't pregnant, that's outdated information.

No. 91114

That is a good way to put it. Sometimes you just have to accept that biology isn't equal. There's nothing women can do to be overall as physically strong as men, and there's nothing they can do to carry a baby.

No. 91120

Men have the luxury to not be in discomfort/pain because of their biology AND don't need to spend as much money as we do, is what I'm trying to say.

Also, I know that young women can get IUDs, my gyno offered me theat option, but for my mother the insertation was very painful, so if I haven't even had normal sex yet I definitely don't want to go through that and I'm sure others don't want to as well.
Plus, like I mentioned before, it might be for free in your country, but that's not the case for everywhere else.

No. 92135

I'm from a country were abortion is illegal as fuck. Not even rape victim can abort. Damn, even little kids are forced to give birth.

I fear that I can be pregnant. I mean, I didn't had unprotected vaginal sex, but I had unprotedcted anal sex, and my boyfriend's cum slipped into my pussy. I took the pill minutes later, but I'm still scared.

No. 92137

Fingers crossed for you anon, I couldn't fathom living in such a stifling country where they even make little girls go through childbirth.

No. 92140


Any tips for safe abortions in a country that is illegal as hell?

I dunno if I'm pregnant or not tbh, but I still want options for that.

No. 92148

A website popular here is womenonweb.org I'm not sure if they operate in your country.

No. 92149

Anon I feel for you, my home country also doesn’t allow abortion unless you hop the border and pay good money to have it done there.
Please for your own well-being get yourself an IUD either in your own country or border hop to get one.
It’s pretty easy application one session at doctor and lasts for 5-10 year depending on which brand. You can have removed any time you want but reason I tell you this is because I was in same worry about pregnancy knowing my country has not many options for if it happens. With iud mistake cannot happen because I don’t have to remember to take a pill or get a shot, I can have it for 5 year with no worry.

No. 92150

There is no “safe” abortion options in a country that doesn’t allow legal abortions.
Any people you find willing to perform it are not trained and could damage your body or even kill you accidentally.
If you have option to get the day after pill then that is your best chance, but if you live in Europe where it’s possible to go to another country where it is legal to have done this is the best case scenario.
It is best to do something to prevent this from happening as in such country there is no easy and safe solution because the government chooses to make it this way.
I have had friends hop border for abortions and it was costly but they also got IUD put in after that so this does not happen to them again and it is most valuable advice I have been given.

No. 92151

There are method of self abortion which will only work if you are very early in pregnancy. They may not work at all but apparently they have worked for some. I don’t reccomend doing it yourself but what I heard is you can cause miscarriage by causing yourself extreme upset stomach in early pregnancy. So take laxatives to get really bad stomach and this can work.
Taking a lot vitamin C supplements can also cause miscarriage.
By any reason do not try to perform a surgical abortion yourself, you do not know what you are doing and many times you fail and hurt yourself in process. This is why back alley abortion “doctors” are dangerous because they don’t know much more than you about it only know the last girl didn’t die but every woman’s body is different and it doesn’t mean what she survived will be ok for you.
Here’s a link that mentions the self abortions I mentioned and some others I haven’t heard about before:

No. 92165

You could try the abortion pill, if you could find someone to send it to you. It's risky, though.

No. 92169

I have heard about the vitamin C thing too. Before I got my IUD, I had a couple instances of chomping down the vitamin out of paranoia. I can’t say if it works or not.

>The negative effects of vitamin C likely occur at dosages above the 2,000 milligrams tolerable upper intake level.


I honestly looked for the actual mechanisms behind it but I am too tired at the moment and will try looking on ncbi tomorrow.
I’m sorry anon.

No. 92179

I can vouch for the effectiveness of the parsley/vitamin C method, although that article doesn't explain the process at all.


Heads up: if you're past the 8 week mark this method probably won't work. If anyone does try it, make sure you have a heating pad at the ready to help with the cramping.

No. 92190

File: 1534330317612.jpg (72.57 KB, 550x492, 1524841193566.jpg)

I'm so fucking paranoid about getting pregnant that I sometimes fear having sex.
I have an IUD and rarely let my BF cum inside, but fuck man, WHAT IF?

No. 92197

Remember to vote in your country when the issue comes up and for pro choice politicians.
There was a recent vote in Argentina and it didn’t pass :-(

Anons, be careful. I just seen this when I was looking up Argentina.
I’m sorry Argentine anons :-(

No. 92199

Have you talked with your bf about what you would do if your IUD failed? It's helpful to have a realistic idea about the worst-case scenario, and to know you're on the same page.

No. 92201

Anon maybe this will help,
I’ve had an abortion before then decided I wanted an iud so I’m fertile af, I’ve had it 4 years and we never use a condom or pull out with my bf, and I’m not pregnant. I can assure you it’s in your head and I know that feel but I’ve heard if you get pregnant by freak accident with iud inside, if u go to remove it while in early pregnancy it will bring on cramps and bleeding so you’ll most likely lose any pregnancy if you happen to do this.

No. 92202

Also if you’re that worried, take a pregnancy test a few of the times your worried and seeing it always end up negative may help you realize that it’s irrational to fear it since you’ve taken the best step to prevent it already. Really anon don’t worry so much it’s fine but I get where you’re coming from I used to be the same

No. 92204

I have the exact experience.
>IUD for 4 years so far
No failures yet and I have definitely put it to the test. I think my cramps are worse though.
I use Paraguard, the non-hormonal one.

No. 92289

if you are that worried then maybe stop having sex

No. 92314

File: 1534419265515.jpg (30.66 KB, 720x720, 1525905137918.jpg)

It's an irrational fear though, because IUDs are one of the safest forms of birth control, it's near equal with sterilization.

Yep, pretty much. I do not ever wish to be a mother so I would get an abortion if I were to fall pregnant.

It's comforting to hear that from someone else, thanks. Sometimes the thought just gnaws on your brain for a while and doesn't let go, haha.

No. 92343

That article says the woman died of septic shock after attempting the parsley abortion, not that it caused her death. Parsley won't make you septic, she must have cut herself inserting it and not realized it. Not to dig on you personally, anon, but that's sensationalistic journalism reaching hard to link two things that are more than likely coincidental.

No. 92481

I'm >>92135

Oh God Oh fuck

It's nearly the end of the month and I still don't get my period. Fuck, my ovaries hurts as much as when I'm going to mesntruate, but the pain got longer than a week. I'm scared.

No. 92483

Holyshit anon, I feel you. Are you from a latinamerican country? I'm from Chile where abortion was illegal in all forms a few months ago. The last year a friend of mine got an abortion contacting some pro-choice ONGS from here, they got her some pills and where very nice. She had to pay but at least was kinda safe. Maybe your country has some friendly ONGS that can help you http://comohacerseunaborto.com/chile/#

No. 92484


I'm peruvian. Wtf I thought Chile was more progressive than us. Idk if I can find that shit here tho.

No. 92485

maybe Women on Waves can help?
https://www.womenonwaves.org/ and https://www.womenonweb.org/en/i-need-an-abortion

Could help you get the pills

No. 92489

Here are some peruvian organizations that "con las amigas y en la casa" (the same that helped my friend here in chile) recommend. http://comohacerseunaborto.com/peru/

Good luck anon!

No. 92623


Thanks. My ovaries are still hurting like hell, but according to my menstrual cicle, I need to wait 3 days more. If nothing happens, gonna contact them!

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