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No. 71453

Any suggestions of cute things for christmas presents for friends, that are reasonably priced ($15ish?)? Thank you!

No. 71456

File: 1513126179200.jpeg (45.28 KB, 384x384, 0A22CB48-3B39-44A0-9E5A-59038A…)

Home baked xmas cookies!

No. 71457

You could put together little "spa" baskets with face masks, lotion etc. Most of that stuff is under $5 each at stores like Walgreens.

No. 71460

The people I'm doing Secret Santa with, set a $50 price down. Rich people give me headaches.

Off the top of my head, most of these things you can get under $20..


>Mug Cake mixture
>a cute pillow
>Fragrances from VS or B&BW
>Cute/Cozy socks
>Nice tea, coffee or chocolate
>A cute succulent
>A funko pop, if they're into that
>Bath bomb or "soothing" body wash
>Nail polish or manicure set

No. 71515

File: 1513279575903.jpg (39.46 KB, 400x300, Magazine-bow-finished.jpg)

Anything homemade is good, really. If you sew or knot or crochet or whatever, you can make something nice, unique, and thoughtful. You could also make some nice body butters, which are easy and luxurious. If you don't have all the raw ingredients, there is an initial expenditure, so this only evens out to <$15 if you give it to multiple people. Use small glass mason jars (I found some that are 4oz in packs of 12 for $15 at my local hardware store). You could also go to a store that sells jewelry supplies and make necklaces. If you don't have a box to put it in, most craft store will have something. You can also make your own boxes with a site like http://www.templatemaker.nl using thick paper.
On a related note, I've found that wrapping presents very nicely tends to make the gift more special. Even smaller gifts feel thoughtful and personal when you do a little bit extra to wrap them. If you don't have much wrapping paper around, you can use craft paper or paper bags. Check pinterest for wrapping ideas. One of my favorites is magazine bows https://howaboutorange.blogspot.com/2009/10/make-gift-bow-from-magazine-page.html coordinate the colors for the best effect.

No. 71540

ffs I never know what to gift men. It's either a scarf, socks or some fucking technology shit/hobby piece that costs 1000000$ there's no in between. Help.

No. 71548

Why not an agenda or other types of stationary? Other cool gifts ideas could be pens, puzzles, personalized mugs, liquor.

No. 71550

I like to gift my bf nice clothes since he tends to wear a bunch of dumb graphic t-shirts (got him a jacket and a sweater he picked out). Uniqlo has really nice quality items for reasonable prices.

One of my male friends likes reading so I checked his goodreads account to see what's on his to-read list and picked out a book.

Men are extremely difficult to shop for… I think stuff like mugs and the like are usually too impersonal (which is fine if you don't know somebody that well), and most people have a ton of them already or are going to get them from other people. At the same time, any time you go into a "gifts for men" section anywhere, it's always alcohol, mugs, bacon cookbooks, beard grooming kits, some tool set, dress socks and ties, or other stereotypical boring "manly" things. Video games make good gifts, I guess, if you know which ones they want, but they're pretty expensive

No. 71560

If he has geeky or collectioner hobbies you could do something with that. My bf collects Don't Starve plush toys so it's a no brainer.

No. 71562


I don't make anything for anyone any more. I've knitted hats/socks/scarves, crocheted bags, blankets and all sorts of decorative things and none of it has been used or worn, which makes me really sad tbh. Last year I knitted my bf's mum a really nice twisty style beanie, picked out a really nice blue yarn in her favourite shade, yet it's never been worn. I made my own mum a mohair shawl and that's never seen the light of day either. So I'm not going to bother any more, other than to knit my little dog coats because it gets cold here.

No. 71565

Can attest to this. Makes it worse when people say, “oh you can save so much money because you’re skilled so you can just MAKE something”. Decent yarn costs more than a store-bought ready made item, not to mention the amount of hours that go into it. I only make for other crafters now.

No. 71572

File: 1513394580906.jpg (160.37 KB, 640x640, terrarium.jpg)

I notice men tend to really like food based gifts, which is a good way to go if you're trying to keep prices down. A gift basket full of nice snacks is my go to for these situations (smoked salmon, cheese, olives, maybe a small cheap bottle of wine).

As someone already said home made food is a nice, cheap way of doing things that will actually be "used" (eaten). I've also had the experience of making people gifts that are never used and of course that feels shitty.

Another idea, if the receiver is into things like this, would be a terrarium with cute plants and little figurines inside of it. They're small and easy to maintain.

No. 71577

Right? I spent so much on that mohair. And knitting with it was an actual pain in the dick too. Funny thing is that now I am no longer making anything for any of them, they always go 'You should make ___ something!' Umm no, bitch. You've not worn anything I've made you since I started sewing/knitting/crocheting.

The only person who has truly appreciated a handmade gift is my brother's wife. I made her a quilt and it's her pride and joy. She's a keeper!

No. 71612

I'm really sorry to hear that, anons. I love homemade stuff like that! A scarf or a crocheted bag would be lovely.

On topic, what about bath bombs? I've never made one and I don't see the hype surrounding them, but I see them sold so cheaply on Amazon and apparently they're quite easy to make? A woman who runs a kiosk at my local mall actually makes bath bombs where she will put jewelry or an engagement ring inside of the bomb if you're proposing to a girlfriend. Her staff wears shirts called "Bomb Squad". Its pretty cute.

No. 71620

Food. Other consumables. Pajamas.

No. 71758

You could try a origami paper star jar. They’re really cute and personal. The papers are pretty cheap too

No. 71761

I'm so sorry that people can't appreciate anything. ;_; Me and my siblings once got handmade mini bags from our grandmother, each with our initials (spelled with beads) on it. I'm still using mine after all these years and nothing has ripped or torn. I just feel like harry potter getting these magical handcrafted items and it makes me ANGERY when people don't appreciate special gifts

No. 71771


Thanks anon. Glad to know some people appreciate it! Right? I'd be amazed if someone made me something or put that amount of thought or effort into a gift. I think people forget that each stitch is done by hand and not run up in some big machine within minutes. It's really sweet that you still use your bag!

When my brother has a kid I am so going to knit it everything. It wont escape from my yarn!

No. 71817

My aunt gives me felted scarves. I cherish them.

No. 71832

I made one of these once using some colorful printer paper I found in the dollar store, you don't need a fancy paper to make them :) My coworker randomly makes them out of sandwich bags when she's bored at work.

Amazon has some cute inexpensive gifts too (I bought my fiance a little carved stone box for $4, free shipping because I have prime) if you're on a tight budget like I am.

No. 71880

Aww, I wish I had you anons as friends… I've always loved and worn the shit out of knitted socks I got from my granny, and she always made each pair special by adding little hearts or wiggly borders.
It sucks that some people can't appreciate the effort put into a gift, especially adults.

No. 71881

Sorry to hijack the thread but I dunno if there's a more suitable, active thread at the moment.

My sister's getting married in Spring and I'm not really sure what to get her… We're not very close (she's my half sibling + large age gap) and I don't get or receive presents (my family's not big on birthdays or gift-giving holidays, and I've never been to a wedding). I'm not sure if she's gonna have a wedding registry or not.

She's sort of worldly and really intelligent (politically savvy and all), and her fiance's really cool, so I'm intimidated by trying to figure out what to get her.

What do you normally gift people for their weddings? Do you get functional stuff like cooking ware or stuff tailored to their individual hobbies and preferences? I'm at a loss, so sorry for the blog post.

No. 71889

Assuming she doesn't have a registry I'd generally stay away from house-stuff. You don't know what she needs/likes/has room for and if she has lived with her fiance (as most people do, I think) they probably have their house set up. If she's not well off/settled I'd say maybe a gift card/money but that kind of depends on culture…some people don't like it and get touchy about it, especially for weddings for some reason. Along those lines though, maybe you can find a very nice restaurant (or for some kind of activity you think they might like) in their area and get a gift certificate for that? Very nice bottles of alcohol are also traditional gifts for this kind of thing. When it comes to weddings it's always fair to ask if she has a registry and if she has gift preferences.

No. 71911

Yeah, I only suggested house ware because the last time I was at their place, she was lamenting over leaving a lot of her baking stuff back at her mom's house after moved half the country away. But it's likely other people might get her a baking set, too, so that's iffy.

But thanks, your suggestions are great! Didn't even think about gift cards or tickets. And I didn't realize it was okay to ask for preferences when it came to weddings. Thank you!

No. 71916

Stuff from the registry, or cash. Look her up on registryfinder.com.

No. 72101

I just stalk them on google maps and give gift certificates to a place close buy on google maps. Even if they hate taco bell they can still get some kind of drink there

No. 72221

If you're stalking them, you might as well get them certificates for a place that isn't a national chain.

No. 73480

File: 1516160144002.png (347.15 KB, 551x380, What-to-Include-in-a-Care-Pack…)

No. 74943

What is everyone doing for Valentine's Day?
I told my bf not to buy me anything, but that a card is nice. Last year we exchanged handmade cards (I mentioned beforehand my feeling on the holiday, because it's easier to spell it out). I know some people exchange gifts, though.

No. 74951

we are just doing cards as well. I'm a real sentimental sucker for letters, cards and written things of that nature. My fiance isn't so much as he has a hard time expressing his emotions or w/e but I love when he does anyway. We used to go out every year for a fancy dinner but we broke now saving for a wedding so we compromised to make a dinner together instead. Which he loves, and I do not, but hey, just like the writing, all about compromise sometimes lol. I even would prefer a bunch of cheap flowers to a typical gift if it was an option but my cat massacres literally anything with petals or leaves

>can't let her see that we got rocket in the shopping cause she throws a tantrum until we give her a leaf to carry around like a retard

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