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File: 1516036851431.jpg (219.22 KB, 625x1621, IMG_2282.JPG)

No. 73318

We can discuss beauty trends and ads from that era here

No. 73319

File: 1516037319520.jpg (142.15 KB, 600x770, IMG_2285.JPG)

It seems beauty ads in the 40s were more like "omg you're a disgusting person and no man will like you" rather than "if your wear this you'll look prettier"

No. 73320

File: 1516037345437.jpg (212.52 KB, 600x1255, IMG_2283.JPG)

Not a beauty ad but related

No. 73321

it still looks like these ads have no clue about how men function though.

No. 73336

It seems they're trying to play into women's insecurities lol

No. 73340

yep. "hey women, waste your time on this useless shit your husband doesn't even notice or HE'LL LEAVE and fuck your neighbor!"

No. 73341

No. 73354

File: 1516047051866.jpg (55.83 KB, 564x689, 912bc8830904e9888774ebc6ae2e60…)

No. 73355

File: 1516047070809.jpg (75.26 KB, 564x857, fd543bd6d25614def7da8bacbf09c6…)

No. 73356

File: 1516047088498.jpg (67.62 KB, 564x969, f3f2fdd4d7fee57099977a475feca6…)

No. 73357

File: 1516047101411.jpg (84.61 KB, 452x606, d052dbbb1763f7876f846eb6679005…)

No. 73421

>He looked at me as much as to say, 'Your fault!'
>And it was.
Holy shit, that's dark.

I also look at the illustration and my immediate thought is that the man is holding his hand after hitting the woman where she's holding her face, I wonder if that is intentionally ambiguous because you can plausibly say the guy is just adjusting his tie.

No. 73429

File: 1516110607711.jpg (161.48 KB, 736x1025, IMG_2294.JPG)

1940s ads really were harsh kek

No. 73431

File: 1516115315711.jpg (117.9 KB, 480x645, 20120226-185131[1].jpg)

>use mascara otherwise you're a boring ugly bitch

No. 73440

Bitch, that girl is clearly old enough to know if her breath smells bad, she needs to stop blaming her poor mother for her own shortcomings. Seems like the 40s was a bad time to be married as a woman.

No. 73442

File: 1516121650730.jpg (292.78 KB, 575x1237, enhanced-buzz-21963-1378811765…)

If your husband is emotionally abusive and you feel like a hostage in your own home, it's YOUR FAULT for not rubbing caustic chemicals into your vagina

No. 73444

it's ironic that this 'don't harm delicate tissue' stuff is happening during the time period circumcision (of male and females) was on the rise.

No. 73481

No. 73499

File: 1516196561187.jpg (245.3 KB, 550x566, IMG_2306.JPG)

It makes me giggle that people were putting Lysol in their bag back then. I hope there weren't many women who actually used these products.

>if you get older you have no one to blame for that but yourself!

No. 73500

File: 1516196740260.jpg (160.55 KB, 660x738, IMG_2307.JPG)

>stop bleeding all over the place whore

No. 73501

File: 1516197266450.jpg (84.38 KB, 700x930, IMG_2308.JPG)

No. 73503

File: 1516197396436.jpg (75.05 KB, 759x1356, IMG_2309.JPG)

No. 73504

File: 1516197471331.jpg (157.65 KB, 396x526, IMG_2310.JPG)

No. 73551

Slightly ot but why the heck does everyone look so much better from back then? Like especially in films, everyone faces and skin seem so much fuller/glowing

W-was it just the cameras not being good enough to pick up such faults?

I feel like I'm missing out on some 1900s beauty secrets

No. 73552

Vaseline on screen, old ass photoshop etc… Editing pictures is not a new thing, as long as humans have portrayed themselves, humans have edited their portrayals (Even the famous bust of Nefertiti contains the "unphotoshopped" face of Nefertiti that was sculpted over to hide her "flaws")





No. 73554

Women also swore by cold cream back then. It does wonders for some women and for others it doesn't.

No. 73560

Thanks for those links anon, it's very interesting. I can't take my eyes off the retronaut section from the "Mashable" website.

sage for crooked english

No. 73582

File: 1516342998917.jpg (848.3 KB, 1600x1239, Male_College_Students_3.jpg)


I think the type of clothing worn back then contributes to people in old photos looking more attractive. Both men and women wore formal clothes in daily life. These were often tailored to fit them better. Unlike today, tailors weren't used only by the wealthy. There were upper class, middle class, and working class tailors. The formless, baggy Tshirts and sweatshirts worn today hardly look good on anyone.

This photo is a good example of what I mean. These men are ordinary college students, not fashion models or movie stars, but the combination of a well fitting suit and carefully combed or slicked back hair makes it look like a gathering of hot guys. Try to imagine what the same men in this photo would look like in baggy jeans and Tshirts with unkept hair. That's much less attractive, isn't it?

No. 73583

>tfw this will never make a comeback in our lifetime

No. 73586


You never know what will happen Anon. Maybe it will.
The worst thing is guys now don't dress up for anything, generally young men will wear a fitted suit for their first office jobs but it soon slides back to ill-fitted clothes or casual wear. And when women get dressed up for a night out, o look t-shirts and trainers again from the boys.

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