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No. 76354

An escape from animu, kpop and co

As much as i love lolcow, i can't help but feel fed up by the amount of yellow fever, not just here, but on the rest of the internet as well. There's no place you can go to without being confronted by it.

So many girls are feeling insecure because they're never gonna be the perfect azn waifu and that's seriously not healthy. There would be so many interesting things from different countries out there, yet most of us here concentrate on those two, whether it’s their music, movies, fashion or beauty standards in general.

Post your girl-/boy crushes, movies, tv shows, books or music you like, languages or countries you’re interested in, people you admire, no matter what, as long as it's not japanese or korean.

No. 76356

lmao this site was made based on /cgl/.

No. 76357

File: 1521145411946.jpg (10.91 KB, 200x200, 1491951254073.jpg)


No. 76358

this. we don't need a separate thread for random shit that just happens to be 'not asian' you're basically saying this thread is for literally anything. i guess you're too triggered by asian shit.

No. 76359

It's first and foremost a gossip site

No. 76360

yea a gossip site about anime cosplayers.

but you can just post in all the other threads about music, crushes, tv, media and whatever. they're all generals and you being pissed that there are asians in it just highlights your insecurities.

No. 76363

Guys, chillax.
Like op said, lets just keep kpop and weeb shit out of this one convo, yeah? Doesn't necessarily mean we're against it.

>I recently started watching Black Mirror as per a close friend's request.

>Oh boy is it a ride.
>Can't watch but can't look away.
>Fucking love it.
>Is a CS major and can't stop thinking about how I'm making these dystopias a reality and there's nothing I can do to stop it.

No. 76366

I just watched The Shape of Water recently and I'd highly recommend it for anyone who hasn't seen it yet. It was just really beautiful and Sally Hawkins did a fantastic job portraying a sweet, relatable character. It's easily become one of my all-time favourite films.

No. 76367

but we literally already have these general threads on /ot/ and /g/ there's no need for one just randomly without any asian media, that's dumb.

No. 76368

OP may have some issues but I don’t think a Western Media type of thread is that bad of an idea

No. 76369

I'm honestly not sure how I felt about TSoW. I like that del Toro didn't shy away from making the monster in the movie actually monstrous (as opposed to stuff like Twilight for example), but at the same time The Asset seemed a little too animal-like. I guess I was expecting a little more two-way communication between him and the main character rather than her just teaching him to ask for eggs and then fucking him lmao. Sally Hawkins did do an amazing job, though.

No. 76373

Western media/celebs/etc are the default in any discussion thread that isn't specifically about east asian culture though. A thread about cultures that are neither western nor east asian could be an idea, maybe some anons are into bollywood or whatever.

No. 76377

I think this would be a good thread if instead of talking about "anything but asian media" we discussed the recent rise of Asian media and its effects. I've been a white weeb for over ten years now and boy did my self esteem suffer from it.

Nowadays it's not so bad because I've seen enough ugly yellow girls to get over my jealousy (what's the point of being a desired ethnicity if you don't look desirable at all?) but growing up it was seriously depressing to see everyone I was friends/acquainted with fawning over anyone with a pair of monolids.

I know this isn't a mainstream thing yet, but as y'all said already, we're on an imageboard based off 2ch so I think it's pretty safe to assume some people had similar experiences. I never talked about this before because it feels so god damn retarded to be affected by this so much…

No. 76380

I grew up surrounded by weebs but I was never that affected by the whole ~wanting to be azn~ thing when I was younger, probably because I'm already an ethnic minority in the US (half white, half Pacific Islander) so my racial self-loathing came in the form of wishing I was full white lol. I do remember my white friends being envious of the fact that I'm like 1/32 Japanese (because of Japan occupying the Pacific lol), and of how easily I could learn and recite anime OPs/EDs (and the fact that I knew how to use chopsticks).

Weirdly enough as I got older I started to develop self-esteem issues from Asian media but it was more from male kpop idol groups. I never wanted to look like a conventionally attractive Asian woman but I liked the androgyny that a lot of the male idols had (probably because I've always had an athletic body and somewhat masculine features) and I wound up taking a hit to my self-esteem because a lot of them still had more feminine bodies than me LMAO. Now that I'm an adult I've learned to just use them as fitness inspiration and deal with the body I have but damn if I'd discovered kpop earlier I definitely would've been fucked in terms of confidence and self-image.

No. 76381

I'm the OP and i really didn't mean this in a racist or whatever way. I'm really tired of this, that no matter what thread you go to, whether it's for diet, skin care or makeup, the products people recommend are of either one of these 2 countries, their goal for weight loss is a kpop idol as well, the fashion advice is something korean, simply everything… There are als seperate threads like japanese skin care, even though there would have already been a normal one as well etc

To the anons accusing me of being insecure, maybe i am? I assume many on here are, but already i realized that no matter what, i will never manage to look like a kpop idol so striving to look like one, like many others here do, would only hurt me further, so…

But since this only ended in fighting, can a mod please delete this thread?

No. 76384

Anon are we on the same board? What the fuck, you sound like you're hallucinating

No. 76386

do you not take care of your skin or something? korean skincare has been used by everybody and their mom for the past 5 years that's why you're seeing it in skincare threads. it's a lot more advanced than western products and I don't even like korea's fucked up culture. people don't even post asian makeup that often. most of the products are western shit from your local sephora. i understand where youre coming from but we have music, books, tv show, int threads, and girl/boy crush threads. i rarely see any asian related shit in those threads. you've just gone excessive retard and that's why people are questioning you

No. 76455

waifuism fucks with my self esteem big time

No. 76461

What do you mean?

No. 76470

Stop dating weebs.

No. 76481

if my hunch is right and it's about the guys who talk about 2d being superior and listing reasons why, most of those guys are incredibly insecure and too daft to realize that women can also be insecure like them. They're trying to "get back at" who they perceive as confident coniving popular girls they desire without realizing or caring that they hurt their nerdy female peers in the process. they only pity themselves and paint all women with a broad brush and take out their insecurities on half the population via waifu comparisons. You should be angry or grossed out, not take it out on yourself. you've already given them way more of your time and energy than they've ever given you.

No. 76534

File: 1521499677176.jpg (51.01 KB, 331x500, 51g9x2h3 xL.jpg)

I really wanted more build-up between The Asset and Elisa, it's one of the few gripes I had about the movie. There were too many scenes following around the side characters and antagonist. It's something I felt worked for Pan's Labyrinth, but got a little out of hand for TSoW. The Bluray/DVD releases didn't even come with deleted scenes even though GdT said there were some, hopefully there will be another edition which includes them? All else fails, apparently the novel is a good rendition that includes more than the movie was able to.

I thought The Asset's behavior was balanced appropriately since he clearly showed higher intellect, but it was still obvious he was out of his element and there were differences in "culture", hence his more animalistic tendencies.

No. 76902

File: 1521839756591.jpg (532.99 KB, 1400x750, vertigo.jpg)

i absolutely adore the film vertigo (1958). wasn't a huge fan watching it the first time but it became my favourite the second time. it's so wonderfully meticulous, well-executed and hitchcock managed to create meaning so effectively

aaaaaaaaa it's so goooooOOD

No. 76904

any guy who says shit like 2D>3D is autistic as fuck and has something wrong with him if he's genuinely attracted to cartoon characters. most guys who say this though even if they deny liking "3D" girls, contradict themselves when they see a beautiful real woman and are just saying "2d is le better xD" to put women down. Either way, you should steer clear of anyone who says this shit. Both types of guys are red flags and aren't even worth friending.

No. 77014

I felt the same way, when she was giving her big monologue it was like "girl, what you need is a dog", but you know don't fuck your dog

No. 77017

Jah Khalib is currently quite popular where I live and I absolutely love his music. I recommend Leila, Medina and the one I linked.

No. 77049

I know what you're talking about. I used to feel really jealous of Asian women, and I'm still embarrassed about it. Listening to Weezer's Pinkerton made me angry when I realized there were guys who wouldn't even consider me because of arbitrary physical traits. And to make it worse, most of those guys tend to have weird ideas about women and race in general.

Now that I'm an adult, I have surprisingly have healthier self-esteem and ideas about relationships, but that stuff still affects me a little.

No. 83865

underrated post

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