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No. 68059

in this day and age? it's so oversaturated and im shit at makeup but i really want to "glow up" and post pictures and videos for a living while im in school

but im not good at makeup and it seems like you need to be to make it. im also more cute than sexy :/

No. 68060

just shoop. people on IG don't know the difference. get good at shoop, shoop consistently and tag your pics properly and you'll be good to go.

No. 68061

also, you'll have to find out the newest trends quickly so you can hop on board and get in on them before it's oversaturated.

sage for samefag

No. 68063

Okay, I'll look into shopping. However, another concern of mine is that everyone looks the same. I want to stand out but idk howwwwww

No. 68064

A quirky clothing style would help.

No. 68071

seriously how many of these sorts of threads are people going to make?

No. 68136

What a whiny entitled baby
I hope for your sake that you're underaged&b& or else that's just embarrassing

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