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No. 69003

Any of you farmer received a dickpick before?

Bonus: Have you received an unsolicited dickpick from some rando?

No. 69007

Who hasn't? Like for real, it's happened more times than I can count, but nowadays I stay away from most sites where dudes tend to pull that shit. I still get the occasional random dude trying to video call me on facebook to "play" or whatever, despite me being very openly married.

No. 69016

I got a dick pic from this guy I was kinda friends with on FB. Like he thought we were flirting because I complimented his drawings, he started being very weird after that. I sent a screenshot of it to his girlfriend, told her he was being weird with me and some days later they broke up. He got really mad at me and said that would sue.

No. 69020

lmfao anon, sorry you had to deal with that shit, why do men think every woman that acts friendly means she wants their dick, i dont even bother trying to be friends with men anymore lol

No. 69024

I haven't. I'm surprised it's apparently so common.

I mean I've gotten male orbiters but I always shut that shit down fast, so maybe that's why.

No. 69266

I just instantly block when that happens lol. Waste of time.

No. 69270

Ugh yes, and they're 99.7% ugly dicks. I even sent once of my bfs dick pics back to a guy, he was really confused lol

I honestly don't understand what they think they're accomplishing with this? Sending a picture of your dick isn't the same as a picture of a girls boobs.

No. 69276

I've seen some dick pics that made me salivate. But 99% dickpics are unwanted and ugly.

Why can't men take good nudes?

No. 69278

I've only ever receieved dickpicks as a child. Idk what that says about society.

No. 96826

why do guys send dickpics? Are there some girls out there that are demanding them all the time or something? Because apparently it must work at some point if these guys are just constantly doing it.

No. 96834

Oh definitely. It's funny because the guy kept pestering me for nudes so I told him to do it first. As you can imagine, I still didn't give him any nudes so it was like a reverse trap especially since he admitted he was scared to post them to me.
Feels good man to turn the tables.
Never received a rando dick pic but wouldn't be phased by it especially since I draw yaoi-fanart so I'm use to looking and drawing dicks.

No. 96853

Not my theory but I read this somewhere else online. Men fetishize the vagina in a different way than women fetishize guys’ dicks. I think most women would rather have, say, a full-body pic than just a dick pic. So, men, who generally have stronger sex drives, assume that women feel the same way about their genitalia and send a dickpic, thinking that the woman will reciprocate his advances. You think they’d learn by now though that that isn’t true, lol.

No. 96863

Why do men expose themselves to women in public? They just have an easy, legal way to do it now. They get off on forcing their sexuality on women, and maybe some delusional men think they might actually get sex out of it.

No. 96872

Never got one, no. Might be because I don't post selfies or have photos as profile pic, those seem to attract a lot of thirsty losers.

No. 96874

Same here anon. On one hand I feel like I'm missing out on something hilarious, but on the other I'm thankful I don't have to be surprised by some nasty dick in my DM's.

No. 96876

I got some, unsolicited of course. Shamed the dudes into oblivion and made them believe their cocks have something wrong. You could see their insecurity showing up message after message. I especially like how they thought they were being "dominant" on me by showing me their dicks, but I just laughed at them in return and put them in their place. Was fun.
Don't want to be "bodyshamed"? Don't expose yourself like that to unconsenting women next time ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

No. 96877

I've never received one, and I've never had orbiters either. Is it the sort of thing you need to be active online to get from someone? I don't post selfies or anything.

This is my goal someday tbh. Trick a guy into sending me nudes.

No. 96884

I've never received one from someone I know, only randos. Most often on Snapchat, when I had the option to receive snaps from anyone on. And my username unfortunately means something sexual in some scandi language, which I didn't know, so scandi guys would add me hoping for someone ~pervy~. Eh

What I totally recommend to do when you receive unsolicited dick pics is to fuck with men's self-worth lol, basically answer with
>uhh… I've never seen a dick like this, are you okay?
>anon have you thought about going to a doctor?
>wow that's a hilarious looking dick, I'm showing it to my friends lmao
And watch them panic/sperg. 10/10

No. 96888

I've gotten tons of unsolicited dick pics! But I'm a SW so… it kind of comes with the territory.

I don't mind at all - I just direct them to my SextPanter profile and inform the guy that if he texts me there, I'll send nudes back.

Gotta capitalize on that shit! $

No. 96905

A guy in my class posted my snapchat username somewhere probably 4chan and I got a ton of snaps from disgusting neckbeards many of which were dick pics. Obviously I stopped opening them after like 5 lol. This was when I was like 16 I think

No. 96906

to clarify this happened like 5 years ago in the early days of snapchat

No. 96922

ive never even heard of a guy ask for "send vag" it's usually "send nudes"

No. 96924

File: 1538008904995.jpg (Spoiler Image,210.53 KB, 480x360, sub3.jpg)

i dunno i just thought men exposing themselves were just exhibitionists. Both sides have them.

But I've never had half my dates whip out their dick in person before they say hello. Or did men give polaroids of their dicks to their dates back in the day?

No. 96925


nta but usually i think dudes send dick pics not cause they think we find pictures of dicks attractive, but because they think dick size is suuuuper important to us, so they likely think dicks in general are too.

most guys who do that want you to oooh and aah about how big it is cause it goes inside you and probably think that's the easiest way into your pants.

obviously pretty much all of that is wrong though.

No. 96926

A few years ago, a guy sent me a video of him jerking off and I humiliated him by posting it on a porn site where everyone we knew saw it. I sort of regret it now because it goes against my principles but whatever. Bitch had it coming. He was a terrible person and a compulsive liar.

No. 96929

Agreed, what i meant is that men idolize vags in a specific way, so by default they’ll assume women will feel the same way about their junk

No. 96930

File: 1538017033387.png (52.52 KB, 1762x210, Screen Shot 2018-09-26 at 10.5…)

(no I'm not saying this is 100% true, but there are dudes that like to just whip their dicks out in public for shock value)

Also have any of y'all walked by a car and seen a guy just jerking it? I've had that happen to me twice. It's disgusting, they get off on seeing you shocked/disgusted

No. 96940

You reminded me that I once saw a guy jerking it off when I was a child and he was doing it right outside the school parked alongside the playground. My friend saw it too and we reported it to a teacher but we don't know if they believed us and checked it out or not. I told my parents and they told the school and they told my parents they were now going to be on patrol for that car but again, we don't know if they were or not. Yep men are scum to think that's okay.

No. 96942

Well yeah, I guess it's exhibitionism, one that focuses on making the other party feel uncomfortable. Most female exhibitionists don't want to make the people watching embarrassed and disgusted, but men like it.

I wasn't implying all men who send dick pics are also likely to flash women, there's just a low enough risk factor to bring it out in them. There's next to no consequences with dick pics but it takes a serious lack of restraint to do it in public and risk arrest.

No. 96952

One guy from my college class once sent his dick and masturbation pics to basically the whole class (he added everyone's e-mails). He brought it to a whole new level by ejaculating on his computer monitor. I had already dropped out when he sent those quality images, so to this day, I don't know the reason for why he would do something like that. I responded to his e-mail, asking him what's all this supposed to mean, but never received a response.

No. 97020

That's so retarded it's funny, I'd like to know the reaction of the class as a whole after that and what the professors said.

No. 97144

A coworker from a former job sent me a dick pick once and I honestly can't say I've thought about it once since I saw this thread. I just deleted the text and forgot about it.

Also had a long-term online friend that would regularly rope me into dispassionately watching him jack off on Facetime. I just sort of ignored it and found it boring.

No. 97153

File: 1538302133319.jpg (87 KB, 750x1196, tb4fqcm4iyd11.jpg)

I want to try this response one day

No. 97154

I think some other good responses would be
>what is that?
>why is it shaped like that?
>why does it look like that?
Just make them feel like there’s something physically wrong with it, lmao

No. 97189

>Why'd you send that? I'm not a doctor, I can't tell you what's wrong with it. Just go get it checked out at a clinic

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