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No. 68924

Thoughts Farmers?


I'm disgusted and I believe in the need of single sex scouting. This is bad policy.

No. 68925

Makes things easier on parents who want to raise scouts, that's a plus.

No. 68927

Will the Girl Scouts still be a thing? And if so, why would any girl want to join the GS when they can just join the Boy Scouts?

Honestly being a girl scout was boring and pointless. Maybe it was just my ~troupe~, but we didn't learn anything of value.

No. 68928

I too believe in sex segregated spaces, women need spaces free of men (and girls succeed more when there are no boys), but the thing is Girl Scouts and Boy Scouts do wildly different things, Girl Scouts is "lets talk about friendship" and Boy Scouts is "lets learn how to tie practical knots"
If it was truly separate but equal, I would be fine with it. Girl Scouts should step it up and not prevent girls from seeking "boyish" interests

No. 68929

>Girl Scouts should step it up and not prevent girls from seeking "boyish" interests

Absolutely. There are a number of things Girls Scouts can apply from Boy Scouts. For example, the Boy Scouts have this thing called 'Order of the Arrow'. Why do this thing called 'Sisterhood of Artemis'?

No. 68930

I agree with this. Rather than turning boy scouts into gender neutral scouts they should just improve girl scouts and expand their activities to include a larger variety of practical skills that the boy scouts program teaches.

No. 68934

AFAIK the Boy Scouts have been doing a bit worse in the last decade compared to the Girl Scouts. I think they're doing it as a grab to get more members and move attention away from all the scandals they've had over the years.

I was a Girl Scout and it was ok, it wasn't something I got super into but the troupe did have a lot of outdoor events and I got to try archery and knot tying. I have no idea if it's the same now but I just see the girls pushing cookie sales constantly.

No. 68960

My troop was great; the activities you do are decided by the troop leaders. If you want to do outdoorsy boy scouty things, you can. It was nice to have an all-girls group to do things with, and was a nice outlet for wholesome fun when I reached high school. I also ended up being friends with people I probably wouldn't know very well at all if not for Girl Scouts.That said, that was prior to Girl Scouts rebranding itself to focus on less traditionally scouting-related activities.

No. 68986

I heard the medals in the GS are a load of bullshit. Like you get medals for grooming for example when this medal doesn't exist in boys' scouts.

No. 69000

In the discussions I was reading, some people were speculating they opened up as an alternative to the Girl Scouts for conservative parents who didn't like the progressiveness of the GS's policies (even though there's already a more conservative variant of the GS but just not as popular).

No. 69018

If the girl scouts actually taught usefull skills instead of doing worthless crafts all day this wouldn't be a problem. I was a girl scout for a few years and we went on one camp out and didn't do anything of value there.

No. 72049

I agree with you farmers. And, 'Sisterhood of Artemis' sounds totally badass.

No. 72100

I am catholic and lots of young parents are upset over the GS funding PP and approving of transgender things. More BS are based in churches than the GS

No. 73121

File: 1515666617997.jpeg (48.85 KB, 500x253, B9FA5A9B-9AB9-459A-837B-C36C96…)

A friend of mine was given a plaque and ceremony in place of an Eagle Scout title. It’s not that radical fam

No. 73139

How long ago were you a Girl Scout? I did it in the '90s/early '00s, and this is nothing like my experience. I guess it depends on your troop.

No. 73140

File: 1515695112760.jpg (20.72 KB, 300x389, 20351023211.jpg)

nayrt but my troop was doing a gay craft or friendship exercise for an hour every meeting and this was early '00s as a Brownie. I ended up complaining to my parents about how we never do anything and quit. Apparently word got to the troop leaders that I said that so they decided to change it…by going outside to pick up litter next meeting. That's a good lesson but I think if it were a boy scout group, the kids would be having none of that. At least teach some home econ or something.

I also read cover-to-cover pic related & another similar Brownie book and I think I knew more about GS values and camping than my troop leaders ever did.

No. 73694

Hey so im not American and the Scouts in my area of the country have always been gender mixed.

It was literally just boy scouts but with girls in it, archery, knot tying, camping.
Never sold cookies or made friendship bracelets.
(I hated it because i hate outdoorsy shit and my parents made me do it)
But we never had problems with gender stuff and everyone was treated equally.

No. 81539

I'm male from the UK and my troop was just 'the Scouts'. We were gender mixed and were all taught the same stuff. There were less girls though, maybe some parents thought their daughters wouldn't like it? I don't know.

It's weird that the US Scouts are taught different things dependent on sex, I never knew this - makes sense why they would want to move to the Boy Scouts if the Girl Scouts is mostly just selling cookies.

No. 81610

I'm a UK anon too - scout troops in the UK are all mixed, from Beavers, Cubs, Scouts and Explorers. My troop had an equal enough ratio of girls to lads. Nobody ever complained and was a great experience for me growing up from 7 to 17. Camping, outdoor survival skills, team work, community work, archery, climbing and absailing, shooting, just going into nature and getting covered in mud and massive hikes. Good times. The only segregation was male and female tents but that's a given really for privacy etc. Even Cadets is mixed. Sure Brownies and Boy Scouting was separate but a lot of people see those as old fashioned and are no where near as popular as the main scouting association.

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