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No. 78090

Has anyone tried out Poshmark? Any tips or suggestions? What sells the best?

No. 78093

i like it but it's soooo slow unless you have the trendiest shit. i've put so much time into sharing and following and sell a few items a month so it's more of a way to get rid of old clothes and get pocket change than an actual side hustle. i'd drop my closet but my name and face are attached.

No. 78102

its nice i guess, but theres an overwhelming amount of clones. ie mercari, depop, vinted, etc. i cant decide which one is the best. i also dont understand how girls can buy the trendiest thing and then sell it a month later and buy something new.

No. 78868

Is there protection for the seller? Hypothetically, if the buyer lies and says they never got their package OR it got lost in the mail or their mailman gave it to the wrong house etc etc, will the seller be forced to give up payment?

No. 78910

You can make money on Poshmark but only if you have really good shit or are willing to spend a LOT of time finding good shit. A friend of mine sells on PM and typically makes between 3k-5k/month, she started off selling her own clothes and now she goes to thrift shops to find stuff. High end jeans sell really well, so if you have those you can probably flip them fast.

Yes there is from what I understand. The seller will still be paid

From what I have seen Poshmark is best for middle-high end. Depop is best for "Cool" stuff and marketed towards teenagers/young adults. I have sold some old stuff on there like Levi 550s, crop tops, etc. Mercari is bottom of the barrel and I'm not familiar with vinted

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