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No. 73796

Any girls who are tcg players? I play Yugioh (Burning Abyss, Gimmick Puppet, Cubic) and Vanguard (Oracle Think Tank). Battle Spirits, Weiss Schwarz, Pokemon, Magic players etc. are also welcome to fangirl/diss.

My experience:

General - there are mainly male players in my area, I've played with a male player once and I hate being thought of weak at the start and them being sore losers after I beat their asses. I've only played with my two female friends ever since. They are avid players who go to stores to play, and they had been hit on by betas who think any girl willing to play cards with them would fuck them. But the crowd they hang with are mostly chill, it's just that I hate talking with males and I'm super withdrawn that I've never played with them, only watched them play with my friends.

Problem is to get the participation PR card for my friend I'm going to play in the store tourament this coming February. I need advice on how to not panick when I play with complete strangers.

Yugioh - Konami got high and made master rule 4, and so far the Link Monsters for older archetypes all suck. They are either stupidly useless shits to summon (see Spellbook and Madolche) or just clashes with the archetypes' style (see Burning Abyss). My decks are still playable, but I know a lot of archetypes that got fucked over (Synchro archetypes RIP), and so far the new VRAINS anime are still too boring, and only Trickstar and Gouki are actually playable.

Vanguard - I'm an Oracle Think Tank player, the clan has been fucked since Legion, and only got salvaged by GBT12, then everyone and their dog wants to build a Battle Sister deck after ridiculing the clan for years.

No. 73816

I used to play MTG and left the community for the exact same reason. I got tired after playing a draft against a 30-year old neckbeard who didn't even ask for my name and got mad when I beat him. Honestly, looking back it was more exhausting than fun. I'd get hit on every single day and had to rely on my (male) best friend so guys wouldn't follow me home. Fun times.

Now I only play Yugioh and Pokémon casually with friends. I've even managed to go to some (super chill) store tournaments and have fun. Try to sit close to some of your friends or people you know at first, and keep an eye for salty players so you won't be close when they get inevitably angry, OP. If you get matched against an asshole, ask the judge to keep a close eye on you guys just in case he steps out of line. It's hard at first, but if the people there are half-decent they'll leave you alone or try to make friendly conversation with you.

For the record, I only started playing Yugioh a couple months ago and mainly play Satellarknight. I'm getting the cards to build a Weatherpainter deck soon. Being able to play TCGs again makes me really happy.

No. 73884

Damn anon, fun times indeed. How difficult is it to respect someone and let them have fun? It's no wonder why most girls won't play tcgs. And Weatherpainter! That archetype gave me such a hard time lmao, have fun building!

Sitting close to my friend wouldn't help since the matchup is randomized, and I'm aware who are salty assholes but I'm awful with remembering faces, I only remember them by the decks they play, though I think the judge would help me out if my opponent is problematic.

Also one thing I hate is assholes nitpicking my decks. Constructive criticism is nice but things like "why are you playing (less popular archetype) it sucks! Play (archetype in the meta) instead!" "What a shitty deck with no handtraps" "Oracle is shit change clans" etc. really gets on my nerves, don't shit on my deck choices like that they're all my precious babies.

The neckbeard I've mentioned shat on me for playing Cubics and I kept on OTKing him, he insisted on blaming luck and that it's impossible to lose to Cubics. Ugh.

No. 73964

I play multiple and relate to the feeling about male players. It feels like I'm being thought of weak but also treated like some kind of god for being the only female player. Just sucks that it's hard to find female players and I want a varied experience not just one friend over and over.

No. 74007

Female player here and I get free cards basically thrown at me. The opportunist in me takes the free stuff but I can't help worrying it's just because I'm a girl. Should I start saying no? Is this normal?

No. 74008

we're all females here you idiot. also don't take shit from neckbeards they'll hold it over you.

No. 74016

Sorry for that bad intro. I tried saying no in the past but guys really do push them onto me. I've been given cards over $20 by guys I've met for the first time and sometimes I never see them again, so far in my experience they don't ask for anything in return so I don't understand what their deal is. My personality isn't flirty either just shy and awkward.

No. 74053

I don't play cards but this stuff happens in MMORPGs, too. This is how guys act towards girls in games. Strokes the ego, maybe. I always take stuff from randoms, but never from guys that will be around for longer. >>74008 is right, they will either hold it over you, mock you or act like you're inferior because you can't do shit yourself. Not worth it.

No. 74054

At least where I play there's one person who stays put and one who rotates after a match. That's what I meant, though I don't know if it is like that in your area, anon. Most TCGs are now aiming for some kind of inclusivity now (they've realised angry assholes are not a nice public to have) so they should help you out. Wizards comes to mind (they even banned a couple guys for blatantly sexist comments). Konami also has girls-only tournaments in Japan and I just want them to make them a thing in the west.

And yeah, they are always like that when you play something that annoys them lol I played elves for a while in MTG and they were all like "omg!!! that's shit!!!!!! you're only swarming!!!!" and when I started playing blue control decks they said the same shit (like "you're not letting me play"… well that's the idea…).

They are definitely trying to make you notice them, anon. It's always the same in male-dominated games. Honestly, I think getting free stuff it's kind of a tradeoff since there will be guys that treat you like shit becauss you're a girl anyways, but I wouldn't accept it since there are lots of guys who will hold it against you ("b-but you won't go on a date with me? I gave you this card!!!" is a frequent situation). Just be like "oh no, I can't accept this as a gift, but maybe there's something you'd like to trade it for?" in case you actually want it. Best case scenario you get it in exchange for something cheaper and you won't owe him a favor since you literally traded trading cards.

No. 74079

Some might be doing that because they genuinely don't need the card and just want to give it away, but some would do that as a favor to get your attention, it's hard to tell their intentions from card giving alone especially for randos, so it's best to just refuse, offer to trade or pay if you really want the cards.

No. 74219

I’m new to MTG and have been to a few events at a local hobby shop, mostly to watch but I’ve done draft for unstable once. The shop I go has a female owner and is pretty cozy, so I lucked out I guess. I’m way too nervous to go back or anything other than draft (would never do standard, my Merfolk deck would get destroyed) other ladies getting into mtg or any tcg: what’s the community like in your area?

No. 74237

Community in my area is kind of small and seemingly all male (I've heard of these female players but never met or seen any) so it's a bit awkward to be the only female player in a room but I haven't been treated badly. The best you can do is push yourself out there and practice and learn. It's going to be scary and make you nervous at first and you might get beaten by people who have dozens more practice and meta decks but it's the fastest way to improve.

No. 74852

I'm feeling nervous about going to my first locals. Anyone mind sharing their experiences?

No. 74872

I play MTG EDH/Commander format, albeit infrequently. The sore loser thing happens a lot but the salt amuses me rather than annoying me. I'm part of a squad of sorts who are known regulars so no one fucks with me.
There's a few other woman players who play but they come in just as infrequently as I do. I think we're all just busy people.

No. 75128

I used to play Junk Doppel Synchro back in the day. How has the meta changed since then?

No. 75141

I played standard, modern, and EDH magic for 6 years and quit when twin got banned from modern after i foiled out my deck lol. I've been playing Pokemon competitively on and off for about 2 years and worked at a card store for a year. Almost everyone I've ever met through the community has been toxic af (and that's coming from a lolita)

No. 75159

Well with master rule 4 other than Blackwing or decks that use Crystal Wing Synchro decks are not good for the current meta since you can't just special summon several synchro monsters without Link monsters. Current meta deck is Spyral for both OCG and TCG, though the new anime Link archetype Altergeist is getting some plays as well. And of course competitive decks are full of handtraps (Burning Abyss once became a rogue deck because everyone only thought to ghost cherry the Spyral Link but not Dante lmao, and other handtraps are meh against BA).

No. 75167

I see Konami is still doing their usual strategy. Bring out new overpowered stuff and make the old stuff unplayable. I don't even know how the pendulums work let alone the new light blue cards.

No. 75170

I lost every game but no one flirted to me and everyone was nice to me and explained stuff. I don't know if that's the norm but then again I'm not very pretty.

No. 75173

I went to my first local today, since I went with other female players we filled up the slots quick, the male players that came later got salty and whined that "(the other male players present) brought along girls who don't know how to play" and "I wish I was here earlier so many easy matches", though it was my female friend who had won so they could go suck a dick and go cry to their mommys about being late, early bird gets the fucking worm. One of them even vague-posted on facebook that he should line up outside the door at midnight before a local, I first got mad but learned to savour the salt after hearing repeated bitching on loop.

I only understood how Links work after attending a store tutorial session, honestly I'd rather play decks that don't require extra deck monsters, I even considered building an Earthbound Immortal deck.

No. 75176

Why can't these people even hide their disdain. Even if I absolutely detest someone I would normally at least act polite and have a fake smile to not offend anyone. How can someone be so rude and impolite? Humanity was a mistake

No. 75180

I'd say that's a good thing no one flirted with you or outright despised you for being a girl because that means they're decent non-toxic human beings.

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