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No. 78101

Does anyone find these types of videos or blogs interesting? I find myself in a rabbit hole video after video, just mesmerized at what people buy. Sometimes I think maybe I'll buy that too. Other times I'm like why would anyone buy this? How do you have space for all this stuff? what about you guys; do you prefer to watch hauls before buying stuff, find them interesting, or maybe boring?

No. 78105

Sometimes I check blogs about fashion or makeup to look for reviews or recommandations, but other than that I don't really care. I'm still wondering how these people get enough money to treat themselves so much (before they got sponsored I mean) and if they actually use all their makeup and brushes for the makeup blogs.

No. 78314

I used to like them especially when they have great finds. But now I just find them wasteful, even more so considering everyone watches YouTube nowadays, including kids. Its like life is all about consuming cheap products, throw them away when they stop being trendy or keep them hoarded in clear plastic containers (in case of makeup) and then buy some more.

Sorry for being negative. I'm also a hypocrite because I love skincare.

No. 78373

I get what you mean. They were so fun when they started but now I just find myself wondering if they use or even like all the things they buy or if they just bought it to make an easy video

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