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File: 1517974329280.jpg (54.45 KB, 500x500, tumblr_njes0hn2xs1qko3zeo1_500…)

No. 74715

I didn't see anything in the catalog so hopefully we don't already have something like this but I thought we could have a thread for before and afters. Could be makeovers, weight loss, fitness, surgery, overall transformations, whatever!

No. 74718

File: 1517975991086.jpg (171.38 KB, 1200x909, ariana-grande.jpg)

Ariana Grande is one of my favorite before/afters, I can't tell if she actually did anything beyond changing her hair & makeup but it definitely made a big difference imo.

No. 74721

File: 1517976567553.jpg (58.83 KB, 650x423, Cindy.jpg)

Cindy Jacksons transformation is amazing. I like the plastic look.

No. 74732

General warning not to post anachan-like before and afters.

No. 74733

I hope I can grow up to be a 58 year old MILF, damn

No. 74734

File: 1517989551168.jpg (61.25 KB, 500x650, 2044255DG4.jpg)

Everyone always assume she had work done and I can see why but she just lost a shitton of weight, tanned, then got better hair and make up. Weight and make up alone changes a person but she just changed everything. In candids where she isn't done up though, you can tell there's no plastic surgery.

No. 74735

Both of these also look different in B/A because they learned not to smile so hard. Amazing the difference it makes, lol.

No. 74737

The fuck are you all talking about? She's always looked great and there's nothing wrong with her smile when she's smiling hard. Let's not critise women for looking happy…

No. 74745

“Learning not to smile so hard” is hands down one of the craziest things I’ve ever heard

No. 74748

What the fuck are you talking about? Where in my comment did I say it was a bad thing? I just said it makes your face look different. You get in front of a mirror and do a big smile then a relaxed one. I’d rather women looked happy than anything else FYI.

No. 74749

I’ve done modelling work, it’s definitely a thing you learn after you get a few photos back and your chin looks way more prominent than it ever did IRL.

No. 74754

File: 1518015484365.jpg (236 KB, 500x650, smile diagram of autism.jpg)

I agree, done some modelling too. You learn to lift your jaw a bit and extend the neck and smile with your cheekbones.

I drew what I think anon means. As you can see in the before picture Ariana pushes her neck forward along with her face and as indicated by the GREEN arrows, her jaw and cheeks are doing the smile work horizontally.

Meanwhile in the after photo Ariana extends her neck towards the camera and tilts her chin just a bit. As indicated by the GREEN arrows again, the smile work is done by her cheekbones, thus lifting her brow up and removing all extra lines.

No. 74761


Dumb question but how do you learn to do this? Just practice? I always hate having my picture taken because I never know what to do with my face and my chin always looks massive if I try to smile.

No. 74774

Yup. Sit in front of a mirror/selfie camera and do your biggest cheesiest grin, then just relax it little by little until you find your “best smile”. Then - keeping that smile in place - look directly at yourself and slowly angle your face/neck until you find your most flattering angle. All you have to do then is do it enough to make it a natural pose when a camera is pointed at you.

Thank you for illustrating my point, anon.

No. 74796

File: 1518099918135.jpeg (13.93 KB, 299x185, C83041E4-AF03-4DB9-9513-C190C2…)

Thank you so much for this!!! I’ve been trying to find a tutorial to turn up the corners of my mouth while smiling forever. I always looked like pic related and could never understand why.

No. 74882

well, whatever it does for your wrinkles, later-Ariana's "smile" always looked to me like a disdainful sneer so choose if you want that

No. 104557

File: 1546392472538.jpg (18.68 KB, 310x390, https---i.pinimg.com-736x-9c-9…)

She got a nose job and lip fillers.

No. 104589

what happened to her eyes? is it just make-up? they look a lot more slanted on the bottom pic

No. 104593

I think it's the makeup + different brow shape + not raising her brows so much

No. 104595

she got a brow lift.

No. 104596

100% a brow lift. It's the reason her brows are higher and her eyes are less round and more almond shaped.

She really shouldn't have gotten any surgery done, she was way better looking before. Her new nose looks botched and doesn't fit her face at all.

No. 104597

While I agree she probably did have a brow lift, people also underestimate the effect of weight loss in your face. She lost some pudge in her cheeks and that changes the entire shape of the face.

No. 104598

File: 1546430891762.jpg (231.09 KB, 1080x1080, 1546430847208.jpg)

Going to add a classic.
Norma Jean to Marilyn Monroe.

No. 104599

Huh, kinda prefer her with the mousey neutral blonde, but that perm is atrocious.

No. 104607

File: 1546444153005.jpg (47.92 KB, 540x400, Lady-Gaga-Plastic-Surgery-pp.j…)

Gaga's face just looks so stiff.

No. 104608

File: 1546444320376.jpg (24.66 KB, 624x413, BBLuWQl.jpg)

No. 104611

Tbh I love her face although the fillers are obvious. She has very strong, interesting features and a great nose job imo. She still looks very italian and not like every other celebrity with the typical boring hollywood face.

No. 104615

File: 1546451829192.jpg (54.78 KB, 640x595, bella_hadid.jpg)

my jaw drops every time I see Bella Hadid's befores and afters. her plastic surgeon did an amazing job.

No. 104732

File: 1546545976155.png (394.76 KB, 800x540, bb506edcd5655bf87f3d46f9296ad8…)

she went from boring and basic to slightly less boring and basic. ill never get the hype.

she looked great in a star is born. i think her ps is very natural looking aside from the lip fillers.

No. 104790

File: 1546584501573.jpg (35.87 KB, 500x330, 5fd022d6fa9d54bb98d3e3ad3e2abc…)

I'm pretty sure the before pic was after her first Nj. Her original nose was pretty bad

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