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No. 71236

I have the worst question to ask.
How do you go from 0 SOCIAL MEDIA presence or Social Life to an "Influencer"?

How do you acquire a non-lolcow presence on the internet without that quick start up from friends & such from social life?

No. 71237

The first and most important step: be extremely hot.

No. 71241

That or be funny or have an interesting life.

Post regularly, stick to a theme, engage with others with a similar theme

No. 71243

You have to fill some sort of niche. Copying someone who is themselves original and filled a niche = not gonna work for most people.
You need to provide something NOBODY else is. Btw I am not including sexy girls playing videogames as influencers as they don't have any literal influencing power. But internet celebrities, comedians, satirists, artists, and so on.

No. 71245


What do you find to be lacking niches anon?
I was thinking of pulling a somewhag whismical quirky "manic panic pixie dream girl"

i guess i will need to stop avoiding the gym lol

No. 71246

You join an already live trend and strive to be the best. Become a vegan fitness model with an incredible body, be an extensively heavily modified person and travel the world preaching good vibes, or have a fairytale Envious Life(tm) where nothing goes wrong and you’re always perfect.

Why would you even want this, anyway? The only people who are actually influenced by people on the internet are people who don’t have interesting enough lives off it.

No. 71247

Mainly, I just want to be "someone"
with somewhat popularity.

I've never popular in any moment of my life, so i wanted to try it out.

Being the everyday invisiblegal got dull?

No. 71248

What is the appeal of popularity? If lolcow has taught me anything it's that I'd never want to be in constant spotlight with every word I say and action I take being scrutinized. Wouldn't you rather do something fulfilling?

No. 71249

The point is that i already did plenty "fulfilling" things, got into the college i wanted, am happy with my skills on my hobbies.

And popularity seems to bring plenty opportunities (meeting people i would like, social events) i dont have at the moment.

No. 71250

Why not try to get popular in the real world then?

No. 71251

many of these SM influencers promo themselves. they buy ads from other big accounts. maybe you could try doing that?

No. 71261

As someone who has done this to a very small extent, it’s really not that great. You become addicted to your phone, everyone IRL finds you annoying/boring, and the internet is pretty shallow. You have to work hard to gain and keep interest, and you won’t ever be popular for the “real you” because real people are everywhere.

Sorry to be a Debbie Downer, but if you want this prepare to build a solid facade and have it take over your life.

No. 71267

Or use photoshop

No. 71287

Semi related, what’s the best way to get folllowers on instagram without buying ?

No. 71292

But then you'll just turn into a lolcow like Dakota when your lies are exposed (all her other bullshit aside).

No. 71295

learn to do heavy instagram makeup, post some selfies, some outfits. Maybe think of something really odd but what will make you stand out (some intense eyeshadow colour, weird wing, idk people love that). Start interacting with not too big but quite popular influencers, good thing would be if it's someone you genuinely like, follow and support, slid into the DMS, talk with them. They may start replying to you in the comments, that's how people will think you're cool and important, and will fly to your profile to check.
This is the easiest way I think, you don't have to be pretty or have any talent, not even aesthetic or shit, just do fleeky makeup lol. And attention whore at others' pages. Trust me.

No. 71321

I'm going to share some advice from my own plan to try to do the same.

First, know where you want to display aspects of your life most. What do you want to do to achieve this? Do you want to be an IG 'model'? Do you want to do makeup tutorials? Do you want to be a vlogger? It's hard to do all of it especially at first, so finding an area to try out is a good place to start.

Next, set a goal. This one I got from a youtuber (Life of boris so it's general youtube advice). Set a goal, such as 100 followers by X date and make the date realistic. If you reach the goal, keep going. If you don't, re-evaluate or quit and try something else.
He also suggested to make the goal learning a skill too such as video editing so it's not just about fame

next, set up your space. If you're going to record inside, set up a recording space. If you're going to record or take photos, start planning your schedule around daylight and planning your outfits ahead of time so you don't stress about what to wear and thus maybe not even do it because it's a hassle (tip for me especially because I get stressed in front of a camera but i want to try for fun)

And that's the ultimate advice, do it for fun. Doing it JUST for fame won't come off as genuine. Fame can be a goal, but you should enjoy what you're doing. This is a lot of work, generally including posting daily or at least multiple times a week if you do videos.

Good luck anon

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