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File: 1520851725885.png (1008.34 KB, 1287x572, Screen Shot 2018-03-12 at 11.4…)

No. 76178

I don't know which to wear and the event is pretty formal. A lot of people I know are wearing navy blue, and the pink one gives me kind of "indian" vibes. The jumpsuit (black) is pretty plain, and because it's close to pants in form, idk if its formal enough.

kk thx

No. 76181

I like the third one best.

No. 76182


No. 76183

Third one is best but would look better if it was a bit cinched at the waist like the second one IMO.

No. 76184

the first one is really flattering to your figure!

No. 76191

I like the first one. The third one does look more formal, but like >>76183 said, it would look much better if it was a bit cinched at the waist because right now it makes you look auntish.

No. 76196

I like the first one.

No. 76197

Third is the best, the pink is an abomination and the first isn't flattering.

No. 76200

first would be fine at a club dance or something but OP made it seem like it might be waltzing n shit

No. 76201

I like the third (wear a slip or different panties that don't dig in, though?), and the second is nice, too. The first is not formal enough, I think. You do look lovely in all of them.

No. 76217

They’re all quite matronly, and that pink thing is foul and the jumpsuit looks like it’s straight out of a bad early 2000’s club video right down to the tent little belt.

Third is the best option. imo it’s still a little mother-of-the-bride, but the first two are offensively ugly.

No. 76220

What on earth would NOT look matronly to you then? It's a formal event ffs.

No. 76225

Whatever you feel most comfortable and confident in. That’s probably not too helpful, but that’s really what’s important. I don’t think any option is wildly better or worse than the rest, so all the anons are going to have different opinions.

No. 76229

File: 1520976047611.jpeg (570.68 KB, 2048x2048, 56E8A7F0-9CBD-487D-A92E-896DE5…)

A nice formal dress..
Formal doesn’t mean matronly. There’s thousands of gowns out there anon.

No. 76231

These are models, OP simpy has a different body type

No. 76233

The dresses themselves are vastly different than OP's and it has nothing to do with the body type.

The point being that pencil dresses and jumpsuits with muted colors/blacks tend to be clothing items worn by mature women to formal events.
Whereas a-lines and dresses that have a bit of flare are usually the popular picks since they're catchy and attractive on the figure.

Tbh 2 and 3 look like bridesmaid dresses a bridezilla makes her friends wear.

No. 76234

The winner is 3). It will photograph well and looks classy but not showy.

2 is more a daytime dress that you'd wear to a fancy outdoor event. 1 is too much like casual wear

No. 76238

3rd one is the best for you.

The second dress is fucking gorgeous in style and colour and reminds me of garb that greek maidens wore in ancient times but the pink isn't suited for your skin tone at all. Too bad you don't have pale skin with pink undertones. The first suit is just bad and gives gaudy 2000s aunt vibes.

No. 76239

Exactly the point I was trying to make.

OPs body is hardly an issue here, she’s y’all and slim, just about everything will suit her figure.

I posted dresses that are very different in cut and contour. All of them are modest and the range would suit a wide variety of body shapes. The difference is they aren’t smocks or a jumpsuit.

The pink would look nice if it wasn’t so smothered in frills and drapes, and the third dress would look nice with a less body shaped top half or even just shorter sleeves.

No. 76243

Hi OK so OP here, I didn't mention that the dresses were for prom because I wasn't sure if everyone knew what that is, but given that, does it change what can be considered formal or informal?

No. 76247

It’s not quite as strict and some girls do lean more towards red carpet than traditional black tie.

No. 76248

Tbh none of these look like prom worthy outfits. You should really aim to make a statement at prom, and I agree with other anons that the third dress (best of the bunch) does look old.

The first, second, forth and fifth dress of >>76229 look way more appropriate for a prom.

No. 76270

File: 1521041675954.png (188.73 KB, 462x482, Screen Shot 2018-03-14 at 15.3…)

yeah, none of these are prom-y. the first one might be a special event like a night out– but definitely not prom–, second one is a dated bridesmaid dress, third is mother of the bride. third one would be your best bet, but it's still extremely old and unfortunate looking. pic related is also a mother of the bride dress so you can see the similarities.

No. 76272

hey promanon!!
check out modcloth, i got my wedding dress from them for only $50 (it was on super sale) and they tend to have a lot of sales. they're mainly vintage but have a few more modern looking gowns as well.

check their ''special occasion dresses'', i feel bad linking here since it's a imageboard but


you have a lovely shape so i don't doubt that you'll find something that fits perfectly!!

(also check out macy's if you're near one, i got my prom dress off their rack from the year before and it was gorgeous AND cheap.)

No. 76289

well you guys its in two days so its too late to get a dress, and everything else is quite expensive where I live so im going to have to choose out of these three… while everyone on here is saying the blue on everyone at school is saying the black one soooooo idk

No. 76290

modcloth anon here–honestly of all of them i personally like the black one more. with the right accessories, it'll definitely pop and the pants allows you to actually be comfortable the whole night instead of fighting with a dress. maybe a pair of chunky pumps as shoes?

No. 76294

I'm down for the black jumpsuit as well, especially for prom. It's cute and looks comfortable. Not a fan of the belt, but that's kind of nit-picky.

I don't agree with this, I think it's "prom-worthy". A girl wore something similar to my senior prom anyway.

No. 76295

I think I might just go with black then because it seems to be the overall majority (with school plus on here)

Everyone unanimously hates the pink which i don't personally understand but i mean whatever

Thank you all!! (there's still two days tho i may change my mind depending on how many other opinions i get)

No. 76296

i like the pink dress anon! i just think it's something more wedding-y rather than for a prom, y'know? plus you will get so fucking annoyed with that shawl the entire night in that think, believe me.

No. 76308

you're probably right about the stroll, and I agree it might be more suited for a wedding than prom. I personally can'T afford a true prom dress because the tickets themselves are like 70 euros i don't really want to be spending more…

No. 76311

do you think you can get the waist in the third dress taken in before prom? Do you know anyone who sews?

No. 76313

I like the pink, actually.I might leave the shawl at home. The third one is also very nice, and as another poster mentioned, you could get it sorted, but you look lovely in that regardless. I think it's a lovely and prom-appropriate choice.

No. 76325

I could wear a belt? That's the only fix for me right now. The accessories I have for the blue one don't fully match but honestly I don't personally care (I have a silver clutch and black heels with small flowers on them, both of which are closer suited to the jumpsuit.)

No. 76347

Personally - I love the jumpsuit and it is the most flattering on you. However, it doesn't look very formal dance like. If you want to change it up however and want to do something different to others then go for it. The second dress is pretty but as said before more wedding wear, without the shawl it will be more suitable. The third dress is not very flattering for your shape, it's ill fitting around the lower back and stomach, the caped sleeves do make your rounded shoulders look more noticeable.

No. 76348

i don't really like any of these tbh…

No. 76352

I actually like the pink most of these 3. Yes, it does give "Indian" vibes, but so what. It looks soft and feminine compared to the others.

1 and 3 look dated to me, but maybe its in style where you live.

No matter what you choose OP, just go and enjoy yourself. :)

No. 76361

2 might looks dowdy on someone with a different figure, but OP looks really light, feminine, and elegant in it.

No. 80917

>indian vibes
Jesus, you've never seen indian clothing have you. The style is more roman/greek. It looks fucking horrible and unfeminine with her skin tone though.

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