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No. 74693

Looked through /OT and /G catalogues and couldn’t find anything so here goes my first thread! General discussion on your preferred home decor, places to find cute home items, somewhere to get opinions on wall colours… basically anything to do with decorating your living space.

Image is what I want my house to look like, simple luxury.

No. 74704

domestic thread pertains to interior design

No. 74722

File: 1517980025704.jpeg (76.42 KB, 570x643, FC55F687-9221-460E-B052-C9DF8C…)

No. 74736

Eh I saw people talking about cleaning and stuff on there, not really what I had in mind. If farmhands think it’s a dupe I’m sure they’ll let it be known though.

No. 74894

File: 1518250272533.jpg (63.13 KB, 564x564, home.jpg)

I am endlessly torn between borderline garish exotic boho and easy minimalism.
I love vibrant colours like teal and orange and mustard, antique rugs, chaise longues and mixed tones of wood all slathered in plants of every kind with mirrors and tapestries everywhere. However the concept and cleanliness and organisation of minimalism, I also really like and clutter really bothers my mental health when I'm already down.
Pic related is ideal for me. I have also always fantasized about having this home aesthetic in an airy, bright, industrial loft with a lot of windows. I like the combo of industrial spaces with very boheme pieces, and combos of textures like glass and metals with old woods and suede. I live in a nice top floor apartment but unfortunately it has few windows and very little natural light and the windows it has face away from the sun. A gal can dream though.

No. 74906

Not personally into boho but love the idea of contrasting themes!

No. 74929

Except the op of that thread actually does say interior design and one of the earliest discussions in there is diy marble floors so….

No. 74933

Omg fuck off and hide the thread if it bothers you so much!

No. 74940

Fam, nobody has to fuck off for telling you that you don't know how to read. If you're so pressed then take your snowflakey self over to crystal cafe.(infighting)

No. 74949

nayrt but legit hide the fucking thread and get lost rather than sperging in here for no reason. the other thread became mostly housekeeping which is no problem just like it's no problem to have a thread here for interior design for those of us who want to read about it without scrolling through the other stuff. seriously policing threads on OT is retarded.

No. 74956

File: 1518344283012.png (891.39 KB, 891x573, Screen Shot 2018-02-11 at 10.1…)

i'm completely useless when it comes to matching my own fucking clothes, let alone my apartment but i really admire that "clean but cozy" aesthetic. like >>74894 looks so comfortable and put together with a bunch of different pieces and still has the nice modern table.

pic related because i love the thrifty, kitschy vibe of mismatching chairs or being able to incorporate random pieces from antique stores or garage sale-ing, and also if any of them get fucked up, i don't have to worry about matching the set. unfortunately when i mix and match it just looks like shit, but a girl can dream.

No. 74963

>repeatedly bitching about a thread you have no interest in

Enjoy CC, snowflakeanon

No. 74964

Tbf I can admire any home design that actually looks cute and cosy, like you said, even if it’s not my specific taste. Your pic related looks to me like a European artist’s apartment, it’s cute! I always think decor gets tied together by one thread… like a jumble of mismatched stuff but all on one side of the colour wheel or something.

No. 74975

Please discuss this in the Domestic thread in /g/


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