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File: 1512845667900.jpg (155.29 KB, 740x1101, 740full-bernice-burgos.jpg)

No. 71301

I'm 20. This woman is 36 I think and looks better than a lot of 25 year olds. Do you know any good looking 30-something year old women? What do they do?

No. 71302

Have melanin and a skincare routine

No. 71303

Hot is a relative concept and if genetics aren’t on your side you’re fucked. Otherwise - drink water, eat a healthy diet, exercise, don’t drink/smoke/take drugs, get plenty of sleep, look after your skin, don’t fry your hair, reduce stress in your life. Have you never read a woman’s magazine?

No. 71317

Am one of those. It's 100% genetics, I can take no credit for it at all.

No. 71322

Plastic surgery, lipo, fillers.
There's no real magic behind it ladies.

No. 71407

Wear a sufficient amount of high spf sunscreen properly applied every single day, and stay the fuck out of direct sunlight. You could be smoking meth daily and you'll still be looking pretty good when you're older just as long as you use sun protection.

Or just like be born black I guess. Darkskinned women age so well.

No. 71412

>sunlight is worse for your skin than meth
Are you high rn? Sure don’t sit and crisp yourself in 40 degree heat, but I’ve never worn suncream and my skin looks absolutely fine.

No. 71416

That is just someone buying into stupid fads designed to make $ off women's insecurities. Back in my time, it was the opposite advice: be in the sun for as much as you can for youthful looks. Here, buy these tanning creams!

Both are nonsense. Like I said, it's 100% genetics.

Also, not doing meth helps.

No. 71418

Ummm, come to think of it, I did meth twice.
But you knowwhatimean.

No. 71434

Are you willfully ignorant or do you seriously believe that sunscreen is nonsense just because we were wrong about tanning in the past (just like a bunch of other things that have been disproved since)? There is plenty of research to backup the fact that a) sun exposure causes photoaging, and b) photoaging makes you age prematurely in a significant way. That's not even getting into the health issues that come with sun damage, avoiding melanoma is not a 'fad'.

Genetics is important but using it as an excuse not to use sunscreen is absurd, and your baseless paranoia is too. Sunscreen isn't even marketed at women in particular, the biggest campaigns have always been for children and the message has always been 'don't get skin cancer!!' not 'don't get wrinkles'.

No. 71437

I look hot and youthful at age 37.
I did nothing to deserve it.
That is all.

No. 71439

File: 1513109792043.jpg (162.04 KB, 570x844, o-BILL-MCELLIGOTT-SUN-DAMAGE-5…)

nah the sun absolutely damages your skin (though pic related is an extreme and unique case)

I think we can all agree not to do meth though lol

No. 71440

The sun damages your skin just as much as water damages your intestines.

Also, don't breathe so often, oxygen ages you!

No. 71441

Have you never seen a white person in their 40s/50s with wrinkly, spotted, orange skin from being out in the sun constantly without protection? It catches up with you over time.

No. 71442

Nope. I keep all my women as prescribed:
>expiry date: 20's
>store in a cool dark place

No. 71443

please stop lying. are you the same anon who said that sun damage is a lie to make people buy stuff to prevent it? sun damage is caused by UV rays, which is a real thing, and the only thing you need to buy is like a fucking hat or something, it's not some kind of conspiracy.

No. 71445

Maybe the anon is trying to convince others that the aging effects of the sun is a myth so they will get wrinkly, so they look younger by comparison lol

No. 71446

Sorry molerat, your lifestyle is unappealing to us surface dwellers.

No. 71447

Choose between Sun and youth!

As if.

C'mon try harder, I'm bored.

No. 71448

>Do you know any good looking 30-something year old women?
No, women turn to leather and ashes on the eve of their 30th birthday, and usually start going to the dogs in their 21st year. I know because I read it on the Internet.

No. 71449

Why are you acting like putting on sun screen and maybe wearing a hat makes one a sun-hating, underground-tunnel-system-dweller? Sun is damaging, even in a small amount. But it is also healthy.

Why do you have such a black and white view?

No. 71452

I wear sunscreen but I look way older than I am because I have horrible undereye hollows and my face looks so gaunt for some reason. I’m not underweight so I have no idea what’s causing it. I wonder if there’s a way of gaining fat directly to the face?
Any other farmers have this issue? Maybe I should just save up for filler.

No. 71459

as far as I'm aware it's literally genetic and the only thing you can do to even it out is fillers.
sincerely, fellow life long undereye hollow haver

No. 71480

Girls, i'll let u in on a secret. a good moisturizer and OIL based skin care.

Theres a fuckton of oils out there that all do different things for ur skin type. You do your normal skin routine, moisturize, and then you use your preferred oil, which locks in the moisture.

ofc sunscreen and hats and shit.

But the real secret is that by the time we're all old as fuck, plastic surgery will have come a long way and as long as you spend your life as a corporate slave making money, you can spend it all fixing your face in later years.

No. 71481

Oh yeah OP, btw you;re gonna get old and ugly and die eventually anyway, so I don't really see the point in painfully prolonging things. Just enjoy your youth and get a hobby so you're not bored when you're a prune.

No. 71485

>Just enjoy your youth
She's talking about her youth though, not about sacrificing it to look hot when she's 80. Most people are gonna have a hard time enjoying their youth if they feel ugly and old looking (and experience a corresponding drop in male attention).

No. 71486

Plz no one, gave me closed comedones for a year after i STOPPED using it, dont listen to this anon

But sunscreen all the way

No. 71487

The oil*

No. 71490

how old are you, like 20? of course you look fine now. think back on this in ~10-15 years when your skin doesn't look quite so nice, and you'll know exactly why.

No. 71503

Estheticianfag here. Sun damage causes 90% of aging. We have a 67 year old woman who never goes into the sun, and when she does, it's with a giant sunhat and loads of sunscreen. She looks mid-late thirties, she's absolutely gorgeous.

Enjoy your leather face though.

No. 71508

I think some people's skins aren't even suitable for moisturizers at all. That or the moisturizers I got were all shit. My "acne" got worse after I started moisturizing, there are always two or three pimples on my face at any given time now whereas my skin was clear before.

I still moisturize though. A couple of pimples are better than risking aging from dry skin.

No. 71509

>enjoy your youth
lol, you know the best thing about youth is that you look good, and wanting to keep looking good rather than burning out at 40 isn't an issue, she's asking for tips so she can continue enjoying her looks.

>get a hobby so you're not bored when you're a prune.

>implying OP is boring enough to keep the same hobby until she's an old lady

you should get a different hobby than this one.

No. 71513

Do i have to wear spf when i spend the whole day inside? How about the sunlight that comes through the windows? Is it damaging even if i don't stay directly in it?

No. 71514

It's always good to always wear sunscreen even at night and even if you're inside all day. Think of it like a daily skincare routine. I also have no idea why everyone is mad because saying that wearing sunscreen helps with aging when it is actually proven to be true.

No. 71518

yeah like why did this thread evolve into some autistic war? Both sides sound so vicious. Just wear you sunscreen/don't wear it and GO
Personally, I do wear the strongest sunscreen in the summer, and at the rest of the year just everyday face creams with some spf. I do think that complete sun avoidance is pretty sad though, I live in a seaside and there's always a lot of girls that look like someone forcefully dragged them to the beach. They wear huge hats, sunglasses, hoodies, and sit under the umbrella while the rest of the family play together in the sun… is it worth it? Maybe for some.
I care about my skin a lot, but also deep down I hate this whole idea that you have to look young as long as possible to feel good about yourself and to avoid people commenting about your wrinkles. And, call me triggered, people joking about "white women aging like milk". Feminism and empowerment much, huh.

No. 71519

I don't think it's very nice to say mean things about people's appearances but we are literally on a forum for petty spiteful internet gossip where the token insults are "she's fat" and "she's aging" so uhhhh whatever. Also I don't care if white women get made fun of for aging poorly. I'm not gonna stick my neck out for them, white women are doing ok.

No. 71526

I avoided the sun long before I cared about skin damage from it, for some people that much direct heat is an unpleasant sensation. It might have to do with skin colour, like maybe it's more uncomfortable for pasty people, but I just feel like I'm burning even when I'm not while a lot of people think it's the best feeling ever.

And I agree that it fucking sucks that women aren't allowed to age without being shit on for it, but to me sun damage is like getting fat. It shows a lack of concern for your health rather than the natural aging process. I live in a country with a very, very high rate of skin cancer so it's hard to think of it as just wrinkles and looking old.

No. 71528

>It's always good to always wear sunscreen even at night and even if you're inside all day
Really? But there's no sun out at night to give you any UVA/UVB damage… and I've always wondered about indoors too because, I can't remember which ray it was, but there's one that can penetrate through some surfaces. I don't know if it's enough to pierce through most homes though.

No. 75392

lol @ do you know "any" good looking 30 something year old women like they're a rare breed

No. 75396

sorry but objectively it's good for your skin to have some sun protection. if you don't wear sunscreen just stay out of the sun. other than that, cleanse and tone regularly, keep everything well moisturized, and stay hydrated. I'm 22 and I've started using vaseline as eye cream already.

>sunscreen is a lie fed to women so they'll pay money!

so is the entire beauty industry. This is a beauty thread. that commentary has no place here.

No. 75397

the owner of the beauty store told me a good joke the other day. when people ask her what she uses for her skin, she says 'money'. and it's so true. the entire beauty industry is centered around trying to slow the inevitable. i know i'm going to become a shriveled prune one day, but for now i want to look 20 at 30 and get hit on by college guys.

No. 75412

umm i see tons of hot 30 year olds. that's not even old. i see so many hot mid to late 40 year olds too. injectables and laser skin resurfacing is magic

No. 75427

>vaseline as eye cream

Putting petroleum on your eyes literally does nothing on aging, hunty

No. 75437

File: 1519511900783.jpg (41.46 KB, 638x638, unnamed-18[1].jpg)

Unfortunately, this. You have to have money to look like that.

Hydrating and eating properly is the only solution. No amount of tonics, creams or face masks will help you. I see those 1000 steps Korean "skincare" routines and trust me, no amount of slug jelly in your creams will help your skin as much as drinking a lot of water regularly.

No. 75453

I know it doesn't, anon, I'm not old yet and it would be a waste of money to buy an actual eye cream. it's important to keep the area moisturized as a preventative measure.
please keep your trash AAVE off of this board lmao

I agree with you here. both skincare products and diet are supplementary to one another.

No. 84304

File: 1528217503085.jpg (32.19 KB, 400x400, 63242__468x_xia-da-chinese-man…)

> Or just like be born black I guess. Darkskinned women age so well.
So do Asians.

You don't have to be dark skinned, just don't have too much Caucasian genes maybe? This Chinese woman is 30 too. It's the most extreme case I've seen up to date.

No. 84305

Did you seriously have to necro this thread just to tell us that only ~les whites~ age badly?
Besides, that pic is blurry as hell and 30 is not old…

No. 84306

Eh… I don't think people want to look 12 forever. Op pic look like a grown woman your pic look like a progeria sufferer.

No. 84307

Well it's true for the most part. I'm half Asian/half White, and all my youthfulness comes from my Asian mother's side. 30 is not old, but OP asked if we knew any good looking 30-something year old women. This is a good looking 30-something woman.

> progeria sufferer
The jealousy is strong with this one.

No. 84308

There's a difference between looking good and looking young, anon.
Also, she's over 30 and wearing a school uniform, yikes

No. 84309

File: 1528221533083.jpg (512.96 KB, 1418x2127, 498HNF20IDNF.jpg)

You're right Anon I'm boiling with jealousy.

No. 84312

She's both. And as I added, she's the most "extreme" case I know of someone looking young for their age in their 30s. If they wanna promote her in a school uniform then, whatever. So many cosplayers over 30 do it anyway.

If this is too young looking for you, then just look at these instead: https://www.dramafever.com/news/20-fabulous-korean-actresses-over-35-/ Lots of examples of good looking and youthful looking women. Sure it's SK, but it's not all plastic. (I would suggest plastic surgery to people who really want to stay young looking though, cause let's be honest, it's the most effective thing out there. Water can't beat that.)

Unfocused picture, bad posture, bad lightning, no make-up. Now that's some supreme reaching right there.

No. 84313

Op asked for good looking women not prepubescent looking women tho. Your link is full of beautiful women I agree, but it has nothing to do with them being asian, it has everything to do with them having great (plastic?) faces and taking care of themselves.

No. 84315

File: 1528223527045.jpg (108.27 KB, 800x534, xiada_1283914454_2181.jpg)

Yes she looks young, but also super creepy with those old fashioned dresses, way too long hair look and her "Look how demure and shy I am, like a sm0l preteen!" act, while actually being a succesful businesswomen in her 30s…

No. 84317

File: 1528227002271.jpeg (1.35 MB, 2178x3267, F42FE0D1-0E52-4015-ACE3-F1DC97…)

>You don't have to be dark skinned, just don't have too much Caucasian genes maybe?

It has nothing to do with “genes” except melanin. Pale Asians will age the same as pale white people. Because a huge amount of age is due to sun damage, something black people are more immune to due to the pigment of their skin. Many Asian cultures hold up paleness as a standard of beauty, so they avoid the sun. Some to ridiculous extremes. This leads to some of them appearing to age less. Also do not forget plastic surgery, which is huge in some Asian countries.
Compare this to the tanning crazy that infected many white countries and it’s easy to see why you’d be misled to think Asians age better. It wasn’t until recently that tanning fell out of fashion due to health concerns. Many white woman over 30 in many countries grew up in a sunscreen-less, tanning-bed world.

No. 84319

actually asians have more elastic skin. it has nothing to do with the color.

No. 84320

Of what use is nice and youthful skin, if you're never going to show it anyways…? I'd rather have fun and look shit lol
Also, originally white people hail from Europe and their skin is suited to the weather there, so as long as you don't move south you should be fine.

No. 84328


>Cumulative sun exposure is the most important extrinsic factor in aging skin.

>The most significant difference between people of color and Caucasians is the amount of melanin in the skin
>The melanin content and melanosomal dispersion pattern is thought to confer protection from accelerated aging induced by ultraviolet (UV) radiation.
>Asian and black skin has thicker and more compact dermis than white skin, with the thickness being proportional to the degree of pigmentation.
>Asians have a weaker facial skeletal framework, which results in greater gravitational soft-tissue descent of the mid-face, malar fat pad ptosis, and tear trough formation.
>Across all Asian populations, skin surface moisture and TEWL generally decreased with increasing age
>Those from Seoul, South Korea, and Calicut, India, had the highest sebum readings. Sebum content decreased with age
> age-related changes in melanin were detected in both Asian and Caucasian skin…heterogeneity indexes of hemoglobin were significantly higher in Caucasian than Asian skin
>In a study comparing age-matched Chinese women to Caucasian-French women, the groups did not differ in the assessment of lifelong sun exposure… although wrinkle onset was delayed by 10 years, pigmented spot intensity was much more prevalent in Chinese women
> photoaging occurred several years earlier in women from a city closer to the equator and with more UV exposure
> in Asian populations, differences in skincare habits correspond with variations in skin parameters; subjects with the least severe photodamage reported a generally early onset of their skincare habits related to sun exposure, facial cleansing, make-up usage, and sun protection product usage.


This study is fairly comprehensive. The tl;dr is that there are a variety of factors affecting how different groups age but stay out of the sun and start skincare early for best results. And Asian skin is not superior to white, although it is thicker and darker on average.

No. 84329

u r dumb

No. 84332

What freaks hate the smell of sunscreen? I like it.

No. 84333

File: 1528233492436.jpg (40.87 KB, 933x699, DRrPhCIWkAA1_KG.jpg)


>Cumulative sun exposure is the most important extrinsic factor in aging skin.

>mfw i literally live in the desert
>mfw use sunscreen and people calls me a weirdo and says it smells bad because no one uses sunscreen since this sunny weather is whats "normal"
>mfw even using sunscreen i'm still always tanned because with this weather and my latina genes, it's easy as fuck to get tanned (i get paler during the winter but winter doesn't last long here…)

the sun was a mistake

No. 84334


it's because no one uses it here. like in some asian countries the culture is to use skincare and shit like that, here is the opposite. parents here don't make their kids use sunscreen unless they're going on the beach and shit. and the weather here IS terrible. but people don't know any better and no one cares enough to put on sunscreen every single day even i don't tbh, and i do know better. so it sticks out :(

No. 84336

>white people hail from Europe and their skin is suited to the weather there
I live in Ireland where we basically get no sun and I still wear SPF products daily. When it's part of your routine, it's not a chore anymore. You can still have fun while taking care of your skin but it's up to you.

No. 84340

I love the smell of sunscreen. So many happy memories of beaches, icecream, long walks, pantomimes. Ahh.

No. 84367

It's not misleading. Your forgetting that body type and facial features play a huge part in looking "young".

If it was just about melanin and skin type then all dark skinned women would appear younger looking than e.g. that Chinese woman. They don't.

No. 84387

>Your forgetting that body type and facial features play a huge part in looking "young".
Did you even read my reply or the study?
>>Asians have a weaker facial skeletal framework, which results in greater gravitational soft-tissue descent of the mid-face, malar fat pad ptosis, and tear trough formation.

It took into account facial feaures. And what does “body type” have to do with your face looking younger? You think tall women or women with big breast don’t have young faces? Like what are you even implying?

No. 84397

File: 1528273671376.gif (156.1 KB, 120x140, 1464016075303.gif)

How do be vain and vapid for as long as possible?

No. 84415

You're acting like looking you is purely based on the condition of the skin. It's not. Facial features and body features can give the illusion that someone looks younger or older. With Asians for example, it are those flat features that make them look more "childlike" because children usually have flatter faces. Hence why that Chinese woman looks like a teenager. Same with bodies, if your body looks like that of a teenager in your 30s rather than a typical 30-something curvy body then it will also appear more youthful. The OP image also has the slim body type of a twenty year old. Compare that to Beyonce or Christina Aguilera who have very typical 30-something bodies.

No. 84435

>it are those flat features that make them look more "childlike" because children usually have flatter faces.
I don’t disagree. The link I posted includes that. I included that in my post. Facial features, distribution of fat, etc affect how you age.
>Same with bodies, if your body looks like that of a teenager in your 30s rather than a typical 30-something curvy body then it will also appear more youthful.
What? The OP image is a fairly curvy woman with wide hips and large breasts. Also the OP was about how to be hot as possible, not how to look like a child. Few women aspire to have childish, or un-womanly, frames. “Womanly” bodies are generally considered hot.

No. 84436

File: 1528304290106.jpeg (106.12 KB, 755x1024, C672FD6F-2B05-4C91-81E9-62A670…)

Claire Danes is 39 and still absolutely stunning. Whatever she’s doing, it’s working. And I’m so so glad she didn’t get a nose job like everyone else in her industry. Even in unphotoshoped candids, she glows

No. 84437

Looks at least 50

No. 84438

File: 1528304675435.jpeg (438.22 KB, 1680x2528, D5F731ED-87A7-4884-BCE8-A6446D…)

Hahaha what?
This was her last year

No. 84439

File: 1528304806232.jpeg (114.34 KB, 728x921, 90D20934-457E-4D6E-83E2-F0FC8C…)

Reese Witherspoon is another youthful blonde. In her forties, now.

No. 84440

File: 1528304971868.jpeg (271.16 KB, 874x1222, D8863F74-182B-4991-97AA-6D953B…)

Nicole Kidman looked great at 48 but in the last few years she’s had too much work done imo. Attached pic from 2016

No. 84441

File: 1528305235876.jpeg (137.38 KB, 554x500, E4E6AC48-780B-41C7-B56E-C70A91…)

Her body then was also less underweight and more healthy looking. I think being too thin starts to age you, because you look frail and elderly. She looked better immediately after she had her baby than she does normally when she’s very thin. She’s still sim post-baby, just not to such an extreme. Attatched pic is from 2008, when she was forty

No. 84442

File: 1528309275861.jpg (412.66 KB, 1600x2615, d59b56f18867f894d02a9b98173726…)

Not really a fan of her look…

I frankly can't stand Heidi, but her body and face are great for a 45-year-old.

No. 84464

And still a flat toned stomach with slim arms/legs. Which makes her youthful looking. She is obviously in a better shape than most 30-somethings. It's not about boobs or ass. What's more important than boobs or ass is your waist and arms/legs. Your general "frame". It's not just for Asians, women of other races also look youthful because of this. Just look at J.Lo, MIA, Iman (not really anymore, but for a long time), and Gwen Stefani. Most people get fatter over 30, because their metabolism doesn't work as good as it used to. So if you happen to still have good metabolism after 30 or work out hard to stay in shape, it will make you look more youthful. Point being looking fit, not anorexic. But of course it's to each their own if you prefer the fit type of body shape or the curvier one. I think looking fit looks hotter.

No. 84470

The women in the OP might be aging "gracefully", but is trashy otherwise lol

I agree, her body isn't very "youthful" looking. As a non-black, non-American person I simply can't get the appeal of such disgustingly large butts…

No. 84471

Wide hips and butt look very womanly, it makes a pretty curve. A woman's body without shape just look so sad…

No. 84472

File: 1528358961463.gif (930.55 KB, 160x200, WellgroomedGoodnaturedAsiaticl…)

Well, some of us prefer having the ability to move and especially sit normally over looking "womanly"…

No. 84473

Having an ass doesn't make you handicaped kek.

No. 84474

File: 1528359514612.png (165.94 KB, 197x393, 69LxUQa.png)

There are women who can't help the fact their natural body shape isn't an hourglass or a pear. You don't need to be super curvy to look good, in my opinion. Pic related is an older picture of Selena Gomez, I think she looks quite nice.

No. 84487

Ok, but curvy bodies with wide hips aren't "disgusting"


No. 84488

Sitting is actually comfy with a cushy butt.

No. 84491

File: 1528378859495.gif (Spoiler Image,2.03 MB, 480x320, Bernice-Burgos-3.gif)

To each their own, I think it is, but that's just my opinion.

No. 84492

What a disgusting ass, women can have big butts and hips that look nice but extreme, anime, black market asses look disgusting, unhealthy and like they could fall off at any second

Someone posted a collage of a bunch of Italian women from 35-65 in a man hating thread, I wish I could still find it, but they all look very young and gorgeous, not sure why everyone is race baiting anyway

No. 84497

I called Selena nice looking. Never said anyone with a different body than her looks “disgusting”. I think you’re responding to the wrong person, anon.

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