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Any farmers had to deal with the ex hitting up your bf? If so what did you do? And did it bother you? Some advice would be nice.

My bf use to date a literal hoe that would fuck a bunch of guys and plays them back and fourth like a boomerang. Every now and then she would try to hit my bf up when she breaks up with her boytoy. My bf already moved on but she doesn't care, I spoke to my bf about this and he doesn't want to make a big fuss because she's friends with his friends.

No. 69672

I'd say break up or grow up but this

No. 70077

grow tf up. stop blaming the girl and start expecting more respect from your boyfriend. If he can't ignore her or block her, that's his problem. Otherwise dump him. Let me guess, you live with him too and sit around all day with no job or school while he provides for you?

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