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File: 1508316387774.jpg (118.03 KB, 1080x1350, fit girl problems.jpg)

No. 69212

Is there anyone else here who does sports, fitness, weightlifting etc. and has some problems related to it? Things that cause issues? Maybe we could all help each other out? Or just vent?

Examples of problems:
>Thighs too muscular for regular jeans
>Working out while on your period
>People telling you doing sports isn't feminine
>Men being creepy in the gym
>Those damn problem areas
Basically anything you can think of! Let's help each other out.

No. 69213

I'll start.
I've recently gained a lot of muscle mass, the problem is when I try to wear a size that fits in my waist, it won't fit anywhere else that well. It's tight around both my thighs and my shoulders, so both tops and bottoms are an issue. So I seem to have to choose between wearing bigger sizes and looking fatter than I am, or wearing stretchy tight clothes.
I've looked into Barbell Apparel jeans, but they are ridiculously expensive. Does anyone have tips on finding jeans with a small waist, but which will fit big quads and hamstrings? Or will I have to just buy regular jeans and learn how to alter them.

No. 69214

>Working out while on your period
oh my god, this nightmare. I can't do my usual routine because I get cramps if I move too much so I end up often skipping that week.

Tbh if anyone has some advice on that I'd appreciate it.

That's why they say you can either have jeans or quads lol
I'm having the same issue and idk really, I'm sticking to tight but stretchy clothing and dresses because finding pants that fit is terrible. Or I wear a belt, which often looks awful.

You can try to learn how to alter them but if they're narrow enough for your waist, then your quads won't fit?

No. 69216

Lots of ibuprofen, drinking lots of water, other than that I don't know what you can do.

I wish the low-rise jeans trend would come back, I have a feeling I would have less of an issue then. Since now even 'normal' jeans seem to have a fairly high waist which makes the waist vs thighs ratio way more annoying with gaps and sagging.

No. 69217

this is why i just wear athleisure stuff or dresses all the time. you don't have to deal with that shit in yoga pants or a flowy skirt. jeans aren't even that comfortable anyways

No. 69221

Aren't yoga pants outside of the gym kind of risque?

No. 69222

Ah, I forgot that painkillers are a thing since I don't really use them, thanks! At least now I won't feel sluggish during my period.

(different anon)
Guess not if they're a thicker material or have a print so they're not see-through.

No. 69223

Well, I didn't mean the see-throughness, but more how it hugs your curves so much.

No. 69227

Where I am from in the States, it's essentially the only thing young adult women wear. Where do you live, anon? Saudi Arabia?

No. 69232

The Netherlands, jeans are our national uniform. So that's why I am interested in finding jeans that fit properly.

No. 69236

isn't it uncomfortable biking around everywhere with jeans? i would have thought that the netherlands would embrace leggings.

No. 69239

No jeans are very very comfortable to cycle in! Also keeps us warm and protects us from the rain. Leggings aren't that protective against rain.

No. 69241

but doesn't the calf part of the jeans get caught in the chains? that's what happens to me, it's easier to wear something like leggings because they won't get caught. and i'd rather have to deal with wet leggings than heavy wet jeans. and you have more range of motion. seriously, how do you deal with your pants getting caught in the chains? i can't find a good solution for it other than just wearing shorts or a skirt or leggings.

No. 69242

File: 1508355873293.jpg (9.29 KB, 280x180, omafiets.jpg)

In the chains? … how? I've never had it happen that it gets caught in chains. Wtf kind of bike do you ride? Pic related is the traditional bike we ride.

No. 69243

>Bursting out laughing hurts a lot when you had a big abs workout the other day
>Fucking stairs with no other option the day after a heavy leg day

Other than that, I actually like some mild soreness hehe feels good.

No. 69244

those look so nice and perfect for riding around town… no, the bikes we have on sale here for cheap are shoddy mountain bikes with no covers on the second tire, so mud gets splashed all over your bike when it's raining, and the chains are left totally uncovered. fine if you're literally biking on a desert mountain, but no one in this city is doing that.
i'm jealous!

No. 69250

Patagonia bootcut jeans. Get them on Ebay for ~$30 new with tags.

No. 69255

>benching with leg drive because powerlifting
>random skinnyfat dude that only does rip curls tries to mansplain how I have to bench

Everyfucking time. And:
>sitting at the toiler after squats.

My only advice is to use pads at the gym if you have any sort of "strength" workout. One time I was deadlifting while using the divacup and I felt I was about to give birth, so uncomfortable.

No. 69256

>One time I was deadlifting while using the divacup and I felt I was about to give birth, so uncomfortable.

I almost spilled my tea lmao, sorry you had to go through that, still funny tho.

>random skinnyfat dude that only does rip curls tries to mansplain how I have to bench

Skinnyfat guys and the lanky, bony ones always do this shit, or give you judgmental looks, like dude, I could probably lift you up without issues and you've been here for less than a week.

I also "hate" it when a group of girls (usually, in my experience) lies to the trainer about how many reps they did or when they half ass the entire workout, then giggle about it. You're in the gym, not school PE, congrats on wasting your money and then wondering why you don't see results and then give up.

No. 69271

You are a life saver anon. Thank you

No. 69327

File: 1508480334839.jpg (9.4 KB, 214x235, abworkout.jpg)

I've had it happen that after ab training at the end of my kickboxing I could barely get home. Walking, biking, everything was difficult. Leg lifts, holds and dragon flags give me the worst muscle soreness and fatigue. Then you realize how much you use your core for everything.

No. 69328

Oh yeah I do heavy and explosive power days. People have tried to correct me on military press form when I was doing push press. The men who tried to correct me had tiny delts, were all super skinny, and had never heard of a push press.

In my experience, if you train more frequently, eventually the DOMS do get easier. I train strength in some way 6 days a week, my legs barely get any rest. Your body does get more efficient.

>I also "hate" it when a group of girls (usually, in my experience) lies to the trainer about how many reps they did or when they half ass the entire workout, then giggle about it.
9/10 it's a meme workout anyway and even if they did it correctly, they won't ever get any stronger or fitter. Kinda like Alan Thrall said, PT's give people workouts that make them FEEL like it's working, instead of something that actually works.

No. 69329

does anyone else HATE doing deadlifts? the plates at my gym get smaller based on weight and since im still a beginner, i have to use the smaller weights. and it takes me a while to set up the bar so it's higher up and i don't destroy my back lifting it up.

No. 69334

Because of that I alternate between conventional deadlifts and trapbar deadlifts. Trapbar is way more fun in general anyway.

No. 69341

>One time I was deadlifting while using the divacup and I felt I was about to give birth, so uncomfortable.
I've always feared that happening. I have a MeLuna Sport and what you described hasn't happened to me yet, but since it's so firm, I only use it for exercise. I worry about forgetting I'm on my period and going in with my normal cup. At the very least, there would be leaks.

No. 69347

I literally can't wear jeans too. Loose on the waist but tight on the quads and t literally squishes my booty. Jeggings are fine though and still flatter the booty while giving the illusion of jeans despite stretching to accomadate your thighs.
I love working out, sometimes I miss being smol ugu uwu thin but I love my booty so much.. I think my reasons for fitness are kind of vain but being stronger and having s nice sculpted body is one of the only things that makes me feel better about myself.
And I know it's so bad but I can't help but feel smug after I hit a pr and I see a girl doing a meme exercise. I just feel like they saw some "bootylicious workout" on Snapchat and are trying it out.
I legit don't get how someone can body weight squat 100 reps instead of doing 3 or 4x6 of weighted squats.

Also as a last blog post I didn't have my deadlift form right for a long time so now my hamstrings are behind and I'm kind of sad because my dl weight should be way more than my squat but it's only like a 20 pound difference

No. 69365

how are trapbar deadlifts better?

No. 69386

Less of a strain on your back

No. 69518

Yeah nothing feels better than doing a badass workout, while seeing some instathots doing a meme workout from Snapchat, knowing that they won't look any better from that, not even in 100 years.

Also do barbell hipthrusts if you want your hamstrings to catch up. Personally my grip strength and back seems to be holding me back on deadlifts, might need to get straps.

No. 69519

File: 1508838746307.jpg (23.57 KB, 400x400, abs.jpg)

Does anyone else have trouble getting their lower abs to show up? I am on a weight cut atm and my upper abs are very defined and visible, but I personally feel like I look like the michelin man on the lower area of my abdomen.
Was my ab routine during bulking maybe too much geared towards my upper abs? I did hanging leg raises, weighted sit-ups, weighted russian twists, and weighted planks on lifting days.
I've started doing dragon flags, elbow-to-knee crunches, and lying leg raises. It's probably too late though since I'm on a cut. I have to do ab isolations because just compound movements didn't really help in the first place. Does anyone have tips?

No. 89960

guys, how do i stop my knees and hips from cracking like an old woman's every rep of squats?! i stretch my butt, hammies, and quads before every workout, and i'm doing no extra weight for a while in hopes that i can perfect my form. I'm a relatively healthy 24 year old. What am i not doing? Why am I so crackly?!

No. 90016

Don't stretch before lifting first of all, do dynamic mobility exercises beforehand specifically for squats. Stretching can make it more difficult for you to keep tightness throughout the entire lift.
But yeah the popping and cracking is no cause of concern if you don't feel any pain. https://www.webmd.com/pain-management/knee-pain/features/knee-cracks-pops#1

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