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No. 73056

Apologies if this already fits in somewhere else farmers, but a thread to share resources for things like makeup, hair, room inspiration, and comfy things!

Often the hair/skin threads are for Q/A type conversations and I notice it's hard to gather resources

As a girl who wants inspiration and tips for beauty and living I'm sure I'm not the only one!

So a place to share things like blogs/boards/videos that you find are good resources for makeover and living etc!

(I'm trying to gather useful places to help improve my image whilst I lose weight, so for me personally I want resources for fashion and beauty because I see all these girls who just know how to do that shit perfectly and I wanna learn their sorcery)

websites are good too!

No. 73071

So why not actually use the designated threads and just ask for resources? They barely get posts. This is a slow board. You could literally just ask in one of those threads. It isnt as if your question would get lost. Same for diet and weight loss over in fitness general.

No. 73075


I made this thread because I've asked for resources in more than one thread and nobody ever replies and it gets outshadowed by other talk there

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