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No. 72228

What cartoons did you enjoy when you were little? What about now? They can be your typically girly, frilly stuff that didn't have a clear premise (cough 1980s MLP, but I still loved it) or anything else.

I loved Star vs the Forces of Evil, but I feel that the show tanked in quality. Hard.

No. 72239

Why do you think the quality tanked? I liked the change from baddie of the day to a more plot-based show. I do think the show, at least for a while, was more about Marco than it was about Star- until Marco went out of the picture for a while.

No. 72256

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I really hope Star ends up with Tom instead of Marco! I'm so tired of the trope girl and boy BFFs turning into a couple. But I know Star/Tom will never ever happen.

No. 72257

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OG Spongebob motherfucking Squarepants

No. 72258

..her ex with anger issues which drove her off in the first place? Gross.

No. 72260

Copypasting my sentiments from another thread I posted in about the show.

I've been a massive Star vs the Forces of Evil fan since before it came out. I was on /co/ years ago when all we had were the pilot sketches and it was thought that Cartoon Network was buying the show, but it wound up going to Disney instead. The first five episodes, in terms of the writing and art fluidity, were fantastic.

However, its like Daron and her staff became lazier as time went on. Like Gravity Falls, the show had been put on many hiatuses because the episodes weren't even finished yet and at one point we learnt that the third season was being worked on before they had even formally finished the rest of the episodes for the first season. The same happened with the second season; Delays and delays. I'd check Daron's Instagram account and she was rarely at the office. She was always off in Europe or Mexico with her husband and the few times she was at the office, it was them having constant cosplay parties. I mean, I'm not saying that they couldn't have fun at work, but the staff and she seemed more focused on acting like overgrown children than actually finishing the show up when fans had been begging. Not only that, but Daron and her staff started to shoehorn a lot of stuff in; Making Marco wear ballet slippers and befriend Star's shitty ex, lolsorandum humor out the ass, the staff trying to make it seem as if Marco was gay for Star's ex or some crap, and hamfisted muh feminism stuff. Like, we get it dude, its a show for girls but you don't need to make it a bad fanfic-tier creation when it once had potential. A lot of us watch this to escape, not to be reminded of real world bs.

The show is still going and I've seen some of the recent episodes, but its pretty much waifu wars 2.0 now. The pacing and writing really does reek of a bad fanfic. Oh, not to mention our two "major villains arcs" were disappointments.

I just wish we could have Starco already. Whoring Marco out to every single other character smacks of 30 something year old women self inserting.

No. 72417

File: 1514759889594.jpg (106.15 KB, 640x640, miraculous.jpg)

Anyone here following Miraculous Ladybug?

No. 72429

I've been wanting to give this a chance, but I'm still unsure. What's good about it?

No. 72430

Same. Tom's made a lot of strides in improving himself, and in the end he started to do it for himself not just for Star which is why I think he got a second chance with her.

No. 72485

When I was little I'd consume a ton, the most prominent I recall (watching at least even if some details escape me) are Dexter's Laboratory, The Powerpuff Girls, Courage the Cowardly Dog, Cow & Chicken, The Simpsons. Rewatched a few of these in the past few years and Futurama, South Park, Mike Tyson Mysteries, Moral Orel, Sealab 2021, Mission Hill, Dilbert, The Ricky Gervais show, more I'm certainly forgetting… I enjoy animations.

No. 72493

I only watched it for the cute cat dude, but everything else about it is irritating to me. I sat through one season.

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