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No. 70148

Is anyone a gold digger? Not a sugar baby. The type of gold diggers I talk about are basically scammers because they never give up sex.
How did you get started and what was the biggest gift/request you received?
I've started reading the book Ho Tactics and it's pretty good.

No. 70150

Productivity wise, the no-sex condition is going to leave money on the table that you could otherwise easily get because you're wasting a lot of time getting a rich guy invested in you purely out of love.

I'm assuming that gold digging is not profitable compared to a equivalent amount of time spent camming, but I'll be watching this thread to see if that's really the case.

No. 70154

Oh yeah, this probably doesn't compare to camming. I think it's just for pretty girls who don't need money but like gifts, affection and fucking with men emotionally.

No. 70168

Before I settled down in a serious relationship, I would sometimes just go on dates with guys for free meals/gifts, then just say I'm busy and drop off the radar. It sounds shitty but I could tell off the bat these guys only want one thing out of me, like a fling. I mean its not like I went on luxuries trips to Paris like sugar babies do, but it got me through college to nice restaurants and some video games I still play to this day that were gifted to me.

No. 70170

>Ho Tactics

the ideas are fine but ultimately, in terms or rinsing or anything else, if you wanna read up, it'd be better to build a foundation from reputable books on general social skills first. ho tactics, power of the pussy, these types of books are incredibly basic and you don't get much beyond "don't have sex too early, be sexy and confident" padded out with bullshit to fill 200 pages for that sweet amazon self-publishing money. what good is this shit if you lack the social skills/charm to actually captivate anyone enough to milk?

recommending fox cabane's charisma myth, should be a pdf online. sage for incurable autism

No. 70174

I think that Ho Tactics is more than don't have sex too early. I skimmed The Power of the Pussy and I found that book basic. Thanks for the recommendation.

No. 70178

Tbh this seems like a bait thread

No. 70199

You have to find guys who are kinda desperate (but not too obvious) and that they seem to want a relationship, maybe this sounds redundant but the best tactic is just to make men feel like they are special and give them the hope that, not only you are going to have sex with them, but also some kind of emotional support. The idea is to make they THINK that they are having the best and unrepeatable opportunity. to make them think that you are disadvantaged because men like to have control of the situation and -if the guy is lonely- it's going to be easy to make them fall in that delusion.

One of the guys I milkied the most was some sort of lonely middle-aged guy who had a nice job and lived 4 hours from me, also was the first guy who I actually got profit from. I attracted him because I was into some gamer stuff at the moment. At first I didn't realized the potential and i even didn't lure him but he was so damaged by his last relationship that he was desperate by some affection by her "ideal waifu". At one point he was transferring me $100 dollars monthly just because. He also sent me a expensive figma from a anime I was watching at the moment.

For a brief period of time I enjoyed to date tinder guys to do what >>70168 did. I had a soft spot for guys who had that "i'm better than everybody else" facade and i liked to fuck them emotionally but I think is because I'm lowkey misandric.

No. 70924

I feel bad that I can relate to this thread tbh.

Anyways, in the past two years I've been getting gifts or money from guys online just because I put a ~cute & innocent~ personality along with having similar humor as them. These guys are truly really nice and sweet! But damn, the ones I've came across from are desperate af but like I am too for money.

I'm 18, just out of high school and too unmotivated and lazy to get a job. I think the easiest way to get money without doing any sexual favors or dating is simply be nice as fuck and have a cute/attractive voice and laugh.

I've joined some discord servers that are filled with dudes and so far it's working. One guy is actually offering to send me couple hundreds for a pc. I was gifted about $100 worth of video games on steam for my birthday (the person barely knew me).

As I said before, I feel bad having my mindset be this lol. I do appreciate the people I've met but at the same time I'm thinking about money ugh.

No. 70926

This is a really weird bait thread. Dedicated, I'll give you that.

No. 70929

100% agree it's bait
If these girls were for real they wouldn't be sharing their spoil stories and basic "tricks" anyway, wtf

No. 70932

you'd be surprised anon ?

No. 70935

What discord threads and online places do you recommend? I’ve been doing the same thing and it works irl but after a while they get picky and want more and more of your free time.

No. 70938

I've been doing it for a couple of years now. It's slow profit nowadays but hey, at least I get something out of having to deal with men. My favorite thing is seeing a guy who just wanted to get in my pants empty his wallet and spend hundreds of dollars on me to MAYBE get his dick wet. It's been 3 years, his dick is still dry but broke and hopeful.

No. 70941

I really want to believe this is a bait thread.

But I can't.

No. 70945

You're doing God's work anon.

No. 70946

I'm thinking it's part bait, part weird fetish on this guy's part. Maybe a fucked up incel, but I get the feeling at least some of them secretly get off to this kind of weird financial domination/humiliation shit.

No. 70957

On thread creation it was getting a getting new posts in really regularly timed intervals. Normally a bait-seeming thread builds up much slower, or has a less regular flurry of activity.

No. 72225

Any other tips?

No. 74233

I got into financial domination over the past 6 months and it's the best. Way preferable over being a sugar baby, because you call the shots and sex is not on the table. I have two regular "servants" who've paid me thousands and idk how many gifts. I don't need to send pics or videos, I just talk to their lame asses in voice chat and call them names and they get off hard by giving me their money. My main guy gave me $600 this week and I'm just gonna go on a tropical vacation with it. I used to strip and now I make good money not even needing to leave my house ngl I love it.

>>70924 like she said, an easy way to find desperate lonely guys is in gaming. They aren't always loaded but so many of them are willing to pay for your attention.

No. 74235

That's nice, anon. Where did you find your subs? Because I tried to get into that as well and all the communities wanted a pic/video verification

No. 74285

I found them on Fiverr. I wasn't offering findomming at all, it was a totally different service. But these sub guys messaged me on there wanting to serve me, which is strange because there's sites like Niteflirt that cater to their interests so I don't know why they would be looking for it on fiverr.

No. 74291

nayrt but that's so interesting. Can you advise some things you can offer on fiverr? I would love to make some extra cash doing weird bits and pieces.

No. 74326

Why do so many of you think this us bait? Do you not have girl friends?

No. 74347

i'm also interested in findom stuff. i used to do some dom stuff but i am engaged now so i don't want to do the sex or humiliation aspect of it. i joined a site earlier but any tips would be great.

No. 74366

Is being pretty necessary? If I dress up I can get second looks but if I don't/let go a bit I'd say I'm a bit below average.

Anyway I've been considering something like this. I ran out of food recently and don't want a repeat of that. I feel like I've lost myself anyway so I'll try whatever.

I mean I'm reading about people getting gifts and treats but what about the fundamentals? I feel that once I go low enough income wise I'm undateable.

No. 74397

Nope. Look at the ugly tranny findom who fucked the Wachowski brothers. Matter of fact every findom I've seen are ugly fat women or ugly troons

No. 74411

I agree with >>74397, most of the most successful findoms I've seen were ugly as sin. I'm sure you look better than most of them.

My question is another: is showing your face necessary? I'm ok with voice chat, but I don't want to show my face in any way because I don't want that stuff to bite be in the ass in the future

No. 74412

*bite me

No. 74441

does your fiance know you do this stuff for money? honestly dont even bother if he doesnt know. get a real job, or just be straight up to him that you want to do online sex work. You literally want to do findom without sex or humiliation, that makes NO sense. that's like saying I want a sandwich without the bread and the filling.


no, showing face is not necessary, but it will hinder your chances of being successful and having regulars. There is a lot of competition out there. More than likely a guy will lose interest and move on to the next girl who shows more.

No. 181149

bumping this thread to see if anyone has any tips or stories from pandemic times or just how the times have changed
example, i really feel like trying to get guys to buy you stuff from an amazon wishlist isn't worth the energy compare to just pulling a return scam. in 2021 i'm certain the workers either won't notice or they will be on your side anyways

No. 181153

Just speak to them and they will fall to your charms. I'm 21 and my main target are the weirdo middle aged men who blow in with the wind. I speak to them, never quite sexually. Some will leave when they're bored. Others will become enthralled. There is no inbetween

I also yell at sub moids on voice calls in return for Amazon giftcard. €60 is pretty penny for just muting the TV and pretending to be angry on the couch in my jammies

No. 181172

How do you find these guys? Sites specifically dedicated to the fetish, or?

No. 181214

Very interested in screaming at people. Where do you find those?
I'm 26 but could pass for early twenties (20+), would you recommend lowering my age?
My only problem is that I can be a bit awkward but I guess that would pass with experience.

Not sure about the friendly speaking with the middle aged men. That sounds pretty time consuming and I don't wanna boost their useless egos.

No. 181444

As the daughter of a gold digger, don’t any of you fucking do it. Make your own money and stay far away from moids. Even the richest scrotes my mom scammed had a plethora of other issues that vastly outweighed millions of dollars. No matter how much money they had, they were all trash. Figures because my mom is an obvious narcissist, men who seek out women like that don’t want a healthy relationship.
I don’t want to argue with some naive hoe who thinks that this is a good idea, my mom wad lucky enough to not get killed. Women who seek out arrangements like this are exposing themselves to gutsier moids and we already know that half of murdered women are killed by partners. But aside from that I have nothing to gain, I’m just sharing my own experience as someone who was forced to watch her scrounging for money for men like a glorified prostitute. It scarred me growing up as a girl to see her in such a degrading and pathetic position. It pinkpills you without doubt. If you see it for long enough you’ll also come to resent men and the myth of the gold digger lifestyle.

No. 312704

File: 1676331786890.jpeg (183.84 KB, 1200x1845, 1200px-Nick_Kroll_2011_Shankbo…)

Why not just marry a rich guy? There's plenty of rich men in California and New York who date out of their net worth. Pic related (son of a billionaire) married some Asian architect.

No. 337984

This thread is old as hell,but what books would the pros recommend for learning "advanced techniques"? I've a few acquaintances who've gotten their tuitions paid in full, real estate in their name, vehicles and and monthly "allowances" rolling in at around $20K, etc. Some without sex and others only after they did. Anyone who's experienced the above willing to share their story?

No. 338011

Samefag but I am right and you dumbasses better listen to me unless you want to end up dead or in even worse financial states than you’re currently in.

No. 338018

I wouldn't call myself a golddigger (although I love them), but tbh I would never settle for a man who makes less than me. And I'm materialistic so someone who's not stingy is a must. The type of men that I've seen in my life…I just don't want to waste my time with bums and my goals in life don't align with men who make less than me. However with women I honestly don't care, I would be with a woman who makes less.

I see a lot of women taking the same stance nowadays, and in general (not just in regards to finances) I hope more women continue to realize that they shouldn't settle or lower their standards for anyone. I've seen so many women do it and how it fucked up their life.

No. 338025

Yeah this. Gold digging isn't for me but I can't blame the women who do it tbh. Most men aren't really good for much else outside of resources, and hypergamy natural for us.

No. 338029

I don't care so much about salary as financial literacy and being responsible with money. Men with high salaries can still be living paycheck to paycheck, they can have substance abuse or gambling issues, you never know. On the other hand my own financial strategy revolves around earning a low salary (for the low stress/low hours) but being good with money so I'm very comfortable. I don't think I'd gel with a really high achieving, money motivated guy and he probably wouldn't want someone as unambitious as me.

No. 338186

i think its pretty naive to think these women didnt have sex in order to secure such large amounts of money
they are probably lying to you or only saying a half-truth in order to save face

No. 338212

>women are naturally "hypergamus"
Are you an incel? I've only seen misogynists use that term.

No. 338227

Incels love to post insane takes on here and then screenshot them to show other incels saying "look how crazy/slutty/stupid/superficial/exploitative women are".

No. 338228

>Very comfortable in life with low-stress, low-salary job
Please tell me your secrets. Good with money and very comfortable with low salary = not wanting for much, yeah?

No. 338241

I can respect that! You definitely have a point about financial literacy being king. I'm just too materialistic plus I have a fear of men who make low amounts from personal experiences so I avoid them. I also want children and I'm determined to provide the best for my future family.

No. 338280

>>338018 ikr, stingy men are literally worthless

No. 338286

Yeah aren't men the ones that are supposed to be "hypergamous" anyway? Since they're all about spreading their seed and they abandon their terminally ill wives at higher rates than women abandon their ill husbands

No. 338303

What do rich, generous men actually want/need/look for in a wife? I'm assuming it's: natural but flawless makeup, works out and has a nice body, perfect skin and teeth, long hair, dresses femininely, and can cook and bake well, hasn't slept with 20 guys. Is this right? How do I improve myself to be more attractive to wealthy men? Genuine question, please don't be mean.

No. 338305

Don’t have a gag reflex, laugh at his jokes, and don’t talk/complain too much

No. 338306


I'd be inclined to believe that if they weren't humble bragging and showing the receipts. And I don't disbelieve them since I've encountered women like that before.

It definitely depends on the dynamic of their relationship though. The latter group of women I'm referring to usually went for men who had low self-esteem, had attachment issues or were very insecure, so delaying intimacy wasn't hard. They played to their personalities.

The former are different though since they don't go for those 'low hanging fruit' but directly seek a challenge in men who are egotistical, confident and constantly surrounded by accomplished women. I'd say they're narcissistic but really they're just disenfranchised with the male species and would rather withhold from getting too emotionally invested than believe in the 'not all men rhetoric. They are very good manipulators and know how to persuade people well. One woman becomes a completely different person with every guy she dates and it works because she has a few vacation homes around the world thanks to her gold-digging.

I'm not naturally gifted with those advanced skillsets, so I'm happy to step aside and learn from those who do. I'd class myself as intermediate currently lol.

No. 338307

Rich men aren't a monolith dear. They're very different depending on their race, nationality, age, source of wealth, industry, etc. They're men at the end of the day and money doesn't absolve them of flaws and habits like everyone else. It'd be way too long to go into it, but Ginie Sayles is a good primer along with Kevin Doyle. They're very basic (at least by the standard of socialites and social climbers anyway). But once you're familiar with interacting with men from different backgrounds, you'll be able to pick up on the finer nuances.

Proximity is your greatest barrier. If you're not in the same spaces as them, it really doesn't matter what else you do because they won't know you exist. Of course, every circle has their own 'look' but that's not something you can generalize for all. Go where the rich go and then observe how they carry and dress themselves. Education is always an asset and the lack thereof can oftentimes be detrimental depending on whether or not this is something they value in their women.

Tumblr has a wealth of information you can tap into if you're serious but knowledge means nothing without application so put yourself out there and practice! Work on your conversation skills because it will be your strongest asset.

Networking is important too and women are usually the gatekeepers so befriend them via mutual 'upper class' hobbies like yoga, ballet, pilates, etc. and once you build enough rapport, getting access to the men they know will be easy so long as you're both compatible.

Online dating works too. A lot of the men on Raya are on Hinge and Tinder just as well. You can meet rich men anywhere. Just learn how to market yourself well and they'll be buzzing towards your honey pot in droves.

No. 338317

be 16 years old

No. 338319

The gag reflex thing is over-hyped, you can still learn how to deep throat even if you have one and gagging a bit makes men feel like their dick is big and gives them a little ego boost

No. 338334

Any moid that gets off on your discomfort isn't worth it.

No. 338335

Not OP but I think a lot of women would sleep around more if it wasn’t for us getting the short stick in terms of childbirth and by society in general. If children were raised collectively, which I think is more natural, we wouldn’t have to depend on a man for everything, but alas here we are. There’s a theory we developed concealed ovulation for the purpose of misleading the «father», decreasing the risk of him killing the offspring.

Anyway I think this thread is kind of comical. Taking into account what the average lolcow user is like, it reads like a bunch of neets scheeming on how to move up from leeching off their parents to leeching off a man who’ll fund their vidya and internetshopping addicted lifestyle.

No. 338341

Moid here (ban me) if you’re with a dude who’s getting a gag induced ego boost, you’re with the wrong dude. That’s some troglodyte tier shit(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 338345

Reported but you're not wrong.(don't reply to moids)

No. 338407

This is unironically one of the only based takes in this thread.
I remain reminding you all that gold digger “lifestyles” are a lie, stay in school and don’t let men near your money ever. Natural selection will have to weed out those of you who don’t listen to me kek.

No. 338411

I genuinely do feel like there is something like, inherently wrong with men who hate spending money on their partners. Even as a woman, I love being generous and buying things for my loved ones. Perhaps it's because I have a hard time showing affection through words, but idk. I feel like anyone who truly loves someone won't be weird about spending money on them.

No. 338428

>what do rich men want?
Unless they're looking for someone to manipulate or use, they'll usually look for a woman that's from similar financial background. If he's a surgeon he'll want a surgeon, if he comes from a rich family he'll want a woman who also has a wealthy background. Sure some marry lower income women but in my experience all men that married poor women took advantage of them and abused them thinking the women wouldn't leave. I know several rich men(earns more than 100k-1million a month) who serial cheated on the broke women they married.
Unironically go and study, get a good career unless you want to be a broke woman with a broke bf or a broke woman who's selling her body to an ugly useless wealthy man. Doing weird makeup routines and lying about the men you've slept with won't automatically bring you a rich man.
This isn't the sex worker thread.

No. 338432

How was that based it’s just a normal statement, stop sucking up to moids for 5 seconds of your life. I agree this thread is peak retardation though

No. 338476

Because this thread sucks and you’re all a bunch of clowns. Ironic that I’m the one “sucking up to moids” when I merely agreed with a dumb rape ape’s statement and yet you’re the ones endorsing a life of servitude and sharing tips on how to deep throat aka choke on a moid’s diseased peen. I’m not the type of radfem who claims straight relationships are sex work but it’s clear as day that you are prostituting yourselves and thinking you have the upper hand here.
Self-proclaimed dark triad women are a fucking joke. I’ve known a lot over the years. They all talk big game on the internet but when it comes to their own relationships, they are always the ones being scammed and used by their fugly scrotes. I’ve seen it all over and it always amuses me when autists on a niche image board think they’re some femme fatale. Even women who are diagnosed with no empathy still end up getting walked all over by scrotes—there truly is no way to be victoriously abusive in a romantic pairing with them. You think you’ll be special or different from the women who got screwed over by a financially abusive moid? Give me a break.(hide the thread)

No. 338480

I understand where are you coming from, I don't endorse sugar baby lifestyle either, but it's stupid storming into this thread like that and shitting on all the anons ITT. You can't change their minds and whatever you say would be ignored, considering your quite frankly shitty attitude.
It's a shitty thing, but can you blame them? Not anyone can be a bossgirl and make their own bux, people try to survive in their own ways. You know, if it brings sugar babies money and they can survive with that sort of life, than good for them. Better that than being unemployed and homeless.

No. 338481

You have a shitty attitude and your opinion doesn’t mean jack shit, at least mine comes from past experience of witnessing the bleakness behind supposed “gold digger” lifestyles. Atp I think I care more for the clueless young girls who they harm with their fanfics of “girlbossing”. These women are deluded about what is truly occurring, write their fanfics online of them scamming their moids, and then naive young girls read that drivel and idolize the lifestyle that never existed in the first place. I actually liked the moid’s take because I think these women suffer from too much externalized misogyny (believing the “women are competition” narrative) to ever listen to other women and that that retarded moid telling them how degrading what they’re doing might actually get through to them. Not that he said anything that great but who said it matters to these women. To these women I might as well just be a sneaky bitch trying to make them swear off sugaring so I can nab their moids. These women are extremely male-identified.

No. 338492

Just hide the thread.
I'm not, but if you're the anon I think you are, you bumped a 2 year old post and keep complaining itt, and ranted about the same topic in the things you hate thread. It just looks retarded and desperate for replies. But even if you're not that anon, you should still hide the thread because complaining about the thread you're in is still annoying (and against the rules).

No. 338535

I'll never understand people who claim to be above a certain lifestyle, yet go out of their way to invade the spaces of those who live it.

If you're not a gold-digger or aren't inclined towards the lifestyle, then by all means dismiss yourself from the thread. It's clear that many of the dissenters are solely informed via the internet (a.k.a not first-hand experience) or via their assumptions about other people's lives.

Getting this bothered over someone else's way of life and then going out of your way to slut shame them because you think sex demeans women is just miserable and pathetic.

You can make your own money and find a partner that is financially well-off and generous. If that's not what you want? Good for you. But don't try to police other women's preferences who you don't know and will never meet.

No. 338537

If you lead a lifestyle of a scammer, people are going to think you are a piece of shit, because that what you objectively are. Maybe you don't care, but going all "why are you invading my safe space, bigot" is hilarious. I hope you are better at emotionally manipulating the moids you target.

No. 338538

Don't project your own self-image onto me sweetheart. Your insecurities and inability to relate to my lifestyle are not my problem and certainly not my concern.

I know trying to make other people just as miserable as you feel validates you, but going to therapy and sorting out your emotional baggage would be a better use of your time than frothing over an internet stranger. :P(do not use emoji/ emoticons)

No. 338545

You are so dumb. The same person who said you were sucking up to the moid literally said this thread is retarded and you chimped out against the thread. Also for some reason you keep acting like the moid said something related to gold-digging or “externalized misogyny”, he was talking about gagging on cocks kek like how the hell did you see something profound there. Learn reading comprehension before going into retarded rants about things nobody else was even talking about.

No. 338567

Not even a part of this thread, but men can't be "scammed" by gold diggers. Inherently they know there's nothing worth loving about them so they throw money at women. And ironically, the men who complain about gold diggers are always broke, kek. The men with actual money know it's all they have, a woman can't actually like them for their personality and looks therefore they don't feel like they are being "scammed."

No. 338625

Invest in a live2D model and become a vtuber.

No. 338639

Who gives a fuck about scamming men? And being a gold digger isn't even scamming, it's a relationship between two people who understand what they want.

No. 338645

boohoo you wont get picked, little secret for you, men love being used for their money. the more you use a man for his money, the more attached he is to you and the better he treats you. The more you act like a pick me ass bitch who splits the bill on a 5 buck coffee the more he views you as pathetic and low in value. Men will never respext women they go 50/50 with because they know themselves are low value and views a woman who thinks she is his equal as low value like him.

No. 338680

Yeah i kind of agree, gold digging is kind of soft prostitution and funnily enough most gold diggers get used, taken advantage of or fucked over way harder than any normal woman who likes being spoiled and goes for a man with good education or good background instead of trying to sleep with an old rich fuctard hoping he gives them all his money.
These women are the female equivalent of male pickup artists and they're just as delusional. Just like how ugly male pickup artists think they can trick a very hot woman into liking them, these women with no education, culture etc, think they can easily bag a super rich guy by following some retarded advices from online scammers.
Women who teach how to golddig to other women are the female equivalent of Andrew tate, aka someone who's purposefully praying on unattractive and insecure people and promising them something they'll never ever have.

No. 338688

>bases her whole personality about how to appeal to men
>accuses anon of wanting to be picked
You'll never have a rich man by your side for too long if you have to try this hard just to have them show interest in you. If a man is attracted to a woman and interested in her, her behavior won't change his views and normal women don't have to try as hard as you losers do to attract men from better backgrounds. Rich men sure do use insecure and naive women like you but they won't settle for someone that's like you, someone from a way different culture and economic status.
Also are you really thinking that taking advice from online spaces that are filled with unemployed unattractive people chasing after rich men is a good idea? You'll get taken advantage of and the views you're spreading only make it easier for young(even underage) girls to try and get with a wealthy man that'll take advantage of them. No amount of gifts or economical compensation is going to make up for the emotional trauma you'd have if you actually succeeded in getting with one of the scummy men you're chasing.(personally attacking an anon)

No. 338691

>the more you use a man for his money, the more attached he is to you and the better he treats you.
>what is financial abuse

No. 338700

Financially abusing men will always be based.

No. 338702

i meant the other way around anon…usually these men will treat women worse the more this dynamic goes on

No. 338703

Ah, yes… sorry I misunderstood

No. 338709

There is a stark difference between getting crumbs from a man to survive while being stuck dependent on him, and accepting money from generous men while still securing yourself. Do I really need to differencenciate?

No. 338710

Yeah Im so insecure and naive for thinking women shoukd be compensated for having to interact with men, that "troo luv" isnt enough and wasting your time with penny pinching moid who wouldnt treat you to a drink without splitting it while you clean his house and bear his children is a bad deal. Women do so much more than moids simply by existing, than a "50/50" relationship in actuality is a woman doing 80-90%.

No. 338711

Never knew that gold-digging would have the normies so pressed.

So much self-dragging occurring up in this thread and I'm here for it lmao!

But seriously ladies, this shouldn't be a debate. You can create a 'gold-digging dissenters' thread and post all about how you hate it there. I'm all for discussing safety, but a lot of you are low-key using very ignorant stereotypes about gold-diggers and insulting women under the guise of 'advice'.

Talking about 'Rich men this …' and 'Rich men that …' when most of you have never dated one or currently date men that still live in their mother's basement and scoff at the idea of paying for a cheap coffee drink for you. Not even going to mention the 'perpetually single' who are all of a sudden experts on keeping men lmao!(reddit spacing)

No. 338714

Gold-digging Tip: Check punting/punter forums for tactics men use to undersell and undervalue women. They don't only discuss escorts but also SB/SGF, OF models, cam girls, regular women, etc. It's very likely that if you've ever sent a nude to someone that it would've ended up on one of these forums, the telegram groups spurned men use, FB groups, etc.

Be sure to run a background check (specifically specifically any criminal records but other information too) on any man you're evaluating because a lot of these same men use mainstream dating apps and maintain a very clandestine appearance.

No. 338716

Nonnies all I want in life is to just have money and be provided for/taken care of. Call me a whore or whatever (I’m a virgin so nice try) but all I dream of is just marrying a rich man to take care of me and live in a life of luxury. How the fuck do I find this? I honestly have no aspirations in life and I just wanna be treated like a doll and have everything I want and go on fancy holidays and be able to get anything I want from Starbucks kek. It’s not even like I’m from a poor background or anything, I just have always felt like I have belonged in the rich lifestyle. I was walking through Mayfair the other day and I just felt like I belonged, idk if anyone else has felt like this. Seeing a girl come out of the Prada store with a bag full of shit that her obviously rich much older bf got for her really made me jealous, that should be me

No. 338729

You're so mad you can't even type right. Allowing men to purchase you for a smaller sum than they'd pay for a car or a house isn't the gotcha you think it is.
I think she means that these men will get you dependant on them and make you stay through abuse or do things you otherwise wouldn't.

No. 338768

There's plenty of guides online if you really insist on chasing this lifestyle.

No. 338801

Im typing on my phone. Allowing a man to dog you out for free isnt the win you think it is.

No. 338809

Watch SheraSeven. Her whole brand is how to get a rich man and it seems her advice works. Though I personally don't think it will make you happy.

No. 338813


Shera isn't even married to a rich man though. It took her 10 long years of being her husband's AP/sidechick before his wife divorced him and he finally married Shera.

Not to mention he's constantly cheating on her (and she on him) and they both hate each other's guts.

Ginie Sayles is a much better recommendation in comparison even if her material is a bit outdated.

I also suspect 716 to be a troll from the language they used. No aspirations, wants to contribute nothing (not even in the way of education or connections) to a potential relationship, feels entitled to a lifestyle never experienced and has a heavily romanticised view of what a 'luxury lifestyle entails reeks of fanfiction with a shot of fantasy.(redditspacing)

No. 338876


Like people have mentioned, you're leaving a lot on the table not doing the long con and giving the goods.

Though there are guys who are literally into findom and fetishize their own inadequacy .

I think the best way to do it is being an online domme targeting paypigs.

You don't even have to do shit or get naked even, just tell them they have tiny dicks or whatever in lingerie.(newfag, integrate)

No. 338888

Financial relationships create dependency and the balance can be shifted

No. 338897

I'll just presume anyone with this kind of content is the gender bender version of those pick up gurus, aka scammers. I wish a commie would sperg about socioeconomic classes itt.

No. 339116

Yeah they're obviously scammers. Do you think that woman looks rich at all? These gold digging advice channels prey on insecure unattractive women in bad economic situations and then lead to them getting abused by a man for a few dimes.
This thread is annoying to me because financial dependannce has always been the number one reason women haven't been able to leave abusive relationships, I know so many such cases irl. To see some dumb women say they're based or whatever and advice much younger women to go and get taken advantage by men for money (aka do almost prostitution/grooming) is so disturbing.

No. 339117

I agree with you. Though I must add that earning an independent source of income and pursuing partners that are financially secure are not mutually exclusive. After all, one can do both.
I think the most important thing is to verify who you're getting your advice from, whether they themselves live up to it and how it is reflected in their own lives.
Talk is cheap. Actions and results say a lot more.

No. 339125

>the more you use a man for his money, the more attached he is to you and the better he treats you
>because they know themselves are low value and views a woman who thinks she is his equal as low value like him.
Getting treated well is the baseline and why do you only date men with low self esteem? I guess they are the kinds of men who would let themselves get milked.
I don't have a problem with gold digging, but these aren't objective truths that apply to normal relationships.

>Yeah Im so insecure and naive for thinking women shoukd be compensated for having to interact with men

The fact that you don't even enjoy it makes it even more sad. For your own sake, calculate how much money you earn per hour doing this. (gifts only count for their resale value minus effort spent finding a buyer)
Are you actually earning more than you would from a regular job? Don't forget, a regular job scales the older you get and gets you retirement.

No. 339207

Yeah I definitely agree. I'm only against this mindset because this sugaring community is usually old abusive men or older female/gay male sexworkers advising young women/young gay men to be financially dependant on old men. This situation only makes it easier for the old men to use and abuse the young and in some cases underage women.

No. 339214

File: 1688722774806.png (334.65 KB, 544x358, 1.png)

>Are you actually earning more than you would from a regular job? Don't forget, a regular job scales the older you get and gets you retirement.
>tfw you will never retire because shit wages everywhere REEEEEEEEEEEEEE

No. 339217

Nta but get help. You got mad because she's right.

No. 339224

there's not "shit wages everywhere" tho, if you're smart you'll get a job at in government or healthcare or some other non-corporate non-profit organization and save up a retirement fund while enjoying great benefits. you don't even need to go to college for a lot of those jobs, just get certified in something. it's easy.

No. 339312

this is true. men say they hate "gold diggers" but they'll never respect a woman who spends money on them. if you're with a man who lets you spend money on him that ISN'T a gift you bought with his own cash, he isn't worth it. They barely are anyways

No. 339457

You're talking to a sexworker, if she was smart enough for even a minwage job she wouldn't have to supply men with sexual favors or attention to get less than minwage. Most sexworkers are too mentally unstable or mentally deficit to hold real jobs, these women should be protected by the government because if they're not, this is what happens, they buy into scams and end up getting exploited or abused by men.

No. 339459

Kek literally she's mad. Men who buy your body, your time, and your fake personality will never respect you. Eventually they will realize they have spent so much money they might as well just rape you to cash out already.

No. 339460

Just stop doing shit like this for men. Stop being prostitutes and gold diggers. Please allow women to fix the world already stop feeding their sociopathy. End of story.

No. 339467

Do you really think men with self esteem are ok with a woman paying for evrything while they mooch and let her be mommy fuck slave?

Its telling everyone in this thread screeching that men shouldn't pay for anything have never interacted with a man in their life. Men spend money on women they value, it makes them feel good to provide for a woman.

No. 339482

Ah yes, the two options: sugar babe and mommy fuck slave
>everyone in this thread screeching that men shouldn't pay for anything
Who said that?

Of course a man who loves you will want to give you gifts. But what does this have to do with gold digging/rinsing?

No. 339488

>pursuing partners that are financially secure are not mutually exclusive
Yes, but that's not the same as attempting to marry a rich man. Putting aside for a moment the aspects of financial dependency, the idea is at large a fantasy, most rich people will not marry or even date outside of their class. There might be cases of rich old scrotes marrying a trophy wife of whatever background, but isn't it much more logical from rich men's pov to just marry someone who is also rich and take advantage of their position to have affairs? I.always feel like these gold digging stories are mostly women who aren't in a good situation, like barely middle class, getting men who are better off but aren't actually rich themselves.

No. 339513

This thread is about gold-digging. I'm not sure where you saw anything about "marrying rich". You're also assuming all rich men are paragons of virtue who aren't flawed or make mistakes. Men are men first and foremost. They don't all want the same things and they all certainly aren't choosing wives based on how much money they have.
I can list scores of millionaires and billionaires who marry women "beneath" them on paper, have affairs with and then leave their wives for women who are again on paper "beneath" them.
Most folks marry those within their circles because of proximity. Not because they're specifically going out of their way to find partners that tick off a set of characteristics. People get married for all sorts of reasons and again, rich people aren't exempt from this either.
In some circles a trophy wife is the norm, in others a wife that is accomplished and educated is the norm and so on and so forth.
Most women aren't even thinking of millionaires when they talk about gold-digging but based on the COL in their city, may well be between 100K and 500K which isn't that big of a deal to warrant all these brigading posts (assuming this is their gross income).
This isn't an attack on you by the way Anon, so I do apologise if the tone of my writing comes across as aggressive or confrontational.

No. 372664

I just saw this video on ig of this guy who's been scamming pedos on snapchat since he was 17 and made thousands. I fr don't know why I never thought about this when I was younger cause I used to talk to those creeps a lot just for fun to mess with them but I never thought about asking for money

No. 372666

No. 372679

This insta reel feels like its own scam. The replies are not all real people, the account itself has 3 posts but 25k followers, I smell bot activity and a scammer fishing for something. Probably trying to get you to join the telegram for another reason.
The way it's like "rich by the time I finished highschool" or the comments saying they've been doing it since middle school are also suspicious. Why make a point to say it's easy for kids that age? I'm curious if it's a reverse scam to get underage marks to send selfmade cp (saw some comments saying pedos can't call the cops if you scam them but it's just as easy to scare kids into staying quiet by saying they'll get in trouble for making cp). I don't believe the ones saying they use doctored random OF photos.

No. 372726

I also think the reel/acc is fishing for money for sure, apparently you join the telegram and then buy his guide to learn how to scam. I noticed these kinds of things are happening more and more on ig/tiktok, people selling "guides" to get rich quick, not even just scamming but normal "financial advice."

So in a way that's another way to 'scam' people out of money.

But I also know there's no shortage of pedophiles and creeps online who will send over money to someone who is allegedly a minor.

No. 372739

>join the telegram and then buy his guide to learn how to scam
lmao sounds legit I simply must give him my money

No. 372746

Even if this was real, the second a woman or (God forbid) a teenage girl does it, even if it's fake, it's sex work. We actually know what it's like to be girl children preyed upon by internet sickos. I don't think it can ever be "just a scam" for us. Men and boys doing it are fine with it because they're pedos themselves, brainrotted by porn.

No. 374249

File: 1705563000116.jpg (104.95 KB, 922x367, zoomere.jpg)

No. 403172

File: 1717445849966.jpeg (306.01 KB, 1290x2441, looking-for-that-cat-daddy-v0-…)

Is this post retarded or are wealthy furries actually a thing?

No. 403174

I was a furry before, and yes wealthy furries are a thing.

No. 403176

it's a stereotype that moids in well paid professions like surgeons are furries and then they blow all their money on furry commissions and fursuits

No. 403179

Total moid death

No. 403197

Unfortunately, furries usually do have a fair amount of money. A cheaply made fur suit is somewhere between 300-500 USD, so the fancier it is, the richer they are. When you see the guys with 5-6 fur suits, they’re making a lot of money.

No. 403203

>economy class
what did they mean by this?

No. 403208

There's a meme about artists turning to furry porn commissions because they pay highly, so I'd wager a guess that there's a lot of tech nerds on high salaries frittering money away on furry paraphernalia and porn.

No. 404889

Furries have money to spend on porn and fursuit because they get good paying jobs in IT and live with their parents, thus notreally having any bills

No. 408540

File: 1719181300571.jpg (97.24 KB, 1000x1346, MV5BN2E3ZTZjYmQtMDA1MS00MjY3LW…)

I just realized that the most vocal incels tend to be brown men. Do you think trying to marry one of those hyperachieving Asian/Indian manlets or the son of some Chinese millionaire would work?

What about converting to Islam and marrying a Saudi, how feasible would that be? Muslim white girls must be super rare so I assume even ugly ones have to count for something, right?(racebaiting)

No. 408542

> What about converting to Islam and marrying a Saudi
You would be better off dead

No. 408543

Is your life truly that awful right now or are you trying to have fun with a stupid question?
White women are relatively more "prized" by racists with inferiority complexes but you still have to be beautiful AND skilled AND charming especially if you're trying to marry up.

No. 408549

>I just realized that the most vocal incels tend to be brown men.
Why do white incels always say this? Most brown men are married in their 20s.

No. 408552

Arranged marriages

No. 408578

That makes them not incels then

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