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What's your story/experience? It could be guy-friendship related or dating related. Could be anything that creeped you out, bothered you, etc.

I met a guy off Tinder and it started out well at first. He put a lot of effort to spend time with me like hanging out at random places or playing vidya games together. He genuinely seemed cool and not a fck boi. But one personality quirk I couldn't stand was he constantly made fun of me like an elementary school kid. And he did this to his other friends too, but it just seemed like he could never stop. I even told him up front that I'm sensitive and I don't find some of your jokes poking fun at me to be funny and its tiring hearing the same joke over and over. I mean we teased each other time to time, but if it goes too far I wanted him to know. And he just responds with a half hearted apology like "me sowwie, that's just who I am. I do that to everyone, blah blah". Like we both opened up to each other about personal things, so I thought oh okay, he has a serious side. I can look past the immaturity. But he will bring these things up later on and somehow poke fun in it and eventually I just told him to grow up and he replies "LOL you got triggered". It's annoying he can't respect people's boundaries. I'm starting to understand now why he is single. Another minor thing that annoyed me was whenever we went out he was constantly putting things on his snapchat. Like he couldn't just enjoy the moment. He would even be mean and post shit on his SC like "who wears this with that outfit?" making fun of me. He posted a snap of another girl (friend) before making fun of her clothes saying it looks like a night gown and she tried to cover up his phone. I like funny guys, but there's a fine line between funny and rudely immature.

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Huh OP, I was just thinking earlier today about making a thread on this!

>set up a date with guy from online dating site

>from his profile he looks attractive, has many hobbies and seems to be overall a nice person
>meet up at coffee shop
>he smells like a barn
>has REALLY bad teeth. like piss-yellow colour, super crooked and jagged
>looked about 20 pounds heavier than his online photos
>can't really remember what we talked about, because I was so turned off I just wanted to get out of there
>made an excuse and left after half an hour
>months later tried to add me on facebook…

It could have been way worse, but yeah, that was my worst date.
I've corresponded with guys who were way weirder but they were filtered out before we got to the first date.

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