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File: 1507570087458.jpg (15.74 KB, 320x400, 351159e3e38d20b4f171fea1f4725a…)

No. 68788

Any farmers here tall?

I'm 6'1" and I get a lot of stares from other women. Fitting into clothes can be a problem when they're too short. I dated a guy once who was a manlet and he dropped me after one date because he was scared of me towering over him.

No. 68792

I am nowhere near as tall as you, but I am considered very tall in my country. I absolutely hate it.

No. 68800

>I'm 6'1" and I get a lot of stares from other women.

I honestly wouldn't be surprised if they were stares of jealousy, anon. I'm 5'3" and I've ALWAYS wanted to be your height, and I'm sure there's plenty of other girls who feel the way I do. Tall women are so beautiful and elegant. I know there must be challenges to being that tall, but please try not to let others make other people let you feel bad about yourself if they stare or are intimidated by you. Own your height because it's badass.

Plus you have a great excuse to look for a 6'5"+ man :')

No. 68802

File: 1507582319065.jpg (27 KB, 424x616, fbc8cabb3aa3f37b2c787462971dde…)

5"3 (as well) here, I find tall women super attractive. I like being short because it's cute and suits my "kawaii uwu" aesthetic but i think tall women can be just as cute and super pretty!!
The stares are probably jealousy and that guy was insecure (or just not into tall girls,which can be understandable because to each their own preference, but don't think about it too much)

No. 68806

I'm 5'10. I sometimes wish I were shorter so that I could wear heels without feeling like a sasquatch. Also I've never managed to find any men I'm compatible with who were over 5'11.

No. 68812

I'm barely 1.56 m and I hate it, I feel like a dwarf. I hate that when I can't find clothes/shoes my size, I have to buy in the kiddies department. In my job was hard af to make my coworkers take me seriously and it's not uncommon for creepy guys to see me as an easy target. Also if I gain or lose 1 or two kilos it becomes very noticeable, not to mention my clothes would fit me awfully.

I wish I was between 1.75-1.80. Tall women are so graceful and elegant to me, I really envy having long legs and a long neck. Long frames are so beautiful and feminine.

No. 68833

My ex gf was tall as fuck and I loved it and thought it was so hot. But I'm short and happy with it too. 5'2 here but most of it is legs and my figure is pretty nice with exercise. I used to hate being this short like anon here >>68812 but I love it now. I can wear heels without towering over people, I have a huge range of clothing options and my preferred clothing style looks great on my frame/height, and my partner (and every person I've liked earlier) absolutely loved how petite I look compared to them. I love the fact that I still get mistaken for an 18 year old despite being in my late 20s.

No. 68836

I'm 5'10 and I used to hate it. I felt manly and gross. But then when I lost weight I started liking it.
I'm still not a very confident person overall, but now I can tell when girls stare at me it's usually because they're jealous or intimidated. I don't even have to do anything and people just assume I'm more powerful than them or something, that's pretty awesome.
As far as guys, the only ones that really care are the ones that are insecure about their own height. And sometimes if you show those guys that you dgaf they'll stop caring as well.

No. 68837

I'm 5'5 and I'm considered tall. So many manlets.

No. 68838

Is it just me or… aren't a lot of tall guys with absolutely tiny women?

No. 68839

File: 1507639384047.png (587.77 KB, 748x922, tall.png)

>Also if I gain or lose 1 or two kilos it becomes very noticeable
I've always been so confused by short people saying this or also "I gain weight so much quicker, if I was tall I could eat without gaining!"? Like, if you're tall your appetite increases accordingly. I used to be self conscious about eating more than my friends until I realized that I'm way taller so /of course/ I'm more hungry, a tall body burns more calories!

It's so weird how convinced short girls seem that if they were taller they would look slimmer.

>Tall women are so graceful and elegant to me

Only if they're underweight. Sure, short normal weight girls might not be elegant, but at least you're cute.
Tall normal weight girls? "Giants/Masculine/Big"

No. 68840

your appetite increases but so does your overall calories needed, so to lose weight taller people can eat more than smaller people. it's not that hard to understand - yes appetite increases but from purely a number perspective tall women have it easier.

No. 68841

>your appetite increases but so does your overall calories needed

Which is why it's equally hard for short/regular/tall people to lose weight.

Like, for example:
Short person A: eats 1200 cals. Regular person B: 1300. Tall person C: 1400.
All these people are going to feel full the same length, and let's assume that those are the cals for them to maintain their weight.

Next: Weight loss
A: 1100 B: 1200 C: 1300 -> They will lose weight while all feeling equally hungry thus having it EQUALLY AS HARD to lose weight.
Sure A could go on to whine about "C can eat so much more while losing weight!! Not fair!!" But that's disregarding that it's much harder for a tall person to sustain 1100 cals than it is for a short person.

Obviously all this is overly simplified, but y'know, energy isn't magic.

No. 68842

I'm 5'10 and i absolutely hate it…

My whole life i've had disadvantages because of it; in kindergarten i was often scolded as the only person out of my group and than later on my teacher came up to me again and apologized, saying she always needs to remind herself that i'm not older than anybody else and therefore don't need to act more mature.

When i was 8 my grandma fell ill and whilst visiting my parents gave me some money to buy ice cream downstairs. On my way a woman stopped me and asked whether i'm a nurse; i had no idea how to react!

When i was 10 my dad walked with his arm around me and some dude yelled something like 'pretty couple' at us…

When i entered middle school on the first day everybody stared and whispered about me and some teacher asked me if i had to repeat class, because i obviously had to be older.

Even now as a young adult i still get some people laughing about how weirdly tall i am, rude man saying that they can't see standing 'behind a man'. Some children (and we all know that they are the most honest) ask whether i'm a boy or a girl.
Try finding a coat that doesn't end midway to your arms! Shortening trousers etc is always easier…

So in conclusion as a child everybody always had higher expectations, thinking that i'm older; if i did well in sports, i got "well it's obvious with your long legs", men always make fun of me and no, just because i'm tall it doesn't mean i'm immedeatly more confident.
All the tall girls in my class were the shy ones and the short girls were the cute anfmd popluar ones… I thought i'd stop, once i'm an adult but it doesn't and don't even get me on my dating options… Yes there might be men saying models are popluar and they are tall, but i'm no model! Most men are shorter than me and even if they are taller it doesn't mean that they don't prefer somebody normal sized.

I really don't get all these short girls wishing they were as tall as me, you don't know what you wish for. I get that being super short is also not ideal but being tall certainly isn't all rosy either, how can you say you want to be abnormaly tall if you've never experienced it? Just because i know that some dudes find short girls cute, i don't say thinks like oh i'd like to be 5 ft!

Being average simply is the best…

No. 68844

I forgot to add something that somebody else already posted before: being tall might be desirable, bur only and really only if you are very slim! Than you can fall in the modelish category, but otherwise even with only a little bit of extra weight you'll simply look gigantic.
Nothing makes you feel more girly, than being bigger in any aspect than a normal dude…

No. 68845

I'm 5'8 so not super tall but kinda tall for a girl. I feel masculine a lot of the time and worry about "taking up too much space" but I'm thin-fit and conventionally attractive so it doesn't impact my life too much. I just wish I could wear heels without being taller than my boyfriend lol. I used to think I'd have no problem dating short guys but a guy at least 4 inches shorter than me hit on me the other day and I think it was an eyeopener that I couldn't. Overall I'd be happy being like 2-3 inches shorter but I obviously can't so whatever. Saged for being blogposty.

No. 68846

I'm 5'10" and skinny. The worst part is that you're more obviously skinny than a normal person, and people talk about it. Restaurant workers will literally gossip about me being 'anorexic' right behind me! I'm just naturally skinny, I do work out a little bit to tone my body though.
Also, there's a lot of jealousy. There's a girl around the same height as me who hates me for no reason and I just found out she's been buying prescription diet pills/appetite suppressants off of some randoms so that she can get skinnier (she weighs more than me, probably 15 pounds, but she's still skinny). It sucks because this isn't the first time a girl has hated me for being tall+skinny and then I find out they're actively trying to lose weight or always wear heels to look taller. I just want to be friends with everyone!! Sorry for the rant, I feel like I have no one IRL to rant about this stuff to.
On the plus side, I'm meeting with the talent scouts from Armani next week. Wish me luck everyone!!

No. 68849

I'm 5'10 too and I don't mind it. Only annoying thing is that trousers and maxi dresses are always too short on me, and that my posture is shot to shit from being self-conscious about my height and slumping over all the time while going through puberty.

Everyone's always telling me to stand up straight but it just doesn't feel natural and like I'm pushing my breasts out for everyone to see.

No. 68850

Honestly i'd take being callrd anorexic over 'a man' any day… At least your skinny - and tallness benefits you in some way

No. 68851

super tall, really skinny girls are creepy looking, like spooky. i'm 5'10 and totally disagree that being skinnier is better. i am able to put on more weight and look much smaller than shorter girls. plus, guys are usually taller so it's not hard to find someone who looks really cute together with you

No. 68861

The Netherlands are the only country in this world there the average men is taller than 5ft10… so how can you say,'guys are usually taller'…?
Are you sure you're 5'10?

No. 68872

Maybe the anon is actually from the Netherlands. Have you thought about that?

No. 68914

But than it would still not be somethig 'usual' that he's taller, just more often plus i'd think she would have pointed out that she's from a country with a lot of tall people…

No. 68923

5'9 here, husband is 6'4 so it feels guud :'3 Living somewhere that isn't America though makes you realize people don't care as much about height. Constantly see taller women with shorter men here than I did in America.

No. 68954

I'm not tall at all, I'm 5'1, but I just have to say what you guys have probably heard a million times already, I am so jealous!
I want long ass legs and to like see in my cabinets and shit.

No. 68962

Back home i was considered average to short height for a girl my age (5'5") but now im studying abroad in uk and all the women are so horribly short! the girls at uni taller than me always turn out to be foreign students and from the 11 women on my shift im the tallest. It's giving me massive flashbacks to my anachan phase and feeling like a meat cow.
That being said i love tall girls, i think they're hot and and also make me feel cozy and safe

No. 68963

5'11" here. I don't really feel like I'm significantly taller than people even though I have 5'0 friends. Sure, I felt awkward about it in my childhood and teen years, but you get over it and embrace it. In fact, I think it's kind of funny/dumb that some presumably 18+ anons in this thread think they're 'manly' or freakish for being 5'8"-5'10", I don't even consider that really tall tbh (since you can still find loads of shoes in your sizes lol) but I'm also not actively keeping track of how tall I am compared to my peers. You can still have a feminine style and be tall, don't be so insecure, guys. As an "above average height" person I definitely never notice when people are shorter than me, so.

My boyfriend is the exact same height as me which is also cool.

I think my only issues with being tall are:
- Very limited shoe selection past size 11 (my feet seem to have recently grown so now I only fit in 12, aside from sandals). Most of the shoes I have ever wanted because they would have been affordable & frequently worn only go up to like, size 9 or 10
- Every store has a petites section, but no tall section (irl, not online)
- Literally only Levi's carries pants with the fucking length measurements on them for women. I have never seen any other women's brand do this in irl stores. All of my jeans have come from Levi's, Gap, or Banana Republic Tall sections for this reason
- All of the above is harder to find and more expensive than petite/average clothes
- Can't buy skirts, pants, dresses from stores like Forever 21 / H&M / fast fashion etc because they're comically too short

No. 68967

I'm 5'9" and really, the only time I had major issues was when I was 12 or 13 and the tallest person in my whole class. I was so gangly and awkward, and being tall drew so much attention.

No. 68972

I'm 5'7" and my boyfriend is the same height. I like being cheek to cheek level with him when we walk together. Plus 5'5" is a little taller than average so you get the benefit of being tall without actually being tall.

No. 68973

Oops typo. I meant 5'7" not 5'5"

No. 68974

Any scandi anon here? How true is that men over there prefer tall women? I've heard being over 5'9 is seen as a desirable beauty trait and many men won't date a girl shorter than 5'6-5'7.

No. 68976

I'm 4'11" and feel the same way as you. I really don't think 1 foot is that much of a height difference.

No. 68977

Men prefer average height here, but not alot of men like really tall girls unless they maybe are very tall themselves

No. 69129

I'm 5'2 and absolutely hate it. I wouldn't mind being 6ft at all tbh, and it has nothing to do with which would be more desirable to men or whatever, i couldn't care less about that. More to do with vulnerability. No matter what you do, being small will always make you physically weaker than most people unless you carry a gun. And I'm really not into the whole 'dainty flower that needs to be protected' thing that some people may glamorize with being a short female. If I were taller then I would be generally way more confident.

this is why I only prefer tall guys. in the hopes that if i have girls, they'll turn out at least a few inches taller than me and have one less problem.

No. 69130

This is a thread created by a tall woman for tall women, since looking different then the norm>>68962
does come with many problems; now it's full of short or averege girls going 'oh i'd love to be 6ft, it would solve all my problems, i would immedaely be super confident!'

>some people may glamorize with being a short female
and you are doing exactly the same with tall ones…

You're only 5ft5 which is perfectly normal all over the world, but it already triggers you. Yet you go on and say that being with tall women makes you feel safe and comfy. Just imagine how a girl of taller height might feel in the same situation. Maybe tall women also sometimes would like to feel 'comfy and safe'…?

No. 69154

I’m 5’8 and not even tall, but for someone who’s Asian, it is. Although I don’t mind it, because I’m numb. I’d be jealous of my family for being short and cute.

My bestfriend is 4’6, and we feel each other on the opposite side of the spectrum (shoes not in our sizes, too long/short of a dress etc etc)

Anyway, I don’t care for the stares anymore, but I wish I didn’t have such manly swimmer shoulders or this dumb inverted triangle body.

No. 69157

chill, you can say and respond to whoever you want.
>and you are doing exactly the same with tall ones…
you literally took that out of context.

No. 69172


I can relate anon, being 5'10 and chinese, it's a deal breaker for a lot of guys.

No. 69228

File: 1508334338775.gif (1.36 MB, 580x327, IMG_6387.GIF)

Why is every tall girl thread filled with "oh, I'm only 5' and sooooo tiny, but I'd love to be tall, really, it's soooo hard to be petite and delicate and fragile uguu"

Like damn let the tall girls vent.

No. 69237


Preach anon

No. 69240


Lmao hell no, I'm only 5'7 and 6' guys have told me I'm "tall for a girl" in a tone that suggests that it's actually a turn off. Also I know imageboard messages are well… just that, but there's a lot of "tfw no kawaii uguu ~petite~ feminine 5 ft loli looking gf" thirsting and calling taller and even average (what I am IMO) women "trannies" going on.

No. 69254

Better that than average height girls whining about how masucline and unlovable they feel and how much they wish they were qt petite anime characters.

No. 69272

Being tall has its advantages and disadvantages. Its weird because I always get girls telling me how they wish they were tall like me, how all models are tall, but then guys are kind of mixed opinions. Also hate when tall girls make a big deal that "short grillz are taking all our tall guyz!!!!!!" rages

No. 69277

Nah scandinavia isn't this tall people paradise, the height of girls vary a lot here, from super short to extremely tall. Most girls are around 5'4-5'7 though. Guys here really care about being taller than their girlfriends, so most prefer short girls here.

If you want a country full of really tall dudes who thus won't care so much about height, you probably should go to the netherlands, not scandinavia.

No. 69284

Well im not tall but taller than many, im 5'8 or 5'9 i think. I like it and wish i was taller. I actually enjoy when a guy is a little shorter than me, i don't like taller guys as i kind if feel "emasculated" (lol it sounds stupid to say it like that but i don't like feeling small).

No. 70220

I'm 5'8" and my height was always my first concern. I used to measure myself everyday and google "how to be shorter" for few days straight. I also got a lot of shit from the age of 7 to 12 because of my height, boys bullied me to the point headmaster had to stop them. I was physically hurt because of them many times. So I developed obsession with my height, I hated myself for that. The fact that every nice guy I knew was into very short girls didn't really help either.
I wouldn't mind dating shorter guys, I like shorter men maybe even more than taller men! But yeah, most guys are into petite, cute women.

No. 70222

I'm very short (4'11") and most guys I've met were into tall women…I seriously think we are likely meeting the same guys (but they are fucking with us by saying they prefer the opposite height). Seriously, men are weird.

No. 70261

File: 1510753158684.png (211.94 KB, 512x352, 1305070917963.png)

I actually love being sort of tall - 174 cm (5 foot 8 i think) and I sort of wish I was even taller. But ughh I absolutely hate being shoe size 10.5.. It's so sad see all those pretty shoes and knowing that the store don't carry your size.

No. 70262


urrggggg tell me about it. i'm not even that tall (shorter than you) and i wear a size 11. where i live they don't make women's shoes that large. i have to resort to importing them for very high prices or wear ugly men's shoes.

No. 70289

As a 5'11 girl I can fully confirm that I hate other womens reactions to you, I either get treated like a weird giant and avoided or other woman just seem to be really horrible?

No. 70290

short girl with "tall girl" shoe size here. yes, i am a hobbit.

anyway, this isn't my thread to vent in, but i just wanted to give some love to you guys. tall girls are really cute! i'm always in awe of them tbh.

No. 70340

File: 1510895276152.gif (1000.56 KB, 435x250, kattwilliamssmug.gif)

tfw 5'9 and size 8 shoe.
For once, I can be smug about having weird proportions. In reality, it means I have weird alien hands and feet. Slim limbs, wrist the same size as palm.

No. 70343

>tfw 5'7"
>not tall enough to be a Tall Girl
>not short enough to be kawaii tiny gf
>just barely too tall for heels

No. 70348

File: 1510927212325.jpg (8.59 KB, 227x200, 3c6e73e7.jpg)

sigh Same. I'm a giant in heels but not considered a tall girl really; just slightly above average height. My bf is only 5'9" too so sometimes I feel like I'm dating a manlet.

No. 70350

i'm 175cm which isn't as tall as some other girls but i also have a 90cm inseam, which makes it like impossible to wear jeans or pants comfortably at all.

No. 70362

Congrats anons, you're normal!

Now quit whining on a thread for tall woman; if you would've taken the time to actually read the things some posters above you wrote, you woud realize that there are worse things than not feeling that comfortable in fucking high heels…

No. 70368

>Like, if you're tall your appetite increases accordingly
That would be true if all the accessible calories are from minimally processed, non-caloric dense food. But so much of the average western diet is comprised of empty calories the "appetite" aspect no longer applies. A 300cal bottle of soda would leave both a tall and a short person equally satisfied (which is to say not much) but the shorter a person is, the less likely that they have any room for such a fuck up.

No. 70372

its cold where I am at. I'm 5'10 and my coat makes me look like beast. short men don't like to sit next to me and women stare. its like I intimidate everyone.

No. 70409

>be at college waiting in line
>see this tall af woman (well over 6 feet tall)
>benis intensifies
Idk how I'd feel about dating a woman taller than me, but at the same time I want to produce really tall offspring.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 70414

I'm 5'2" and I've always been super jealous of tall women. I hate being short, I don't get why anyone would want to be.
Taller women are just more elegant.

No. 70415

But western meals and snacks are geared towards taller people.
If you're a short woman, it's really hard to eat out without hitting like 70% of your daily calories in one meal. Not to mention as >>70368 said, it's very easy to overeat on empty calories as a short woman without realising you're doing so.
You have to be much more careful about budgeting your calories if you want to eat junk food.

No. 70417

5'7" is literally the perfect height though. It's just tall enough for modelling (see Kate Moss) but not tall enough to be offputting. You're not going to find things too small or too high for you, as you're average height for a human.

No. 70418

File: 1511091818218.jpg (148.86 KB, 1208x1600, Giada_De_Laurentiis-long.torso…)

5'9 with short af legs. it sucks, i look horrible and weird and fatter than i am.

i used to model and clients would complain about it lol. it's good for underwear/swimwear shoots but any fashion shots i was constantly told i have weird proportions

feels bad man

No. 70426

I'm short but also a long torso/very short legs girl. It sucks, but it really helped to figure out what was up and why my legs looked so stubby no matter how skinny my torso got.

Skirts and dresses that hit above the knee are key, probably why they're so popular in Japan and Korea - East Asians tend to have long torso proportions but I wish I could find a way to make skinny jeans look flattering.

Do you find that you "carry your weight better" than other girls your height? Like looking on MBG, most of the other girls my height/weight have some stomach pudge while I have none, and I'm wondering if it's because of my proportions.

No. 70438

File: 1511162005677.jpg (45.84 KB, 683x1024, hfeuigh.jpg)

I find rachel bilson is a good example of this body type.

No. 70445

Lol no. They're like this because historically people ate a lot to go work all day, and during the 50s people simply ate a lot because after WW2 we had a ton of food. Stuff like that persisted and is now the norm, despite it being bad/not necessary.

No. 70452

I have like exactly her body (same height, same hips, same short legs) but with big breasts.
Sucks having such short legs, but at least I have a good hip/waist ratio.

She dresses pretty well, because you can't really tell outside of swimsuit pics, though it's not really my style

What part do you disagree with? Calorically dense (but nutritionally empty) food is much more easily available now, and much more a part of the average persons diet.

Portion sizes have gotten huge in the UK, and from what I know it's even worse in the US.

No. 70454

i'm disagreeing that it's geared towards taller people, but rather just a product of being gluttonous, which maybe is inconvenient towards shorter people, but is inconvenient to people in general.

No. 70485

Well, the average person is much taller than a short woman (whereas a tall woman is pretty average height unless they're REALLY tall), is all I meant.
So the "average" portion is much too much, and it's hard to fit like a doughnut or cookie into your daily calorie budget because it's like 40% of what you should eat for the whole day.

No. 70500

My boyfriend doesn't get this. He thinks it's weird I'm so careful about calories in treats.

No. 70613

I never mention calorie counts to other people unless they do first, because some people get weird about caring at all about calories, because counting calories = ED in their minds.

Also, I run regularly, which helps bring my TDEE up by like 300 per day, which is easier. But I like the running, the calorie burning is just an added bonus. Would recommend finding a physical activity you enjoy if you want to up your TDEE (+ a whole load of other benefits).

No. 70691

Does any short woman (4’7”) think if getting leg lengthening surgery? No? Just me? Ok.

No. 70700

Pffft world average is 5’5 and below, 5’7 is when girls start to get the “wow you’re tall” speil. Nope we aren’t Amazons but we’re still lumped into the “tall girl” category so boohoo for you we’re sticking around

No. 70706

I'm 5'7" and I considered it for a while before realizing how painful it would be. I hate being tall but not model tall, just tall enough for it to stand out but not enough that it's a defining trait that could be considered charming.

Shit fucking sucks, I wish I was two inches taller or shorter

No. 70715

I have no idea why a woman would do a leg lengthening surgery. It's just too risky for the possible benefits. Maybe it could be good for a turbomanlet but even in that case I don't think it's worth it.

No. 70719

File: 1511591160640.png (359.45 KB, 915x678, womanlet chart.png)

you are fine

No. 70730

Yeah, I'm 5'1" and if I could change anything about my body, I'd want my legs to be 2-4" taller.
5'7" is literally the perfect height for women imo.

No. 70736

>>Thread for tall women, about tall women, from tall women
>>a bunch of short women feeling the need to barge in and wah about their pruhbluhms

give me a fucking break

No. 70737

When I see a man with a significantly taller person (of either gender), I get weirdly turned on. I'm not tall myself so if I wanted to make that kink a reality I'd have to date a tiny manlet or a fucking child. What is my deal? Also post more pics of short men with taller people pls.

No. 70747

this makes me want to kms even though I'm only 5'9 in a country where it's not super uncommon.

Luckily losing weight makes it more bearable. Why can't I be cute and short?

No. 70754

File: 1511653883171.jpg (70.95 KB, 275x183, loveyourself.jpg)

Are you seriously feeling bad over some fucking /r9k/ meme? Anon, no. That picture was most likely made not even by a fembot, but by a male robot, and if you hang around this site you know very well how they are.

No. 70757

womanlets aren't big enough to contain their emotions

No. 70761

File: 1511666583716.jpg (77.72 KB, 662x993, Frida-Aasen_-On-her-way-to-the…)

I get the insecurity, I've been there myself, (175cm / 5'9 here). but does it really matter if most guys are shorter than you or your height? I personally don't want the average guy, or 'most guys'.

You can be cute and you can be sexy, it has nothing to do with height (look at models)! If any man makes you feel insecure about your height then you need to leave him for a better guy. And if any short woman talks shit and she is your friend, then you need to get a new friend.

this makes me so sad, I really hope that all you women who are insecure manage to deal with that and feel positive about yourself.

No. 70772

Yeah, but at least we don't feel the need to make an entire thread dedicated to our height.

No. 70781

It's great that you're so confident about your height, so could you not barge into a thread, specifically about us, with *~your issues~*? Or are you not THAT confident that you still feel the fucking need to make even this about yourself?

No. 70782

I've pointed this out before; it's as if they completely ignore all those posts about tall girls having sometimes really serious problems, just to tell us how awfull it is how everyone always finds them smol and adorable… Nothing can every compare to being ridicouled and being called a man and monstrous when you're just a young insecure girl; you'll never understand how that makes you feel

No. 70783

Saged for samefag and blogpost, but i had to add this: when i was just 10 yo i changed schools and this is the first thing my new teacher said to my mother: oh, she'll never get a boyfriend, she's way too tall!
Stuff like that really destroy all your confidence… and the worst thing is, i really never dated anyone.

When you are of average height, the vast majority of men is taller and therefore - in theory - dateable. If you are taller than the average men, your dating pool becomes already very small, and just because a guy is taller doesn't immediately mean he also likes tall girls; and on't get me started and well you could date shorter boys! I don't need a daily reminder of how tall i really am and i also don't need something to be made fun of additionally

No. 70788

Actually, I just happened to be scrolling down and saw your post insulting short women. You made a crass remark about short women, but don't expect any short women to respond? GTFO, but remember to duck so you don't hit your head on the frame of the door.

No. 70794

Let's make a thread for short women and than see how they like it when tall girls are non-stop posting how nice it must be to be short and small and feminine… Judging by how many are posting here, they're in desperate need of one


Why do i have a hard time believing you're actually tall…?

But i guess good for you that you don't have a problem with it, so can you please fuck of??? It would be the same if i went to the vent thread and said "get over it"…

No. 70802

>Let's make a thread for short women and than see how they like it when tall girls are non-stop posting how nice it must be to be short and small and feminine.

Just dropping in to say I (5'3) wouldn't give a shit and could totally see why some people would have the "grass is always greener on the other side" perspective. You sound very, very, very triggered and perhaps you should take some time to calm down. Nobody is trying to make you feel bad on purpose, and even if they were, lolcow isn't your safe space anyway.

No. 70855

Tall girls have the benefit of actually have slender, beautiful legs. Womanlets like us just end up looking like stocky dwarves. The sort of men who think we're hot are just unacquainted with how stockily proportioned we are when we take our clothes off.

No. 70865

Actually it really depends on your build. You might just have a longer waist than legs.

No. 70890


Yeah, exactly lol
I saw a girl on the subway once that was a bit taller than me (i am guessins around 177cm) and she was like mostly torso. Also, not all tall girls are models with perfect thigh gaps. anon be tripping

No. 70892

File: 1511906598463.jpg (82.14 KB, 300x300, 1506641360628.jpg)

Slavlands, 180cm here + often wear 5cm heels
I used to be really insecure about my height in middle school, but now don't care about it anymore.
Happy because in the recent months I dropped from 71kg to 66.5kg and going down, so look more petite than before.
Guess it is because of the fact, that with time guys in class got taller, so I am not the tallest in the group.
I am also into girls so don't really care if I am taller than some guys.

No. 70912

I was suffering because of my tall height for my entire life (getting bullied, developed an eating disorder to look smaller and now as an adult still getting aggressive remarks by both genders for it) and that truly has rid me of all my confidence; what should i do? Height is truly the only thing one can't change…

No. 70914

Girl, other girls bashing your height are only jealous bitches and men that bully tall girls feel threatened because they are fucking pussies. They bully you because they sense your insecurity and take advantage of that to compensate their shitty existence.

No. 70920

File: 1511985038237.webm (1.53 MB, 1280x720, womanlet.webm)

No. 70921

>I am also into girls so don't really care if I am taller than some guys.
This, being tall is amazing if you're a lesbian because I don't think I've ever met one that isn't into taller girls. I'm average height but I always wear heels just for that reason. I used to think I was gonna be really tall because when I was younger I was the tallest in my class but I must have just hit my growth spurt early since I stopped growing at all after that.

No. 70928

It's true I love tall girls

No. 71161

File: 1512507209806.jpg (100.53 KB, 774x1032, tall-woman-002017.jpg)

I think some girls just get insecure about their height because it brings attention they don't have control over, like giant boobs.

There are girls and guys that think the girl has to be shorter than the guy, but there are some that think it's cute to have a taller g/f, because it makes them look like they are dating a model or something.

No. 71162

File: 1512507277652.jpg (34.35 KB, 480x480, 11312178_604956489607269_16303…)

or it can go the other way

No. 71202

that must create some problems during sex

No. 71230

The truth hurts fam, my gay ass is 1.63cm and I suffer everyday

No. 71413

ikr? Honestly so annoying they act all cutesy about it like they're fishing for attention.

No. 71496

So apparently this has become a short girls complaining thread instead of a thread for tall girls? What's the matter? Not used to not getting all the attention?
Short bitches btfo.

No. 71497

Has anyone else ever had to deal with insecure manlets in relationships? I'm about 5'7" so I'm above average, but I don't really consider myself to be too tall. Around a year ago I was interested in this guy who was pretty cute and smart but he had an obvious inferority complex because of his height. Before I began to like him I noticed that he would occasionally make callous jokes about tall people, and once when I mentioned my height he snidely questioned if I "was one of the few tall people who shouldn't be culled."
Well fast forward a couple of months after that, we developed crushes on each other, and the topic of height eventually came up again.
I'm assuming he had forgotten because he asked me how tall I was when we were in a call together, then he started acting very skittish when I answered him and asked him what his height was. He timidly told me that he was 5'5" and then later on he lamented about how everyone must hate him because he's short. All the while I kept reminding him that I didn't care about his height, but he disregarded that.

No. 71498

I'm 5'7" and the moment I quit dating was when a 6ft guy told me he doesn't want to be "double the size of someone" as if I was TOO SMALL. Wtf

Also surprised to see girls who are 5'5 in here. I think 5'10 and up is tall for a girl. 5'5-5'10 just means less chance of kidnapping and more fun at concerts/crowd events

No. 71501

177cm/5'10" here
Any other tall girls here who became "aware" of their tallness at a late age? I didn't think anything about it until I started watching my weight more and calculating bmi.
Afterwards I realised this caused a lot of funny situations:
>comparing weight with short friends, always feeling fat even though i actually was the same as them
>short friend borrowing T-shirts of our male friend to sleep in, me wanting to do that too and being frustrated that it didn't cover my ass completely
>not understanding why tights, dresses and skirts were so often too short for me

Anyways I've often wished i was cute and smoll….when I'm with short girl friends I feel like a giant who's about to stomp them flat. I guess I've kind of accepted it now.

Ah right, it's also the cause of walking hunched, trying really hard to get that out of my system.

My mom and I were in Egypt once and all the women were staring at us because we were way taller than them, my mom isn't even that tall compared to me.

No. 71502

I've dated some manlets and our height difference was actually never mentioned, we didn't think twice of it so I guess I was always lucky.

My husband and I are the same height but he loves the rare occassion I wear heels because it makes me look like model standing next to him I guess? (just the height difference, not saying that I look like a beautiful model)

No. 71504

it's true though. when my tiny friend, who normally has a really nice figure, was pregnant, she looked like an Amerifat whale but she did lose the weight really really fast after the baby was out.

Also my bf and I eat almost twice as much as our much shorter friends but they're just full really fast and we're not.

>waaaah waaahhh we have it so tough

No. 71510

I did become aware of it very early, but i'm quite sure that being this tall and constantly comparing myself with shorter and lighter friends is the cause of my eating disorder… being as thin as possible seemed the only way to become 'smaller'

No. 71512

i vaguely have this issue. i'm 175 and into jfashion and always feel fat when i can't fit into japanese size M. it's really fucked with my perception of self. i like being tall but sometimes i feel like being short would be easier…

No. 71534

I hate how there are so many short girls bragging about being a size S or XS, like bitch that doesn't make you thin, it's just natural for your height!
Even when i go shopping with my friends there have been instances there one of them held up a shirt in large and said ugh who can wear that?! I need to, if i don't want my ass to be showing…

No. 71538

Because of vanity sizing in my country I still wear S as a tall girl and I'm normal weight. It's really annoying to find the right thing sometimes because S is often too short.
>tfw those cute oversized long hoodies still look like regular hoodies on me
>tfw the cute bf-hoodie/shirt look will never work

No. 71614

File: 1513462289700.jpg (55.79 KB, 600x550, DAbSAUAWsAIhy35.jpg)

>Have the body of some kind of boi/twink
Does the ride ever end, sisters?

No. 72643

File: 1514956201427.png (439.75 KB, 536x668, 1514945193798.png)

>be me
>6ft girl with broad shoulders and narrow hips
>live in a country where the average height for a man is 5'7

"Oh sweet, a thread for tall women!"

>it's filled with 5'7-5'8 women complaining about being tall or really short girls complaining about "being too smol and delicate like a flower uwu"

Fuck this. I should just off myself.

No. 72646

I'm 5'10" (178cm)
I love being tall and love wearing high heels to make me 6'1" or more.
It's great being tall and slim.
People give you more respect for being tall, they see you as being more dominant. Definitely an advantage and should use it to work in your favour.
Walk your height with pride.

No. 72665


I never wore 6 inch high heels before until 2017. It's really fun but I don't know how smaller girls walk in them so easily? How do they not fall over every few minutes? Even a 3.5 inch heel is perilous. Please advise.

No. 72681

6'1 here

No. 72684

I'm only 5'9", but I'm really slim and lanky so it looks like I'm taller. I hate being tall because pants are never long enough and skirts/dresses always show my ass. The cons of having long legs and a short torso.

Old post but yes!! I've had people ask my friends if I have an ED and need help. When I was in school, the lunch ladies would give me extra servings too because of it.

To all other thin tall girls, where do you guys buy your jeans? I've tried tall stores, but they're always too big at the waist

No. 72708

you sound beautiful to me :3

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