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No. 69532

O don't realy mean as in "what turns you on" (although if it's very specific that might be interesting) - I was kind of curious about farmers' preferences when it comes to fantasy fueling. Is your imagination enough? Do you like watching porn? Do you prefer reading erotica/smut? Is there something else for you entirely?That type of thing.

No. 69534

I usually watch porn (pretty vanilla stuff typically). My orgasms are usually better when I use my imagination (probably because it takes a little longer) but when I'm bored and just want to get off I watch porn because it's faster to get aroused that way. I used to write erotica – I'd write a specific scenario, masturbate to it, and then delete it out of shame that I'd spent so much time + braincells on it lol – but I don't do that anymore because it just feels like a waste of time.

No. 69536

Yeah sometimes i find myself kinda wondering where my life went wrong after i spent like two hours looking for the perfect fap material lmao


No actually… The mastutbation thread seems like it's about the physical technicalities so i thought this didn't fit, the hot guys thread is not at all what I'm asking about,and the confessions thread is kind of really broad… i didn't actually see a porn thread though?

No. 69539

File: 1508886276399.jpg (47.57 KB, 500x437, 1478606363238.jpg)

I haven't been able to get off to porn in years unless it's really weird, niche shit and only for the "wtf" factor.

Pretty much the only thing that gets me going anymore is gore, but even that's not exciting anymore because I'm so desensitized to everything out there.

Other than that, I read fanfiction and look at art/rule 34 if my imagination isn't enough.

No. 69540

Hentai or porn (vanilla for both), imagination,…
but mostly erotic fics (none of these "smut fics uwuwu" written by a 15yo tumblrina, they're usually decent to very well written, in my opinion at least)

And sometimes,i shamefully go on /trash/ and read the erotic roleplay or fap together threads and i get off to it.

No. 69542

I don't really have any specific scenarios or anything that really gets me going but when I get off it's more solely focused on whatever sensations I'm experiencing and getting lost in the moment. I have some gifs that I occasionally like to look at but usually with pornographic material I look at it more analytically or as a form of expression for what I'd like to have rather than as a source of pleasure. I'll also occasionally listen to male audio but I'm really really picky with what's out there. I'd say 80% of what I come across makes me laugh or cringe.

No. 69543

There is multiple threads about this subject, don't just keep making new ones.

No. 69544

If you consider that a problem anon, just stop watching porn. I stopped for about a week recently and I was already starting to get off to more normal fantasies and masturbation felt great, better than it had in years. After that I slipped up and starting watching porn again. It's really not healthy for your libido.

No. 69575

pretty much.
Look at all the threads that are being necro'd right now: "Traditional housewife lifestyle" "how did you lose your virginity"

No. 75963

Everything but grannies if I'm honest.

No. 90758

Also I'm just going to open your legs.

I'm pretty sure you'd require a bra but a lot of people who don't partake may draw additional scrutiny and assumptions about disordered eating.

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