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No. 70024

Has anyone ever dated someone semi-famous? I've gone on a few dates with a moderately popular youtuber (who I can't recall was ever discussed here). It was going well but over the last week he's been distant. He's reassured me he likes me and thinks I'm cool, and told me he's had catastrophic computer problems, but hasn't made any effort to see me again. I feel like an annoying fangirl when I text him. I know he's genuinely busy but his responses make me feel like an idiot. I know he's probably texting five other girls. Should I give him space? Should I give up on it entirely? What should I do?

No. 70025

Break it off before it turns out he has creepy fetishes or a horrible personality.

In all reality, if he doesn't seem into, it's best you move on now before you get too invested and waste your time and energy. His ego seems big if he's not investing much time in making a real relationship but he's willing to keep you around…just in case or for a booty call.

No. 70026

As in all fresh relationships, don't be clingy, be distant. If he wants you he will respond.

No. 70076

How has it started? Did you reach out to him or? That's interesting. Well, I too have a youtuber I like and maybe that's arrogant of me, but I do think I could get him interested in me if I wanted to. But it's pretty pointless since we live on different continents.
My friend dated an actor (tv-shows tier)… or so she thought. Apparently he considered her a FWB even though they've been pretty coupley, so be careful anon, they get too much attention to think straight, sometimes.

No. 70090


Yeah, you're right. I gave him space and he texted me. He said he was sorry and he was busy.

I go to school a few hours away but I'm from where he is. I'm in a trashy facebook group for my hometown and someone posted a funny picture of him, not knowing who he was, and I sent him it. He asked if I was from the area and we met up. I guess he meets up with a good number of fans. When we met, he told me he liked me and thought I was attractive.

I don't think it's arrogant to want to reach out to a youtuber you like. It's too bad you guys are far apart.

I've tried to get some clarity on what he expects out of the "relationship", but I don't trust him.

No. 70105

i had an LDR with this guy who now has a decent following on twitch and actual "fans" which blows my mind. he was a nice dude and all but he bounces from woman to woman all the time, and put me through some emotional hell. Part of me wants to reach out to be like "hey good for you man" but the more rational part of me is like nah fuck him lmao.

No. 70312

You could have used the advice thread just everybody else but you felt like doing a thread just because he is "famous".

Either way, just dump him, he will probably use you for sex a few times until you realize he doesn't want anything serious.

No. 70315

Sorry, I didn't think it was more important or anything. I thought it would be more likely to get a response if it was it's own thread. He's not really famous. He's just an alt right comedian.

Yeah, you're probably right. He has a bad history with girls.

No. 70323

So…you think your question is too shitty to get replies in a thread meant for asking advice where most if not all questions get advice, but you also think it's a good idea to make something like that into it's own thread?

You just said you don't think it'd get replies in a thread, why would you push it so it will get replies on it's own?

No. 70325

I don't know. I'm sorry.

No. 73483

File: 1516160632545.gif (3.92 MB, 284x160, 1416316033305.gif)

…Are you…dating Sam Hyde?

No. 73484

Lmao anon chill the fuck out. They're allowed to make a new thread for it. Its a valid topic to ask if anybody has ever dated anybody infamous/famous.

No. 73490

Does famous with old people count?

I dated a classical mucisian. He plays in the national orchestra

No. 73507

No. 73525

That's hot. How did you meet him?

No. 73526

File: 1516230594081.jpeg (23.81 KB, 236x265, F6B1E96F-982D-43CC-8186-2D5749…)

Ok Cupid.
He was v much a disappointment though although good looking from the neck down.

I’m glad that he’s out of my life.

No. 73528

care to share why? I want juicy deets on this elite national orchestra man

No. 73537

File: 1516237947175.jpeg (23.15 KB, 300x227, C1238022-FCF4-49C1-B604-0AAA44…)

He was a tiny bit bigger than this? His face was just unfortunate but he was.. somewhat witty and cultured.

At the time when I met him he was obsessed with his German ex and that killed the mood but he made it up by being charming.

The type of guy that you think is cute with his perfect aesthetic but when you sit with him you notice his a twat.

Thanks to him I met someone incredibly amazing so things worked out from my side I have him blocked on everything and I doubt I’ll ever see him again.

It would be super easy if I wanted to but he’s an ex for a reason

Oh and he was a sugar baby to this massively rich woman ? she was 40 though

No. 78599

>>70024 also dated a semi-famed youtuber. he turned out to have a flat, absent personality which was kinda shocking to me because in all of his videos he was really exciting, introspective, philosophical etc. i found his videos on youtube before they got popular and because we live in the same state he reached out to me after i started leaving his videos comments and he realized i was local etc. i was very young at the time and would have to drive good distances to go meet him which was intimidating at 18. he didn't have a car so that was the only way. he lived south of my state's downtown, which means an area -rougher- than downtown (which is pretty damn rough considering downtown is ranked top shit city in the usa). he worked hot-topic-esque retail at the time, and dwell'd (still does in between his ayahuasca retreats) in his moms basement - which is basically a mattress on the floor, a desk and monitor touching the mattress on the floor (mattress is to double as seat for computing), and pop up shelf-organizers everywhere else stacked to the ceiling with merch. all we did that was noteworthy was smoke weed out of a cheap, dirty bong.. i'm a bundle of nerves with social anxiety and hadn't really honed concealing that yet at 18 so i was rather awkward and quiet around him. he was also awkward and quiet around me, complete opposite of his online persona. i think at one point it even got so awk, he concluded "well i dunno what to do or say now hehaw". we have similar interests and all, there was just no clicking that took place. when i watch his videos now i realize he isn't nearly as interesting or intellectual as i thought he was at 18.. and he's been through about 25 "true loves" since then.
even though he was polite and didn't try anything inappropriate with me at the time, i get borderline predator vibes from him just because i've seen the way he grooms through every local girl in my state over the years, chills with them for a few weeks and blasts photos of them on social media/maybe writes a poem or song about them, then moves on. he's got a nice cult-y following going that worships his brain-vomit-pseudo-garbage as god status insight, even though he only half grasps the subjects he tangents about. uses a lot of "trippy buzzwords" to make easily digestible "spiritual" inspirational videos for assumingly preteens, and films his "trips" where he babbles and talks in circles on acid about love being the only thing that matters. that was my youtube guy experience. i'm now dating a musician (edm/festival circuit, no comment lmao) and he is my best friend and the most down to earth dude i have met. he's a man so he's still a pain in my ass, but very humble and modest and authentic and loyal - let alone for someone of his standing, which is the only reason we've made it so long considering i don't see him much these days because he's always off traveling for work or living pt in LA. i don't intentionally seek out men in some fashion of spotlight just kinda happens. my advice is to give up entirely on the youtubey guy. doesn't matter what he does for a living, if he likes you - you'll know. give him space forever. i sent my youtube-y guy some handmade gifts a few months back to be cordial and nice and make up for being an awkward 18-yo-fangirl-faildate (we've kept in touch) and he was kind enough to inform me that he received the gifts, but never thanked me once. some people's priorities only involve themselves. we're all genuinely busy - but we make the time for people who matter no matter what level of notoriety .. yano?

No. 273399

Bumping because I'm curious to know if any if the recent anons that have jumped aboard have stories.

No. 273405

Hooked up with a semi-famous actor/sketch comic for about three months while he was filming in my city. My standing memory of him is him getting me an Uber an hour after we fucked because he had to shoot in the morning and was sooo tired. The apartment he was staying at was hard to get to by car and when the driver got there he completely bitched him out for keeping us waiting for ten whole minutes. Very typical American response but it shocked me because you just don’t speak to people like that here.
The last time I saw him we went out for coffee at a local cafe, but he got a juice instead because he said coffee made him way too wired. This was maybe a week after he told me stories about the mountains of cocaine he and his cast mates had done in Colombia while filming a very famous and popular Netflix series. Famous people are weird. Don’t have sex with them.

No. 273410

That's interesting to hear, anon! What a wreck kek I'm glad you're away from all that.

No. 273418

When I was younger and stupider I e-dated a scrote who has a small following online, he treated me like he wanted something serious with me and that he was going to visit me, then dumped me. He was the one who talked to me first. I'm thankful that this happened because now I know having a fake relationship with a moid in another country is retarded and never works, especially if it's a moid with that big of an ego.

No. 273419

Seems like the trash took itself out.

No. 273477

I haven't but my cousin got hit on a famous moid from our country at a bar. He was pretty desperate and kept trying to get her to his place but she wasn't interested. Fast forward a few months and it's revealed that this fucker had a secret camera installed in his apartment, which he used to film the women who slept with him and post the footage to a celeb scrote group. He got sentenced for it.

No. 273621

What the fuck..

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