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File: 1513612762443.png (12.69 KB, 350x250, youtube-logo.png)

No. 71716

Hey Anons, we talk alot of mess here–but are there any youtubers/content creators you generally like?

For personality or because they have useful content?

tldr; what youtubers/content creators do you like? and why?

No. 71717

File: 1513612983104.jpg (17.84 KB, 246x138, hqdefault.jpg)

I really enjoy Loepsie on youtube, I found her from a thread on /cgl awhile back and fell in love

Shes the first 'beauty' youtuber who I don't find really annoying and her historical hair series is pretty interesting

pic related

No. 71733

File: 1513631836300.png (289.78 KB, 610x325, cookingwithdog2.png)

For Lets Plays I like Jesse Cox (especially for Scary Game Squad and his collabs with Dodger), and Super Best Friends Play. I don't watch many LP channels anymore but I still watch them from time to time for background noise when I'm painting.

For general entertainment I like Cow Chop, The Jaboody Show, and Sugar Pine 7

I also watch YourMovieSucks.org but these days my opinion on films is almost always at odds with his so I mostly watch his humor-centric videos and disregard his actual reviews for the most part. Same with Red Letter Media.

For food/cooking, I like Sweet The MI, Food Wishes, Binging with Babish, and Cooking With Dog (RIP Francis).

No. 71734

A bunch of YouTubers I'd like to recommend, who I think deserve more views:

For spooky content…
>Cayleigh Elise

For comedy…
>Jenna Marbles
>Safiya Nygaard
>Mike Diva

For makeup/beauty…
>Simply Nailogical
>Kawaii Pateen
>Angela Clayton

For information/documentaries…
>Abroad in Japan
>Super Deluxe
>Super Eyepatch Wolf

For art/crafts…
>Nicole's Dreams
>Maive Ferrando

For animals…
>A chick called Albert

For vlogs…
>Anna Akana
>Exploring With Josh

No. 71736

File: 1513635547979.png (876.06 KB, 812x446, ddddd.png)

I've been meaning to make this thread for ages so thanks OP, hopefully I'll find a few more Youtubers to follow.

For Korean related shit I watch Kennie J.D. and whitneybaeIRL. I love the way Kennie tells stories and her make up is always on point. Whitney can be a bit cringy but she also seems to be super sweet.

For make up I watch RawBeautyKristi. I lover her reviews, not really a fan of her makeup looks but I find her GRWM videos enjoyable. JUNGSAEMMOOL looks are out of this world and I hope I can some day recreate them.

I don't wear lolita but I love ScarfingScarves and Lovely Lor. I find Tyler's sense of humor hilarious and Lor… idk, I just like her.

Jessica Kellgren-Fozard has become a personal favourite of mine. I have no disabilities nor do I know anyone with one, I just watch her because I love her accent and find her to be a genuinely positive person.

IHE (I hate everything) because he hates the same shit I do. Ask A Mortician because I'm morbid af. Safiya Nygaard's content wouldn't be something I'm interested in if not for both her and Tyler's personalities, although her "Dressed like it was…" are probably among my favourite videos in youtube. I follow BuzzFeedBlue only for the "Unsolved" series, Ryan getting scared gives me life.

No. 71739

I like her a lot too! Her clothing style is awful (at least it was somewhat interesting back when she was into goth and medieval stuff) but her hair skills are amazing. And she's likeable.

No. 71741

I was obsessed with Cooking with dog for years. It's hard to watch now that Francis has passed away. Those recipes always look amazing, and it's incredible to see most, if not all of it done from scratch.

No. 71742

>incredible to see most, if not all of it done from scratch.
You don't watch many cooking channels, do you?

No. 71743

We have similar tastes anon! Not really into k-vloggers tho

I really like nightmind (debunking viral videos/channels), defunctland (talks about defunct rides and themeparks, lots of disney), captain disillusion (also dubunks viral videos but is more comical, nightmind is more creepy), carpet bagger (visits strange/quirky roadside attractions and theme parks, many of which are abandoned) and supercarlinbros (disney/pixar theory videos that are well thought out and come from actual fans unlike other 'theory' channels)

As for bigger youtubers, I like simplynailogical (shes funny to me for some reason, I think she seems pretty self aware about her audience and youtube in general) and shane dawson, who I used to hatebut now enjoy his videos since his sense of humor has calmed down a lot.

Makeup-wise I like special effects tutorials; goldie starling, freakmo, pinkstylist, ellimacs and jordan hands

No. 71744

uff thank for the cayleigh elise suggestion, have watched 3 videos of hers so far, so gripping! plus the manner she approaches the topics is quite respectful

I can recommend bright sun films if you are into retail or disney history, i really like the abandoned series
Also Simone Giertz and Laura Kampf for all your women in maker/woodworking scene needs

No. 71747

Im >>71743, i forgot to add bright sun! Also
dan balls "dead mall series" if you like videos about abandoned places thats more talking about WHY they are abandoned vs just exploring them

No. 71944

I love Dan Bell's videos! Such interesting places and the Cutting Room Floor videos are great. (Will is a bit of a cutie too.)

No. 71946

An animal Youtuber who's very useful is Happy Tails, she's actually was already massively involved with animals before Youtube and is extremely professional. She has a lot more different animals and likely has an animal you're interested in, since she lives on a massive farm.
She's also quite involved in her Youtube community and answers questions in her comment section often.

For horror fans, Dead Meat is fun and more upcoming, he currently mostly does Kill Counts, really great quality.

No. 71982

For music, I watch Spectrum Pulse, ARTV occasionally, Todd In The Shadows, and The Double Agent.
For ASMR, I watch Ppomo, ASMRMagic, AMSRSurge, and Asmr Zeitgeist.
For "politics" (I don't know what to classify
this as) I watch Vernaculis, Eric Taxxon, Creationist Cat, and Shaun and Jen.
For comedy, I watch Bobby Burns and Nerd City.
I enjoy YMS/Adumplaze but some of his views are a bit iffy, but I enjoy his content regardless

No. 71988

jun's kitchen :3

No. 71989

Dan Bell is awesome he's such a respectful guy. I watch a lot of urban exploring (I think that's what it's called in English?) and a lot of yters try to add unnecessary drama or put the camera on them. Dan Bell explores but it's very calming. Until you get crazy shit like that one video where he was followed around by people.
His motel videos too are great for a laugh but so soooo disgusting

No. 71991

I mainly watch makeup stuff on YouTube. My favourites are Lisa Eldridge, violette_fr and John McLean. Sometimes I watch jaackmaate, life of Boris, threadbanger, Emmy made in Japan, firstwefeast (mainly hot ones), Kimberly Clark, gothamista, sichenmakeupholic, Karina mckimmie, corspse husband, sheslulu, Peter draws and Kayleigh Elise.

No. 71996

File: 1514251975722.jpg (93.23 KB, 1280x720, maxresdefault.jpg)

For makeup and general vlogging I love Alice T/alxcext. She's so fucking pretty and seems like a genuinely sweet person.

No. 71999

DamonandJo is a travel channel that I really like. For comedy purposes I like Shane Dawson, H3H3, Internet Comment Etiquette, etc. Other than that I usually like watching videos about minimalism and traveling, but there aren't many channels that I specifically keep up with for those.

No. 72004

emmymadeinjapan is the best food channel on youtube, imo. I love how gives an honest review of every food she tries, even the gross stuff.

More than anything I watch art/animation channels. rebeltaxi every other week(I skip his podcast unless he has an interesting guest/talks about something I like). Onion skin makes cool videos analyzing shots frame by frame which is my jam.

Kendall Rae is a guilty pleasure, I like her videos about missing persons and unsolved crimes but she uploads a lot of hippy astrology bullshit.

No. 72006

That's my wife.

I found her when looking up durians.


No. 72007

SugarPine7 - Steven Suptic's comedy creation amongst a team other funny people, he titles the genre as Alternative Lifestyle as they are a series of sketches parodying their lives as video creators. I die at Cib's character and the whole lot of them just seem so lovely. Worth a watch but I don't know if just picking it up from now would make sense rather than watching from the beginning to understand the characters etc.

No. 72014

Only because I watch the Buzzfeed Unsolved videos, especially the Supernatural ones. They're really well done, with a lot of research put into them and the hosts Ryan and Shane are so funny.
>Safiya Nygaard
I like her, seems a genuinely fun girl to be with. Her personality reminds me of a friend of mine so it's endearing to watch her.
>Valeria Lipovetsky
She's a model, I don't watch all of her videos but I like the storytime ones and her beauty tips. She seems genuine.
>Charlotte Tilbury, Wayne Goss
For makeup videos. I don't like "beauty gurus" and the instagram drag queen look, so I only take tips from legit makeup artists like those two.
>My BB Bunny, sweetfurx4, utamaruru, VanillaHamHam
For cute floof videos!
>Goodnight Moon ASMR, ArtistaGenericoMedio, Trashbag, Deep Ocean of Sounds

No. 72019

File: 1514313399264.png (33.4 KB, 800x800, ircDReR453A.png)

I used to watch a lot of youtubers but only constantly watch a few now.

>Cowchop (and their individual channels)

Love them, incredibly funny and i find all of their content entertaining, probably my favorite channel on youtube.

>Lisa Elridge

Absolutely wonderful makeup artist, i trust her for all my makeup needs. I hate drag-queen tier makeup and her makeup looks are effortlessly beautiful and do not cake on the product. She is really passionate about makeup and skincare, her voice is also very soothing.

>Best friends Play

Even if they are shit at videogames, their LPs are very entertaining and fun to watch, never gotten bored with one of their videos, used to also love cryaotic but since he stopped youtube only watch them now as far as playthroughs go.

>Safiya Nygaard

She seems very fun and her videos are very creative and instructive. Love hers and Tyler personalities.


He barely uploads but when he does i know it will be quality content.

For channels that i watch on and off:
>Cryaotic (used to watch all his playthroughs bu his channel is dead so yeah)
>Jbunzie (She is super talented and her costumes/makeup looks are almost always perfect.)
>Tati (i trust her a lot for reviews, but i skip most of her video just to get to the test/final review lmao)
>Patricia Bright (her clickbait-y titles bother me but she is really sweet and i find her (cheap) clothing sites review interesting.)
>Jackie Aina (She gets a little too preachy sometimes and i dislike the overly caked makeup she does but she is really fun.)
>Blogilates (only her workout vids since they are my source for workout)
>Sugar Pine 7 / Funhaus (similar style to cowchop)
>Clothesencounters/imjennim (i used to watch her videos religiously but i find that her style has gotten really awful so i skip a lot of her videos now)
>Pony Makeup
>British Pathé (mostly their vintage beauty and lifestyle videos)
>Dan Bell (love his creepy videos and the another dirty room especially)
>Laura in the kitchen
>Exploring with Josh

No. 72047

angela benedict
lisa elridge
wayne goss

No. 72157

> creepy/horror/mystery/true crime
Lutch Green, GloomyHouse, Lazy Masquerade, Corpse Husband, Criminally Listed

> Pokémon (yes I’m a nerd, sue me)

Dobbs, TheAuraGuardian, HoodlumScrafty, PDWinnall, Shofu, PIMPNITE (there are several more but I haven’t watched PokéTubers in a while)

> makeup/beauty

PONY, sichenmakeupholic, Heizle, RISABAE, lamuqe, cococho, ssin, Angelica Nyqvist (the last one is mainly for commenting on the beauty community, sharing unpopular opinions etc; I like her personality a lot but don’t normally do the super colorful/intense eye makeup looks myself so her tutorials don’t really suit me)

> political commentary/making fun of SJWs & fat ppl

Blaire White, Roaming Millennial, ABitOfBritt, Hunter Avallone

No. 72160

Oops, forgot to say why I like them.

Everyone in the first category I like for pretty much the same reason - they make interesting content that genuinely intrigues me, I find out about a lot of new creepy/interesting stuff and so on.

PokéTubers - Dobbs and Aura relay a lof interesting/little known facts and trivias, Shofu and PIMPNITE are fun to watch for team building, strategies and all that competitive stuff, Scrafty does some of that as well but also does playthroughs/nuzlockes and comments on news. PDWinnall is a qt who shares news and comments on said news etc.

As for makeup/beauty gurus I almost exclusively watch Korean makeup artists these days. Their tutorials tend to be so skillful but still natural, soft and feminine with cute pops of color that are exactly what I want (all of which also serves as a nice alternative to the western/‘murican ones that tend to look like they dipped their faces in orange cement and cake on everything in super tacky yucky drag queen looks).

As for the political/anti-SJW commentators - even if their opinions don’t always align with my own (though 95% of the time they do), they’re a nice reminder that not everyone in this world is a morbidly obese white-hating ISIS apologist misandrist lunatic, Blaire and Hunter add a special brand of humor to my day and just some general lighthearted poking fun at idiots is a nice break from all the boring stuff I have to do (if you couldn’t already tell by the fact that I’m a farmer).

Also forgot one;


Latte ASMR is amazing; she’s adorable and has a really soothing soft voice, her videos tend to be really cute and she puts a lot of effort into them. I especially like her videos where she speaks Japanese; I find the language in general to have a really soft and relaxing sound to it with the right voice/tone and her clear pronunciation adds to that (her videos in English and Korean are also amazing ofc).

No. 73043

Nail Career Education!!!!!!! I could watch her videos for hours and hours. Like, I don't know, I am from the cadre of internet users in which someone sends me a link that's longer than 3 minutes and there is no way in hell I will watch a second of it. Who do they think I am, that I could watch all 12 minutes of someone talking about their favorite drugstore highlighters?

But Suzie! Suzie is a gem. She is of the same cadre of human beings that Bob Ross was a part of.


Admittedly, in the second video she gets slightly more negative on herself than I would expect from a Bob Ross but, like, watch her. She's amazing. She gets out her colored pencils and construction paper and I'm sitting here enraptured, like, what is this Suzie going to possibly do out of these rudimentary materials! How will she pull this off??

I feel like it is also worth mentioning that I hate nail art? I am a staid, boring lesbian who basically only ever uses beige creme polish on short, natural nails. I have no real vested interest or knowledge in what Suzie is doing but the way that she does it is enough to pacify me into a state of relaxation and appreciation.

No. 73145

I have always watched a lot of YouTube while sick and I am picky so I would love to sperg about a few faves here. I feel like farmers have a spot on radar for shite people so I like discussing youtubers we actually like and potentially finding more.

I like her style, the fact that she is different to the masses, and that she is open about being a young mom, her past, and her struggles with mental health.

Fuck probably my favourite aesthetic youtuber ever who does great makeup and sincerely brilliant themed videos. And she seems like a sweetheart. So creative!

John Mclean
His persona is funny to me and he reminds me of Sophie Ellis bextor or something. I like that he is very much his own person.

Harmony nice
I haven't paid huge attention to her personality recently but she got me really into no foundation looks, and she is very visually striking.

I don't watch her content anywhere near as much anymore but she's unbelievably talented and well spoken and I like her attitude a lot.

Drama etc:
I've spoken with her and I just love that she's down to earth, takes concrit, and is very humble and well spoken. I also am interested in almost identical shit to her so her videos always interest me.

Stones to abbifail
Clearly a lolcow reader but she makes long videos that are decently spoken and scripted and I like to put them on in the background while I'm cleaning or whatever

But I only really watch her body language videos. I like her confidence in herself and her opinions and her body language input is interesting to me

Actually that's it. I was going to say margo indigo but somethinf about her voice and the way she carries herself makes it hard for me to listen to her.

I literally love this guy, he was the first asmrtist I truly liked and his videos always hit the spot. I love how focused and calm and self fulfilled he always seems. Why can't I be manuel levels of chill tbh

Karuna Sartori
Yes I fucking know. I don't follow her personal shit at all anymore I just like the weird almost tic-like way she makes her mouth clicking constantly.

Just looks so wholesome and friendly and sounds so nice and caring that she immediately makes me super comfy

Documentaries etc:
Real stories
Always decent quality, not pitched, and a huge variety of topics. Uploads p regularly. Selection of good crime docs.

Barcroft TV
Similar to above but has recently been posting much shorter videos. Handy for watching on the commute to work or whatever

Other shit:
Nice ambient mixes for working, studying, drawing. I like it a lot more than the ~○☆chill lofi ☆○~ station channels because the songs stand out a bit more to me and are a lot more evocative

Really great selection of new retro wave 80s esque synth. If you like hotline Miami type music this is for you.

Monaco frost
The way she speaks slowly can be jarring but even if I disagree with some of her opinions, she seems so very genuine, sincere, and her family and happiness and success makes me happy.

Mermaid Motel
Like properly kickass fanmade videos to unreleased Lana del Rey songs. I fucking love this channel. If you like ldr I can guarantee you'll love the inspo they draw and their style

She dance gud

I like her hair transformations and just think she's really pretty and doesn't try too hard.

I am not crazy about her as a person but her hair videos are very useful if you have short to medium hair.

I binged his videos a while back and love his voice and generally agree with him

WEW lads I need to go to sleep

No. 73146


>spend all that time typing and misspell Monami as Monaco

>kill me

No. 82037

Barcroft TV is good
Similar to above but has recently been posting much shorter videos.(USER HAS BEEN PUT OUT TO PASTURE)

No. 82040

I have many favorite Youtube channels. For example National geographic channel, where I like to watch different documental movies. For chrcking youtube I use proxy app here https://buy.fineproxy.org/eng/ because Youtube was forbidden in Arabic countrues where I live now.

No. 82042

Elvis the alien, ready to glare, and soothouse are the first to come to mine.

No. 132645

Oh geez, looks like noone´s posted here in ages…
But nontheless, I like Talking Kitty Cat, Kitten Lady, Explore With Us, Nerdecrafter, The Dodo and a bunch of art channels that are fairly small and to which I cannot even recall the proper names. If anyone should be interested, I`ll look them up and post them here. I have them all subscribed and just watch them when I get notified, and they are all a million times better than the big, popular "artists" with a million followers or something.

No. 213343

Bumping thread because I need some new channel inspo

No. 213344

Observe, Annalise Wood, Mista GG, Snake Discovery, Stitched Together Pictures, Justine Leconte, Ryan Hollinger. Few different genres in there, anything you’re looking for specifically? I also need new people to watch

No. 213351

Eugenio Monesma Moliner, Technology Connections, Engineering World

basically I just like looking at how things work & how they're made

No. 213361

There's another more recent thread for this. But you should probably say what you're looking for specifically because there's an infinite amount of different types of channels.

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