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No. 70658

Do you have any interesting break up stories that changed you as a person.

How would you personally recommend breaking up with someone?

No. 70659

I tend to do it really bluntly and quickly, just pull off the band-aid. I don't want room for misunderstandings.

No. 70974

Tips on how to break up with a very, very clingy man who is insanely in love with you and threatens to kill himself if you leave him? I don't know how to cut him out from my life since he has all my info.

No. 70975

Break up and call the cops on him

No. 70976

I can't do that anon, not only will the cops here not do anything about it because he hasn't physically hurt me yet, but his father is a high ranking officer in the police force so I'm sure he'd do anything to protect his son.

No. 70977

Have you already attempted to break up? Call him on his bluff. He more than likely won't kill himself.

No. 70995

1. contact his family/friends prior and ask them to keep an eye on him
2. break up in public place

No. 70999

What a manipulative faggot, sorry you have to deal with that, anon. Doing what >>70995 said is a really good idea imo. I've dealt with a guy like that before though in my case we weren't even in a relationship, but he threatened suicide if I rejected him and started sending me pictures of him cutting and shit. It turned into constant death threats and I had to get the police involved. Your guy might not be like that but clingy obsessive dudes can go from guilt tripping you to potentially dangerous so be cautious.

No. 71000

Laugh and hope he does it?
I had my entire teenage years wasted trying to pacify one of those. I was finally so miserable I moved away so I could break up from a distance… He never killed himself! He just carried on threatening to until he moved onto another target
Honestly don't know why I was so terrified that he would do it, because now I should have just told him to get on with it

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