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No. 71235

Check my idea: a padsharing service.

System provides registration for clients and providers. Clients can get a pack of pads from providers for free, given that they exchange it for used ones.

So, girls can regularly get free pads (a system for on-line geo-located bidding can be introduced for emergent needs), guys can regularly get used ones for a market price of a widely available product. There's a minimal barrier to entry, the expenses are trivial and not biting, no hard guarantees and contracts needed. The industry can support the service to have a new way to promote the sales.

It's also eco-friendly, what has mostly been useless garbage before gets an additional utility cycle.(no name-fagging)

No. 71242

Is…used pads a thing anyone wants? Is this a disgusting fetish I am yet unaware of?

No. 71244

File: 1512690330316.jpg (21.25 KB, 450x444, eh.jpg)

Are you sure you know where you are posting at the moment?

No. 71282

The demand for used pads would be too low.

No. 71340

Steve Jobs didn't wait for iPhone market to grow, he created it!

In these era of growing alienation, less people are having any relationships. Used pad exchange is going to become the symbol of our generation.

No. 71354

I think you'd be better off developing a pad version of a menstrual cup. A reusable menstrual solution for women who can't use menstrual cups (Like me..they're all too big :/ )

I'd rather that than having to send my dirty pads in the mail to someone to jizz on. Ew.

No. 71362

It exists. Cloth pads. They're actually really nice. They breathe. It's not nearly as dirty as I expected.

No. 71363

I was thinking more so like something as easy to clean as a menstrual cup, obviously cloth pads exist. Like some kind of specially designed thing. I don't know, OP's the one with the shitty idea, I'M TRYING.

No. 71399

File: 1513032125519.jpg (99.59 KB, 539x770, 1508247666928.jpg)

you sure about that, anon?

No. 71403

I can't think of anything but period panties, for non-insertables. Unless you had an interlabial cup, which would be awful. Maybe pads could be made with a space age fabric that can be cleaned really easily?

No. 71751

How many men really want used pads?

No. 71827

As many as our marketing can reach.

No. 71840

is this some sort of fetish? also why would men buy used pads if they can just go to the bathroom and find them for free? It would make more sense to do it with panties with discharge in them or that girls came in, I'd be up for that, collecting used pads to trade sounds disgusting and I would never be able to face someone I was trading my used pads with

we can develop an anonymous system, girls sell their discharged or panties to men in exchange for more high end panties,bras, lingerie or just money
it doesn't have to be just panties, I know lots of guys would like to sniff sweaty clothes, bedsheets,shoes, socks, we can do that too, all of course, in exchange for pretty much better and more high end versions of the items you're giving away

there has to be restrictions tho, like proof you're free from STDs and a good diet so it doesn't smell like a fucking garbage dump when people get it and they have to be 18+

No. 71841

It doesn't even have to be better or high-end, as long as it's something I don't mind wearing. It would be great to never do laundry.

No. 71921

File: 1513975322798.jpg (3.19 MB, 2244x2822, Hieronymus_Bosch_052.jpg)

How the fuck do you guys come up with this shit?
If this wasn't even a troll, how can you even expect human blood to get through customs internationally?

No. 72028

I mean, you produce saleable liquid 25% of the time. Instead, you waste money on disposing of it. People would pay for it.

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