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No. 71546

what is your daily routine like? particularly health & beauty? i've never had a proper educational female role model in my life and i need help.

>28 years old
>have been suffering from major depressive disorder since forever, basic routine for many many years has been wake up 15 minutes before i have to leave for work, shower & brush teeth/hair, go to work, come home, smoke weed, then sleep
>recently put on short term disability from work with the goal of creating a normal routine (things like health/beauty, cooking & cleaning, etc) without the added stress of work, then gradually integrate work into this routine
>never had anyone to show me how to do girly things like makeup, have a skincare routine, night routine, etc. didn't wear a real bra until i was 19, still don't know how to properly style my hair.
>figured out how to do basic makeup good enough for job interviews & dates, thank you internet
>previously my skin looked and felt nice with just soap & water
>as i'm approaching 30 my skin is becoming dry as fuck, especially my forehead. i want to create a daily skincare routine for this
>also want to implement other health/beauty routines, easy & healthy meal prep routines, cleaning routines, interested in learning where other people place priorities and manage time
>want to feel like a normal woman/person, not some goblin hiding away in her house

please help.
thank you

No. 71547

Firstly, it's good to ask for help but remember that everyones skin/body/life is different and these tips should give you ideas what you can do but should in no way be seen as the one right thing.

What I also want to say before I start with my personal routine is, that you don't have to wear makeup to be a women or wear a real bra to be a women. I started to olny wear sports bras in the last year. Much more comfy and no one can tell (but I'm not big boobed, so). Just know, that everything that makes you uncomfortable may not be the right thing for you. Lets start.

Because I work in shifts my normal day starts either at 4.30am or at 10am but mostly 4.30am.
I get up at 4.30am and the first thing I do is drinking a full glass of water. It will start your metabolism and gives you some much needed energy. After that I get into the shower. I've got very thin and oily hair so I use a vegan shampoo made with herbs and orange peel to make it stronger and wake me up. On Mondays I use a body scrub to cleanse my body of the excess skin that naturally occurs (makes it soft and smells really nice) and on fridays I use a hair mask to give my hair an extra boost. Don't overdo this. Once a week is more than enough. In the summer its important to protect your hair from the sun and in winter it needs an extra bit of hydration because of the dry heater air.

After my shower, twice a week, I use a face mask varying for whatever my skin seems to need. I have a problem with oily skin on my chin and thus it needs some extra attention to free my pores. Then I brush my teeth.

On a daily basis I use a modest amount of make-up. When I am at home I don't use any, its not good for your skin. I start with a moisturizer with aloe to prep my skin and keep it hydrated over the day. After that I use a foundation matching my skintone (you can get matched in different stores for make-up, its worth it) and apply it lightly with a beauty blender. I'm not a fan of applying make up with my fingers because of my already oily skin, plus I'm not the best at keeping my fingers clean.
After foundation I use a concealer matching my foundation to hide small blemishes. Don't apply it over zits, it will only makes it worse believe me. Then I use a compressed setting powder to keep everything in place.

I curl my lashes with a lash curler (duh) and use one coat of mascara to make it still look natural . I brush my eyebrows and my make up is done.
My hair should be half-dry by now so I use a blow dryer and as soon as my hair starts to be not wet at the touch I only use it on cold setting. Heat can destroy your hair and makes it look frizzy and dead. Depending on your hairtype (straight, curly, thin, thick) you should use a brush to only brush your hair when its dry. Wet brushing also destroys your hair and makes it ugly.

Thats my morning routine. At 5.15am I leave for work (its in walking distance, thank god). I return home at approx. 2pm. I always plan my meals two days up front so I do'nt have to go shopping everyday. My husband is a vegetarian which helped me ALOT with my diet. I still eat my occasional meat (mostly fish and chicken). Drinking only water also does alot for your body,skin and mind. You feel much fitter and not as bloated.

Because of my schedule (every 2nd weekend I have to work, shift work) sometimes its hard to clean. Ive got a pretty small apartement and I only have what I really need here. SOmetimes it's tempting to buy new stuff, but when your home is cluttered your mind is too. I always have to clean up 'on the go' and only do a full cleaning when I'm on vacation or have a few days off of work.

I don't know what you do for fun, but getting a hobby that gets you outside is also a huge plus. I started photography and it's something you can (thankfully) do alone. I'm not so much into social gatherings and human contact. Got enough of that at work.

Changing your life is not only about changing different aspects. It's a mind thing. Always think about what you want to achieve. I for my part, wanted to loose weight and thats why I started the only water thing, the photography and also a bit of exercise (nothing spectacular).

I wish you the best of luck and hope that I could give you an idea of my routine.

No. 71549

I usually start my morning routine by opening the blinds, making the bed, maybe playing some music to help wake me up. Then I do my basic hygiene stuff like brushing my teeth, putting on deodorant and lip balm. My AM skincare routine consists of splashing my face with water (I find washing it with a cleanser 2x a day is too drying), using a BHA, moisturizer, and then sunscreen. I’d definitely recommend you at least use a moisturizer, it will help with the dryness.

If I’m leaving the house I do my makeup which is a routine of primer > BB cream > powder > light contour > eyebrows > eye primer > eyeliner > mascara > false lashes > lipstick > setting spray. Of course you can take that and tweak it how you see fit. I recommend checking out Youtube videos or some of the threads here for tutorials. It can be a lot to take in at first but if you need product recs or help understanding things like undertones I’m sure people will be happy to help and there are tons of resources out there.

My night time routine consists of taking a shower or bath (shampoo, conditioner, body wash, using a sugar scrub on my body every other day) then doing my PM skincare routine which is washing my face with hemp seed oil, a foaming cleanser, using some kind of mask every other day or so, a vitamin C serum, an AHA, and then moisturizing. In between products I like to do my brows and then I apply lotion and lip balm.

For other beauty related stuff, I like to get my nails done every four weeks and my hair cut every eight weeks or so.

As for cleaning, I have a typed up a list of chores and divided each day by room(s). So Monday is Kitchen & living room, Tuesday is bedrooms, daily are things like dishes and taking out the trash, etc. I only work part time so that might not be practical for everybody though, and if you live in, say, a studio apartment, your work load is going to look a lot different.

For diet I practice intermittent fasting, so I only eat once a day at the end of the evening and I track all my calories on My Fitness Pal. That’s just what works for me though! I also make time to exercise for an hour three times a week.

Hopefully this isn't getting too long, but like >>71547 said, everyone is different so this is just a basic idea of what a potential routine might look like for you! Good luck and if you have any questions I'd be happy to help.

No. 71684

Basic skincare
>A cleanser for your makeup (I suggest an oil cleanser, even if you have oily skin it should be fine
>A cleanser for your face
>An exfoliator (2x a week. You can make a nice one for cheap with some olive oil and sugar if you don't wanna drop a bunch of money on products)
>A moisturizer
>throw in some sheet masks because they just help make the routine about relaxation which means you'll look forward to doing it. I'm poor so i just do them once a week now
>A toner if you can afford one (Tonymoly has a really cheap rice one that i love) because I dunno, i just notice a nice difference with it. I suggest one from an asian beauty brand because english-speaking countries have a harsher toner and I honestly feel the difference.

Apply in this order
>Face washing cleanser
>Toner (i do 3 times. pour it in a spritzer bottle for the most ease)
>Sunscreen (you should always wear this. ALWAYS. Even at night if there's a full moon and you'll be outside put a little on. Most foundations have some included now

>Oil cleanser
>face cleanser
>exfoliator (2 times a week. No more or you'll get drier, no less or you won't remove your layer of dead skin)
>sheet mask (optional)

If you get into it, look at asian beauty stuff in general. It's step intensive but i noticed results mad quickly.

No. 71718

I never had one either OP, and I'm also depressed. I'm still not sure if I know how to be a girl yet lol. but I need all of these things (minus makeup) just to make me not feel insane and gross now

first off some advice tailored specifically to you:
>as you get older you NEED to moisturize a lot and wear SPF on your face and neck and any other parts of your body that are exposed.
>get some cleansing facial wipes if you're too tired for a skincare routine. really you can just cleanse with these and moisturize. don't need to get all fancy
>you should probably be eating more than me. I have body dysmorphia and my medication makes me forget to eat, so take what I say with a grain of salt (lol)

and some stuff that I've found works amazingly for me
>when I get home and take off whatever I've been wearing, I put the top into a black pop-up hamper and hang up the pants. this way I don't a) repeat a shirt throughout the week and b) be stressed out by a huge mess and clothes everywhere. then on sunday I'll clean out the hamper and put everything into laundry/back into my closet as needed
>on sunday I also clean the entire apartment and do any dishes that need to be done
>my skincare routine has actually improved my dental health because i use all those gaps to floss properly (you need to let exfoliants like AHA/BHA sit for a while on your face to be effective)

>wake up, turn on light, drink 0.5L of water, get coffee ready in french press

>get back into bed for 10 minutes (but not lying down lol)
>shower (if necessary); I'll shampoo, and then i'll put conditioner in my hair and let that sit while i use a body brush like this https://well.ca/products/upper-canada-soap-naturals-wooden_26981.html to exfoliate with some oil of olay body wash. I use head and shoulders shampoo and conditioner (just the original ones)
>towel-dry my hair (I don't scrub it or wind it in the towel, that's really bad for your hair. instead I just squeeze it with the towel and it gets most of the excess moisture out)
>moisturize body with either some Jergens lotion or something from Bath and Body Works (their Argan line smells pretty good!)
>brush teeth
>morning skincare
>>wipe face with micellar water on a cotton round
>>spray face with thayers rose petal witch hazel, pat that in
>>clean and clear dual action moisturizer
>>neutrogena or biore sunscreen (at least spf 50 and broad spectrum)
>>vaseline under my eyes and on my lips
>very very gently brush through my hair with a paddle brush
>if my eyes are puffy or I'm super tired I'll put a cold spoon on my undereye area just to de-puff and wake up a bit
>eat breakfast (usually I have two small slices of toast with 2 tbsp peanut butter total, and 0.5L of water
>if I need to dry my hair, then I'll put some loreal hair oil just on the ends and then dry it. i hold my head upside-down while drying and use a round brush, it makes my hair look really nice. i try to keep heat away from it as much as possible
>get dressed
>do makeup while drinking coffee (I don't have any brushes lol I just use my finger)
>>eyeliner (NYC HD waterproof liner in black on my upper waterline and the tiniest bit just to line my upper lid, very close to the lash line)
>>clear mascara (covergirl natural lash) on my lashes
>>brow pencil (if necessary) (NYC kohl brow/eyeliner pencil in sable)
>>some more natural lash on my brows just to hold them in place if they're getting unruly
>>some concealer on old scars and right under my eyebrows (I keep my dark circles though) (Maybelline fit me)
>>tinted lip balm (Burt's bees) or lip pencil that matches my lip color, if necessary
>>a tiny bit of lipstick as blush (I use the Burt's Bees lipstick in suede splash); just rub it onto the back of my hand or my finger and then use that finger to apply onto my cheeks and a bit on my nose)
>>Smith's rosebud salve on my lips and cheekbones/tip of my nose.
>take medication, multivitamin, and fish oil if I think my stomach can handle it lol
>make bed, prepare for rest of the day (pack lunch etc etc)
>perfume if I feel I need it, I use Red Door revealed or some rollerball from victoria's secret that I got on sale
>more vaseline on lips (it's cold and dry af), leave apartment
>for lunch I'll usually have one honeycrisp apple and 10-15 almonds. I'll be drinking lots of water too
>I'll also be walking around a lot since I live decently far from campus and a lot of my classes are actually uphill a little bit
>get home
>change out of day clothes and put them away
>evening/afternoon skincare (same as morning skincare, minus SPF)
>brush through hair again with paddle brush, put some more hair oil on ends if they seem dry or gross
>dinner is usually rice, some type of protein, and some vegetables. i cook a shitton of the meat and veggies on Sunday and freeze them, then i'll just cook rice as needed with a rice cooker
>eventually I'll work out, I do this like 5-6 times a week. just a lot of body weight exercises for toning purposes at home, never takes more than 30-45 min and I'll just watch tv while doing it
>shower if i did work out, or if I did not shower in the morning. this time I won't use shampoo but everything else is the same
>drink lots of water and have a small container of greek yogurt
>nighttime skincare routine
>>cleanse (in shower, if I'm taking one) with CeraVe hydrating
>>tone with Thayers witch hazel on a cotton pad
>>brush teeth
>>set a timer for 15-20 minutes and do whatever, usually I'll clean
>>when the timer goes off, I'll put on The Ordinary zinc and niacinamide serum (two drops for my forehead and each cheek)
>>The Face Shop rice ceramide emulsion
>>vaseline under eyes and on lips
>put on antiperspirant
>set alarm and go to sleep

No. 71719

literally never exfoliate on your face with sugar. use a chemical exfoliant

No. 71725

I'm a student, and just moved out of the dorms so my routine is still adjusting to having my own bathroom.


wake up @ 7
weigh in
feed the cat

(I took accutane in highschool so my skin is still prone to large pores and dryness)
>>wash face with Cetaphil
>>brush teeth
>>apply vitaminc C or a hydrating oil
>>moisturize with CeraVe
>>mouth wash

I sleep with braids so while my face is drying I apply heat protection and curl my hair

>>heat protection: Unite

>>translucent setting powder
>>maybe mascara

out the door by 9

When i get home I typically have a grilled cheese or Totinos pizza–theyre really cheap and filling

>>clean dishes

>>play with cat

on Thurs/Fri I do a deep clean
>>bleach showers/toliets
>>clean sink

Around 8 on normal days I get ready for bed
>>wash hair (every 4 days)
>>shampoo: Maui Moisture Agave
>>conditioner: Joico
You can get a cheap exfoliating pad at Target for like 4$
>>Facial Serum
>>braid hair

On saturdays I use a green tea or whitening face mask and deep condition my hair

T.J Maxx is legit your best friend–you can find so many high priced hair care, face stuff, and makeup items for super cheap. LOVE LOVE LOVE it and perfect if youve built your collection and you wanna try new products

No. 71726

When I am at my healthiest (which I have definitely been slipping on a lot lately) I have found that a set routine makes me feel better, it just takes some time and trial and error to find out what actions make YOU feel healthy and peaceful and empowered, but here is a general overview of what works the best in my life.

>In the morning when I first wake up, I like to stretch and brush my teeth and wash/moisturize my face. I also really enjoy doing a light workout (about an hour or so) and after that, having a small breakfast. Usually fruit and water/tea in the warmer months, and oatmeal in the colder ones.

>At night I like to do a little bit of Yoga and meditation before bed. I like to light a lavender candle during this! It really helps me feel connected to my body and like i'm nurturing myself.

Because my work schedule is so erratic, my routines are usually only morning and night, as the day is so hectic. But other little things that I have found that help me are investing in things that make my life feel a little brighter, like ensuring I have a clean home and that I make my bed every morning, interacting with my animals, purchasing hygiene products that make me feel good (LUSH etc.) and having nicely scented candles in the house. Another thing that really helps me feel nice is buying lounge clothing that I actually like; this might sound kind of silly, but once I get home I like to wear loose, comfortable clothes, and in the past I would just throw on whatever ratty old shirt and shorts were laying around, but I recently transitioned to picking up a few particularly soft fabrics, or graphic shirts of things that I like to wear instead. It has really made a difference for me! I hope some of this helps you!

No. 71728

>do all of these

You are really high functioning, huh? I don't do half of the things you do in a day.

No. 71729

20 year old girl.

Most days i'm too lazy to stick to a morning routine but when i do it it's:
>wake up with sleep as android alarm
>put phone to charge
>go feed my cat and play with him for a while
>check phone for notifications
>check usual websites
>use all my love nikki stamina
>shower if i need to go out in the morning
>clean face with corsx good morning cleanser
>apply avene thermal water
>apply clarins chamomile toner
>apply corsx snail essence
>apply clarins eclat du Jours
>apply la roche posay eye cream
>apply la roche posay sunscreen 50 spf all over face and body
>make coffee
>eat something if i feel like it
>brush teeth
>put on deodorant
>study for 2-3 hours or so
>do 30 min of yoga (sometimes i change that to my night routine depending on wether i have a more full schedule)

If i go out (and am not feeling my bare face):
>re-apply sunscreen
>dress myself up
>apply some makeup (mostly la roche posay cream as primer, a thin coat of double wear by estee lauder mixed with nyx white mixer (and mix with some face cream if i don't have too many pimples so it thins out even more), fit me concealer or mayballine age rewind, mayballine lash sensational, some korean petit blush or kiko blush, innisfree highlighter from like 2015, lip balm, and some brow powder if i feel like having even stronger brows, and nyx glowy makeup fixer.) Sometimes i change it up depending on the occasion but mostly i go with this or bare faced.
>apply deodorant/perfume
>check i have everything on purse
>eat some mint or something for good measure so i'm sure my breath doesn't smell
>check phone battery and let it charge if it's not over 70%
>check in full mirror if i look good

If i stay at home:
>make some food for myself (mostly salads/greens/chicken) i'm not a big eater
>make some coffee
>use all my love nikki freebies
>bake something if i feel like it/browse recipes
>play with cat if he's not sleeping
>play some videogames
>watch a movie/stream/youtuble videos
>exercise with blogilates/static bike for an hour or so
>make protein shake with myprotein powder
>shower and wash hair if it starts to look greasy (normally wash it every 3 days or so) and let it air dry
>maybe eat something if i'm not too full with the protein shake

Night routine:
(if i wear makeup)
>cleanse face with la roche posay micellar water
>cleanse face again with avene cleanser

(if i don't wear makeup)
>cleanse face with corsx good morning cleanser if i haven't done it in the morning
>[…]apply some avene thermal water
>apply clarins chamomille toner
>make a honey mask and leave it until i go to sleep (every other week)
>use corsx BHA (every other day/week)
>apply corsx essence
>apply missha time rewind serum
>apply either aloe vera (if i have a lot of pimples), clarins eclat du jours or tonymoly 100 hours cream (if my skin is feeling extra dry)
>apply snail eye cream
>apply a thin coat of rosehip oil if i have open wounds or pimples
>brush teeth and use a mouthwash
>apply a thick coat of letibalm lip balm
>feed cat and clean his shitbox
>play with him for a while
>let him into my room after he's done eating so he can sleep on my bed
>watch youtube videos or netflix/hbo until i am tired
>go to sleep before 2 am max
>wake up at 6 am because cat wants to leave my room
>go back to sleep

No. 71730

Yeah I've always been very high-functioning. it also helps that I'm on wellbutrin

No. 71745

I have ADHD also depression and I wish I had a bit of discipline. Do you have any advices on how to achieve that?

No. 71746

I struggle with the same issues. I have to be at work by 10am every morning (mon-fri) but find it hard to even get out of bed until 20 mins before I have to leave.

Luckily I only live 10 mins tops from work, but I can't even be bothered to get out of bed and brush my hair/put on makeup. I'm depressed and not doing anything to make myself presentable makes me more depressed. I work in a factory type setting, so no one else is dressed up either. It's all kind of drab in general.. Maybe the problem is my job?

Sometimes i find getting up an hour earlier to go slow- brush teeth, drink a glass of water, etc does help, but it's hard to get into a daily routine.

sage for OT. I apologise the the semi rant.

No. 71748

when you have to do something you don't want to do, you should put your brain on autopilot and just physically go through the steps you would need to take. so for instance if you need to clean your room, even if you don't want to, you just shut off your brain and go to a pile of clothes and pick it up. keep repeating this until you are like "well I might as well finish".

Another thing is proximity. it's helped me to drink tons of water, for instance, by always carrying around a huge water bottle. if you need to study, go get your books and put them in front of you.

No. 71762

i am a piece of shit unlike all these other women so hear me out

first thing in the morning is i keep hitting the snooze button for an hour straight. it rings from 7am to 8am in 10min intervals. good morning to you too

i have to be at work at around 8:30 so i jump out of the bed, feed our dear dear cat and kiss her on the forhead at least 5times. i bolt into the bathroom, wash my face, apply mosturizer, spf and if i look extra shit i'll apply a bit of concealer under my eyes and maybe mascara. brush my hair and im out this bitch. 130kmph on the highway for 10min and i'm late half the time

work work lunch work work then i usually come back home around 5pm. since i have no real hobbies i go out for a drink, invite someone for a drink or get straight back behind the computer (after being on the computer for 8hrs at work). then i cook and tidy the flat in coop with bf. we watch a movie, series or play witcher 3 on the tv in the living room for most of the evening. we go to bed at around midnight on weekdays. im 25

No. 71763

oh and sometimes (like once in a month) i manage to wake up at 7 and wash my hair and maybe even eat something. on those days i feel like buddha

No. 71794

File: 1513755640563.png (805.56 KB, 1275x1274, Journey-to-Splits-Square.png)

>wake up 6.20, clean teeth and wash face
>spend 10 mins sitting at my pc
>spend 10 mins getting ready for work (moisturize, sunscreen, tiny bit of makeup)
>arrive at work at 7 and eat breakfast
>leave work at 3, home by 3.20
>literally do whatever the fuck I want for hours and hours (usually internet, tv, I often have skating in the arvo and also ballet one day a week)
>I'm spoiled and live at home so my only chores are keeping my room tidy, I try to have it neat by the time I go to bed
>shower and clean teeth
>whatever routine I'm currently doing for skincare, at it's most basic I just cleanse and moisturize but at the moment I'm using AHA & BHAs and samples and shit
>go to bed and read fanfic because it's max comfy and relaxing
>sleep somewhere between 9-11 depending on how tired I am
>on days off I usually go out for a meal or two and skate and shop in between.

I enjoy how lazy and chill my routine is but there are a few things I REALLY desperately need to add
>stretching, every fucking day because my lack of flexibility lets me down but I hate doing it
>flossing because I want to keep my teeth but again, I hate doing it
>more regular cleaning rather than just tidying/neatening up my room (like vaccuuming, dusting, etc)
>this is really pushing it because I'm so unmotivated lately, but I really should get back to studying Japanese every day

I also need to fix my snacking and just control my eating in general, I basically eat at least once an hour out of either hunger or boredom or cravings and it's not good at all to have that as part of my routine.

No. 71795

idk if its depression, but i sure dont have much drive to do diddly shit anymore

>alarms go off at 2 hrs before, 1 hr before, and 30 mins before work; 30 min alarm is usually when i force myself out of bed

>do bathroom stuff; use toilet (period maintenance if its that time), wash hands, brush teeth and use mouthwash; if i feel really nasty ill shower an hour before work, but usually save that til after work because work is gross
>makeup routine is usually primer, maybe concealer, eyebrow filler, liner, mascara, lip balm or gloss (if my lips arent covered with something, they get chewed off later on)
>fix hair into ponytail unless i slept in braids, then wear braids to work anyway
>use perfume and deodorant, then get dressed; so jeans/work shirts usually get reworn a few times during the week or two if i cant get to doing laundry on the next day off i have

work is usually 5-8 hrs, shifts are usually evening unless i get a rare morning shift

>get home and peel off all clothes

>take a shower; if i have the evening to myself, i may use a bath bomb if i have one, or have a bubble bath. cant soak for too long because the water gets cold too fast
>get on laptop for remainder of the time, use Youtube on phone for background noise; if i have the evening, i get on laptop with TV in the background because sometimes Youtube gets boring
>find something to eat eventually; if i dont have the evening to myself, i usually buy food at work to eat because everything else is closed by that time.
>im particularly bad about going to bed at a decent hour, so occasionally i take a sleep aid to help me wind down. i try not to use one unless i have to be awake in the morning for work or an appointment

hobbies just kinda happen when i get the itch to do them, but otherwise i dont really have the forethought or drive to do anything very often. halp plz

i feel like you're me, but you sound like you have a better job than i do

No. 71798

Are you me?

No. 71805

current routine.(yay for christmas holidays.)

wake up whenever i wake up. usually ridiculously late between 5pm-8pm unless im seeing my boyfriend on that day.

eat something microwaveable.
drink a pepsi from my pepsi hoard.

check my social medias. stalk my boyfriends social medias to make sure hes not cheating on me.

check youtube, lolcow. maybe listen to music.
eat more crap. gain more weight.
do nothing on the internet. let my anxiety consume me into a black hole. check my to-do list to make sure everything is on track. regret life decisions. hate myself.

go to sleep at ridiculous time in the morning.

No. 71812

File: 1513778608207.png (297.17 KB, 704x528, sailor moon.png)

now that im out of classes for the holidays my routine is so bad lol
>wake up at 7am w/ fiance, get up and pack his lunch and make coffee
>feed the cats, clean shitboxes.
>dick around on my laptop for 1-3 hours, usually on this hell site
>finally get up, start shower
>pick out podcast to listen to while showering, get clean towel out
>wash hair with Lush's Big shampoo, condition hair with whatever conditioner I bought that month
>get out of shower, put contacts in
>use a heavy face cream to combat the dry cold air
>comb hair, roll it up in a towel
>sit around naked for 20-30 min while finishing podcast
>deodorant, mousse, and perfume
>brush teeth
>get dressed and go do shit i need to do

I really wish i had the energy to put on make up, or even use a nice lotion after my shower. I miss putting on makeup, but im too tired/lazy to do it.

No. 71813

What a sad life you lead, lmao.

No. 71814

so she's having a binge, so what. i find it sadder that girls feel the need to put 300 layers of make up before they leave the house

No. 71815

Why’d you nitpick just that part? I’m talking about their no set schedule, some NEET shit and acting as if it’s some quirky thing to be. Y’all are sad af

No. 71816

>current routine.(yay for christmas holidays.)

No. 71818

>implying that holiday is a good excuse

No. 71824

>yoga at 6 am not preventing you from getting buttmad and shitting on other girls

No. 71825


You sound like me in 2015. It was toxic as fuck.

Here I am as of 2017 losing the last stone of the weight I gained and in a relationship with a guy I trust

It gets better but you have to yet motivated

No. 71826


but seriously, i am a "wake up 30 min before work" kinda girl but even on weekends i get up at noon and make fucking brunch or something. what kind of lackluster life do you lead that you waste all your time on holiday being a neet shit.

No. 71915

File: 1513965625394.jpg (208.43 KB, 1860x1200, BBfc9nu.jpg)

I hope this is the right thread for this. I want to add some exercise to my routine. Does anyone here do pilates at home? I don't have time to trek out to a class in the middle of the day, as I work. Are there any good videos on YouTube for this?

No. 71938

try looking for quick exercises you can do maybe while you're getting ready in the morning or before you get ready for bed. lord knows I need to start exercising too, or at least start walking again when the weather gets warmer

No. 125360

Literally this, but male… Which makes it more sad I think.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 125364

Since the thread got necroed I reread it and remembered this is my post… and I am happy to report I'm now regularly doing every single item on my list of things I need to add to my routine. The trick was to make a spreadsheet with daily/weekly to do lists and tick boxes so I don't forget anything and feel guilty if I don't tick them. It was literally like flicking a switch to get me motivated.

No. 125391

My routine:
>wake-up 1,5 to 2 hours before I have to leave for uni.
I get laughed at for waking up this early but I hate rushing in the morning more than anything. If uni starts late or I have nothing to attend that day I'll wake up at 7:30-8 am-ish.
>get dressed, I pick my clothing the night before
>make bed
(seriously do this, one easy accomplishment will motivate you for the rest of the day)
>put on water to boil
>go feed my pets
>water's boiled for tea at this point
>have a long and slow breakfast
>do my hair, skincare and make-up
>brush and floss teeth
>usually have time left over at this point so I'll get some reading for uni done
>leave to catch the bus

I have no set routine for the rest of the day. Evening's just showering, brushing teeth, cleansing skin and skin care before I go to sleep.

No. 125399

>(seriously do this, one easy accomplishment will motivate you for the rest of the day)
For sure, making your bed in the morning is a seriously good lifehack. It just makes you take more pride in your surroundings and helps prevent the onset of laziness and a loss of control over your life.

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