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File: 1510265641728.jpeg (203.96 KB, 1500x1500, 3A3E732C-8FB3-443F-9754-9EDB16…)

No. 70049

Post ringspo

What gems do you think are worthy of an engagement ring besides diamond?

No. 70059

stupid waste of money. invest in stocks instead

No. 70069

Moissanite is an affordable alternative to a diamond, and just as good quality. Its a 9.something on the moh's hardness scale, the fire is twice as sparkly, and its a lot cheaper. (around $500~$1,500 for the stone depending on carat size). then it can be placed in a setting of your choice. Reddit has a lot of useful reviews and vouchers for moissanite. its lab grown so the cut will always be perfect, and if you're not into the whole blood diamond trade, its a nice alternative.

No. 70070

File: 1510298136714.jpg (24.66 KB, 570x427, b5615af3a9bc0354b6057cebdb3517…)

I'm not interested in ever getting married, but if I were I think I would prefer a moonstone ring. Do you guys find that tacky?

Idk it's my favorite stone even though it's nothing flashy or expensive, but I think it can still look elegant if it's simple and small. I especially love teadrop shaped ones. Pic related is dreamy to me.

No. 70071

File: 1510299632780.png (165.33 KB, 413x286, carrie.png)

I want the ring Aidan gave Carrie in SATC season 3. It is so gorgeous it hurts, I also love the Elisabeth Taylor ring that Harry gives Charlotte. Both are very expensive, sigh.

No. 70073

File: 1510306137307.jpg (52.65 KB, 640x565, Yb2Av0h.jpg)

i love these rings from japan. they're disney princess inspired

No. 70081

Personally I find most wedding rings to be a bit tasteless and tacky. Especially if they're particularly expensive and heavy on the bling. One of my old friends was tagged on the fb of this jewellery designer and they're just so stunning. Lots of nature inspired pieces. Understated and kinda unique http://www.sarahbrownjewellery.com/products

Almost makes me reconsider the whole wedding thing. Always felt it all to be a waste of money and effort

No. 70082

I think it's beautiful personally. The average same old wedding ring is far more tacky to me.

No. 70083

Can someone explain to me why american are so crazy about engagement rings? I mean many women want them to be super expensive right while they don't really seem to care about the actual wedding ring
Just curious only know this stuff from media so it might be not true at all

No. 70084

It's an industry who've been marketing the importance of engagement and wedding rings for decades.
I'm eurofag and I would be livid if my BF spent three month of salary or whatever in an engagement ring. Better put that money in a nice trip we can both enjoy or toward a buying a place. I've never seen anybody flashing an engagement ring in my country, tho.

No. 70087

White topaz and birthstones. Some are more expensive than others, though. Half-infinity bands are nice, so are vintage rings.

I think spending a bunch of money on a ring, unless it's really goddamn special, is wasteful and unfair, especially if only one person in the relationship is getting a ring.

I like having a ring, but it's not a huge deal to me if it's expensive or not; it's the thought put into it. The pressure on a big expensive ring is more from the older generations or people who are more image-obsessed.

sage for no1curr

No. 70088

i have a (red-toned) ruby in my engagement ring. everything i envisioned having a clear stone i just felt… bored. i'm super happy with my choice, it suits me much better than a diamond would have. every day i look at my hand i feel a little hum of happiness

No. 70097

I've been married for 6 years now. I have a simple wedding band (no stone, just a platina ring), and I've never felt that the ring being a bit drab had any influence on our marriage. You can have an expensive ring and a shit marriage, so idk why the price of the ring is so important to Americans.

No. 70099

No. 70110

File: 1510430464895.jpg (29.08 KB, 640x640, a88b70b4d6b1fc89c243e0e4740a0c…)

Sapphire. Lab-grown is a better choice because it is flawless and cheaper, and has less ethical concerns attached. The only thing is to make sure it is a dark shade of blue; some lab-grown sapphires are lighter than natural sapphires, which is not ideal. There is a historical precedent for the use of sapphires in engagement rings.
I would not want a partner to spend too much, but I'd like something I can wear forever. Putting a down payment on a house is also important to me.

There's nothing tacky about it. It's only a 6.0 on the Mohs scale, so a setting that will protect the stone is important.

Moissanite is great for anyone who wants a clear gemstone in their ring, either as the main stone, or an accent.

Honestly, I'd rather elope. I want to be married, but I have no desire for a wedding.

De Beers has marketed heavily, and continues to do so. Media over-emphasizes the importance of an engagement ring.

>I'm eurofag and I would be livid if my BF spent three month of salary or whatever in an engagement ring.
I would be, too.

No. 70142

File: 1510519896297.jpg (63.73 KB, 610x602, 1505335175174.jpg)

i think eloping would be so romantic. imagine running away to greece or something and getting married there, just the two of you.

No. 70143

The best replacements are probably corundrum(ruby/sapphire) because they’re hard enough to withstand daily wear. Opals are really prone to scratching, fracture and craze, moonstone and related feldspars are beautiful but are much easier to scratch.

Topaz and emeralds are probably strong enough but AFAIR they’re a bit brittle.

Created stones like moissanite are basically superior to diamonds and you aren’t getting fucked in the wallet over false scarcity. If you do get a diamond don’t get fooled by bullshitty terms like “champagne diamond”, “chocolate diamond” it’s an inferior stone with inclusions and not worth it unless you genuinely love the stone.

No. 70145

The sad thing is I really like "champagne" and other traditionally imperfect diamonds/stones, but there's been a big price increase recently because now they are being marketed differently (the ones with inclusions are now called "salt and pepper" or something? they'll come up with something that sounds prettier later I guess). My wedding ring has a diamond with a lot of inclusions in an off color (kind of greenish-brown) that I really like and got for cheap but I get the feeling the price for these kinds of stones is going to skyrocket soon.

I agree about ruby/sapphire being good, sapphires even come in a lot of colors including clear.

Also the stereotypical American woman demanding a big engagement ring honestly seems like just that, a stereotype. I really get the feeling that stereotype was created to push men to buy bigger rings due because they think that's what women want. I have never met any actual woman that said she wanted a big diamond.

No. 70173

File: 1510562929596.png (136.33 KB, 599x410, whitegold.PNG)

I personally love simple white gold rings with round-cut, small solitary diamonds. I think they look elegant and much nicer when there is a nice effect to the band and less tacky than a cluster of diamonds or a huge one.
Not to mention they don't break the bank, but look awesome. White gold matches any skintone imo.

No. 70177

I really wanted a non traditional ring with ruby or sapphire instead of the basic white gold / diamond.

I know this probably sounds ungrateful but it was really hard to hide the disappointment when my fiancé gave me the latter lol.

No. 70181

File: 1510599819063.jpg (21.24 KB, 300x300, 74509.jpg)

Bf and I aren't really religious, plus we have no desire to blow thousands on an elaborate wedding ceremony. Yet I do enjoy the rings as a symbol for commitment. Tbh it would just be nice to have a piece of jewelry that's thoughtful (and yes, expensive) that my bf would pick out just for me.

I think sapphires are underrated.

No. 70186

File: 1510605355072.png (400.13 KB, 700x400, main_image_1.png)

I've told my bf that I want a moissanite ring. A smaller stone, simple yellow gold band.

Not being mined by slaves under horrid conditions is important to me. Plus they naturally only occur in meteors, and I think having a "space stone" is really romantic, even if it is lab grown.

No. 70187

I'd want a yellow gold band with an emerald and maybe some accent stones. I know that's not the "popular" color scheme but whatever. I think those colors will look nice on me.

No. 70195

To everyone ITT saying that they find expensive rings tacky and wasteful: stop being so goddamn reformist. It's an ancient tradition that developed organically in europe but also many other countries, stop trying to mess with things that have been going on for centuries before you were born. People like that want to replace old symbols that have heavy emotional value with worthless commercial honeymoon trips or home decorations. What a fucking wasted existence it would be if everyone thought like that.

No. 70198

It's just personal preference. No one is trying to 'mess with' anything.

No. 70209

Expensive diamond rings aren't an ancient tradition, its literally just marketing to sell diamonds by de beers. Up until the 1930s, people just bought the rings they could afford.

Also weddings used to be literal slavery, selling your daughter to a man bc she wasn't worth keeoing around like a son was. Should we go back to that tradition too?

No. 70219

girl u sound like you ended up with my ex who bought me a lab made diamond and a meteorite necklace for christmas. both common and cheap af. for the loser who wants a woman that has her own wealth the he can have

No. 70226

Not sorry. They're a tacky status symbol however you put it. Give me understated any day

No. 70227

lol are you deluded? Obviously the choice is an expensive ring vs a "worthless" honeymoon trip or a home decoration. Clearly people can't choose to spend their money on anything else.

Moissanite looks beautiful!

No. 70233

whats even worthless about a fabulous holiday or setting your home up to be comfortable for your life together.

Hope to Christ that's actually a delusional male r9k user tbh

No. 70238

Pretty sure it's a male tradcon lmao.

No. 70244

Idk as an engagement ring but imo chrysoberyl (alexandrite) is a highly underrated gemstone. It's an 8.5 hardness (just under corundum at 9) so it's fairly durable. And the coloring is beautiful! Alexandrite shifts from green to red in different lighting. Idk why it's not more popular.

No. 70247

moissanite is not common lol, nor "cheap". Cubic zirconia is cheap, like only a couple dollars. Moissanite is priced as this anon >>70069 stated, at least a grand for the stone. Obviously not as expensive as a 10-30 grand diamond, but still not "cheap". Can't you just let people like things? holy shit lol. gtfo pls.


At first I started to some what agree with your answer, there's nothing wrong with the traditional ring and nothing wrong if someone's personal preference is expensive taste in rings. However, I disagree that honeymoon trips and home decor is "worthless". Atleast a honeymoon can give you an experience to travel outside your small ass bubble/comfort zone, and with the money saved from opted for an affordable ring, actually buy a home and decorate it. Hell, half the users here are ~kawaii uguuuu otaku's~ who decorate their houses with weeb anime shit and japanese stuffed animals. so shut the fuck up lol.

No. 70251

Imagine having a honeymoon instead of a stressful wedding.

No. 70260

Because real alexandrite is one of the rarest and most expensive gemstones. Most of it is fake, not even man made alexandrite, but a different stone.

No. 70275

oh touched a nerve lol

No. 70276

also dear $500 is not much in £. give it a rest

No. 70278

Holy shit, the above anons nearly had me sold on this stone until your rant. I can't trust the opinion of a mad person, I'll stick to diamonds I guess.

No. 70279

File: 1510773452404.jpg (32.63 KB, 300x300, 108203 (2).jpg)

Sometimes I worry that I might have tacky taste.
>I want this teal sapphire gemstone with a white gold band like pic related

No. 70280

yall are triggered lol.

I don't really like gold rings. I think they look old or just more suited for older ladies when I think of them? I prefer platinum settings or white gold since its not yellow in color

No. 70281

have fun being being broke lol. if one triggered rant from an anon on a gossip forum is enough to sway your opinion, that's foolishly hilarious. >>70280
triggered indeed.

I personally like gold rings. I think they look victorian or vintage in a classy way.

No. 70282

File: 1510779372336.jpg (17.83 KB, 381x286, ring.JPG)

Woo a thread I can contribute to, I got engaged recently :^)

I have always told my bf/now fiance that I hate engagement ring tradition so much. It's just a huge chunk of money to participate in a rat race where girls compare their rings as proof of love. Ages ago it was traditionally the bride-to-be's birthstone set in a ring so the diamond trend is relatively new, and retarded. Pic related is similar to what I got - I always said I wanted something different, preferably vintage looking, and no more than idk €700 because otherwise I'd always look at it and think of it as money that could've been spent on a trip or experience.

I fucking love it so much though, I love nontraditional stones. It's a very dark sapphire, almost looks black in person and looks great with my tattoos. I can't believe some people ITT are so fucking enraged over the discussion though.

Also >>70251 and >>70142 this is what we are doing! We are eloping together in our city and going directly on a plane to a honeymoon afterwards.

We aren't huge on family because we just don't have great ones and why invite a load of people to your wedding when it will just stress you out and cost you money. On my wedding I purely want to think about my SO and any money I have I want to spend on our honeymoon.

No. 70286

File: 1510781524738.jpg (20.89 KB, 600x600, 285404.1069682.jpg)

Congrats anon! I recently got engaged too, this is the one I'm getting. Currently in talks with the designer though to see if we can get the stone over the flower instead of under, though I think it's pretty this way too. Ever since I was a little girl I was obsessed with that flower ring from the cartoon Robin Hood so I was really excited to see this.

We're also planning on eloping then honeymooning. The stress and money involved with a wedding just seems like too much shit to handle.

No. 70294

>We're also planning on eloping then honeymooning. The stress and money involved with a wedding just seems like too much shit to handle.
I want to do this.

No. 70300

File: 1510808668098.jpg (60.55 KB, 1100x950, setting_template_main.jpg)

basic bitch engagement ring 2017

No. 70302

I actually really like the "Basic bitch" designs tho…

No. 70316

File: 1510857361657.jpg (47.32 KB, 750x583, i67876.jpg)

I don't know if I would ever buy a diamond, but something cute like this that would accentuate the engagement ring would be nice.

No. 70326

File: 1510870622790.jpg (17.85 KB, 498x651, 4ec28371f42125f769b6b83760b530…)

I just want something simple, high-quality, and doesn't snag on my hair or clothing.

With that said

>>I'm single, in my late 20's and haven't dated in 3.5 years sooo…

No. 70332

Anyone else work in healthcare? I love looking at fancy rings but I can't imagine how annoying it would be to constantly have to worry about it while washing hands and putting on gloves that could rip. All I can think about is the amount of bacteria those rings would be harbouring by the end of the day.

No. 70341

there's nothing wrong imo with not wearing your ring to work. it is expensive, and no sanitary for that kind of work environment. I know a guy who is an electrician who takes off his ring to avoid dangerous situations since the medal is conductive.

No. 70344

I thought you were supposed to take off more elaborate rings. A lot of people in healthcare wear them on a necklace or leave them at home, nothing wrong with that.

I think this is really pretty. I like elaborate bands, and I don't think they look tacky irl because you don't tend to look at them too closely (either you or people looking at it) so all the details aren't as magnified, if that makes any sense.

No. 70346

Just get the ring you want. Even a simple ring is a no-no, so you shouldn't be wearing any ring anyways. At least in my work we aren't allowed any jewellery, even simple ones. We can't even wear nailpolish.

No. 71364

Honestly as long as the band is cute I don't care about the stone as much. I kinda want a rose quartz in it or something like that.

No. 71375

The Cinderella one is adorable damne

No. 71390

wow thank you for that link
her weeding collection is gorgeous and just what I was looking for

No. 71393

I hated how all the women reacte to Aidan's ring, I thought it was very pretty compared to the typical tacky American engagement rings you always see.

No. 71394

Lol, nice try De Beers social media marketing team

No. 74628

I live in LA, and a lot of girls like to boast about getting 2+ carat rings. It might be depending on where you live.

No. 74630

File: 1517814385431.png (46.19 KB, 294x213, ring.png)

I've always liked the idea of something like this. A stone in the middle is fine but I really like me an incredibly ornate band.

No. 74631

File: 1517815415634.jpg (40.86 KB, 570x798, 21ccdf252668ab257e9444f783a275…)

Is it weird I would prefer an earring set?

I'd lose the ring for sure

No. 74633

File: 1517819118234.jpeg (19.65 KB, 384x384, 2E12DBFA-5FEC-4197-B213-45E3A6…)

Nah, if you’re likely to lose a ring this is honestly a way better idea.

I’ve had so much trouble finding a band that I like, all the ones I find are much too thick. I want a really skinny band like pic related but can only find them in overseas online stores.

No. 74640

File: 1517853233845.jpeg (20.96 KB, 500x500, 0A072F6A-5797-450E-AFBE-2C3E8C…)

I think I’d be happiest with something cute but basic like pic related. I obviously plan to be married for the rest of my life and I’d rather have something “boring” than a cool style I’d move on from (which would be typical of me)

I don’t care a whole lot about stones or carat specifically but I want it to be mid range price, which is probably higher than my boyfriend is thinking. We plan to elope so the wedding costs will be basically nothing - just the legal fees, no fancy venue, expensive dress, hairdresser, food/alcohol costs etc, which is normal in our culture. Also, as I said I obviously intend to wear the ring for the rest of my life, so I think it’s worth spending a little extra on it.

Saying all this, my boyfriend will probably buy me a cheap ring that I don’t like, but I’ll marry him anyway because love

No. 74642

File: 1517853552596.jpg (74.07 KB, 500x500, Thin Art Deco woven design dua…)

Engaged anon here, I have something like pic related! It's really cute and delicate, suits me better than a flashy huge gem would. Plus, I feel like the tons of tiny diamonds are super elegant.

Not to mention
>the diamonds signify how many years we'll be together

Shit was so sweet and corny.

No. 74643

Congrats Anon, that's super cute!

No. 74645

Thanks, anon!

No. 74651

What about lab-created gems? Those are much cheaper, and more ethical than a lot of mined gems. Not cubic zirconia or anything, but lab-created diamond (or whatever other gem you might want).

No. 74659

File: 1517883008685.jpg (14.99 KB, 450x450, round-rose-quartz-14k-rose-gol…)

my husband knows i'm not a fan of silver and that full gold is too harsh with my skin tone, so he got me my two favorites–rose gold with a rose quartz gem. it looks a lot like this one here…

No. 74660

i want to add that it's so dainty in person–nothing obnoxious and in your face!

No. 74661

Mojssanite is a good alternative. affordable, and very close to a diamond in durability. also its lab created :) there's some discussion in the earlier posts

No. 74671

File: 1517925537815.jpeg (281.56 KB, 1125x1768, 0AE95338-DD99-43CE-9E84-7CFB09…)


The market crashed today anon.

Anyway, I’m a sucker for Old style Cartier

No. 83066

Several of my coworkers recently switched over to silicone rings and it's gotten me thinking about doing the same. Anybody here got one? They're supposedly way more comfortable, especially if you're fitness-inclined like my fiancee and I or frequently pregnant like my coworker. Not to mention obviously cheaper given the lack of stone. I was looking at some by a company called Enso. They've got a line with a fairly convincing metallic-look in both thick and thin bands, and although the brand name is stamped on the inside, there are also little channels on the inside to let air in to allow your finger to 'breathe' more.
Given that my man and I are fairly simple/minimalist in style and active as I mentioned, this seems right up our alley. That rose gold thin band…

No. 83071

Everyone I know is doing this too. It's a trend, I guess, and A LOT better (ethically and on the wallet) than traditional rings. I'm not engaged or married, but I would consider a silicon ring for sure.

No. 83108

Is the gold a good shade? Looking for a good public transportation ring.

No. 83111

Just checked them out. Sorry anon but they look cheap and childish to me. I don’t think strangers would really notice, and if you like them, then go for it. But if it was me, I’d want something far more symbolic and significant. Enso looks just like all the others, like QALO, Rhino, groovelife, etc. I don’t doubt they all use the same manufacturer. So don’t stress that part too much. If being active is your main concern then there are guides to help with that

No. 83112

File: 1526894746953.jpg (206.25 KB, 1000x1000, Claddagh-Ring-S-S2272-2.jpg)

>Sorry anon but they look cheap and childish to me.
This. I don't understand the trend. I'd get it if they looked like traditional rings but they're literally just rubber bands. You could get that in Claire's lol. But fair enough if someone really likes the look of them or if they require them for their place of work, it's a good option.

Anyway, my ultimate ring is the Claddagh ring. It's just such a classic, historic design and has such great symbolism. I actually own a few already and bought one as a kind of "promise ring" with my bf a few months ago for my birthday.

No. 83113

Damn I didn't know claddagh rings but they are cool as fuck. Would it be cringey for someone not Irish to buy and wear them though? I totally see myself getting my bf one.

No. 83122

File: 1526927240496.jpg (5.52 KB, 261x193, images-1.jpg)

I don't see why not, anon. There are variations like the Fenian version or the fede ring which originated in Italy, if you feel weird about it lol. Pic related is both variations. You don't really see those two often so it's be something really unique. I think the fede ring would go really nice layered with another ring personally.

No. 83129

File: 1526934188825.jpg (22.65 KB, 340x270, il_340x270.770330858_qnj4.jpg)

No. 83135

Totally hideous. I don’t think rings should be expensive but cmon, at least not made out of the same shit as my $2 spatula. I’d much rather wear no ring than this ugly cheap shit lmao. It’d be too embarrassing. >>83112
I don’t love the look personally, but there’s some really gorgeous claddaghs out there and the symbolism is so special. It seems like a really good solution if you don’t like or want a stone (or you can have a heap of stones in them. Fuckin ideal guys)

Either way it’s more interesting than a solitaire.

No. 83162

File: 1526960166840.jpg (6.94 KB, 236x314, Engagement ring inspo.jpg)

I have a cut unset fire opal left to me by my great grandmother and I've told my boyfriend that I want to design a ring with him, something simple like pic related. I'd be open to getting the stone recut a bit too, as it's just an oval and I like teardrop opals. I'd like a proper wedding too but ideally a quite small one consisting only of the people we actually want to be there. It'll be at least 5 years before any of that starts to matter though so it's just something I like to dream about

No. 83164

Opals are gorgeous but a terrible stone for a daily-wear ring.

The stones are like a 3.5 on the mohs scale. They are prone to fracture, chipping, scratching, and crazing (turning all milky white)
Anything that you want to wear more often than special occasions you need a stone that’s ranked at a 7 or higher.

Decent jewellers will tell you this but more and more people are neglecting to tell people that their beautiful opal rings aren’t meant to stand up to frequent wear and will likely require a few replacements.

TLDR get a sapphire or harder. Your gorgeous ring will not last with regular wear.

No. 83171

Thank the Lord I'm not the only one who feels like this. My boyfriend is looking into one because he's an active type and doesn't wear jewelry at all, but I just think it looks so trashy and cheap. I told him that he could get one for working out, but that I refuse to let you walk around in a piece of rubber found on ebay for $3, especially for the ceremony. Rings for guys are cheap anyways, I spend more on cat food per month than I would for a decent ring for a guy.

Thank you so much for making me not feel like a snobby bitch for turning my nose up at that shit.

No. 83172

It is not snobby at all. If my boyfriend and I have to take out rings off in the future due to our work, someone active can take their rings off when they are execerising.

No. 83185

Anyone here have issues wit their ring spinning? I have a solitaire black diamond, and the cut is rather large… but that causes it to constantly spin around. The size isn’t the issue, because I have large knuckles so any smaller I wouldn’t be able to fit it on, and sometimes if my fingers swell (like in the morning or whatever) it sits fine…. are there any solutions?? Or is this my fate forever lol

No. 83208

It’s not snobby. Shiny plastic is shiny plastic. Nobody is gonna be thrilled.

If a ring is something you can’t wear on a daily basis there are loads of other options that are tasteful and don’t have to be expensive.

No. 83235

My hands are too ugly for rings - I have thin, long fingers with large knuckles. I have a circulatory issue that means my hands swell sometimes in the summer. Idk what to do about a ring - I never wear rings, period. The last one I wore was at age 10 or so.

I think I'd rather not wear a ring (who knows what size I'd need anyway), but then I'd have to explain to idiots why I'm not wearing one.

No. 83241

You could always put a ring on a chain and wear it around your neck. I prefer that anyway since I work a lot with my hands and I hate when the rings I'm wearing scrape against everything I touch. Plus you'll avoid nosy people wondering why you don't have a ring.

No. 155471

File: 1602894566344.jpg (93.58 KB, 667x1000, brilliant earth.jpg)

Necroing this thread because I think it's fun to talk about rings and fantasize. Anyway, I'm willing to own up to the fact that I split from my dirtbag ex. Got a new man. New man, new tastes, am I right ladies? I own up to having posted >>70279. Hard to believe it's been over two years ago.

I still have a special place in my heart for sapphires since it is my birthstone, but holy shit did I fucking change my mind and I'm so glad my ex never proposed–not that he was going to hence why I dumped. I like that ring, but it's actually pretty cheap and ultimately not what I truly wanted. My little pickme mind back then set the bar super low in regards to rings and the amount of effort & price it would've took to obtain them. My ex was super stingy with money and spending on anything that was meant solely for me, cause he didn't want to. Deep down I knew he didn't care. Maybe I leaned more towards sapphires and simple filigree bands because they were a cheaper option than diamonds. I thought making my desires as cheap and easy as possible would entice him to do for me. Lmao, I was so naive about male nature.
But you know what? FUCK THAT! I want a diamond and I'm going to get one by dammit. 4 years in that useless relationship gone, but not wasted, since I learned to screen for men who know my worth and will make me happy.

But I digress–I now LOVE art deco style rings and big center/solitaire diamonds. My current boyfriend wants to get married in the next couple of years and he said he's willing to get me whatever style of ring I want. I'm going all out and making a spreadsheet about some specific examples and general info so my bf doesn't lose himself. I'm going to post some of my picks here to revive the thread.
Just be forewarned that oval and marquise diamonds are my absolute favorite so I'll be mainly posting those as inspo.

No. 155472

File: 1602894659893.jpg (45.25 KB, 450x450, 149321 (1).jpg)

No. 155473

File: 1602895396994.jpg (416.46 KB, 1200x900, vintage.jpg)

No. 155474

>vain cunts itt triggered over someone not liking diamonds
Kek uwu imagine carin about jewelry in 2020

No. 155476

File: 1602895743526.jpg (73.86 KB, 766x1008, unique-engagement-rings-nature…)

This was one of my very first sapphire ring crushes, but then I realized I mostly loved it for the stone, and without that kind of cut and photography the band itself is pretty unremarkable. The gem matters so much, it doesn't pay to cheap out. Even the difference between an expensively-cut sapphire and run of the mill is like night and day.

No. 155479

File: 1602896079036.jpg (587.58 KB, 1250x834, Dianna.jpg)

This one is a dream ring. I don't know if I like it better with the gold or platinum as the metal tbh.

No. 155480

File: 1602896162334.jpg (647.16 KB, 1250x834, dianna platibum.jpg)

No. 155482

No. 155483

idk I look at rings a lot and I think that band is pretty nice, most of them are super simple so that one is nice and unique even excluding the stone, which is gorgeous. Would.

No. 155865

File: 1603209466818.jpg (108.62 KB, 794x794, il_794xN.900753480_ruih.jpg)

Never heard of using recycled silver for rings, it's interesting. Wouldn't suit me for a wedding ring personally but I'd wear it as an everyday kind of ring.

No. 155867

File: 1603211446078.jpeg (300.43 KB, 828x635, 2949ACEF-B570-475A-A922-104569…)

I think this is quite pretty

No. 155869

This is so cool someone knows where you can find it?

No. 155870


Silver doesn’t really make good “wearing-this-ring-my-whole-life” material, it’s too soft.

No. 155871

How's recycled silver interesting lol. It gets melted and you can't tell the difference between new and recycled.

Nta but that's why I'm planning on getting a platinum ring. I want a silvercoloured ring but silver's gonna get scratched. Platinum has gone on a downwards trend the last decade too (it used to be more expensive than gold for decades) so I hope that keeps up until I get married lol

No. 155890

I really love that deep green color, that's beautiful.

No. 155907

>How's recycled silver interesting lol.
The concept just never occurred to me. Is that why the ring is cheap? I'd assume they wouldn't just melt down silver from more valuable rings, but rather bits of old pieces that didn't retain value and scraps.

No. 155909

>it’s too soft.

No. 155910

File: 1603235422324.jpeg (34.63 KB, 600x600, 8CC4D029-DD7E-4856-BCB3-22ED4D…)

Blue is my favorite color and I’d love to own sapphire jewelry.

No. 155922

File: 1603241757471.jpg (51.8 KB, 750x500, russian-rose-soviet-gold-amber…)

I've decided if I ever get engaged I'd like an amber ring. I know they aren't very common for engagement rings but I absolutely love the way they look and the variations in each piece makes it unique to me. Diamonds are just boring to me, they always look very similar and are expensive for no fucking reason. I'm not someone who wears jewelry regularly so I wouldn't worry about it scratching or anything, it's just a symbol of the relationship. Bonus points if I can get one with preserved materials in it, I've always been fascinated with fossils and paleontology.

No. 155923

I usually think of bugs being trapped in amber. Would you be ok with that?

No. 155928

I think that'd be cool. Not all organic materials in it have to be bugs, there are some with feathers, claws, and leaves as well.

No. 155929

File: 1603246000968.jpg (353.87 KB, 750x750, 31813-a-georgian-rose-cut-diam…)

Anyone else want an antique ring instead of new? If I ever get engaged I'd definitely want a Georgian era rose cut diamond ring.

No. 155964

File: 1603278272959.png (82.8 KB, 488x483, jade.png)

Jade bands are my favorite rings. It would be romantic if a man gave me an imperial jade band, the premium-grade material that's as clear and green as bottle glass.

No. 155968

File: 1603279203871.png (360.92 KB, 700x700, its a ring.png)

This is the ring I want.

No. 155969

You’d have to be very careful with that, a lot of the “premium” stuff is just resin

No. 155974

this is also my ideal, but with some small diamonds i'd say

that or ruby

No. 156023

I’m happy to hear that there is other anons who would prefer non-diamonds stone in their rings.
I think that diamonds are just marketing scheme and don’t want to support unethical mining business.

I have considered buying vintage ring but I’m superstitious and there is too many horror novels about cursed rings.

No. 156024

File: 1603315114565.jpeg (60.07 KB, 650x650, 29710F19-80FB-468B-93F1-04A89B…)

You may like this one; all sapphire and very few, if any diamonds.

No. 156028

Well if you still want a white stone that's nothing to do with the overpriced market or unethical schemes, there are moissanite and white sapphires.

No. 156031

File: 1603319678483.jpeg (1.26 MB, 3464x3464, 5BA3ADE2-74EF-400D-A1F9-2A88BC…)

I want a pink stone or maybe something in a very light blue or lilac, but I’m having issues with figuring out what I truly want when it comes to the model.

No. 156033

File: 1603319794897.png (1.07 MB, 2048x1365, 1050E219-BAD0-4EA2-B775-5B6C48…)

I’m obsessed with anything by Sofia Zakia.

No. 156037

File: 1603320489219.jpeg (178.07 KB, 1500x1397, D4094C54-462B-4885-AE0E-9DD695…)

For you weebs out there (Usagi’s/Serena’s engagement ring)

No. 156040

I got married years ago and while I used to wear the rings (diamond cluster engagement ring, plain wedding band and diamond eternity band. All white gold) I always just saw it as a weird rule you have to follow. You buy these three rings in that order and then feel like you have to wear em at all times because money was spent and taking them off is seen as meaning something bad

I don't know why but I personally never experienced joy or excitement around the rings. I picked styles that I liked but then years later I got more joy from just admitting that I hate wearing rings in general

No. 156057

I love rings like that but nothing justifies those pricetags imho.

I love the shape of the bottom right, "kite" cuts are really cool. I've only ever seen included-type diamonds cut that way though, often called 'salt and pepper' diamonds. I think they choose gems with inclusions to give depth because otherwise the type of cut doesn't really sparkle.

No. 156090

Silver in general is fairly cheap, I don't think it being recycled made a dramatic impact on the price of the ring. Recyled silver isn't inherently worth more or less than new silver, it's still silver and it's price depends on the silver rate. (I'm just surprised it's only 40ish euro with a real sapphire in it?)

No. 156099


No. 156101

File: 1603358240619.png (826.43 KB, 1242x2208, EE98F8C3-742F-4B49-9789-A40FD4…)

boyfriend hates it and thinks it’s tacky but it’s real diamond at least.

i would like a traditional bigger downing but they’re all £5k what’s up with that? think £5k would be better spent on multiple holidays to the maldives and the mediterranean

No. 156102

i’ve seen them and the pricing is retarded and thy don’t even look nice or resemble a ring. $40 for a little bit of silicone?!

No. 156103

Sorry anon but that looks like something a teen got from Claires (minus the real diamond).

An engagement ring doesn't have to have a real diamond. Personally I think diamonds are overrated, especially when there's so many other gorgeous gemstones.

No. 156104

If you know of any cheaper places with similar stuff please do let me know! I can humour/be happy for the “fair trade, one woman operated small business” thing but if I can get this on my finger for less than $2k CAD I’d be much happier lol

No. 156114

as an avid man hater, he's right, it's so fucking ugly lol. just get a cute ring with a sapphire/ruby/insert fav jewel here or something.

No. 156125

File: 1603371025310.jpg (29.98 KB, 682x568, lavendersapphireengagementring…)

I would love a ring with a lavender sapphire gemstone, just gorgeous.

No. 156126

File: 1603371047165.jpg (12.25 KB, 563x422, 2a42b33abd26d0b7d7f5a150db1c0b…)

No. 156128

I hate to agree with him but that ring looks very childish

No. 156137

It's your choice at the end of the day but to alot of people that's going to look like a ring (like another anon said from Claires) that cost 2 pounds instead of 900

No. 156139

I think it's cute but not for your engagement ring, c'mon.

No. 156166

File: 1603386770357.jpg (40.87 KB, 564x846, 98c9dae6602f1af77dab5900042bc7…)

I really love delicate and simple sorts of rings like this one by Melanie Casey

Oh this one is beautiful, very unique and ethereal

I love the one on bottom left, it has such a nice natural look to it

No. 156167

I don't doubt you can find something similiar on etsy. A sought-after style is gonna be copied.

No. 156201

File: 1603398013885.png (324.43 KB, 516x523, iwannit.png)

Wow, I love that style. I was never a fan of chunky jewelry so this really appeals to me. I like the asymmetrical look of that one and this one in pic related. I lost my ring in a freak accident, so I am so wishing I had the money to blow to replace it with something like these.
Does anyone know any other jewelers that do similar stuff?

No. 156266

File: 1603464167395.jpg (181.87 KB, 1520x940, ka0118ab_BG_1.jpg)

I love Kataoke rings but they're fine jewelry so incredibly expensive. This ring is like 2,6k usd

No. 156268

File: 1603464256722.jpg (31.16 KB, 1520x940, ka0080ae_WG_1.jpg)


No. 156269

File: 1603464295678.jpg (85.55 KB, 760x470, ka0250ac_BG_1.jpg)

No. 156274

File: 1603465616694.jpg (75.41 KB, 1200x1200, sofiazakia-diamonddemeterring-…)

I love thin rings like these. I just feel pressured to have a bigger engagement ring for reasons that I probably can't articulate well.

I'd love to be able to wear these casually but I can't pretend like I could flex 1-2k for a bunch of little rings.

No. 156277

That looks like a guard ring for an engagement ring.

Guys, please remember that when you're looking at rings that you need to retrieve shit out of your pockets occasionally.

No. 156279

File: 1603466461301.jpg (75.5 KB, 1200x1200, sofiazakia-diamonddemeterring-…)

It's a stackable wedding band.

Bold of you to assume the majority of women's clothes have pockets.

No. 156281

That's so beautiful. I would something like this that fits/stacks.

No. 156284

I'm telling you from experience, but I wear jeans constantly. Having a chonk ring gets stuck on the quarter of a mm of space they put on women's pockets. Tis gay

No. 156318

File: 1603472579792.jpeg (1.4 MB, 3043x3464, 7B41DD5F-51FD-472D-B88F-730C59…)

pardon the shit collage, i made this in the last two minutes of my break. these are my top three in no particular order.

No. 156362

DAE just want a single, simple ring? Maybe I'm stupid but I never got the engagement ring/wedding ring thing, I get that you can stack them and make them look like one but it just seems easier and cheaper to just get one ring? I'm not huge into jewelry so maybe that's why

No. 156380

I love jewelry so I want something gorgeous lol. The process of figuring out what to get is really enjoyable on it's own and for something I hope to wear for the rest of my life, I wouldn't mind paying a little more. So easy and cheap is irrelevant to me. But I get the appeal of a simple ring (besides the cost) too.

No. 156386

After I got married I took off the engagement ring and just wore my plain band. We didn't spend big on the engagement ring anyway.

No. 156387

I'm a flashy mf so I want my ring big and expensive kek. I understand and see the appeal of minimalist rings.

No. 156393

Tbh I want something simple to wear everyday and something fancy for parties or dates with my hypothetical husband.

No. 158322

File: 1604506547075.png (485.08 KB, 522x468, dc89d2dface222d1eccb8513caa8f1…)

i am super frugal and don't actually plan to get married, and if i did i would never demand a certain engagement ring, but man i love opal.

No. 158323

wow i love these! beautiful but more functional than a bigass ring

No. 158335

I was pretty frugal when picking out my ring a few years back. When you think about it you're usually already living together and sharing expenses by the point engagement comes up. I just couldn't imagine a big chunk of our shared income being put away to pay for something like a ring. I guess years ago when people didn't live together pre-marriage it was an expense that fell purely on the man so women thought 'the bigger the better' lol.. but now you're paying for half of that ring in one way or another. Taking that cash away from other expenses you already have together.

I got a small cluster ring with diamonds but with the cluster design it managed to take the tiniest amount of stone and make it look like more. Was miles cheaper than any solitaires. I nearly went for opal

No. 158418

Question: When people post their engagements ring pics online do the women tend to know about it beforehand? Cause their fingernails are always like perfectly manicured or the background is super gorgeous and the photo quality is really good. So does the couple 'plan' the engagement through dropping hints to one another and just act surprised?

Excuse the ignorance, I'd just feel bad about wanting to take a picture of my ring and my nails would look like shit or something lol.

No. 158419

Okay I don't get this thread, how do you even make sure your bf gets you the right ring? Isn't it supposed to be a surprise?

No. 158423

It follows the logic like 'If I'm spending thousands on something, better get her something she likes and will wear.' Women I know at the least drop hints on their men about what they want, I literally sent mine a list to choose from haha.
You can't chance it with some men who might have no taste for what will flatter you, or will prioritize what's cheapest and most convenient over what is quality and thoughtful.

No. 158424


My husband and I each chose the rings we wanted together based on budget and styles we liked lol. We'd been together 7 years already and had made passing comments/plans on marriage already, so the proposal wasn't really done and we just naturally migrated into marriage. Based on his taste, doing it that way was much preferred bc I think he woulda ended up getting me something I didn't love lmao

No. 158441

I went ring shopping together with mine. Got my finger measured, looked around at different styles trying them on. It was December so I have all these memories of visiting jewellers at a time when decorations were everywhere. After collecting the ring together he led me to the biggest Christmas tree in the city and did the proposal there.

No. 158443

File: 1604565418677.png (400.54 KB, 767x766, B0767F9D-65F6-4AF2-BF74-607342…)

I think more people are coming around to the idea that a total surprise engagement is mostly a shit idea, but maybe I’m biased by my friend group and my own experience.

Similar to >>158441 we ended up shopping around for rings together, mostly because we wanted rings that matched. Picrel are the styles we liked the most, although ultimately we ended up combing aspects of each and hand making them at a jewelry studio.

No. 158464

>I think more people are coming around to the idea that a total surprise engagement is mostly a shit idea
I've always thought that there's something fucked up about the idea that one partner needs to sit patiently while the other decides when they are good and ready, typically giving men all the power of decision making. It's a two way commitment so I think seriously discussing engagement before ever getting the ring makes sense. I mean in every other area of a relationship we're told to communicate and reach decisions together.

No. 159426

My husband proposed with a fake flashy $30 costume jewelry engagement ring just so we would have some sparkle in a velvet ring box when he got down on one knee. The next day we went shopping for a real ring together. It’s not for everyone, but I really like that he did it that way. I feel like I got the best of both worlds: proposed to with a big sparkly ring and then still got to pick out my own ring.

No. 159768

in my rampant daydreams, i wonder what kind of ring i would get if i ever got engaged to a bf, and in the current daydream plot i was a little sad if he never got me one despite us getting married, like all these other girls get married, i am not one to care about material possessions but it just seemed like a cute symbol of love. of course what really matters is wedding rings, imagine the guy you love always wearing a symbol of your lifelong bond on his finger, and you too, to him. but then because of this thread i went on a jewellery website and was immediately taken aback by the prices. anyone who isn't filthy rich shouldn't be spending a few months of their salary on a ring, fuck this shit, my imaginary boyfriend has been vindicated.

No. 159787

There are sweet but damn I'd hate to have such a tiny stone lmao.

No. 159867

File: 1605440825821.png (7.33 MB, 2349x2889, wedding.png)

The small sapphire one is what I'd like as an engagement ring, but I made this silly little thing about what I'd like, never been into a big parties so I'd love to elope in a vintage gunne sax dress

No. 160093

File: 1605556497668.jpg (60.42 KB, 989x800, il_fullxfull.1645252516_hinq_1…)

gray diamond rings are extremely beautiful to me

No. 160140

>I literally sent mine a list to choose from haha.
stealing this idea, thanks

No. 162204

File: 1607189426909.png (763.06 KB, 2048x1984, OA.png)

This one has been in my heart since I saw it.

I'm already married, but the whole thing was very expensive because I emigrated. We didn't have rings because we couldn't really justify it at the time. 2 years later and I'm hoping to get this, but damn it's hard to spend this much money when you're trying to build a life.

No. 162213

File: 1607195065660.jpg (161.94 KB, 1080x1076, 20201205_110442.jpg)

I really can't decide between these two completely different rings. Both from the moissanite reddit. The emerald cut is so beautiful, but also so much that it might not fit my personality. But objectively, I like it more.

No. 162243

File: 1607219300816.jpg (27.77 KB, 740x698, il_fullxfull.2045391400_8itr_0…)

Second on the grey diamond.

No. 162271

This is gorgeous, anon. I hope everything works out for you

No. 162455

File: 1607366900266.jpg (239.61 KB, 1588x1588, il_1588xN.1889376093_bi0y.jpg)

I asked for a moissanite oval solitaire in white gold between 1 and 2 carats. I think oval looks classy and lengthens the finger, but I didn't want anything that looked cheap (too small) or gaudy (too big). "Sparkle factor" was kind of important to me as well. But I didn't want to spend too much money on something depreciable or that I'm not sure I'll wear every day - not sure that I'm a big jewelry person.

I know bf has the ring but he won't show me until he actually proposes which is kinda cute but kinda frustrating.

My boyfriend and a male friend have both separately implied that they thought women only wear their engagement rings during the engagement then only the wedding ring after marriage. Bf is European so it might be cultural, I guess friend's mom just didn't feel like wearing her ring after a while. But it's kind of funny two separate men thought that you spend ~3 months salary on a ring that will only be worn for a year or so.

No. 162456

This ring is beautiful. I especially like the rectangular accents around the band. Can you maybe make a google alert for the style/brand and see if people are re-selling?

No. 162457

Idk I'm from somewhere in Europe aswell and women also only wear their wedding ring here as well.

No. 162480

Definitely cultural, am European as well, can't even imagine wearing both rings.

My engagement ring was cheap (~120$?) and my wedding ring is second hand platina without a stone or anything. I honestly think this "3 months salary" thing is such a meme, but then again I'm not a jewellery person at all. Also not a great romantic. In fact I stopped wearing my wedding ring during corona (before I only wore it when outside of the house) kek
Have been happily married for almost 10 years, fwiw.

No. 162494

I'm not sure of 3 months salary thing is real either, just using it as a traditional example. But the engagement ring on/off after the wedding ring is pretty interesting (makes the "this engagement ring runs in the family" thing make more sense). His country also wears rings on the right hand. In America we do it on the left. It shouldn't surprise me that traditions based on such an old institution vary between countries, but it's fun to learn this kind of stuff.

No. 162537

File: 1607411499278.png (74.1 KB, 564x556, halikko.PNG)

hhhhhhhh I want to get engaged to my bf already but ok ok maybe it would not be prudent seeing as we have been together for 4 months but pls am I going to have to wait for like a year or more just to not be a totally immature and irresponsible bitch?? whyy I mean he's kinda obviously hinting at feeling the same way and we're 27 and were good friends before getting together hhh

anyway I want something more in the cute direction, and maybe the shape of the metal to be the most eyecatching thing. Many designs with stones are cool and I would also be over the moon with all this elven shit like OP or >>158322 or >>156274 but overall very lowkey and even stoneless rings like pic rel are to me just very neat and idk tasteful. I'm eurotard but my bf is american, we'll see what happens hopefully lol

No. 162539

>we're 27
you type like you're 12

No. 162540

I know I know sorry my friend, it's to humorously convey frustration and overexcitement at the situation but I understand it isn't everyone's cup of tea

No. 162592

See it from a positive side: you're not waiting, you're allowing yourself time to figure out and experience if he's really the right person to make big life decisions with.

No. 165120

I'll never marry anyone who thinks I need to wear a ring to indicate our "status." I hate rings in general and the "advertisement" of a wedding ring just feels tacky. Don't get me wrong, I have never cheated on an SO (kek all 2 of them) and I can't imagine ever doing that or being tempted to. But I hate the idea of wearing a wedding ring. My fingers are also long/skinny with big knuckles, and they swell in the heat. Rings are horribly uncomfortable and never fit.

Whenever I try to look this up, I only find stuff about cheating. I also find sites with tacky ugly rubber wedding bands for people who have dangerous jobs and can't wear a metal band. wtaf, who is that insecure about their partner's fidelity that they would force the person to wear a rubber ring? fucking hell

No. 165123

Is this kalevala? Love their stuff

No. 165128


Most people who wear a wedding ring do it because they want to and not because their partner’s making them. I do outdoors work and know lots of people who wear the rubber ring in the field because they don’t want to scuff or lose their real one, but say their finger feels naked without anything there and it bothers them.

No. 165157

>who is that insecure about their partner's fidelity that they would force the person to wear a rubber ring?
Uh anon, most people wear a ring because they want to because it symbolizes their marriage. I don't know what people you're around that force each other to wear a ring.

No. 167097

File: 1610689522015.jpg (27.62 KB, 534x440, ring.jpg)

I designed some like those for literally less than 30 usd

I designed one almost exactly like this for a jeweler

Hit me up and I'll design you a ring like that for 30 usd. 3d printing and casting is on you.

No. 167102

What >>165128 >>165157 both said. Sorry that you don't seem to understand what wedding rings mean lmao

No. 167119

I know this post is kind of old, but if you're reading this, how about wearing the ring as a necklace if you're uncomfortable wearing it on your hands? Don't get me wrong, I don't think you have to wear one if you don't like that and I also don't know why people bring up cheating instantly..you do you anon, if you've got a partner who's cool with that other people's opinions don't matter anyway.

No. 167807

File: 1611021893437.jpeg (241.35 KB, 1372x1372, 3805FFEB-707D-4831-93B0-6DF17E…)

I feel like many of us have similar taste. I want something elegant and dainty and I love floral/leafy settings. I don’t want my bf to spend a whole lot of money on me but I also want something that will last. I’d be happy with any of pic related

No. 167879

yes. all of this is exactly correct

No. 168266

File: 1611285570478.png (270.74 KB, 640x670, nooooo.png)

I wanna tell homegirl that her man bought her a $2 AliExpress ring but…it's too sad.

No. 168267

How can you tell?

No. 168268

I hope she didn't say that to him, about liking it the way it is. He'll forget all about getting her a nicer one (if he ever really planned to do that).

No. 168269


Ordered the same one for myself. Heh heh. It's not a bad ring, just not engagement nice. The guy could have at least sprung for one of these $20 ones.

No. 168270

File: 1611287138616.jpg (Spoiler Image,84.59 KB, 483x529, 28828.jpg)

If you were curious this is how mine is. I really like it, it's fun and I like marquise cuts.

No. 168271

File: 1611287508729.jpg (136.5 KB, 800x800, skull_ring.jpg)

Dunno why but for some reason I want a big, bombastic looking engagement ring. I think it'd be more interesting than the more traditional looking ones

No. 168273

This actually looks pretty rad anon kek

No. 168292

I literally never wear jewelry and I'm a clutz and I ruin everything I touch. What would be a good wedding ring for someone like me?

No. 168300

File: 1611313014271.jpg (10.94 KB, 516x516, a4f179ad24598d0220adae15b924a8…)

I would probably go with something minimalstic like this. There's no stone on top of it that you can bump into things so it's hard to mess up. Or even just a plain band and have it engraved on the inside.

No. 168301

File: 1611313181467.jpg (36.29 KB, 640x1136, 8f776a4ddc403c3404c458442f03fa…)

(not this specific brand btw)

No. 168302

File: 1611313243084.jpg (22.56 KB, 630x500, 15832_W_NOP_Stg_480X380.jpg)

An intertwined ring is beautiful too. It's a little more special than just a plain band but again, very hard to mess up for a "klutz".

Are you actively looking for a ring right now?

No. 168305

File: 1611315078554.png (1023.15 KB, 779x784, Screenshot 2021-01-22 053144.p…)

Here's mine. Won't accept anything less than 15K. I'll also accept a Birkin bag.

No. 168332

Oh shit! Ouch. Well, I hope her fiancé got the similar ring from an expensive place.

No. 168363

That looks beautiful! I'm single kek but I like thinking about marriage

This one's pretty too.

No. 168389

This is gorgeous. I'm right there with you. I'm extremely frugal, even to the point of cheap sometimes, but an engagement ring is something I'm willing to spend thousands on. I'm single so it really doesn't matter, but right now I would drop $7k for a ring without blinking an eye.

No. 168913

My Mom has a 2.5 karat brilliant princess cut ring from the 90s, would be worth 30k+ now. Custom setting with a platinum band, my parents are divorced but she's still holding onto it. My dad got it through diamond dealers, it's almost impossible to even find rings like that now.

My fiancee would be willing to spend 10-15k on my ring, but I want hers. I've been trying to sneakily drop 'hints' about it for months, but I'm on the verge of giving up and picking one out with him.

No. 168926

File: 1611620473287.png (475.55 KB, 745x664, gorl.png)

Did anyone see that Amberlynn Reid got proposed to by Becky?
Rumor has it that despite their youtube ad bucks, it's just a CZ ring from Wommart.

I love lolcow ring watching in general.
Remember Pregory's cheap 3 stone ring he gave to Sh0e? Johnny Craig's cheap ring he gave to Syd after boasting about his so-called wealth while living in a trailer?

Not trying to dunk on cheap rings but none of them were exactly tasteful, and most of the time these people had the money/means to buy their significant others better quality rings but didn't because they're trashy or just didn't care.
Would you have a discussion about ring budgets and expectations with your partner?

No. 168933

God it looks so bad, why does it look like a ring tailored for grandmas or men with big hands?
It makes her already gorilla fists look even bigger.

Yes I think you gotta discuss that with your partner, at least the budget side.

No. 168937

I found it strange that being a gay couple there were still roles in place where in advance people knew becky would be the one proposing and amber would be showing off the big ring.

Amber has dropped hints about 'wanting to be the one getting proposed to' for years now, before ever meeting becky. She was so against the idea of ever being the proposer… but as a woman who only dates women surely it's strange/selfish or close minded to have your mind that set in advance of knowing who you'll even end up with?

No. 168938

Right? I wonder what kind of ring Becky will get. Will Amber even get her an engagement ring? Probably not, I feel like Becky has been coded as the 'dude' in the relationship and will probably only get a minimalistic band on their wedding day. Hopefully it'll match with her snapbacks!

No. 168946

File: 1611626495348.png (975.61 KB, 1008x670, sofia-zakia.png)

Fuck men, I'm getting engaged to myself with fairy princess jewelry

No. 168947

does the value actually go up on rings? i thought they depreciate quickly because the original price is already stupidly inflated with the marketing scheme "no price is too much for your fiance~~!"

No. 168948

My mom died years ago and from the time I was a kid she told me her rings were mine after she passed. When she knew her death was coming soon (I was 20 at the time) she repeated that in a more serious tone. She passed, I had her jewelery in my home crying over it and being sentimental from time to time.. I don't know or care about the value of it. My dad rang me one day to ask where it was and scream at me for taking stuff out of his house. I thought he knew her plan? So now he has it again. He didn't believe me about our conversation and he told my brother I'm a thief. I don't think her ring is worth anything. It's not a diamond, it's a small sapphire.

Their marriage was god awful. The spark and any hint of love died twenty years before my moms passing. I hate him. I wanted something to remind me of her. Her wishes are now being ignored so it can sit in a safe for twenty more years and then what?

It's so ugly when rings go from sentimental to just having bad marriages and other bad memories attached to them.

No. 168950

Damn anon, I wish you would have lied and said you didn't know where her ring was. Your father is an asshole of the highest degree, I can't even imagine the type of monster who wouldn't let his daughter have her mother's ring.

No. 168957


It depends on what it is. A ring from Tiffany’s or a typical jewelry store will depreciate, fast. It’s also not a smart move to buy a stone from a jewelry store at all, they’re overpriced and your just paying for a name.

She got hers through diamond wholesalers, the same people who sell them to jewelry stores like Tiffany, but because of that she just payed for what the stone was worth at the time.

I would strongly recommend going to an actual diamond dealer if your interested in investing in a large stone. The one my mom works with requires a referral, but I’m sure they’re not impossible to find without one.

No. 168959

This sucks anon. I’m guessing your mom didn’t have a will or anything? Is there anyone who might have overheard your conversations with your mom or who was a close friend of hers? Maybe she told someone else about her plans for the ring. A threat of legal action could be enough to make your dad give it back.

No. 168983

I would go over there and take it back. It was given to you by your mother, it's yours.

Makes good points.

I'm sorry about the passing of your mother and having such a nasty situation cling to her jewelry.

No. 169000

I recently got engaged and chose a simple 18c rose gold with a 0.40c round cut diamond. I love how dainty it is, maybe diamond is a bit generic but nothing beats how beautifully it sparkles in different lightings to me and I'm glad I didn't choose moissanite or white sapphire. It also didn't break the bank which is nice.

For a wedding band is the band supposed to be worn above or below the engagement ring? I see it below always on pinterest but think it looks nicer on top.

No. 169066

It's supposed to be under, ie "close to your heart" but they're your rings so wear it however you want!

No. 169108

I hope someone can explain to me because I genuinely understand but… what is the point of expensive wedding/engagement rings? You're already choosing to get married, I don't think flushing that much money on a ring is going to let you know he loves you? Especially money that could be better used in your life.

No. 169114

i'm a magpie

No. 169116

Some people like a symbolic daily reminder of their relationship, jewelry is an easy way to symbolize things. It represents their investment and commitment.

If you don't want a ring tell your partner not to get you one. I love jewelry and a high quality ring is something I wanted.

No. 169136

I went pretty cheap on the rings. Once we were married I completely stopped wearing the engagement ring so in retrospect I wish I had just bought a nicer plain band.

No. 172608

File: 1613981766851.jpg (2.81 MB, 4032x3024, 20210213_105021.jpg)

This is my new ring, its a one carat asscher cut diamond on a gold solitare. I couldn't be happier with it. So simple… so sophistocated…. the man is pretty nice too.

No. 172618

Won't that just get stuck in everything? Pretty though

No. 172721

No problems yet, just mild trouble when putting on a long sleeve shirt. I won't lie though, slightly afraid of it getting caught and degloving my finger.

No. 172760

hey, just saw this.
I'd be ok wearing a necklace as long as it looks nice. I guess if the topic comes up, I could suggest that. But I think I'd suggest getting an actual necklace and not throwing a ring on a chain. Maybe that ruins the idea, idk.

I mentioned "forcing someone to wear a tacky rubber ring" because I cannot imagine choosing to wear something that looks like that. They are truly hideous.

No. 173113

File: 1614295904889.jpg (99.25 KB, 1080x1080, 43762638_2252550651701263_3873…)

My bf bought me my diamond, the exact one I wanted. It's so fucking pretty but at the same time absolute torture because he can't afford to buy the band to mount it on yet. The diamond really set him back but he did it for me. When all's said and done, it will be a $6k+ ring and I honestly can't complain.
The wait is just torturous. I want to be able to wear my pretty stone but all I can do is look at it.

His proposal will be the surprise, which is another wait. He said he wanted to marry next spring sooo…he doesn't have a hell of a big window to get all this done before we need to start planning shit.

Pic not related but nice.

No. 173365

I wish we would do away with wedding rings. There's something really gross about advertising my relationship status via a ring. And strangely they make me think of diamonds as… a symbol of ownership, almost. I tried to explain it once, that the symbol of an engagement ring seems dehumanizing somehow. My friends think I'm crazy.

I don't know why I have these thoughts. My parents wore rings and stuff. I want to appreciate engagement rings because some are nice (I like those floral-inspired bands posted earlier, especially with non-diamond stones). But I keep feeling waves of disgust about it. I think it's not helped by celebrities and influencers with ridiculously oversized unethical diamonds and infinity bands. I hope that trend fades, it's the tackiest thing.

No. 173988

File: 1614825025869.jpg (125.07 KB, 733x1048, 802560ab513bc84bdf520e606d2402…)

How does one go about choosing ring metal colors?

When I went engagement ring shopping I had this preconceived notion in my head that rose gold was just a trendy fad, but actually I found that it was the most flattering on my skin tone. I'm pale with pink warm tones.
Yellow gold looked atrocious on me, which was disappointing because I know my bf really wanted things traditional.
All my regular rings are silver/white gold so that color just screams cheap and less special to me. My friends really encouraged me to go with white gold because my ring would "match" everything but I dunno I find that's a weak justification. It's not like white tone jewelry goes with everything either.

I liked how rose gold was a different looking kind of gold, and how it still gave contrast to the diamond. I have a really nice center diamond so I don't want to drown it out in white. Said friends insisted it would be a fad that I would dislike in a few years but I'm not so sure. Apparently rose gold has been around since the 19th century and used to be called "Russian gold" because it was popular in Russia. It's just gold + copper alloy.

No. 174005

It's obvious you're already set on rose gold. Since this is a big purchase you should absolutely choose what you like and avoid settling for something unflattering. You don't need to justify yourself to anyone. If you get an ugly/cheap looking ring, you won't even want to wear it.

No. 174028

Although I was initially dead set on white gold I have a rose gold ring because of how well the rose gold went with my warm tones too. Its definitely not a fad, just been going through stages of popularity. If your bf wanted something traditional, 18k rose gold is very subtle and less pink due to the lower percentage of copper and it really looks quite lovely. I haven't had many issues with it not matching my clothes either.

In the end its up to what you and your partner want. Who honestly cares what your friends think?

No. 174415

i dont know if i'll ever get married, and even if I knew I was I'm not anywhere near that stage. but for wedding rings, I always hated ones that were full silver with a white stone because it just feels so… cold. just feels like material. I always love to see a bit of color in a ring, nothing bright like ruby or sapphire but closer to moonstone or opal. i also like ring designs that are being expressive. simple bands just cant help but feel unsentimental to me. I love when designs are representing nature, or maybe an era of art, hearts, crowns, basically anything that can send a signal to me visually. I don't really care how expensive a ring is, i more care about how expensive a ring is in context of how hard someone had to work to get it for me. if i'm dating a billionaire and they buy me some 30k ring in the blink of an eye i guess it can be nice, but it doesn't touch me as much as someone on a much smaller sallary working for a long period, saving, and listening to me to buy a ring that lets say 1-1.5k and its the best possible choice because they had the time to consider it. designing a ring together is also appealing. honestly, if they just took me ring shopping with them I wouldn't care. i know my tastes can be finnicky so why risk surprising me with a ring i may not even like?

No. 174829

Assuming you aren't filling it with gemstones or getting something otherwise very expensive, you can change your ring later. Any ring worn as a wedding ring on your ring finger is a wedding ring.

No. 174830

Look into degloving. Between that and hygiene concerns, I'd probably skip the ring at everything but formal events. As such, I'd probably opt for an inexpensive gold band.

No. 175366

Does anyone know which, if any, etsy sellers are legitimate. I don't want to pay 14k prices for 10k metal. Where did everyone get the men's wedding bands? We want something standard, so whatever is authentic and the best price per gram is ideal.

No. 175377

I think it's safer to go to a local jeweller. Not a big name like Tiffanys but just a no-name local jeweller/goldsmith that doesn't hike up the prices because ~brand~. Etsy is always risky imo. There's definitely legitimate sellers but they're mostly small one-man bussinesses with minimal conditions. You're never going to get the ring for the exchange rate of the metal but a local jeweller should give you a fair price.

No. 175699

File: 1616036075061.jpg (26.46 KB, 474x500, platinum band.jpg)

Is pic related too extra as a wedding ring? I don't want it to be mistaken for an engagement ring.

No. 175704

No, just be sure to clean it and get real metal so it’s not green like in that pic.

No. 175705

It's not extra at all lol. It's pretty.

No. 176022

What is the actual engagment ring like though? How do they look as a set?

No. 183443

File: 1620113319588.png (2.03 MB, 1512x1282, Screen Shot 2021-05-04 at 12.1…)

Rings specifically marketed for proposal are either mass-produced looking rosegold rings from Etsy that cost $950 but look like they came from Aliexpress for $2 (many in this thread) OR they're just round diamonds surrounded by tiny diamonds. BLEH. My history teacher back in high school spent $15,000 on white gold princess bands that looked no different from my sterling I got at $1-$2 in scrap weight. She's lucky if she's got a grand in gold and I'm being really generous assuming each band is pure at around 6 grams. People croak at the coin shop I used to work when they find their $3,000 ring is only worth $35 in metals. The stones are worth nothing most of the time, it's a total sham business. Of course, there is still a market as long USD has not collapsed so you might recoup your loss to some other retard.

No. 202546

The only ones here that look any good are the platinum and 18k gold rings. Except they’re definitely pricier looking because they look shinier than the others. I don’t know anything about jewelry, that would be my guess

No. 202560

File: 1629419978166.jpeg (297.49 KB, 1200x628, AEF41C13-8A3A-4E09-92D6-D9831D…)

NONNIEs I can not believe you are falling into the judaism JEWelry JEWlery. LOOK at the SIGNS

No. 202561

why is pi included

No. 202572

File: 1629430312779.jpeg (110.24 KB, 1000x1500, Paris-Proposal-3-1.jpeg)

I want an antique ring like picrel, I like the light sapphire but id like emerald too.

No. 202575

if you like your mom's ring why not just have it sized for you? my husband preposed with an engagement ring that belonged to my grandmother which has a lot more meaning to me than if he had blown money on a new mass manufactured ring

No. 202585

File: 1629447093517.jpg (11.93 KB, 564x564, 031289ca521fda6daea0e620c0f969…)

I want a yellow diamond yellow gold solitaire ring. It's from Tiffany's so its pretty pricey like 10k+. I don't wear jewlery often so I definitely would like to splurge a bit for this ring.

No. 202591

>can't afford the band yet
>the diamond really set him back

I get wanting a nice ring, but at this point your just letting jewelry companies exploit you.

No. 203586

File: 1630334079237.jpg (144.93 KB, 1000x1000, classic-men-wedding-band-width…)

My fiance and I would both like plain wedding bands. I noticed some sites don't offer 4mm bands for women at all. Is 3mm the largest width that is still feminine? My hands are fairly average in size. Can anyone weight on the comfort of a regular dome vs a low dome ring?
My fiance has big hands. What size band is going to look right on his hand without being too much?
Can anyone recommend a retailer in the US? Normally we'd go to stores, but things are a bit different in our location right now.

No. 203657

me and my husband just got new wedding bands from zales that I was really happy with the price of, less than $300 for both together, yellow 10k gold. based on your pic if you want a thicker ring I would go any larger than 4mm. I didn't notice any difference when I was trying them on between the "comfort" and "non-comfort" options, but I also went with a 2mm ring, and I'm willing to bet if you go larger it will make more of a difference. my husband got a 5mm ring which doesn't look too small because his hands are more long & thin, but that's the absolute smallest I would go for a guy and if you say your fiance has big hands I probably wouldn't consider anything smaller than a 6mm

No. 203659

Nonies I’m pretty sure I’ll be going with a yellow gold ring and no diamonds, but can’t decide between a ruby and sapphire gems.

Ruby feels more romantic, vintage, historical, mysterious almost. Sapphires are beautiful and found in every color, but how do I choose which color?

How did you guys end up deciding your gem/color?

No. 209338

Ended up going with lab grown diamond (1 carat, F colour, excellent cut, S1 clarity) as diamonds are the hardest and least prone to scratching and it's something I will wear for the rest of my life. I wanted a ruby but when I looked into it I realized that there are way too many issues that could arise (some use fracture filling to hide imperfections, or heat treatment, which makes the stone more brittle, most mining is extremely unethical). Natural untreated rubies are waaay more expensive than diamonds actually. My bf was fine with any price but I wasn't sure if I wanted a red stone that could clash with clothing. My birthstone is sapphire but again I started to realize coloured stones are less versatile.

No. 210406

File: 1634831789872.jpg (255.1 KB, 1588x1747, il_1588xN.3353093871_iqqx.jpg)

my dream set. moonstone is my birth stone and i had a moonstone ring from my dad that i lost at a bar 2 weeks before his death. i love nature so the twigs and leaves on the bands are just so very beautiful to me. i'm also partial to alexandrite, but moonstone's also the stone of fertility and i need all the help i can get with getting pregnant since i was anachan when i was younger.

No. 210408

I love you.

No. 210414

This. I'm just getting rings from aliexpress from now on tbh

No. 210417

File: 1634840027770.png (122.71 KB, 500x600, imagen_2021-10-21_131331.png)

To contribute to the thread, I think my younger self would had loved this one. Not so much now.

No. 210583

That's so cute, but yeah that will definitely catch on everything.

My workplace also sells nice quality jewelry so I think I might get a $50 ring when the time comes and be done with it.

No. 211201

File: 1635363833158.jpg (50.09 KB, 404x345, ring.jpg)

Here is my ring, platinum with opal centerstone and diamonds on the sides. I couldn't love it more tbh, I could stare at it all day!

We had the ring conversation long before we even seriously talked about the possibility of getting married and I gave him some guidelines on what I like (no gold) and he did a great job picking it out!

No. 211203

We skipped the engagement ring and got plain gold bands from Costco. I like them. They have a nice weight.

No. 211207

I think I'd go with plain bands too, classy and versatile.

No. 211222

I want a Costco ring. They have the best diamonds.

No. 211774

how is the opal holding up, anon? i've heard it's a really hard stone to care for. absolutely beautiful ring btw!

No. 211803

I really love opals, it's beautiful! Same question as the other anon, wondering if you only wear it in certain circumstances or take other precautions to ensure it stays in great shape over time

No. 213099

File: 1636742207232.jpeg (132.42 KB, 1200x675, 10EEF309-DBEC-469C-AF9E-F16BE5…)

Great minds think alike

No. 213101

No. 213150

I used to think engagements are stupid and I never wanted a ring, or at least not an expensive one because it's a waste of money. Then all of a sudden something in me shifted and now I realize the ring is a symbol of commitment that shows how much your partner is willing to work for your relationship before you get married. Interestingly the change happened after I started to love myself for the first time ever and became more likeable and normal. Of course I don't care about the 3 month salary huge rock affair. Consideration, financial independence and commitment mean a lot more to me now that I'm getting older I guess.

No. 214163

File: 1637510154942.jpeg (15.23 KB, 259x194, 3B572B83-0D3F-46DB-924D-19B33C…)

emeralds feel so vintage and regal looking. i don’t even like the color green that much.

No. 214175

Am I lame for wanting my boyfriend to get me a promise ring? I told him I want maybe something like moonstone. I want something pretty and elvish, sort of fairytale like (my aesthetic for years). Marriage isn't an option right now due to things but I love the thought of having something to keep and show that I'm in a committed relationship.

The color green is gorgeous, anon. I agree emeralds give a sort of vintage vibe though! Same with sapphire and ruby.

No. 214176

aww nonny that's so sweet. I didn't know a promise ring was a thing but now I want one too, a ring to wear always to show ppl I am with my soulmate in promise of eternal love.

No. 214207

Yess anon you get me. A lot of people think it's lame and pointless (just as a wedding band can be, really lol) but I am a hopeless romantic and would like it as a symbol of my love and commitment to him without all the legal stuff involved. Especially in our current personal circumstances. I originally wanted a necklace but my mother got me one!

No. 214263

Promise rings are what guys would give their girlfriends before their girlfriends would let them have sex, but if you want one, go for it. Most people will probably assume you are engaged, though, so be ready for that.

No. 214278

it's only lame if he doesn't wear one also.

No. 214337

I don't mean that type of promise ring, as there are multiple meanings for it now. I suppose there isn't really a name for what I'm wanting anyway. Just a symbol of his love, really, but in jewelry form and without legal action. I already thought about the engaged thing, but I work in a small office and no one would mention it or give a shit.

I asked him if he gave a shit about wanting one and he said he wouldn't be opposed lol.

No. 217848

Sorry for late reply, it is holding up beautifully! I do try to only wear it to go out, not around the house to do chores and stuff like that. No chinks or kinks yet and it has taken some hits with no issues. Also opals are not that expensive so if it needs to be replaced it's not that big of a deal!

No. 224499

do you guys take off your wedding rings when you go get your nails done?

No. 247065

i got an engagement ring exactly like the picture top left in your image

No. 266239

>tfw want moonstone but it's not that durable
Everyone itt was talking about diamonds being basic but there's a reason it's the most common stone for a big daily wear purchase such as this.

No. 266246

I just know alot of women who wear the engagement ring til they're married and then often they put it away and just wear the wedding ring and maybe eternity band.

I was more excited about my eternity band because that way I was getting diamonds that I'd realistically wear for decades.

No. 266268

who cares you can replace the stone if necessary, and keep the old one in a memory box or something

No. 266440

Or you can make one purchase and be done with it. Not everyone has the means to do that is who cares. Are you 15?

No. 266494

You can't guarantee that. People lose rings all the time.

No. 269942

File: 1655039188327.jpeg (169.58 KB, 750x1030, 7C45A5AD-7964-40C3-AA20-75AF5A…)

If something is a wedding set, does that mean one is the engagement ring and one is the wedding band? I love these dainty, whimsical rings. I feel like the cost is more justifiable if it’s both. Bf and I are both working class and I don’t want him to spend a fortune on a ring but I also don’t want something cheap that’s going to fall apart or get damaged.

No. 269943

File: 1655040353860.jpeg (59.3 KB, 640x616, 29013CC3-69ED-4887-9F5F-D79BEC…)

I’ve been looking at this ring for years, I’d buy it for myself for non engagement reasons since I don’t want a wedding band anyway but it’s too expensive. On the website it shows gold but you can customise the band colour. https://laurieflemingjewellery.com/shop/cyndra-supreme-1

No. 269946

Go to your local gold smith, that's where you get quality rings (jewelry in general) for a fair price because it's not brand.

No. 309665

File: 1674189578952.png (104.46 KB, 360x294, blingbling.png)

Something like this but the diamond would be bigger. I'm looking for 2.75 carats. I'm buying it for myself if I have to.

No. 309926

File: 1674406471530.png (719.41 KB, 1514x808, Screen Shot 2023-01-22 at 11.5…)

my ideal ring. i love the blush pink sapphire and the leaves surrounding it. there's another picture of it on someone's hand on the jeweler's site (and they're local to my state!) and it doesn't look like it'd overwhelm my size 5 finger at all, which is easy to do.
link: https://oorejewelry.com/products/lab-pink-sapphire-in-the-wisteria-setting?_pos=8&_sid=7391cfb3b&_ss=r

No. 309929

Does anyone else feel like they have ugly hands and therefore shouldn't wear rings? Are people still weird if you decide not to wear a wedding ring? I have thin fingers but big knuckles.

I really like rings like >>269942 but I think it would look stupid on my grandma finger and probably spin around after I got it over my knuckle. Fuck I just think my hands look so weird and old even though I always took care of them and wear sunscreen, use lotion, etc.

No. 344222

File: 1691792851931.jpg (202.33 KB, 2200x2200, eyJidWNrZXQiOiJzaG9wd29ybi5zdG…)

This is going to be my wedding ring. I knew this was the one since I first saw it.
Six month late reply but men will bother you if you don't wear a wedding ring. Some get very aggressive about it if you say you're married but aren't wearing a ring. But if you don't care about that and your partner doesn't more power to you.

No. 344616

Hate it. Looks cheap, anon. And if you have petite fingers, the thicker band will look unflattering.

No. 344955

I've got a platinum band and emerald cut teal sapphire. Love the stone as it changes colour from all shades of green to blue depending on the light - gonna pair it with a rose gold leafy design wedding ring

No. 389670

File: 1712505052591.png (734.36 KB, 1600x1704, opal-and-diamond-ring-in-rose-…)

i like this one

please don't ban me for bumping this

No. 389672

I know large diamonds are traditional but as soon as you take a diamond ring out of a store it loses 2/3 of its value and I just can't justify that sort of depreciation, especially after I made a shitty property purchase and lost 15k when I resold.

No. 389683

It looks like it would break/snag easily
This also looks like it would break very easily, and the thin band would warp, the stones fall out.

No. 389742

File: 1712531770369.jpg (55.94 KB, 1511x933, 1.JPG)

Thanks for bumping the thread! It's pretty but I've also heard bad things about opal due to how soft they are.
I really like Kataoka rings but the prices are a bit hard to justify imo especially since they're so tiny

No. 389834

This is beautiful but I would be slightly insulted if a man bought me such a small rock

No. 389839

when I married my nigel we were both dead broke and he never gave me an engagement ring, our wedding bands are gold/platinum with no rocks in it. idk if I should ask one now our living standards are better but the poor in me cringes at spending a thousand on jewelry. some of the rings posted ITT are really beautiful though.

No. 389840

File: 1712578890060.png (95.25 KB, 201x331, beaut.png)

This is my dream ring currently. The stone can be a little bigger.

I come to /g/ often hoping this thread would be bumped. Ily

No. 389844

Nonnie wtf is this, are you royalty or something?! It is a little ostentatious but I would be curious to see it from another angle?

No. 389846

File: 1712582162085.png (229.52 KB, 981x419, Screenshot 2024-04-08 2.13.24 …)

I stopped being friends with a girl because she:

>went to meet her bfs Mom

>told her bfs family she expected a $50,000 engagement ring
>bf earns barely $35,000 wiping arses in a care home
>expected me to validate her as the victim when the inlaws didnt like her

Her explanation was crazy as well.
>oh I'm a Texas girl and we all get judged in this community if we don't have a huge rock, i'd be willing to fund it myself…

Like you couldn't use to 50 as a down payment and get moissanite and keep it quiet. She's gonna be a lifelong renter.

Who the fuck cares what your Mom's loser church buddies think of your engagement ring?

Anyway, if money was no object, picrel would probably be my dream ring. But money is an object, so >>389670 is my dream ring unless my circumstances change.

No. 389857

File: 1712584463288.jpg (145.67 KB, 668x844, ring.jpg)

I had linked my husband a few different rings off of etsy and let him pick the one he liked out of them.
I was looking for the origional link for my ring to post it and cant find one that looks like my actual ring lmao, I wonder if he got scammed or he just somehow ended up with a different ring that fit what I wanted to the point I didnt even notice it wasnt one I linked him until posting here.
Shitty pick but oh well, I like it

No. 389859

I really like this and always wanted an opal too, but apparently they are a soft stone and not great to wear daily. Are you meant to wear your engagement ring for the rest of your life? I plan to but we didnt get wedding bands or anything. If its something you want to pass down to future children also, opal isnt a good choice which is sad because theyre so pretty!

No. 389860

Nah she set the standard for herself, if he doesnt want to meet it, cant or decides not to hustle better in life to meet it well then he isnt the one for her. And I'm saying that as someone who is happy with my simple silver band.

No. 389861

Nah she's insane and doesn't live in reality.

No. 389862

50k for an engagement ring when you're renting is extremely retarded

No. 389863

I don't think anyone should buy their own ring, but if she said she's willing to fund it and your whole issue is that her bf is broke then I'm not sure what the actual problem is.

No. 389864

Because she's subjecting herself to a life of renting and parental dependence for the sake of a ring that will depreciate in value. Her parents pay her rent, she can't even support herself, idk where she thinks she'll get 50k from. She's deluded, the family saw that.

No. 389865

But again, what's the actual problem? Yeah she's being dumb but you said you stopped being friends with her over an engagement ring as if it's some kind of moral failure kek

No. 389866

Because I won't be friends with someone that obtuse. You go to a lower working class household and demand a 50k ring and then blub to me about his family not liking you? Where's the self awareness? The introspection?

No. 389867

Nta but problem is spending retarded amounts of money you cant afford on a ring that people will at best look at once, in order to have good social standing to the people around you/ strangers while renting is retarded, and telling her future inlaws that is also retarded, then playing the victim over being retarded is retarded.

No. 389868

Or she can find a man who earn that much.

No. 389870

This is exactly what I want but I'm scared of people talking shit about it behind my back or squinting at it.

No. 389871

>Squinting at it

No. 389872

Honestly, people can be so rude about engagement rings. (I know because I am one of them.)

No. 389922

File: 1712605377685.png (308.17 KB, 413x360, in gold.png)

Something like this. The bands are different but still have the marquis and round alternating band. I'd go for white gold to not minimize the fire and sparkle.

No. 390043

A diamond that size has to be 20k minimum tho

No. 390052

File: 1712651240129.png (443.77 KB, 1188x522, Screenshot 2024-04-09 9.20.24 …)

Samefag but this one is nice too and in the same 200 price range:

No. 390066

I'd get a lab diamond and plan to split the cost with my boyfriend. I'm planning on the ring costing $15,000. I'm cheap everywhere else in life and this is something I want to splurge on.

No. 390070

>split the cost with my boyfriend
You're a loser if you can't get a bf to buy it himself. Any man who truly wants a woman to commit to him can find the money to buy the ring himself.

Anyway, I prefer opal rings. Opal is more beautiful to me, and real ones are rare, too. I'm clumsy as shit though, so I'd definitely scratch it, unfortunately…

No. 390074

A real man would whore his ass out to buy you a ring.

No. 390078

Also chiming in to say this is pathetic kek, having to partially pay for your own wedding ring is just sad. Men go on about being "providers" so make him work for it if he really wants to prove himself worthy

No. 390079

Diamonds have shit resale value and all of their “worth” is faked by globohomos. Ask your men to buy you 15.000 dollars worth of gold instead. It doesn’t fall down the toilet while you’re wiping your ass, either. The wedding ring would ideally be pure gold too. No rocks, just a thick band of gold.

No. 390081

Why do broke women with broke bfs always turn out to be the ones obsessed about super expensive shit? No wonder they're broke when she has such bad concept of money

No. 390083

They have a retarded consumeristic mindset. The same people spend their last $60 on nails or funko pops as a "lil treat" then complain that they arent getting paid enough to live on.

No. 390084

This happens whenever i date broke men, they wanna spend their last money on a gift for me and I feel so guilty that its unreal

No. 390085

Better you than on himself

No. 390086

Why are you feeling guilt because man values you? The modern world has guilt tripped women so much that we can’t even accept little gifts. Remember this: partners are not family. They come and go. Your goal should be to take us much as possible. You’re a raiding Viking, not his sister.

No. 390089

This is why you don't live with men unless you're at least engaged. I hope you haven't split living costs with a moid you're dating or at least don't do that anymore. Don't feel bad if a moid goes out of his way to get something for you and doesn't complain about how expensive things are or starts worrying if he can make rent or not. If he's financially stable and financially responsible, no matter his income, accept these gifts. He's trying to prove he's making an effort in having you stay with him, let him be afraid to lose you and see his desperation. Unless he is abusive or manipulative, it's better for him to try to keep his closeness with gifts, no matter how much you know they cost. Only start to worry if he is not able to contribute to his savings account.

No. 390091

Men are supposed to provide gifts to their partner. Would a penguin turn down a rock from her penguin boyfriend just bc he is struggling to survive as well? No, and neither should you.

No. 390175

I think wedding rings are a very personal decision and there's no "wrong" way to do it, if a woman wants a diamond that costs as much as a car her moid should provide it… but it's not for me personally. Because if we're getting married, even if he pays for the ring himself isn't it "our" money at that point? I'd rather put that money towards a super lavish honeymoon or a house.
I also just would not feel comfortable walking around with $15k on my finger tbh. The "huge rock" style is popular here and getting anything else is seen as poorfag behavior but I know lots of women who have one of those and wear a more basic ring for daily wear, out of fear of being targeted for theft or losing it. also I've read too many degloving horror stories sorry kek

No. 390235

I bet you rent. Spend the $15k on a house deposit or new car you retard. If you have to split it you're obviously not dating a well off guy.

No. 390285

He doesnt love you if he wants to split the cost, its supposed to be his gift to you for the inconvenience it is for a woman to marry a man.

No. 390311

He doesn't love HIMSELF if he's willing to spend 15k on a ring instead of something that will appreciate in value.

No. 391403

File: 1713155682048.png (986.25 KB, 1608x568, silly.png)

Thoughts on those custom ring makers? I've been eyeing this site called custommade.com but I'm kind of skeptical and wondering if there's some sort of catch, anyone have experience with these sorts of companies? I have a fair idea of what I want in terms of the type of stone(s), settings, etc. but I'm struggling to find concrete inspiration that fits all my preferences. The idea of having some sort of unique personal motif also compels me.
Regardless of quality I do love browsing their finished products though because you'll see all sorts of dorky stuff that people have requested. On one hand, the idea of tying my engagement ring to some mass media franchise disgusts me, but I also see the charm in these sperg couples being able to capture the essence of their autism. Some of the more subtle ones can be quite nicely translated too.

No. 391406

File: 1713156237333.png (245.07 KB, 993x733, sao.png)

I also get a kick out of their cringy descriptions that try to reference whatever inane thing the couple based their ring on. Honestly as someone who doesn't know anything about SAO I wouldn't clock this as a weeb creation, it's a nice design.

No. 391412

yeah I think fandom engagement rings are cringy in the same way fandom tattoos are but those are really well done

No. 391416

A goldsmith is able to make the custom ring of your dreams and able to help you design it. There's no reason to resort to a website like this.

No. 391433

>she doesn't know what moissanite is
anon please…99% of people don't even know what diamond looks like.

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