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File: 1522260914902.jpg (82.19 KB, 407x607, 25ilroj.jpg)

No. 77350

Anybody else feeling sad that this style is no longer a thing?

No. 77352

File: 1522260960266.jpg (139.26 KB, 450x600, ulzzang-body.jpg)

When i was around 16 i discovered it through Kpop and always told myself that when i’m older (and thinner) i’ll style myself like this, but unfortunately, it’s no longer considered fashionable nowadays…

No. 77357

File: 1522264651412.jpg (21.64 KB, 334x450, 68.jpg)

This chick, Choi Ha Neul, was my favorite. This was my dream hair 11 years a go. Never could get it quite right though, especially considering that my hair is not naturally straight lol
Although that's a highschool pic, I thought she was the most beautiful right after highschool, when she dyed her hair a caramel color. Can't find many pics of it now, it was mostly stored on photobucket and they are all gone now.

No. 77361

I always loved watching that show

No. 77364

looks like a short bathrobe

No. 77405

File: 1522298120421.jpg (109.21 KB, 440x571, 506fc3d0da42ada045675594012039…)

Wait, is it really out of style now? (feeling old now)
I mean the general natural makeup, aegyo characteristics, and cute-sy clothes still seem to be quite in. Correct me if I'm wrong though, haven't outgrown my weeb phase anyway.

i always wanted to look like "KingBoo" really badly. She flooded tumblr ulzzang ~selca~ blogs alot.

No. 77422

File: 1522332162003.jpeg (105.25 KB, 640x929, B4E64D26-185D-491C-BB74-53F66B…)

I feel so old now this used to be the style when I was on my late teens

What replaced it?

No. 77425

Sage for my comment but I never got uzzlang. Like I literally don't know what uzzlang is. I have googled and read some stuff I guess but the only thing I got is something about a natural pretty face. I don't understand the concept of makeup or clothes beyond that, could someone please tell me the appeal please? I'm legit interested.

No. 77449


Natural make up is still in vogue, however, full red lips (or with a very soft gradation), a bit of blush and a bit of eyeshadow (usually red, brownish orange and warmer colors in general) with subtle cat eyes have been more popular recently. Vid related. You can see that the related videos are pretty much a slight variation of this type of look.

No. 77686

File: 1522661014474.jpg (19.4 KB, 500x334, leegeum.jpg)

uuugh yes this was my favourite kind of fashion back then. I'm think around 2008-2010 ulzzang was probably at its peak. It was super girly and they always wore the most obvious wigs, but it was in style back then

No. 79946

What a coincidence, I was just browsing a few online Korean shopping malls.

Cherry Spoon (http://cherry-spoon.com) is seriously so great and nostalgic. But it seems they're renewing their site. I wanted to rip all the photos but the pictures are crazy long. (Probably to combat people stealing their photos.)

However, I do miss the pure femininity of old ulzzang. The newer stuff is cute too but almost too popular/basic(?). Watching old k drama helps to bring back the nostalgia and aesthetic.

No. 80004

File: 1524427420860.jpg (62.51 KB, 478x358, 47-picture2.jpg)

Much like ulzzang, gyaru is dying too, for some reason dramas and anime are still depicting gyaru like it's still a thing.

I feel like I'm the only one that still loves it.

No. 80026

Ughhhhh anon I feel you, I actually really do enjoy when anime and dramas still show gyaru characters cause I usually end up loving them and use them as inspo
It sucks that ulzzang and gyaru is dying I still love gyaru fashion and makeup and still do it even tho it’s not as popular
I’m a sucker for schoolgirl gyaru

No. 80048

What IS in now?

No. 80050

menhera lol

No. 80113

It was sort of like the early-2000s Korea version of modern-day Instagram models, so it basically meant you were pretty and fashionable (usually rich) and took a lot of selfies. The literal meaning of the word "ulzzang" was sort of meaningless imo. It had basically the same appeal as someone nowadays following Kylie Jenner or something (I don't really know any IG models).

No. 80114

for the last fucking time. gyaru is a niche fashion, still around, it's just not popular kogyaru like in your pic still exist, it's just very lowkey. fucking idiot westerners seem to think it is dead cause it's went back to being niche.

No. 83207

File: 1527044313246.jpg (30.63 KB, 400x321, 10.jpg)

I really liked Mikki/Lee Yeon Joo.

No. 83313

Gyaru has been dead for years anon. And it sucks. I used to love gyaru a lot and felt it was comfy and fun. Gyarus were rebellious in Japan and it really shows with the whole idea of not trying to please men but just look good for yourself. That's what fascinated me about it so much.

Yes, it's always been niche but at the moment it's even smaller than before it got trendy and almost all reputable gyaru magazines either went bankrupt or swapped to some other more popular style. You could argue that it's dead or at least very silent.

No. 83317

it's smaller but not dead. my point was that it was never supposed to be trendy to begin with. and there are still some mags. and popteen was showing a few gal styles even earlier this year. we in the west don't get how fashions in japan actually are. it's not as if all the gyaru just stopped, real gyaru are still gyaru.

No. 83423

>for some reason dramas and anime are still depicting X like it's still a thing
A lot of them are adaptations of old-as-shit manga.

No. 83432

a lot of new anime are coming out about gyaru but as many have said it's not dead it's just a niche now. ffs i wish we could let this "gyaru is dead" meme die.

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