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File: 1511420093963.jpg (65.04 KB, 1024x512, menstrual-cups.jpg)

No. 70602

Discuss menstrual cups. Brands, techniques, troubleshooting, etc.

Here are some resources, feel free to add more:
>Cup dimension comparison charts

>Another comparison guide


>Nice channel for honest reviews and other information


No. 70603

i've been wanting to use the cup for a long time but i have a copper IUD and i heard that it's not recommended to use them together. is it very risky to use them together?

No. 70605

I have one, too. I asked my doctor, and she said it was fine. Call or email your doctor to be safe, but it should be fine. Just make sure to break the suction when you remove it, and check your strings at the end of every period.

No. 70610

i'd like to use a cup, but i read that when you pull it out, the majority of the blood stays inside you because your vag squeezes the cup together while you pull it out. is that true? sounds pretty inefficient tbqh.

No. 70611

File: 1511437205152.png (147.75 KB, 1200x300, grip.png)

I'm using a Divacup atm and preiviously used a Mooncup, with both I found them sometimes very hard to remov, as they are quite hard and create strong suction. The stem and smooth surface don't provide a good grip.
I'm considering buying a Meluna since a nearby shop sells them, does anyone have experience with the brand? And would you recommend the ball or ring kind (not going for the stem again).

No. 70612

Lol not true at all. The blood stays in the cup.

No. 70655

Not true. Break the suction before removing it. Gravity will keep the blood in the cup. Sometimes, there might be a single blood/mucus strand coming out, which is admittedly kind of gross. Use toilet paper if it won't break on its own.

I have the small MeLuna Classic with a ring stem. I do like it, though I'd try a Silja if I could get one in the US (MeLuna is TPE; Silja is Silicone). I like it and the suction is easy to break, partially due to the design, and partially due to the TPE, which is less springy. It will become slightly oval-shaped if you store it in a crushed position, though it goes back to normal with heat from wearing or boiling it. The grip rings on the base are nice and prominent. Whether you choose the ring or ball stem comes down to personal preference. The ring is a bit longer, so it might help more with removal. The way the base attaches also helps the cup go into a good hot dog fold for removal.

No. 70699

Not true at all. The blood stays in the cup and when you remove it, it's oddly satisfying.

No. 70705

I don't know why but I can't wear tampons, they are extremely uncomfortable to me and I can only wear one a few minutes at most before I need it to get it out. I know myself well and I know I inserted it correctly so I'm still not altogether sure what's wrong. I'm not sure if anyone had/has a similar issue but can use a menstrual cup and if there were similar issues. I'd love to switch to one but I don't want to spend money and have it be a total waste.

No. 70711

i have the same issue. tampons just seem like idk, dry or weird to me, menstrual cups feel different.

No. 70744

File: 1511645032187.jpg (12.86 KB, 340x270, fox cup bag.jpg)

Disliking tampons is why I initially tried a menstrual cup. I like menstrual cups so much more than tampons. They don't dry me out, and they aren't weird and rigid. They move with my body and once it's in for fifteen minutes, it shimmies up and I actually can't feel it. With tampons, I could always feel them. It's like a woodchip in my vagina. Cups are great for something you can't feel. Trim the stem or get one with a ring or ball stem unless you have a very high cervix.
It doesn't hurt that they accommodate sleeping nude and doing non-penetrative sexual acts.

No. 70745

Thanks, glad to hear there's a difference.

No. 70763

File: 1511668533024.jpg (113.87 KB, 450x450, 32e922973524580bdcd5d9fa3dff8f…)

How does everyone store their cups? I'm not a fan of visible branding, but I don't really sew, either.

No. 70811

I'm scared to try this for fear of it spilling out if i pull it out to empty it, and I heard a horror story on youtube about how a girl got it stuck inside her because the stem part got caught on some flesh and i just cringed in pain hearing about it.

No. 70838

I love my Diva cup. Been using one for 3ish years without problem except the occasional leak. I might try another brand to see if I could get rid of leaks all together.

this is completely false. lol who made that up?

you pull it out while sitting on the toilet. Your hands can get a little messy but it should all go in the bowl.

I heard that horror story too. I also heard it can get suctioned onto your cervix and get stuck. That's not the norm though.

No. 70839

Most people empty it over the toilet. The cup can't get lost; the vagina does not go anywhere. If you're worried, get a ring or ball stem.

No. 70843

File: 1511849420994.jpg (212.21 KB, 900x900, FF_FUN-CUP_95036_info.jpg)

i have one too and i was paranoid about that as well, esp bc one of my strings is wrapped around my cervix but it's been fine so far. the other anon basically stated all you need to do. it's not super hard to break the suction/you should be doing that or otherwise it's super uncomfortable

if you don't like stems, (i dont either) the cup that i use and vastly prefer to most of the cups with stems is the fun factory fun cup, which is relatively new and has a weird curved tip thing at the end that's hard and has a different texture for getter grip.

maybe something like it might work better for you?
https://us.funfactory.com/en/sexual-wellness/fun-cup-explore-kit/ this kit has a smaller pink one and a larger blue one, and it comes with a little triangular anti-microbial bag (that's not super-branded) to store them as well. i got it because i figured that i might need the latter for my stupidly heavy copper iUD periods, but the smaller size is actually just fine (and the large one felt uh, too big for me)

No. 70861

Has anyone tried the Flex Disc or the Instead Cup?

No. 70871

File: 1511880552253.jpg (10.79 KB, 520x520, 51040361_Alt01.jpg)

I've been wondering about a Fun Factory cup. I already have a few cups I've tried, but am still looking for an elusive perfect fit. I bought a Lily cup (not the compact) and can't get it open no matter what I try. Does the Fun Factory cup open easily? Does the suction break easily for removal? Is it stiffer than the Lily cup?

No. 70907

i haven't actually tried the lily cup, but from what i've seen and know about it and the thinner(?) silicone it uses, the fun factory cup is probably stiffer, but not terribly so!

it does open easily (for me). i really like its design because it fits more "naturally", i guess, because of how it's curved. i use the c-fold for insertion, making sure that the fold and nub/stem thing are facing up. i usually insert the cup laying down (i rarely need to empty it in public), rotate or tilt it a little, and it kind of just opens/suctions up. the suction breaks pretty easily especially when i kind of push down on it with my muscles.

No. 70943

File: 1512057849769.jpg (36.52 KB, 500x500, 7OTUi7e.jpg)


I use a coin purse. Obviously one bought for this purpose alone.

No. 70962

That's a nice idea. What kind of fabric does it have?

No. 70965

I didn’t read the whole thread and thought anon used a coin purse as a menstrual cup for a second

No. 70991

Make it small and narrow and out of materials like silicone and PUL, and you could probably make a menstrual cup that opens like a coin purse. Not that you'd want to.

No. 71116

Is there a way to get Silja Cup shipped to the US?

No. 72048

I wasted $30 on a Diva Cup.
It doesn't fit no matter what I do.

No. 72108

I have the same problem, except I bought a pixie cups because it was one of the cheaper cups I could find.I hurt myself trying to put it in.All hope is lost.

No. 72119

I'm on my period currently and I'm still trying to understand how these things would work. Is there not a huge mess when you take them out? Don't you get blood on your hands/outside of vag while you're inserting them? Do you have to wash yourself every time you insert it?

I'm so used to tampons and how they absorb all the blood before you take them out so everything is all neat and clean but I'd really love a move environmentally friendly alternative. It's just I've heard so many negative things but the positive things tend to come from people who are really biased so I'm not sure who to believe? lol

No. 72126

Honestly compared to tampons they can be a huge mess if you have a heavy flow. The biased definitely cover this aspect up and brush it under the rug. But with practice and technique you can get good at not spilling anything, and even if you do, wiping up blood in the bathroom usually isn't a big deal to me.

No. 72129

Nta, but shit I've got a heavy flow so maybe its a good thing that the cup won't fit. Back to pads.

No. 72136

No no it'll fit, it's just more likely that you'll occassionally spill some droplets. I have a very heavy flow and I use one, I just have to remember to empty it on time and take it out with a firm and slow steady grip.

No. 72201

Don't you just take it out while on the loo or in the shower? I've never spilled anything anywhere but on my fingers which is inconsequential.
I will say that I've had "overflow" with the MoonCup when I had heavy days and left it in over night and then lounged in bed for too long (something about the horizontal position I assume). Never happened with the DivaCup though.

No. 72211

isn't it kind of awkward in public walking out of the bathroom with blood on your fingers? i guess you could carry wet wipes with you or something but i honestly hate getting anything on my hands. my period is heavy thanks to pcos so i just use super tampons w applicators.

No. 72219

Try the putacupinit quiz.

It's messier when you're learning how to manage it. I suggest changing it at home only until you get the hang of it. If you'll be away from home more than 12 hours, use something else for the time being.
Wash your hands before and after inserting or removing the cup.
So if you are emptying your cup, you wash your hands, remove the cup while sitting over the toilet and dump in the bowl. Wash the cup with soap and water (or just rinse in water) and reinsert it. Wash your hands again.

No. 72264

While I find that the cup is less messy for me (my flow got heavier with a copper IUD) there is certainly a learning curve. I probably wouldn't use a cup if my flow was so heavy that my schedule couldn't accommodate only emptying at home. Every body is different; if pads work for you, wear pads.

No. 72501

File: 1514851930780.png (200.78 KB, 551x490, product-shot2.png)

Whatever works for you! That said, I mostly don't have to change in public restrooms. You can bring a bottle of water in with you, or you can use feminine wipes.

No. 72503

Love the purple floral blossom wash by this brand, but I prefer always wipes because they smell like green apple.

No. 72508

Tbh I wish I could find something somewhat reasonably-priced with better ingredients in it.

No. 72535

can you get toxic shock syndrome from wearing one too long?

No. 72576

AFAIK there's no reported cases of it. The instructions say to wash an d reinsert every 12 hours, but I think they're just playing it safe. They're made out of medical grade silicone so the cup itself shouldn't pose any threat.

No. 72579

no, there's no risk at all. toxic shock happens because the tampons absorb too much non-blood in your vagina so staph bacteria overgrows and infects you. it's not simply due to inserting something inside you.

No. 72648

Only if you wear it for a few days.
Someone did get TSS while using a menstrual cup. She cut the inside of her vagina with her fingernail. So it's the same level of risk as fingering.

No. 72653

pretty irrelevant considering she would've gotten it if she did the same motion without the cup.

No. 72666

nothing to do with the cup, it's the cut. tampons will kill you without anything wrong in there.

No. 72813

Yes. It is simply the risk that goes with putting your fingers in your vagina.

No. 74302

My MeLuna is suddenly a lot squishier, and I can't get it to open. Is there anything I can do to restore it to its former glory, or am I SOL?

No. 74310

does anyone know of a tiny cup? i got the athena iirc in the smallest size, and it's still really big, and very painful to take out what with the diameter AND ridiculously strong suction seal.

i have the lightest flow ever, so volume isn't really a concern. i'm just looking for anything with a slimmer diameter.

No. 74319

File: 1517241140519.jpg (118.32 KB, 608x630, menstrual-cups-testing-annotat…)

The small MeLuna (1.50″ diameter) is very small, but also not silicone. I loved mine until it suddenly lost a lot of firmness, and you might not have the same issue. It's occasionally available on Amazon, but your best bet is to get it on the MeLuna website. If length is not as much of an issue, I recommend the ring stem. If you live outside of the US, the Silja cup Is the same as the Meluna, but made from silicone. If you're in the US and don't mind skirting the FDA and paying high shipping costs, you can also get the Silja here: http://www.femininewear.co.uk/silja-menstrual-cup-15133-p.asp
The Femmycycle teen (1.22" diameter) is the smallest diameter on the Put A Cup In It chart, but is an unusual shape, so I can only assume they don't measure at the widest point, but at the rim.
You can view a chart with cup dimensions here: http://putacupinit.com/chart/

No. 74334

thank you, anon! that tiny meluna looks perfect. very helpful!

No. 74384

Livejournal has a cup community. Go read it cause you guys dont know what you are talking about. I use a fluercup I imported from france. Some of you need a different brand.

No. 74386


No. 74408

>making an account to post online

No. 74409

fuck off faggot

No. 74419

oh man wow how cool! i'm glad you came here to proclaim that there's a livejournal community, but didn't send the fucking link. i'm also super glad to hear about your exclusive french menstrual cup!

No. 74425

You imported a French cup from France? I'd do that if I could afford it, but I can only afford a peasant cup.

No. 74426

wow anon, how awful! i cannot believe you're using pleb silicon period cups that aren't from france? gtfo!

No. 74452

File: 1517484749518.png (21.35 KB, 165x115, E9EC3AAE-831D-4F94-9853-04051F…)

French cups are for the bourgeoisie

No. 74460

I'm using the wrong cup. I should import a cup from Europe. I didn't even know that was an option! Someone save me from myself!

No. 74512

What's a proper prole cup?

No. 74513

looking through that comparison chart i'd say that moon cup is the cup of the people.

No. 74517

Idk, I think the Keeper’s nice shit-brown colour is more inkeeping with the prole way. None of this fancy clear or pink (!) nonsense.

No. 74527

It does look like a prole cup, but I can't help but feel like it's a bourgeoisie cup at $35.

No. 74560

Ok I'm retarded but how do you actually insert these?

No. 74569

>fold it (run it under cold water first if you find it difficult to get open)
>shove it up while still folded
>ease it open (varies by fold/anatomy/cup)
>check that it is fully open by doing a 360° turn (tricky to do) or running a finger around the entire rim

No. 74571

Do any of you have issues with the toxic materials used to make these menstrual cups?
Are there any brands that aren't toxic?
I really would love to try one but I'm afraid of the above mentioned and also because I'm a heavy bleeder (I fill up an all night's sanitary towel in a matter of around 5 hours)
Sorry if TMI

No. 74574

Medical silicone is very safe and inert. Using an FDA registered cup is what I do; cheap no-name cups could have all sorts of contaminants in them. If you're worried about dyes, there are many cups without any coloring in them. If you are allergic to silicone, MeLuna is made of TPE and the Keeper is made of latex.

No. 74575

No. 74602

What toxic materials?

No. 74783

I got some Flex when they had a promotion that was something like $15 for the first 3-month supply, then canceled my subscription. I never used them, and got them out of curiosity for sex reasons (my partner mentioned he'd actually prefer a little blood to something else in there) but I'll try one out next period and report back.

No. 75061

File: 1518622547811.jpg (57.74 KB, 1024x1024, Ruby-Cup_rot_Ladyways_Menstrua…)

How am I supposed to trim this stem?

No. 75064

Use a pair of scissors

No. 75088

Too thick to get a clean cut.

No. 75098

Really sharp butchers knife.

No. 75103

No. 75251

I've just ordered a Mooncup size B and am looking forward to using it next period I have. I've watched the video in >>74569 and read through this thread, is there anything else I should know before I start using it?

No. 75252

To add on, I have a fairly light to medium flow, I like the idea of the cup to get away from pads (which I find uncomfortable and noisy) and tampons (which are just… dry and weird). I figure there's no getting away from a period being a bit gross, in that you have to do SOMETHING with the blood coming out of you, so I might as well learn to not mind it and handle a little cup with my blood in. Eh.

No. 75274

Congratulations, I hope you grow to love your cup as much as I have!
Some tips (don't worry about remembering all of this; just do what works for you):
>run the cup under cold water before insertion to make it a little firmer so that it pops open more easily
>run the cup under cold water after removal, before washing it in warm water, to prevent staining (not that it's anything more than a cosmetic issue)
>don't worry about the 360 degree turn; feel around the whole rim to make sure it's in place and has no dents
>you can help the cup to travel up and settle faster if you do a few jumping jacks after insertion
>if your cup is in properly and the stem is sticking out, trim the stem a little bit at a time
>use a pantyliner or something the first day you try it, or make sure you are at home
>you might get a little slobber after changing the cup, because there might be a bit of fluid below your cup, but this is not leaking and will happen less as you get more experienced using your cup
>if you have a light/medium flow, you shouldn't have to change more than twice a day, and you might be more comfortable doing this at home
>if you are having trouble removing your cup, wait 30 minutes, try squatting in the shower, try having a bowel movement, and see the video related

No. 75278

Anon this is great, thank you! I think I have a high cervix (need to find out for sure) so the tip in that video with the spoon sets my mind at rest, on the off chance it did just disappear inside me. Gosh, I can't wait.

No. 75313

If you have difficulty, my first recommendation is definitely to wait 30 minutes. I have a normal cervix and had difficulty removing my cup the first time, too. It was about learning how to push it out. The instructions that came with my cup said to relax, so I didn't realize that "giving birth to it" before trying to break the seal was the way to go.

No. 75323

hey guys wanna share my experience w the cup. ive been reading all these great things about menstrual cups and when i finally saw one at my local drug store i snatched (heh) it up. i bought a lily cup, it was around $40 but i said fuck it, I'm gonna save money on pads.

i apologize for the graphic languge but i need to say my piece because i am frustrated as fuck. every time i want to empty out mine, i have to rummage inside my bleeding cunt and pull the damn thing by a slippery stem, like it's fucking disgusting. then, once youve pulled it out, where do you empty it? in the toilet? in the sink? cause its going in the sink anyway cause you have to wash it off, dont you? and then shove the dry cup up your snatch, snag your hairs, feel the discomfort if its not inserted juuuuust right? holy fuck. washing off menstrual blood in the bathroom sink, reinserting the dry as fuck cup back in - how the fuck do you even do that with your pants around your ankles? - and then rinsing off your bloody mucusy fingers after you're done?

ALSO. also. when it's kinda full, and youre lying down and can feel all the old period from the cup flow back into your insides?

I'm gonna go back to using pads only or use the cup at home where i can change and clean it in the shower.

i wish someone told me this before i bought it, and hopefully no diva masterrace takes any offense, just my two cents.

No. 75328

I think you're just being a bit extra, but if it's not for you, fair enough.
I never need to change it when I'm not at home though? Once in the morning and once after work.

No. 75339

I'm sorry you had such a negative experience. I have multiple cups and honestly, the Lily is the most expensive one I own, and the only one that I couldn't get to work for me. I can't get it to open. Taking it out is hell and a huge mess,
Maybe a Lena or Lena sensitive would work better for you? If you buy it on Amazon, the code LENALOVE saves you $5. I'd understand if you didn't want to spend even more money on the endeavor, though. You could also take the putacupinit quiz for a more specific recommendation. Get something with suction holes.

No. 75353

Re: the feeling of the blood flowing back - for me I loathe the feeling of pulling a still sort-of dry tampon out, or worse the feeling of squishing into your blood when you sit down while wearing a pad - like, for as long as we have periods it's nasty. You need to toughen up a bit and adjust your view towards your period blood if you don't want to find it gross anymore because otherwise guess what, it's always going to be gross.
If your hair is snagging, trim your hair. Not even shave! Just trim.
There are loads of tips for inserting and removing them, like putting a little water or lube onto the rim to make inserting it not completely dry.
And you normally empty it in the toilet. You can wipe it off with toilet paper to get the worst off and then rinse what's left.

No. 75360

I'm sorry your experience has not been positive. I understand your feelings of disgust, as I had them too. I've gotten over it a bit, and ultimately find it to be cleaner. That said, I wouldn't want to empty a cup outside of the home.
>i have to rummage inside my bleeding cunt and pull the damn thing by a slippery stem,
The Lily cup is especially tricky because it has no suction release holes. Normally, I'd advise bearing down and pinching the base of the cup to break the seal, but I'm not sure if this works with the Lily. Try it out when you can, though.
>once youve pulled it out, where do you empty it
The toilet. Sit over the toilet (if you can) while removing it. If you prefer, you can rinse it over the toilet or wipe it off before washing it in the sink.
> shove the dry cup up your snatch,
If this is an issue, try some water-based lube around the rim.
>holy fuck. washing off menstrual blood in the bathroom sink, reinserting the dry as fuck cup back in - how the fuck do you even do that with your pants around your ankles? - and then rinsing off your bloody mucusy fingers after you're done?
It is a lot, and it can feel like a bit of a production, especially at first. The steps I follow are
0. Put down some toilet paper on the ledge of my bathtub as a cup spot
1. Wash hands, leaving water on
2. Pee and wipe
3. Remove cup
4. Empty into toilet
5. Rinse under the running water
6. Place on that bit of TP acting as a cup spot
7. Wipe any blood off of my body and use some tp to line my panties if my flow is heavy
8. Get off of toilet
9. Wash hands again
10. Wash cup
11. Insert cup
12. Remove TP from panties and flush toilet
13. Wash hands again
This is not the one true way to do it, just what works for me. It does take longer than using tampons.
>ALSO. also. when it's kinda full, and youre lying down and can feel all the old period from the cup flow back into your insides?
Does it feel like it's bubbling over? That's how it feels to me when it's overflowing. Could it be an air bubble escaping as the cup gets settled? I've never felt something like what you've described, but everybody is different.
The Lily cup is not representative of most cups, and is really an outlier. As >>75339 said, the Lena is an option. The Lunette is also considered a very average cup. If you do feel like giving it another go, try a cup that's more "normal" with suction holes and rotational symmetry.
If you feel like the cup just doesn't work for you, don't feel bad. It's a matter of personal preference, and it's okay to dislike what others like.

No. 75369

Here's a gross and probably tmi question, what do you do if your cervix is very low and dangles into the cup? I think it causes leaks and overflow with the cup I have, because I often remove it when I notice a leak and it's never even close to full. It's so much more comfortable than tampons, but I still have to buy pantiliners.. I wonder if there's any cups designed for this issue or if I'm an anatomic anomaly.

No. 75372

This is why these things should be available on the NHS. Get your cervix measured by a professional and get prescribed the cup for you, done!

No. 75380

Some cups made for a low cervix:
>FemmyCycle low cervix
>MeLuna Shorty (4 sizes available)
You could also try a larger diameter, so your cervix sits more comfotably in the cup.

No. 75404

Would scrubbing a silicone cup with baking soda damage it?

No. 75410

endo anon here. i bleed like twice the amount most girls do, would this work okay for me? i use about 4+ ultra tampons on my bad days.

No. 75415

>heavy period
>uses tampons
How do you do it? I don't even have a heavy period and if I ever use a tampon, it leaks and never fills up.

No. 75416

i use panty liners too. i fucking hate using pads. it feels like a diaper and i always worry it will smell…

No. 75419

Yes! I have a really have flow, and the cup lets me go so much longer between changes.
If a high capacity is something you need, this site has information on which cups hold the most: http://putacupinit.com/high-capacity-menstrual-cups/

No. 75877

File: 1520144619968.jpg (173.35 KB, 1500x1500, 71XCdwH9PmL._SL1500_.jpg)

Has anyone tried the Ziggy Cup? It's made by the same company as the Lily Cup. It looks like a SoftCup, but is reusable for two years (less than most other cups). I think the main draw is supposed to be using it for sex, or for people who like SoftCups but want something reusable.

No. 75897

Bought a mooncup and used it for the first time this month, got the hang of it straight away and finding it great!

No. 75901

>have two cups, a small Luneale and a big Be Cup
>used to have zero issue just wearing the small Luneale
>After ~1 year my flow got heavier for some reason, start using Becup with no trouble
>Recently it's been impossible to use it, it just won't open up correctly and always leak

I'm thinking maybe it's lost its firmness and that's why it won't open up, leaving space for leaks. Has anyone ever had similar issues? Should I buy a new one?

No. 75905

That shouldn't be happening, but I've read that it happens to people from time to time. My MeLuna did the same thing, and then went back to being usable. I'm still not sure why. It's TPE, which loses firmness, but a silicone cup should remain the same unless it is damaged. It could be less firm, or your needs may have changed. If there are no small tears, maybe you need a different cup. Try the Luneale just to be sure it's the cup and not another factor. Another thing that sort of helps, if you haven't tried this already, is pressing on your vaginal walls where you need the cup to open up.
There's not much information on Be Cup in English, but it looks like it might be on the softer side. If your abdominal strength has increased, or your kegels have gotten more toned, you might need something firmer.

No. 75917

I tried the Flex and the Joy Division sponges.
In terms of period sex, I think a partner would be able to feel either, but that the sponges would probably work for a wider variety of anatomies and positions.
When trying the sponge, I left it in for 6 hours, and had no leaks. I used the regular size, but the mini would have probably been fine, too. Insertion was easy for me (I use reusable menstrual cups, and used Ob tampons before that) but did obviously require sticking my fingers into my vagina. I decided to wet it with water, squeeze it all out, and then wet it with a small amount of lube, to saturate the whole thing and keep things slippery, as I would want them during sex. I wasn't really able to know if I put it in precisely where it was supposed to go, but it worked, and I could not feel it. On removal, it was pretty easy to grab while sitting over a toilet, and no blood came out of the sponge until I squeezed it under running water before throwing it out. It did feel sort of squishy while inserted, but not like the surrounding tissue. A partner would probably feel it, but it wouldn't be uncomfortable for either party.
When trying the Flex, I left it in for 10 hours, and had no leaks. I folded it to insert, and pushed it as far back as I could, but wasn't very careful to keep it folded. I wasn't sure if I hooked it behind my cervix, I felt the thing, bag-like portion and was pretty sure my cervix was in there. Once it was in, I couldn't feel it. On removal, it wasn't anywhere near totally full, but the mess level was similar to breaking the seal one a fell reusable cup and removing it. Totally manageable on the toilet, and very easy to grab, as I didn't have to reach very far in at all. I do see why the term "blood drawer" gets mentioned with this product, and if you normally use absorbent products, seeing all that blood spill into the toilet will be weird. This is probably a better product than a sponge for someone who doesn't want to or can't reach all the way to their cervix. A partner would definitely feel this, but how bothersome it is would depend on the couple's anatomies and what positions they used. I could see this getting jostled out of place, and if it was very full, it would be easy to squeeze some out. It does fit a lot, though, so if you put it in right before, it would probably be fine.
Either product is worth checking out if you and your partner are happy with period sex, but would prefer to minimize the amount of mess for whatever reason. There are other sponges and other discs available, and the brands I used might not be the best for everyone. I selected the products I was going to try based on price and availability at the time. SoftCups are back on Amazon and cheaper than the flex subscription box model, I think. If you or your partner are not okay with the possibility of there being some blood, I wouldn't count on these products to deliver each and every time. Either of these are also worth checking out for someone who wants an internal product that is an alternative to tampons and reusable menstrual cups.

No. 75922


MonthlyCup do a donation service, which is a really cool idea.

No. 76044

That's great! Ruby Cup does a buy one, give one system, or you can donate one without getting one for yourself. They also educate the girls on how to use the cups.
I do wish there was a donation service where I could donate cups to women in the US who want them. Just donating one to a pantry seems kind of pointless, because cups to require some help to figure out. I donated my stockpile of unopened boxes of pads and tampons, though.

No. 79381

I have no problem with other people using pads or anything, but I just can't wear them. They don't breathe. Regular liners even feel too damp for me, so I usually use gauze liners for catching discharge and leaks.

No. 79409

oh my god, I can relate to this so much. I feel like just wearing a piece of cotton with plastic wrap on top of it… I also gag from the smell of it (even worse in combination with blood).

No. 79418

I had to wear pads after I got my IUD put in. I was in pain all week, but the worst part was the pads.

No. 79465

There's good ones out there, I don't even get why people buy always and other similar brands when they're just perforated plastic and give you hardcore swamp fanny. I buy 100% biodegradable cotton ones and they feel pretty nice, though obviously not forever. I don't like tampons because the string always gets soaked in piss no matter how hard I try to put it away and it's gross. I always have to change it every time I go to the bathroom but it's so wasteful and annoying.

No. 79581

What brand do you use?

No. 79583

reusable pads are great. they feel super soft and dry. and are eco friendly
also biodegradable doesn't mean much if they go into normal landfills

No. 79657

same. had mine for a few weeks. I'm scared to go back to the cup on my next cycle though because I'm worried of not suctioning the cup properly and messing up with IUD, but going back to pad or tampons sounds awful.

No. 79678

I'm the biodegradable pad anon and I agree, but I live in the boonies and can't make my own so I just get what I can. Absolutely get eco-friendly pads if you can, they're great, I've worn them before.

No. 79790

File: 1524248968827.jpg (385.37 KB, 1500x1500, 8193SAARSWL._SL1500_.jpg)

you can get them on amazon tho, and they last a long time.

No. 79795

Unfortunately my country doesn't have amazon (or paypal) yet, and ordering them online is very expensive since we don't earn much. I might ask a seamstress to make me a few and buy her some fabric when I manage to find one.

No. 79911

The seamstress idea is a good one. I am not sure if it would roll up and be unusable, but jersey knit doesn't need to be hemmed. You could probably make something using adhesive velcro or a simple button and loop.

No. 79912

Couple of questions:
How long do they last?
How often do you change them? Like, if you're having a heavy flow do they hold up overnight?
How do you store them after they've been used? And how do you wash them? Do you just toss them in a washer? I imagine it doesn't do a good job. And you'd probably wait till you have a few used before washing them.

No. 79919


I've never used them for anything but discharge (cup girl), but I can tell you my mom used to soak hers in cold water before washing and use the "blood water" as fertiliser for the garden.

No. 79941

oh sorry anon that sucks, If shipping isn't crazy expensive, I'll buy some for you and send them to you as a gift. Do you mind saying your country ?

>How long do they last?
they last years, I've been using mine for about a year, and they still look the same as when I bought them

>How often do you change them? Like, if you're having a heavy flow do they hold up overnight?

I don't have a heavy night flow, would recommend a cup for this situation.
I just use a cup on my heavy days and on lighter days 1 pad in the day time and one at night, maybe I'm just gross tho idk.

>How do you store them after they've been used? >And how do you wash them? Do you just toss them in a washer?

I store them in the bag they came with until the end of my period, I don't soak them or anything, then throw them in the wash. they smell clean afterwards so it works for me.

No. 79942

That's very kind of you anon, but I wouldn't want to impose or anything. I live in Serbia, aka the here be dragons of Europe.

No. 80365

It costs like 30+ dollars to ship to you anon, I'm sorry ;_; , I hope you can get some eventually.

No. 80366

Yeah I know, that's only part of the problem. No worries at all! It was still really kind of you to offer :)

No. 80555

I got some "free" menstrual cups (had to pay shipping) from rebel kate and I love them. I was nervous about inserting and removing them at first but it was surprisingly easily. If any of you guys want to try them out but don't want to drop a tone of money I'd suggest getting them from here:


No. 81499

thanks for sharing, anon! Such a great resource for people who want to try, I like that it includes both sizes.

No. 81581

It should be noted that these are "China cheapies." While some people are comfortable with that, it's worth checking out other places for this if you want faster shipping.

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