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No. 70043

How are you guys going to spend Christmas?

No. 70065

File: 1510286933257.jpg (106.82 KB, 500x500, tumblr_ox6i1cLPQR1um1hdbo1_500…)

I'm probably spending it at my boyfriend's house (LDR) so I'll be doing whatever they're doing.

I live alone though and I really wanted a tree. A big tree, the kind that goes up to your ceiling. I was always a bit of a poorfag and never had one of those, but now it feels like such a waste of money. I also have three cats and I'm sure they'd destroy the whole thing.

No. 70068

Watching Christmas films at home with my boyfriend. I'll cook something nice and we'll probably go out to walk somewhere nice. He loves Christmas, it's really cute.

Christmas makes me really want to have kids so I can decorate a big tree with them and sit around with hot chocolate and hang up lights and all that gooey sentimental stuff. I love the idea of holidays and I just want lots of people around me that I can make happy. My mother tried really hard to make them special for me despite being poor and alone but I never appreciated it at the time, and now I'm at the age where I know how much it must have hurt her. Feels really bad.

No. 70101

My great-grandparents have a little get together at their place every year, so I'll probably go to that. I'm living with my parents right now and we always have a pretty understated Christmas with a modest tree, and some lights outside the house. If I were living on my own I don't know that I'd even celebrate Christmas aside from watching some Christmas movies. The whole season makes me feel sad and lonely tbh, though that's really just a personal issue.

No. 70109

At home with my immediate family. Bf's family asked me to give them a Christmas list, so I might also go see them; I'm not sure what the expectation is there. Either way, I'll definitely spend part of the day with my bf.

No. 70133

I'll most likely spend Christmas Eve at work and eat a lot once I'm home. I live with my family and we don't really celebrate Christmas because we're not Christian, but we used to have a plastic tree to decorate, organise a family dinner with a lot of food and receive presents anyway because all the kids did that and my parents didn't want us to feel left out. Now we just eat a lot. If there's a price drop for the Switch I'll buy one for myself though, it'll be my present.

No. 70141

Working night shifts both on 24th and 25th and probably boxing day as well. Yes i want to die. However i think it would be worse if i was off because all of my friends will be home for the holidays and there would be nothing for me to do, at least this way i'll have a distraction. Not the biggest fan of holidays due to family issues but it is so sad to be alone on the big ones.

No. 70155

>we don't really celebrate Christmas because we're not Christian
really.. not to go OT but i never even knew christmas had religious elements until my late teens, since my family isn't religious. all my life i only knew it as evergreens, decorations, presents, santa+reindeer+elves, snow etc. so I'm sure non-christian families can get away with that too. the date Dec. 25th isn't even mentioned in the bible at all, to begin with.

No. 70172

I'm in France which is full of Catholics and my family is Muslim, so a lot of people I know celebrate Christmas by going to church and praying, which my family isn't supposed to do. And on TV you have the news explaining every year things about how Catholics celebrate it.

When I say we're not Christians it's not in a "we're not very religious" but "we have a different religion with different important dates (even though I personally don't believe in anything in particular)" So if I don't elaborate people tend to not understand immediatly what I mean. Whenever I say that to friends irl they tell me the same thing as you did because from their POV Christmas is mostly a reason to eat a lot and see their relatives or even just a capitalistic thing but it seems so obvious to me that Christmas is a Christian thing to me, idk.

No. 71365

I signed up to work christmas for the overtime pay then I'll be going home to my husband and basically not doing anything after.

No. 71368

I'm not quite sure, probably with my bf and his dad
I know he'll want to visit his grandmother but I hate that side of his family so im not looking forward to it.
Ever since his mother died they don't invite him to anything and treat his gma like crap.
It'll will be a little awkward but oh well ??‍♀️
I'm just hoping he makes a ham, he's so good at it

No. 71376

Frenchfag too and my parents were semi practicing catholics. Like you said I've never seen Christmas as something catholic.
We didn't go to mass, it was just massive family reunions, stuffing ourselves with food and exchanging presents. I've never seen anything remotely catholic it that (except maybe having nativity scenes under the tree? But honestly nobody really cared about those, it was more about tradition.)
I'm still celebrating it and I'm a full on atheist.

No. 71377

Hosting a visiting friend for Christmas and New Years, so probably just cooking and exchanging small gifts with her/my SO (and spoiling the dog.) Nothing is open on the 24th or 25th in my part of the city, so maybe we'll walk around downtown.

I'd like to go to the Christmas markets in Germany before the end of the month. I went in Berlin last year and it was so pretty!

No. 71378

At my bf's parents place, hoping we don't get blown up by anybody along the way because lol Paris

No. 71383

I'm going to be visiting my parents for Christmas this year. My bf is sad because he says he'll be all alone, even though he has his parents and something close to 50 extended family (aunts, uncles, cousins) that all live within 15 minutes of us. I already asked one of his cousins to adopt him since he said he be lonely. My parents live in a different state and I'm lucky if I get to see them once a year, let me have my family time damn man.

No. 71968

In my country we celebrate on Christmas Eve and for the first time in my life it’s just me, mom and dad since all my siblings + families/s/o:s and eccentric uncle don’t get here until Christmas Day. I never knew Christmas could be this calm but I know tomorrow will be really stressful. Either way, I’m super content rn.

Merry Christmas, fam. ??

No. 71971

Merry Christmas, anon!

We celebrate on Christmas eve also. I'm currently at my boyfriend's grandmother's house and we'll be going to my grandmother's in a few hours.

No. 71972

By myself, alone.

I just moved all the way across the country and I'm starting to make friends, but not anyone that I would be close enough to spend Christmas with.

No. 71976

My father suddenly unexpectedly died last night, so even though I was already planning to spend it alone I'm even less interested in any festivities right now… It's been really surreal to receive "Merry Christmas" messages from friends all day

No. 71977


Holy shit, that's awful. I'm so sorry, anon. I hope you have some good people to support you through this.

No. 71980

File: 1514167267380.jpg (93.44 KB, 692x960, 23754678_862495837261632_79832…)

Gonna take my best friend, my boyfriend, and my sister down to see my dad and have drinks and my sis and dad will probably smoke weed. Might drop by some friends in the home town.
Gotta work for four hours but we gonna make it an evening thing.

No. 71981

Spending it at the house of some relatives I barely know because of some family problems.
There are two sisters that are only a couple of years younger than me but I can't communicate with them at all. Everyone is being very polite with me, but I don't fit in here. I wish I'd been selfish abd refused to come.
I don't want to be here, I want to be in my home town with my friends, but instead I'm just sat perpetually close to tears on an air bed in a utility room.
I know I'm lucky to be in a warm house with food and laughter, but I still feel so isolated by these people. Although, if I had stayed with friends then I would have felt guilty and my family would have probably hated me for it.

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