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No. 69995

A thread for plushies and cuddly toys because I couldn't see one!

I have a question to start- how to make a teddy bear last forever?

my loved one gave me the most adorabe bear as a special gift earlier this year and I want him to last as long as I live as corny as that is- as long as taking care while moving houses and fixing up any fur matting and other things that happen over time are cuddlies made nowadays to last longer?

No. 70013

Keep it in your cupboard when you're not at home or anything. I've had mine since I was eight but I guess it depends on the quality. The fur shouldn't really mat and if you move houses, then you should make sure to place him at the top of the box so he doesn't get squashed!

No. 70015

File: 1510158044975.jpg (24.31 KB, 243x400, 20353d989f88ebd43f6c02e38a899c…)

I have one of those Plank (from Ed, Edd, n Eddy) plushies and I have strongly regretted not bringing him with me this past semester, he's like perfectly sized for maximum cuddle. I love having a cuddly when I'm trying to sleep; if I don't have one/stay in a hotel, I pretty much use a pillow.

No. 70045


I'm gonna do that! Does it make a difference? I keep him in my bed!

No. 70064

File: 1510283703114.jpg (40 KB, 355x274, 510hcc5b45L._SX355_.jpg)

got one of these guys!! im super into snakes and lizards so i love it a lot. (actually got it for my bf but i enjoy it way more than he does)

No. 70066

Is it long? I have a 6ft long caterpillar that is honestly the best thing ever! I always need either a stuffy or a blanket, just something small to tuck under your arm. Something about it brings back that childhood comfort of having a plush… honestly even when I have an anxiety attack I like to hold a plush to just calm down.

No. 70175

Gosh I have too many plushies to count. So,emfrom childjood. A lot are collectors to display. But I can’t sleep without a medium sized plushie. I always sleep fetal position and have something to hold just relaxes me and gives me a cozy secure feeling

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