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File: 1523006975489.jpg (256.15 KB, 1400x1900, 4b24f15b7c6f89a435947d05d53420…)

No. 78109

Like many others i somehow can't manage to lose weight, so i figured it would be the best to simply come to terms with my new body.

But how to style yourself when overweight?

I'm not talking about simply squeezing yourself in whatever you want à la tumblr, but how to dress the most flattering to conceal some of your weight, same with other things like hair styles or beauty tips in general.

No. 78115

I guess that for styling, it really depends of what kind of shape you are. Not all fatties are created equal. If you are a pearshaped fatty-chan, you're the luckiest one.


No. 78121

File: 1523015190344.jpg (68.24 KB, 426x400, Gemma-Ward-bikini-weight-gain.…)

Right now i pretty much look like Gemma Ward's "after"-body.
I'm not extremely overweight, but definitely very much out of shape.
I can no longer dress like normal girls, but most tips i found online are only for a lot heavier girls and i'm somewhat in between, so what could i do? I don't want to only dress in wie stuff like maxi desses to try and hide everything, but i'm also not confident enough to say fuck it and wear crop tops, like often suggested.

My face also looks likes it belongs to a very obese person, it clearly shows that i wasn't born fat, i often see people who weigh a lot more with perfectly slim faces.
No matter what i try to do with my hair it always makes me feel insecure, since i always feel better when hiding my face…

No. 78123

those girls are fat, not chubby … and i don't mean that in a degrading way

No. 78125

If you don't mean it in a degrading way then don't comment.

No. 78132

File: 1523027615952.jpg (82.87 KB, 662x995, ppppp.jpg)

I have a similar body to Iskra Lawrence (although with an a-cup chest and I'm shorter, so no long legs), I guess I'm lucky to be one of the pear shaped ladies. Not even a humblebrag, I'm just grateful.

When I was younger I really wanted to wear oversized sweaters/loose dresses/draping clothes but it made me look enormous because my waist disappeared and my thunder thighs were highlighted. Plus, I had short hair during this time. (I think long hair benefits all chubbier girls, regardless of body shape)

Clothes that highlight the waist are what works for me (like wrap dresses, pencil skirts, shirt dresses with belts, etc.), and I never wear jeans. I find jeans, no matter what, make my legs look monstrous.

And if you can't lose fat because diet, putting on some muscle underneath the fat may improve the look of your body a bit. Plus you'll be powerful AND heavy. Good luck fighting you.

No. 78136

Seriously, pear shaped girls are super lucky. They get a smaller waist and hips/booty that seems to be the trend now. I am a chubby apple shape so my tits and belly get all the fat.

No. 78137

File: 1523029522940.jpg (101.08 KB, 640x640, 56518788806ffe1d94d5041e822dcf…)

My upper body is a bit slimmer than hers but other than that pretty similar.
I don't own any dresses or skirts at all lol
She does look pretty cute in jeans too and i noticed that she wears them nearly all the time in combination with short(er) tops

No. 78138

why? this is a chubby thread and i am chubby. i can't realte to those girls because i have a small frame but then a huge gut and big flabby legs. i kind of look like the girl in ops pic (sucking in)

i try to conceal my fat by wearing high waisted boyfriend fit jeans so they squeeze my gut for me ;_;

No. 78139

Finding jeans if you're a pear is such a pain in the ass though.
I know a women that has probably the same type as you and she always wears a bit looser blouses and short skirts all year long, so showing off your legs might work be best.

No. 78142

Now that you mention it, it may just be the tops I wore since the last time I wore a lot of jeans I used to pair them with the aforementioned chunky sweaters. And admittedly I had some dysmorphia back then.

(I also have hip dips, sadly, but I'm working on filling them in with muscle.)

No. 78148

I have violin hips too and love handles. But i'm always scared of doing exercises that work on my obliques, since that might gets a more square waist which i obviously don't want, so no idea what to do against that.

I only called it Chubby Thread because it sounds nicer lol
But i get what you mean, my BMI is a bit above 26 which means i can't wear the same stuff as normal/slim girls, but i obviously also still look very different from people who are obese with BMI of over 30 and so i'm not as limited as them.

No. 78157

File: 1523048860825.jpg (75.54 KB, 640x640, 25005595_1646886812035900_3003…)

>(I also have hip dips, sadly, but I'm working on filling them in with muscle.)

I don't think you can do that unfortunately. Aren't these violin hips? I doubt Kiki Vhyce forgets to build the area.

No. 78159

It can make a tiny tiny change tbh, but other than that you're right, you can't do anything about it except surgery. If it were that easy everyone would be doing it

No. 78160

agreed. it definitely looks more pronounced if you have high bodyfat (conversely, also if you're bony) but it's not worth focusing on a bunch of hip exercises that aren't gonna change the look of your bone structure.

No. 78162

File: 1523050717735.jpeg (46.14 KB, 667x1000, 4F3DB04D-87CF-47DD-8656-32EE7B…)

Chubby farmer here. I’ve spent a lot of my life dealing with EDs (binge eating/bulimia/compulsive fasting), and I’m at a point where I’m working on putting my mental health first. I personally find flattering clothes to be helpful for my mental state. I feel less anxious about my size when I know I look my best for my current size. </blogpost>

I’ve found skater dresses to be the most flattering item for my body type (hourglass/pear). They define my waist but are loose enough to hide my tummy. I usually pair them with black tights. It’s really easy to dress them up or down. In general, I wear a lot of dark colors since they’re slimming as well. I don’t often wear heels since I usually dress pretty casually, but when I do, I find that they elongate my legs and slim them even more when they match my pantyhose or pants. Also, I abuse the shit out of Spanx when need be lmao. Structured items help to make me look less round, so something like a nice cropped blazer with just a bit of shoulder padding helps a lot.

As for hair and makeup, I’m lucky in that I don’t carry really weight on my face. I still contour my face (cheekbones and chin) to appear slimmer, and don’t get haircuts that make my face look any rounder like blunt bangs.

No. 78168

I have hip dips. I never paid it much mind. Is this a thing I'm supposed to worry about?

No. 78169

i think it's only a meme recently because of the obsession with exaggerated slim thicc proportions which require wide but very round hips

No. 78197

For me it was exactly the same. It's been nearly 10 years since i first starved myself and i spend the last 7 of them with gaining weight, half assed attempts at losing again in the most unhealthiest manners and most importantly simply hating myself. I've neglected myself for so long and always thought losing weight would solve all my probelms (even worse, my mother encouraged that too), but it never worked out and afterall i cant spend my whole life thinking "if i lose weight, then i'll be happy".

I think that the girl you posted looks super cute, but i can't help but feel that wearing such dresses makes you simply look like what you are, an overweight person trying to hide their fat and makes you stand out even more, especially in comparison to your average college girl that just wears some tight jean shorts in summer…

No. 88525

If you're fat you should go on a week-long fast. It may or may not be the best way to lose weight in the long term but it's effective as fuck as a wake up call. You'll lose around 1kg a day depending on your initial weight.

No. 88542

>i figured it would be the best to simply come to terms with my new body

have you thought about getting lipo, op? if you're exhausted all options and gone to the doctor to make sure it's not a medical issue making it more difficult, it might be a good option for you. if you're unhappy with your weight you don't have to settle, there are options

No. 88549

Lipo works best when the fat cells have already been shrunk as much as possible via weight loss. You can’t lipo an overweight persons entire body, so the results would look a bit strange.

No. 88562

……how many body inspo/weight loss threads do we really need in ot and g? It's literally not that hard- put less food into your mouth less often than you currently do, get off your ass and work up a sweat regularly, and stop eating junk. If you do all these things and you aren't losing weight, then you're not being honest with yourself about your self discipline and eating habits.

No. 88564


yeah, even people with medical conditions that cause them to be a bit heavier can figure out ways to drop the weight with their doctor. nobody is naturally hambeast tier, most fat people who say they can't help it probably dieted for a day, exercised once, and then gave up

No. 88565

That’s fucking retarded

No. 88584

I'm the OP and I think I mentioned this before: I struggled with anorexia for years, so it's not like I lack discipline, I simply can't find a healthy middle ground.

Anyways, I made that thread 3 months ago and I haven't managed to get comfortable with looking like this, so in 8 days I'm going to have summer holidays for over 2 months and then I'll try tackling losing weight again.

No. 88585


I feel so dirty after recognizing that girl from pic related.

I'm a chubby girl and I want to lose weight, yet work and studies aren't allowing me to be healthier and it sucks. Wish I could do more.

No. 88587

In japan chubby girls are often revered as "marshmallow girls" and are highly sought after :-)

No. 88589

you mean a fetish. lmao.

No. 88595

You mean it was a short lived and unsuccessful push by women's fashion magazines to appeal to chubby girls. Highly sought after lmao…

No. 88596

Plenty of people like chubby girls without it being a fetish, you don't have to go to Japan to find someone who likes you. Having a nice personality helps a lot.

Only "downside" is that if you're chubby, you're probably not going to end up with a superfit and hunky partner if that's what you want. Some chubby couples start focusing on losing weight and becoming healthy together, though. I think that's cute, that they like each other so much they want to focus on staying young and healthy so they can enjoy each other's company for a longer time.

No. 88598

iirc the marshmallow girls thing was first pushed by shit maid cafes in akiba.

No. 88600

I'm pretty chubby (I'm the anon who related my body to Iskra ealier ITT, although I have lost a little bit of fat since then due to exercising 4x a week and cutting out sugar) and would honestly be happy with a partner who prefers girls with my body type. I'm not sure why so many chubby women are upset when men have a thing for us, it's good when your partner finds you attractive! Especially if it's something you don't plan on changing.

But I also have a thing for very thin (and usually short) men, so perhaps it's just fine for me because I can relate. Also, lucky for me it seems sticc boys do seem to end up with girls my size from what I've seen irl.

No. 88614

File: 1531778210029.jpg (63.99 KB, 645x792, 1523666795541.jpg)

Back on topic— Tbh, you gotta look for somone that has vaguely the same shape as you and take notes. Generally though, high waist pants/dressy leggings are nice cool because they do double the work as fashion and control top to give you a little more form/shape/keep all the jiggly bits in place, bangs seem to be good because you get more power to control the frame of your face and highlight the good,my personal opinion is that long hair on bigger girls looks gross (Myself included, I can never go past shoulder length) rather than like some renaissance full figure moon goddess a lot of girls seem to kid themselves into thinking they look like, if you're extreme enough you can also contour any extra chins with makeup to minimize them, flared skirt dresses are kind to most chubby girls, the faux thigh high stockings have been a LIFE SAVER because I love thigh highs but dotn always want to wear garters or have them roll down on account of chub rub, and finally, I think that excessive belting of outfits can be a hit or miss. Sometimes it genuinely improves an outfit, sometimes it just makes you look even chunkier and messy.

No. 88676

>I struggled with anorexia for years, so it's not like I lack discipline

Anorexia has nothing to do with discipline. Starving yourself because you think you're fat when you aren't or because you don't want curves is because of a mental issue, not a discipline issue. Discipline is doing something difficult, tedious or time consuming (or in the case of major life changes, take a long time and lots of effort to stick to) despite not wanting to, or feeling like theres no point or payoff.

I'll say it again: if you want to lose weight, put less food in your mouth hole, get on your feet and move/sweat more often. There is no magic, no trick to losing weight. You get chubby/fat by developing bad eating habits and a sedentary lifestyle that you dont want to change because it might burst your familiar comfort bubble. Stop eating junk, and stop lying to yourself and others that you're too busy with work or school to eat better or move more. If you have time to browse lolcow, you have time to go for a brisk walk or do some basic in-place exercises in your room. As for food, it's more expensive in the long run to buy nutritionally bland convenience junk than it is to buy fruits, veggies and staples like rice, eggs, milk, and chicken. Lear some basic broke-ass college student recipes and make your own food, and if you truly don't have time for that, rhen just buy healthier snacks. Fruit cups, those cheese/nut/meat protein packs, a yogurt smoothie. And above all stop esting to get full- you don't need to feel full every time you eat, just eat until you aren't hungry anymore and can easily focus on something else. This can help you avoid comfort eating.

No. 88815

Your advice is not helpful to someone with binge eating disorder. It's like telling an anorexic to just eat more.

No. 88820

This isn't the weight loss thread though so fuck off.

No. 88821

File: 1531887270812.png (353.99 KB, 476x750, tumblr_novqofnBqD1szydvjo3_500…)

what is the cutoff for chubby and fat? i lost weight but i still call myself chubby, but i'm not sure if i am actually chubby or just lolcow chubby. is there a certain bmi point that is always considered chubby or is it down to weight distribution?

No. 88828

i'm not too sure about that, i know BMI isn't a good indicator about body fat, but i also personally have both an "overweight" BMI and a higher than average % of body fat. that being said, my friends don't think i'm fat cause i carry my weight well so i'm not sure…

i'm pear body type so my hips, butt and thighs are big, and i have fairly big calves/legs in general, but small upper body and medium tummy.

No. 88829

Why so salty? Anon's advice was actually good, it makes sense and it will hep her situation if she takes it. Just because anon it's not babying her for being a binge eater and feeling sorry for her lmaoo

No. 88831


it definitely depends a bit on how your weight is distributed. if you're built like a fridge, you're always going to look fatter than a girl of the same weight with better proportions.

and i have no idea what it's like in other places so i'm not speaking for the entirety of the world but where i live the cutoff for being considered fat is around 120-130 lbs, unless you're tall.

No. 88834

She (and you as well) just come across as incredibly condescending.
Op already said that she hasn't given up and will start dieting in a couple of days and didn't ask for advice; she could have just left her alone.
But no, instead she had to jump in and tell her once again that anon is just lazy and lacks discipline. "Just eat less, healthy and move more" isn't any groundbreaking advice, I'm sure that somebody who had an ED already knows everything about calories and nutrition anyways.
And that you had to add
>Just because anon is not babying her for being sick and feeling sorry for her 'laughing my ass of'
is in quite poor taste

No. 88837

it's subjective really. there's always going to be someone who's going to say "what?! you're not chubby/fat!" and there's always going to be someone who thinks you are. and you're right, your body distribution is a big part of it. you can look skinnyfat while someone else with your same bf% and bmi looks chubby. i've known some people who are technically overweight but largely read as skinnyfat because it's all in one area they can hide, and other people who have normal bmis but it goes to their face and arms immediately so they read as chubby.

No. 88892

No one asked for your advice mate. Everyone knows how weigh loss works, and may or may not want to for various reasons that aren't your business. This thread is simply about dressing for your body type.

No. 89088

File: 1532085809471.jpg (7.51 KB, 225x225, safty shorts.jpg)

I am not overweight but on the border of a healthy BMI (24). I have really big hip dips and I hate it. I always wear skater dresses or flared skirt with a tee. I don't wear a lot of pant anymore but when I do it are always skinny jeans so my hips will be contained.

When I do wear dresses or skirts I always pair them with leggings or thighs. But now that it's summer I recommend safety shorts! My thighs never hurt when I wear these. The biggest issue is finding one that don't ride up and that are also not too long they stick out under the skirt or dress. The ones I buy are usually from aliexpress or wish so it's a hit or miss.

No. 89138

>buying from wish

do not.

No. 89178

Any chubby farmers here trying to lose weight? my diet needs restarting….I lost track a few months back!

No. 89179

lets get the thread back on track! it's summer in europe and i'm enjoying wide legged cropped pants/cullottes in combo with square neck or crew neck tops. i find jumpsuits very flattering on my apple shaped body, especially wrap styles.

i find that when i dress lazily i feel way less put together than thin girls, so i always try to wear some jewellery, have my nails done and fill in my brows so i look a bit more #fashion

No. 89194

is it possible to make sweats look fashionable? Ive been chubby most of my life after developing PCOS after puberty. i hate the feeling of jeans on my body so much and buy them in a size or 2 too big so they are comfy, but then I look super frumpy because they are so baggy. I often wear leggings with tunics or skirts but it's a bit boring and sometimes too hot. im wondering if I can pull sweats off as casual day wear as long as I put myself together with makeup, jewelery, nice shoes etc. thoughts?

No. 89195

The only time sweats are fashionable is when the girl's body is making it look so tbh. They're athletic wear, if you're not athletic they do look frumpy.

I don't think they're a great alternative to skirts, when I gain weight my first choice is always longer dresses. They're flattering and great for hot weather, you don't need leggings with them.

No. 89229

fair enough, I might try more dresses then, though it's really annoying how most dresses seem to have capped or no sleeves which make my arms look huge, so I'll have to hunt down stuff with longer sleeves.

No. 89407

I personally never had problems with them, it just takes like 2 months lol

No. 89412

this isnt a weight loss thread it's about fashion tips for chubby girls

No. 89440

nta but wish is kind of just a shittier more crapshoot version of aliexpress. the prices are generally the same if not more, but they inflate them to make you look like you're getting good deals.

No. 89639

I think the biggest tip I can give is being realistic about your size. Squeezing into something too small because you don't like the idea of being a large will always look terribly unflattering. I'm lucky to have good fat distribution (pear shaped) so I can wear most things skinny girls wear and still look alright, though I hate my legs and always cover them with something. I prefer clothing with nipped in waists, since that's my best feature, and high heels because I have long legs and making them look even longer with heels helps my size look a bit more proportionate. For reference I'm 5'7" and about 160-165 ish, wear a US 8-10.
Otherwise good skincare and a flattering, longer haircut that visually lengthens your face are good. And flowing clothing always seem to make me look enormous because it just drops off my tits.

The lightest I've ever been was 135 and my face looked gaunt and ugly. I'd quite like to be /fit/ and around 145, since I enjoy looking a little soft and fluffy. I'm taking regular 40 min walks up and down hills to my college classes atm to help start toning up and slimming a little. I miss not being insecure about the size of my arms as well as my legs.

No. 89671

Great advice anon, but I'd also like to add that overestimating your size isn't a good idea either. I think a lot of chubby girls fall into that trap of wanting to wear oversized clothing in the hopes of making themselves appear smaller. All it does is give you an unflattering shape though. It's best to find something that's in your actual size.

No. 89810

Any ideas for work trousers? I'm an unfortunate short legged pear shape with hip dip. I don't even go near jeans as daily wear. Pencil skirts look horrible on me so I think anything fitted to the upper leg will look bad

No. 89811

I know it's an old post but if anyone reads this, please don't do it, you'll end in the hospital and will gain everything back, don't listen to this retarded ana-chan.

No. 89815

lol you won't end up in the hospital after a week of not eating.

No. 89816

No one wants to get your damaged brain ana chan.

Even if you're a mega fatty don't go starving yourself, you need to keep yourself healthy before anything.

No. 89827

That doesn’t make it a good idea.

If farmers want to lose weight, that can easily recuse calories without fasting. That’s just dumb.

No. 89830

well, a few things to consider are the kind of work and what will you be wearing on top? if it can conceal your hip dips that'll help a little. a nice pair of tailored, tapered work trousers will accommodate the shape of your legs and with a pair of heels, the extra height will help to balance out your size. If heels aren't an option then higher waist, structured pants with a straight leg will give them some length too.

No. 89841

> recuse

Just wanted to say thanks anon, I learned a new word today. I'm adding lolcow time to my education category so shitposting here feels productive.

No. 89850

I never said you should starve yourself but you won't end up in the hospital not ending for a week.

No. 89853

Don't fucking fast. I've done it twice and it had no permanent weight loss. The only way to lose weight is to slightly cut your daily calories, and then eat that same calorie amount every day forever. You can eat whatever you want within that calorie limit. It should be ideally around 1200 a day unless you're very short where you may be able to do 1000. Less than 800 will send your body into starvation mode


No. 89856

That wasn’t disparaged. It’s also not totally right. Some people fast for a week fine, others faint publicly three days in.

No. 89857

I'm not that anon but I often do fasting that goes from between 3 - 7 dats.
The reason I commit to fasting is not due to weightloss but because I feel better.

I wouldn't recommend anyone to do week fastings, perhaps a consultation with a doctor beforehand, however a week of fasting isn't necessarily going to harm the person.

In fact, I think that people should learn that they don't have to eat a lot, they don't even need to eat 3 meals per day unless they're going to work a physically intensive labor.

I'd also add I never had drastic weight gain or problems with weight. It could be just me…

If anything an intermittent of 14 hours should be encouraged which should be doable.

No. 89858


No. 89860

Sage the off topic blogging at least.

No. 89862

It's not blogging if it can add perspective. You act as if fasting is going to wreck every person.

I think most people would benefit from realizing that they don't need to stuff themselves with food every so often.

No. 89877

It’s not a weight loss thread, your post is about your diet not how chubby or fat girls can dress better.

No. 89881

Ok, sorry. I just saw the discussion and wanted to add my 2 cents.

No. 89895

Saw this thread and wanted to contribute! Before I start, I do have a bias toward business casual fashion so I'm sorry if that's not your thing. Maybe this will be unhelpful or something you've heard a million times but the best tip to looking good while being chubby or plus size is being aware of your body shape, being aware of your size, and buying clothes that FIT.

The one thing I see among chubby girls (I even did this at one point) that is the least flattering is clothes so tight they look like they're gonna burst at the seams, all because they can't accept the fact they're not a size M or L. There is nothing wrong with being an XL, or even XXL for that matter. Accept it and dress your size. You will look 10x thinner if you're a XL wearing an XL than being an XL wearing a M.

You shouldn't have to spend 20 minutes putting on jeans. You shouldn't have a problem with your shirt getting over your belly. Your clothes should fit comfortable.

Another thing that is my holy grail as a chubby girls is spanx and things like it. A common mistake when buying spanx is getting a smaller size so it holds in more. DO NOT DO THIS.You WILL have a bad time.

Fabrics you should avoid at ALL costs is thin tight fabrics especially on the legs. It can be alright on your top half sometimes. They expose all your cellulite and rolls and it's just not a look.

Dressing to flatter yourself as a chubby girls still depends on body type though. Ofc the most flattering is dresses that cinch the waist and flare out, which looks good on pretty much any chubby girl. But as for everything else:

Chubby body types:

Pear (large bottom half, small upper half): For pear shapes, you should go for something to slim your bottom half, so compression leggings (because thin ones show cellulite and it's not cute) are really good. Fitted slacks are a more dressy option. Things like pencil skirts can also look cute. I reccomend most of the stuff you wear on your lower half to be dark colors because they're slimming. On your top, stuff like cardigans, blazers, sweaters, etc can be cute and make your top half look more proportionate. Also, loose tops are cute.

Ideal outfit for this body type: A blazer with a not fitted (but not baggy) button down underneath, paired with fitted slacks.

Apple (small bottom half, large top half): The most flattering things are skirts that flare out. Long flared skirts that are made of a stiff fabric (so they hold their shape)are defintely a look. Straight leg pants and slacks are flattering. For your top half, simple stuff like stretchy (mock) turtlenecks, fitted button downs, t shirts, long sleeve shirts, etc. You don't wanna draw attention so avoid jackets if you can.

Ideal outfit for this body type: A fitted button down tucked into a flared knee length skirt

Hourglass (large bottom half, small waist, proportionate bottom half): really, a lot of things will look good on this body type. If you wear something that draws attention to your top half, wear something that equally draws attention to your bottom half (don't wear a blazer with a pair of skinny jeans for example).

Ideal outfit for this body type: Open Cardigan with fitted V-neck shirt, paired with high rise slacks

Column (straight figure with little shape): Making the waist appear smaller is key. Waist cincing skirts, dresses, and pants are flattering. Something like tying your shirt at your waist is cute. High waisted anything is flattering. Belts also bring attention to the waist and make it appear smaller.

Ideal outfit for this body type: Open jacket with button down tuck into a pair of high waisted pants, paired with a snazzy belt.

If this is recieved well, I could write another whole essay on hair and beauty stuff. Sorry again if I wrote too much

No. 90090

File: 1532801449392.jpg (84.09 KB, 600x900, ashleygraham.jpg)

hope this doesnt sound too rude or like i hate fatties because as long as they arent those bitter ones who act superior i really dont care or judge them for their weight. i just want to understand better this mentality of caring about fashion while 'chubby'
i understand a lot of overweight people believe they cant lose weight/its too hard and maybe in some cases slightly overweight is just natural for you just like slightly underweight is natural for many. but more than slightly overweight is laziness, mental illness, gluttony, health problems, etc.
why not work towards a genuinely attractive body? even if you cant stop eating at least maybe stop long enough to go to the gym often and make yourself an attractive form of thick. if you could be thin enough you wouldnt need fashion/makeup just to not look ugly, thin girls can look cute without effort if their face isnt deformed

No. 90093

pic related is chubby for sure. if youre not sure, youre at least chubby.

No. 90099

Some may just like fashion, not for presentation's sake but for the fun of it. Or if it is for presentation, it may make them feel less insecure about their laziness in one aspect if they look less lazy in another.

For me it's a mix of both. I'm trying to lose a bit of weight now (I'm a little smaller than Ashley) by lifting 3x a week and have cut 500calories from my usual diet, but still want to wear nice clothes while doing it. And when I'm thinner I'll still want to e regularly fashionable. It's just enjoyable.

No. 90100

that actually makes more sense to me now, thanks
i just thought especially about shopping for clothes and spending lots of money while really big, if you got thinner it would look better but you wouldnt fit your old clothes, etc
nothing compared to actual chubby girls but i gained a bit of weight one year and bought lots of new skirts to comfort myself, i have to safety pin them all the time now.
its great youre trying to lose weight especially in such a healthy way anon! makes sense you want to look nice while doing so, i guess if you dress 'fat' you wont be in the right mentality for success

No. 90102

>hope this doesnt sound too rude or like i hate fatties because as long as they arent those bitter ones who act superior i really dont care or judge them for their weight.
The fact that you had to write "fatties" and add a "as long as they…" makes me doubt that…

As for your question, I had an ED for so long that whenever I try to eat just a little less/healthier I immediately revert back to my old sick habits and overdo it. And I never want to have to relive that period of my life again.

No. 90104

people generally call fat people that and dislike the Kelly Jean Drinkwater types. i dont see any reason to sugarcoat stuff on an anon site

i have also struggled with an ED in the past and ED behaviors since then so i do understand at least a bit. i especially know what its like to binge eat because i went through a period of that, but after the first 5 pounds were gained i was so determined to not get average/chubby that i stayed out of the house almost all day exercising as much as i could and made sure my parents stopped buying any of my junk food, so i didnt gain much in the end despite eating every second i could. i guess because of that is why i feel like its possible for anyone to not just eat and eat even though its so fucking hard its not even close to impossible for anyone. there's surgical options, therapy to help with ED habits, and you can even just stop buying unhealthy foods and try to get yourself to prefer healthier foods so thats what youre constantly eating without thinking about it much. smoothies are the shit and you can put in some unhealthy ingredients to make them taste better and its still infinitely better than fast food or whatever

No. 90108

Congrats, you dieted to stop yourself from becoming "average" and succeeded. But why are you telling us this?
This is not a weight loss thread, nobody is interested in your personal life story.
If one single fattie thread on lolcow triggers you so much that you can't leave it alone, then you might need to hide it. That's my advice for you.

No. 90109

It’s also about feeling good about yourself. I lost 40lbs recently and even though I’m still fat and losing weight none of my clothes fit anymore and I can’t stand to look at myself in the mirror and if I have to buy clothes that won’t fall off I might as well buy nice looking ones?

No. 90110

Because I’m chubby unless I get spoopy skinny. And I don’t have the genetics to get a sexy thick even with rigorous exercise. But I still deserve to feel like a human being, and clothing makes me happy. I only have one life and I’m trying my hardest to live it, and not waste it hating myself. I want to feel cute, even just a little bit. I know my clothes would look better if I was thinner, I’d be hotter and more liked by men if I was thinner. I just accept it and move it.

No. 90113

>And I don’t have the genetics to get a sexy thick even with rigorous exercise.

That's bs anon. You don't have one of a kind muscles that you can't build to get a thick body just like everyone else.

No. 90119

“Thick” just means an acceptable hourglass or pear. I’m a rectangle. I’d just look more masculine than I already do, and I have no ass and no breasts.

No. 90128

>somehow can't manage to lose weight

Have you been checked for hypothyroidism or PCOS anon?

No. 92011

No you won't. I'm not her, but I've done it. If you know what you're doing and drink water with electrolyte, you'll be perfectly fine.

No. 92029

Is there a way of getting rid of a fat stomach? The rest of my body is fine (ideally I'd also like to lose weight on my face and upper arms but they're not the worst). I hear a lot of people saying that spot fat reduction is a myth. If that's true, then how can I get rid of my awful stomach??(wrong thread)

No. 92033

You should really take this to one of the weight loss threads. You can try to tighten up the muscles in that area but spot reduction really is a myth. Sound like you're probably an apple shape, the worst shape to be as a chub. I know because I'm also an apple.

If you really want to get rid of stomach fat get /fit/ and any leftover fat can be lipoed out.

No. 92052

it is true. you can only do things to reduce your overall bodyfat. but the good news is, if your tummy is the place you have the most fat, it might be the first place you lose fat. you can do ab exercises to strengthen your abs, but again, this won't actually cause you to lose fat there more than anything else.

i really like lifting weights for muscle growth to increase my metabolism for fat loss, but if that's not your thing, really anything that gets your heart rate in your target range for 20+ minutes will increase your metabolism if you do it regularly, and thus reduce bodyfat. i bought a fitbit knockoff and i'm lazy so sometimes i walk/run where i'll run for as long as i can stand and then walk until my heart rate starts to go down again, then run again, and my heart rate stays in optimal range.

No. 92059

There is no way except for having it removed surgically. I am around 14% bodyfat, 19.5 BMI, and I still have a noticeable stomach despite bones sticking out in certain places… Ab exercises don't get rid of it, but at least for me it made my stomach look better. It makes the muscles underneath more visible and can make your stomach look more firm instead of flabby.

No. 92063

actually new science is coming out about possibly being able to, it's just a slow slow process that involves almost constant working out in that area. i will look up the article but apparently new science shows that muscle uses fat for energy and the body uses the fat near that particular muscle/muscle group first. so you may lose more fat in areas you work out constantly than others.

No. 92091

>fasting for 1 (ONE) week will literally give you eating disorders and kill you!
At this point you're just finding excuses for remaining fat.

No. 92093

If you have excess fat on your body you literally cannot starve.

>No one wants to get your damaged brain ana chan.

And no one wants to get your cloggied arteries and atrophied brain. Don't pretend you're any healthier than ana-chans.

You missed my point. The point of a week-long fasting isn't for weight loss in and of itself, rather to you rid yourself of the idea that something about your body is preventing you from losing weight which so many overweight people tend to have. It's specifically intended for people have trouble losing weight "normally" – who think they're eating correctly and the problem lies with their metabolism or something. It's NOT intended for people who are already sucessful losing weight on a normal diet.(derailing)

No. 92100

Fasting for one week is literally retarded and can do more harm than good, not to mention, it will probably rebound, but of course you can keep yourself skinny if you fast most of your time, ana-chan.

No. 92101


Not to mention if you starve and have blood pressure issues or diabetes, it can kill you even faster. Starving really makes you dumb, I gues.

No. 92106

No. 92456

Pick two:

>covers arms

>covers stomach
>is cool enough to wear in the summer

No. 92487

What's wrong with trying to rid OP's delusions that she ~can't~ lose weight?

No. 92488

Yeah obviously if you have diabetes and blood sugar problems consult your doctor before you make ANY drastic changes to your diet. Does this really need to be stated? People who have these health conditions would already know this. But I imagine most lolcow users are (relatively) young that their bodies haven't caught up to their habits yet. Penn jillette, who has these kinds of health conditions consulted his doctor and did a potato fast for 2 weeks and nothing happened to him.


I stand corrected. Still doesn't change the fact that people saying one week of fasting will hurt you long term is just find excuses.

No. 92504

OP said she can't manage to lose weight when obviously she can. So we aren't allowed to disagree with false statements anymore simple because it's """off topic"""? Did you make this thread, assblasted mod?

No. 92505

forreal. call it mini-modding but what's the point of being this strict about staying on topic on /ot/. it's not like cow threads where it fucks up the milk. there's so many tiny threads for everything here so surely no natural conversation is going to stay 100% on topic. as long as it's not totally derailing who cares.

No. 92507

Same way fatties cant lose weight skeletals can't gain. It's called mental illness and you can't expect people to fix it just because you want. Get over it.

No. 92532

You cunts are insufferable. Did your bans from last time already expire? Why does it matter so much that some anons aren't as skinny as you are? Does that hurt you? Why do you even care?

No. 92629

How do I lose weight in a healthy way? I think I suffer from binge eating disorder but my psychiatrist doesn't know it yet. IDK what he could suggest to me. I have no strong will whatsoever and I break promises to myself like no tomorrow.

Another thing is that I can't eat healthy and I would love to go on diet to learn that. The problem is that I am both to busy and exhausted to cook myself complicated dinners. Are there any low calorie dinners that don't require like 10+ ingredients?

I know I should go see dietician but what's the point if I can't stop eating chips and sweets first.

I want to kill myself

No. 92630

Just eat 1200 calories a day. If you can't manage that you're not going to lose weight.

No. 92631

jfc this is supposed to be a happy fatty thread.

No. 92632

But what do I even eat?
I will look up the diet. I'm slightly worried as I've read a post by dietician who claims it's meme and unhealty. It does not seem that low but I don't know shit about healthy eating lol.

Sorry for bringing depressing stuff here. Might have missed a weight loss thread if it exists.

No. 92634

Try requesting a nutrition thread in the thread requests thread? Theres no real TL;DR for explaining basic nutrition, carbs/calories/fat, and cooking, it's all different pieces of the same puzzle.

No. 92636

I meant more as in recipes that are not complicated as fuck, but I think that a trip to dietician will do me better than trying to figure stuff myself… For now I will stop eating trash, as this is an obvious first step to changing.
Thanks for your imput though.

No. 92668

It doesn't matter what you eat. Just don't eat more than 1200 calories a day. Doesn't matter if you eat 1200 calories of cheese burgers or 1200 calories of vegetables. With 1200 calories of vegetables and you'll be getting more food but still. It's all about using common sense, if you can read and do basic math this shouldn't be hard for you.

No. 93084

It’s lolcow. Bitter anachans can’t help themselves because being thin is the only thing that makes them feel valuable and if fat chicks can be seen as desireable too, they have nothing.

No. 93088

Lolcow is so shallow. You can be happy, succesful and healthy with some extra weight on lol

No. 93092

Happy and successful sure but not healthy, this is just being delusional.
There is plenty of scientific documentation on the health disadvantages from being overweight.

No. 93096

This is the chubby thread, not the obese thread.
Being in the upper half of normal or the lower half of the overweight category actually IS healthier than being lolcow's beloved ~uwu skinny~.

>A study spanning almost four decades and involving more than 100,000 adults in Denmark has found that those with an ‘overweight' body mass index (or BMI) were more likely to live longer than those in the 'healthy', 'underweight', and 'obese' categories.

Besides, it's not that you care about those people anyways, so fuck off with your fake concern.

No. 93126

Do y'all even realize some people can be chubby and not obese? Ashley Graham and Iskra Lawrence are def chubby, call any of them obese to my face and i'll be sure you're anachan.
Some people are just naturally inclined to be chubby (muh genetics is a thing, it just doesn't apply to hambeasts). Some people are just naturally inclined to be skinny (again, muh genetics, just doesn't apply to anachan spoops).

No. 93146

i'm 5'4 129 and hate myself for it every day
i basically just wear black which tends to make me look a bit slimmer
thats it

No. 93148

I'd rather die than weigh more than 109. You girls are Really strong for being able to be chubby and still happy and confident with yourselfs. All I have to say is you're all stronger women than me !

No. 93150

The number one thing is sugar and carbs, all sugar is converted into fat before it can be metabolized into energy. Oddly enough fat is actually used quickly by the heart and other major organs as their primary fuel.

No. 93151

>All I have to say is I have a very high opinion of myself and need to broadcast it on the internet in the form of faux praise to pat myself on the back
Get some self awareness

No. 93152

eh, i don't see what strength has to do with it. i just hate the feeling of hunger pangs more than i hate being skinnyfat

No. 93154

I really am praising you because idk how anyone can be chubby and not suicidal everyday. It takes a lot of self strength to ignore societies beauty standards and be yourself.

No. 93155

did you know anon? some people have bigger problems than being suicidal over not being an xs size, wild!

you sound underage, go starve so you can get all the girls in your class jealous

No. 93159

> It takes a lot of self strength to ignore societies beauty standards and be yourself.

no. you've got it backwards. eating at a reasonable frequency and not agonizing over your weight is the default. obsessing over being a very specific weight beyond what's healthy for you is unnecessary work and energy. society does have unreasonable expectations for womens looks but you've conflated soecietal expectations with your own neurosis. you've externalized your self control and convinced yourself that you're "weaker" than normal people so you'll never be healthy like them. completely false.

No. 93160

samefag but you're also conflating having a normal attitude towards weight with being extremely confident and accepting of yourself. this is a false dichotomy and another way that you're trying to convince yourself that you have no other choice.

like, i don't like being chubby. i don't like the way it looks, i don't like the way it feels on my body, i don't like how clothes fit. i much prefer the look of pretty low body fat. but i would never sacrifice my emotional well being, energy levels, happiness etc for it. so, when i'm willing and able to be thin by exercise and healthy but filling food, i do so, and when i'm not willing and able, i start to get fat. that's it. it's not strong. it's incredibly common. the average chubster is not some unattainable confident queen divorced from societal influence.

No. 93164

> the average chubster is not some unattainable confident queen divorced from societal influence.
She knows this perfectly well. It's just a bitchy, backhanded compliment that sounds straight out of the mean girls mouth in a generic teen movie, not something she actually, genuinely believes.

No. 100805

File: 1542237476646.png (1.04 MB, 925x680, 3e7433f2eb0dbdcf022abfed158392…)

theres technically medically overweight, and then there is subjectively fat.

Depending on your genetics, build and fat distribution, some people can look better with a bit more weight, while others look significantly worse

No. 100807

Medically overweight is fat anon. There’s no special difference just for aesthetics. Fat is fat no matter how you try and parse it.

No. 100809

Just venting tbh, my weight loss was going super well and I managed to lose half of my goal but now I’m pregnant and I can’t keep losing weight which makes me feel like shit

No. 100810

>There’s no special difference just for aesthetics.
yes there is, thats why I made the distinction

"Medically Obese"

"Fat chick"

there are some ana chans on here who will call anyone over 90 lbs a fatty.

No. 100816

And they are objectively wrong in calling a 90lbs person fat.
Fat is fat. Medically overweight is not categorised as “not fat” because they carry it well. You can invent all sorts of nonsense to cater to spergy Ana-chaos and haes lumps but that doesn’t make them valid.
Overweight is fat.

No. 100823

Did you post these two as examples of one being better than the other?
Is one supposedly “less fat” that the other because it’s in her thighs not her gut? Is this what you think carrying weight well is?

No. 100826

i posted extreme examples in the hopes of getting responses.

No. 100829

They both look disgusting.

No. 100832

Retro style is pretty forgiving for fatties. 40's and 50's stuff is usually quite feminine, and even if you're fat it still looks good to be put-together. Take care of yourself with other stuff, healthy hair and skin, clean and neat clothing, and maybe even being a nice person. I'm always surprised when a person who isn't conventionally beautiful is glamorous due to their styling and how they carry themselves. All that said, working on living a healthier lifestyle is cool too because you're setting a goal to do better for yourself.

I'm 5'0" and 150 lbs, but I'm working on it. In the meantime, I feel a lot better when I wear flattering clothes like wrap shirts and flared skirts or a nice blouse with a pencil skirt. If I wear sweats, I'll feel like garbage because I look like garbage. Putting something neat on and styling myself makes me a sack of fat that's trying. I'm not saying you should be complacent. Don't give up.

No. 100833

I can't do this because I don't think I deserve to look pretty while fat. Like right now I really wanna get my haircut cos it looks like shit rn but I can't until I lose more weight.

No. 100835

I agree with this, I recently started wearing 40s reminiscent clothes/styling and I feel it suits me well. I'm comfy with my body though (female version of builtfat if you will) and don't feel like changing it too much. Aside from getting more built.

It's especially nice if you're pear or hourglass shaped since most of the dresses highlight the waist.

No. 100836

im not >>100805 but i was always told that people who carry weight in their thighs as opposed to their gut have a lower risk of complications due to obesity. i dont know how true this is though lmfao.

No. 100837

How do you find out your weight distribution?

No. 100838

It's true, gut fat is worse for your health bc it's around your organs as well (pancreas, liver, heart)

No. 100839

File: 1542291892894.jpg (75.7 KB, 1080x1079, 39325451_392216194641554_47402…)

No. 100850

anon, the terrible shoop is highlighting her waist, not the clothes

No. 100854

The fuck is that??

No. 100859

She looks like a fat tranny, I wanna look like a fuckable woman not an overexaggerated freakshow

No. 100860

That looks terrible

No. 100862

>I wanna look like a fuckable woman

No. 100865

File: 1542325434842.jpg (117.76 KB, 982x1024, b0d0cec8c1727bc196a36beceaf7c0…)

i guess they really go all out with the photoshop these days

No. 100866

people find this attractive? she looks like she smells like a yeast infection, shit and a trailer park dumpster

No. 100867

thats why she has a premium snapchat i guess

No. 100868

is this what happens when you lipo or waist train and forget that the rest of your body is disgusting and fat? looks like that barbie knox chi ck at a glance

No. 100870

File: 1542327601914.jpg (629.31 KB, 1508x2047, Yi3L8.jpg)

sometimes thats the case, and sometimes people just inherit the genetic traits of their parents.

No. 100871

Holy shit…

No. 100872

Fuck, apple shaped bodies are already cursed but she's really got the extreme.

No. 100874

Like two different people merged together… so eerie

No. 101120

it triggers me when regular fat girls call themselves curvy. It's ok if you're fat AND curvy but I legit see apple-shaped fat girls calling themselves curvy and it frustrates me. I'm deffenitely overweight (26,5 BMI) but I have a tiny waist and big boobs and decent butt.

No. 101133

I've got a friend who's built like this. She calls herself 'curvy' and 'thick' like I admire her confidence, but I see no point in lying to yourself.

No. 101136

i dont see what there is to be triggered about, everyone knows curvy/thick are just softer/positive words for overweight/fat since fat is a dirty word and usually used in a derogatory way.

also when did this become a fat hate thread? post styling tips or get out

No. 101137

i dont see what there is to be triggered about, everyone knows curvy/thick are just softer/positive words for overweight/fat since fat is a dirty word and usually used in a derogatory way.

also when did this become a fat hate thread? post styling tips or get out

No. 101192

File: 1542760904610.jpg (47.5 KB, 600x800, 1209015326993.jpg)

you've never been to a porn board, guys get into giant flamewars about people posting apples in "thicc" threads and where the line is between thicc and fat.

No. 101193

you can lose it after baby comes. congrats btw. :)

No. 101195

You an still lose weight while pregnant if you’re overweight. It’s actually recommended if you’re overweight or obese. Exercise and eating healthy are great during pregnancy

No. 101210

File: 1542783675554.png (79.76 KB, 299x391, gloria.png)

Curvy isn't a different word for fat. It just became that way when fatties started calling themselves that because they can't face the truth.
Curvy is when you have a lot of rounds like Gloria from modern family (pic related)
Also you won't loose your curves unless you drop to an unhealthy weight, unlike fatties who lose their "curves"

No. 101214


No, don’t loose weight. If you can help it that is (maybe you get very nauseated and throw up a lot)
Just don’t gain as much as a normal weight pregnant woman would.
Talk to your doctor

No. 101219

File: 1542802740121.jpg (28.01 KB, 452x677, Swim_brief_men_frontal_black_u…)

Curvy or Thick is simply describing someone who is fat but still aesthetically pleasing to the eye.

If you say someone is just fat, usually it means they just look fat, nothing went to the right places.

Like when people say "Bear" they don't just mean a fat guy. They usually mean the type of guy that carries his weight pretty evenly. Guys can get the same terrible genetics that make fat go to all the wrong places.

No. 101221

File: 1542803588502.jpg (94.91 KB, 634x750, article-2758416-2169EBCC000005…)

sorry but no, that's just what fatties want everyone to believe.
Actually a bear is a man who has both muscles and fat. A man who is fat is just fat.
Would you call >>101210 or Beyonce fat then? Because those are actual curvy women.

No. 101228

if you are over your bmi, fat is fat, but you can carry your fat well if you have the right genetics

No. 101235

File: 1542819013244.jpg (88.97 KB, 750x506, 5ad38db3146e7118008b460a-750-5…)

Beyonce did get fat tho. Even in pic related she is sculpted and sucked into oblivion so it's not even her true form

Inb4 b-buh the twinz… the point still stands

No. 101250

This would be considered pear, not apple, right?

No. 101270

lmfao okay ana-chan this isn't the thread for you. Beyonce is not and has never been 'fat'. Chubbier during/shortly after pregnancy sure, but thats about it.

No. 101279

>sorry but no, that's just what fatties want everyone to believe

Lol, why are there posters here who always talk like there's a covert hivemind of fat people who are trying to trick you into thinking whatever the fuck you want?
It's not a conspiracy. Nobody cares what you believe.

The fact still stands that descriptors like "curvy" or "thicc" are used by people to describe fat distributions that they find aesthetically pleasing and that is absolutely subjective.
What's ""thicc"" to one person might be considered morbidly obese to you.
Stop gatekeeping meaningless shit.

No. 101289

Admin why do we have this thread spreading fat propaganda? How's it different to a self harm or anachan thread? Fat people should move more and eat at a healthy deficit. It's ridiculous to spread fake fatlogic otherwise. You will never look cute if you're overweight, we are biologically designed to find it a turnoff in order to maximise our health.(no one cares about your dick)

No. 101290

I'm not even fat and this is just a driveby comment but you're making obvious false equivalences. Being a bit overweight (or underweight) isn't ideal or healthy, but it's not as inherently, overtly harmful as self harm or full blown eating disorders.

And it's just plain nasty and wrong to say 'you're not cute so don't even try'. Should ugly people not bother trying to dress nicely either? Or people with deformities? Old people? None of those things are biologically designed to be attractive. Fashion is not that unforgiving, people can dress in ways that do make a less than perfect body look more flattered and it's absurd to just give up because being overweight isn't attractive. A fat person is fat whether they dress in conventionally cute outfits or live in sweatpants, there's no reason to dress frumpy and make themselves look even worse if they don't want to.

No. 101293

Just hide the thread, dude.
Let us be unfuckable to you in peace.

No. 101305

this is probably bait but I'm biting anyway for the sake of insecure people - no one is advocating staying fat or getting fatter, just being able to dress a fat body because you make the most of what you currently have. Most people in this thread want to lose weight or in the process of doing so but obviously that's not an overnight process, people still have to go out to run errands, go to work, hang out with friends or go on dates (anachans try to ignore this, but fat women do enjoy romantic relationships and sex). There's a huge difference between fashionable fat women and frumpy, unkempt fat women.

No. 108766

File: 1550686109134.jpg (67.17 KB, 600x800, 123776312570.jpg)

Yeah looks like a pear

No. 169680

File: 1612089291703.png (376.43 KB, 521x373, 1.png)

Bumping this thread just in case

No. 169684

Some perspective

No. 171736

This year hit me hard and I realized I have fat girl mouth on top of chubby cheeks and nasolabial folds. I feel like I have Amberlynn Reid's face on a marshmallow girl body.

I'm definitely chubby at 26 bmi but it's genetic and stays when I'm at a lower weight.

I got excited when I found this facial massage side of YouTube but I did vidrel yesterday and today my face looks even puffier and hurts like hell. I guess I don't have lymph face it's just plain fat. Sob.

If you're chubby with a slimmer face, count your blessings anons

No. 171741

File: 1613397853567.png (434.4 KB, 1343x317, 1.png)

Style yourself!

No. 171742

I've always read full cheeks look more youthful, maybe try framing your hair different if you feel weird about it.

No. 171750

Chubby cheeks are the best. I don't want to lose weight because I don't want to lose my cheeks, ngl

No. 171760

just lose weight, you have fat girl face because you're FAT. if you get down to the normal range, ideally 19-20 it should resolve itself. honestly facial massage is cope unless it's for lymphatic drainage or whatever

No. 171778

File: 1613423561178.jpg (122.86 KB, 1080x1080, 1.jpg)

>just lose weight fam

No. 171790

File: 1613432142565.jpg (144.88 KB, 643x856, 1.jpg)

No. 171795

I'm underweight and have the same type of face.

No. 171808

suuuuure thing

No. 171809

i'm not fat but i envy girls who are but still have nice faces like this, bone structure really is everything

No. 171813

Same. I'm not drastically underweight or anything, but it seriously feels like I carry all of my weight in my face. The only time in my life this wasn't the case was when I went paleo for about five months and had virtually no body fat, but I looked super unhealthy at that point and wouldn't go back to it.

I've accepted my cheeks at this point. What bothers me is that I've got a slight double chin despite being fairly thin otherwise.

No. 171816

File: 1613454706046.jpg (182.36 KB, 740x925, PSEmF0w.jpg)

I'm 5'9" and I believe I'm somewhere between inverted triangle and hourglass (though it's hard to tell what my bones actually look like because I've basically been kinda chubby ever since hitting puberty rip) with really defined hip dips. I find that jumpsuits with tie waists look really flattering on me, since I can nip things in a little. I also like anything with a bardot neckline, I think they look really feminine and pretty on plus size ladies. Maybe they create the illusion of a smaller neck or waist?

Pic is of Stefania Ferrario, a plus size model. And also my body goals, to be honest.

No. 171825

You might have an underdeveloped jaw. I am 5'8 and 126lbs and still have a little double chin. The reason? Small lower jaw. I have a big overbite and was offered surgery to fix it. I used to be really self conscious of it but I don't see the point in having my lower face smashed to bits, pulled forward and my mouth wired shut for weeks just to get rid of a tiny bump of fat/skin.

No. 171832

File: 1613471646317.jpg (179.38 KB, 638x856, 1.jpg)

That's plus size? That waist looks narrow

No. 171833

File: 1613472553852.jpg (225.88 KB, 1048x580, 1.jpg)

Genetics but also good photography angles.

No. 171834

File: 1613473316232.jpg (410.78 KB, 1780x1080, latecia thomas.jpg)

No. 171835

File: 1613473510418.jpg (19.35 KB, 400x600, denise bidot.jpg)

No. 171836

a less invasive way of fixing that if it ever starts to seriously bother you is braces, my cousin is very thin but had the same problem and it went away after she had them on for a couple years

No. 171841

File: 1613474450714.jpg (60.3 KB, 683x1024, bishamber das.jpg)

No. 171843

I had braces as a teen/young adult and being a ukfag, dentistry in that time wasn't great so I wasn't told to keep my retainer on. My ortho said 6 months, and surprise surprise, my teeth all moved. I went to a private dental clinic a few years back and the doc said I'd need invasive jaw surgery and 24 months of braces. I kinda wanna look into it again but she put me off. She treated me like a sideshow freak, which is surprising as my jaw is very sharp looking and defined, other than the slight softness towards my neck. Maybe one day.

No. 171847

File: 1613475855881.jpg (264.21 KB, 961x1280, 1.jpg)

No. 171848

This is the most unflattering picture of an average woman I've ever seen. She literally looks like she has no ass and 10kg of make up on her face

No. 171849

File: 1613476955909.jpg (377.18 KB, 960x1280, 1.jpg)

Dealing with real life here, no filters

No. 171851

I said unflattering picture not "bitch is ugly as shit", chubby chaser-chan

No. 171852

File: 1613477231786.jpg (359.15 KB, 1400x2100, 81f292cebbb2d17ae9c11967dd9b87…)

No. 171858

File: 1613481430688.jpg (53.98 KB, 640x432, lucy collett.jpg)

No. 171860

File: 1613482496618.jpg (181.39 KB, 684x856, 1.jpg)

No. 171863

File: 1613483815775.png (1.04 MB, 652x856, 1.png)

No. 171866

File: 1613485621594.jpg (150.57 KB, 720x810, Top-10-Plus-Size-Models-In-The…)

Ronald McDonald hair

Bitch is too old to have a Harry Potter pillow on her couch

Are you just stealing pics of chubby normies now? That's kinda weird ngl

No. 171867

File: 1613485806660.jpg (54.83 KB, 1280x720, jensen.jpg)

Everyday people who try to dress better and style themselves are better for comparisons and ideas

No. 171876

File: 1613496192324.jpg (262.96 KB, 1080x1349, 1.jpg)

No. 171879

File: 1613497856016.jpg (124.96 KB, 1080x1350, bertozzi.jpg)


No. 171988

all of these women would look better if they lost weight…

No. 171996

File: 1613582248601.jpg (628.94 KB, 1820x1260, lana del rey charlotte kuhrt.j…)

Not all women are built like sticks and have the same fat distribution so they can adjust their dresses accordingly
Good looking style beats frumpy anyway

No. 172002

Why do I get fetishy vibes from all the most recently posted images

No. 172003

we can see her stomach here though, gross

No. 172012

Because poorly shaped fatties like to fetishize themselves to feel attractive because that's the only way they can really be attractive

No. 172015

agreed. you can be fat and still be pretty but at the end of the day everyone looks and feels their best at a healthy weight

No. 172018

File: 1613587323544.jpg (197.83 KB, 1080x1350, mia sand.jpg)

At a healthy weight range

No. 172021

Because posts like this >>172018 are pure trash that only a scrote could admire

No. 172023

Obvious buttlift is obvious

No. 172025

Come on, haven't you heard of squats and leg presses?

No. 172027

Honestly I would love to be strong thicc. The problem is my bones are pretty small so I get flabby looking when I put on weight instead of having that solid look, even when I try weight lifting.

No. 172032

File: 1613590681711.jpg (124.5 KB, 1600x960, mulher-melancia.jpg)


No. 172051


We get it. But that's not the point of this thread. Fat and chubby women like fashion too, and exchanging tips for looking nice is not the deathfat enabling everyone seems to think it is. I'm a little tired of the "lose weight" crowd shitting up this thread, go to the diet/fitness thread if you're so bothered.

No. 172054

File: 1613594771638.jpg (158.03 KB, 684x1024, DSC02487-684x1024.jpg)

How do we feel about pinafore dresses? I think they're really cute, but they usually get paired with unflattering mock neck tops. Like picrel would look better with just a crew neck in my opinion. And different shoes.

No. 172116

File: 1613650076283.png (2.24 MB, 1052x1114, 1.png)

No. 172151

As a bigger woman, I don't think that works for her body type. She's apple shaped and that dress best works for rectangles or occasionally pears.

No. 172202

File: 1613681026431.jpg (64.77 KB, 468x924, sara forsberg.jpg)

No. 172222

Is being 5'3"/5'5" and 140 lbs instead of 105 really that much of a health problem?

No. 172242

>looks like she has no ass
She definitely has a pretty big rear.
Just because someone doesn't have a huge bubble butt doesn't mean they're negative mass kek.
You sound like a scrote but tbf so many farmers say a girl has no ass when they clearly do. It's just not Kim K's surgical exaggeration of one.
The photo is unflattering tho.

No. 172263

File: 1613732574559.png (651.39 KB, 1002x442, 1.png)

Are black dresses really slimming?

No. 172271

File: 1613742919016.jpg (130.22 KB, 1332x1336, 1.jpg)

No. 172273

A little bit. Black looks slimmer/smaller than white, it's an optical illusion. Plus it's harder to see the roundness of a belly from the front because depth is difficult to see on black. But a fat body is still going to look fat is a black dress.

No. 172300

File: 1613756012990.jpg (93.07 KB, 326x856, black.jpg)

>But a fat body is still going to look fat is a black dress.
Going for the black baggy look is a bad idea then?

No. 172308



Are you guys really this fat?

No. 172310

Ive seen fat people wearing a oversized black dress and it would blend with everything so hard that people wouldnt bother paying attention to their body, so chub women or fat ones are fine.

No. 172316

File: 1613763846541.jpg (73.38 KB, 642x856, 1.jpg)

No. 172317

File: 1613763927185.png (Spoiler Image,219.96 KB, 355x593, 1.png)

I'm not sure a little pudge can be considered "fat" or "obese"

No. 172322

Anon that's not 'a little pudge', >>172308
these are all at least overweight if not clinically obese for some of them. Your idea of what fat is, is way skewed.

No. 172323

They're still going to look obviously wide and therefore fat. Like if you put an equally oversized black dress on a fat woman and a skinny woman, it's going to be obvious one of them is skinny and one is not, even if the dress hides most bodycontours.

No. 172326

You have to be trolling

No. 172328

File: 1613767878406.png (1.63 MB, 1608x868, b.png)

Would you go more about body shape or about BMI to classify "fat", "obese", and "chubby"?

No. 172341

File: 1613775875087.png (1.38 MB, 2282x650, white.png)

White dresses

No. 172401

File: 1613827525103.png (465.74 KB, 744x578, blue.png)

Blue dress

No. 172411

I think some body types look chubby at a lower/higher BMI then others, but all body types have a BMI range where they look chubby.

No. 172416

Ayrt, in my post I meant overweight and obese by BMI. That BMI chart in your pic is delusional.

No. 172418

BMI are a suggest count. The best way to understand if you are fat vs chubby is to honestly see how your family is in terms of health history and also body types not to mention always talk to a doctor. Sometimes if you struggle to lose weight you might have a serious health issue that has yet to surface. It is also highly important too to consider you also might not be eating the right diet for you. This means that sometimes the diets that are deemed healthy are not one fit all, it's why you go to people who are trained in dietary area of health for advice than some youtuber.

In terms of styling you want to avoid things that show emphasis on the stomach and upper thigh area. So knee skirts and jackets that are long are going to make you look great. Avoid tucking in your shirt and wearing pencil skirts. You want a skirt to fare out not show off that muffin top(if you have one, people gain weight in different areas).

No. 172423

Here's how I see it:
Higher end of healthy BMI is chubby
BMI 25+ is fat

No. 172428

I've calculated some people's BMI in the dedicated weight loss thread, the results are conflicting, some look better, others look worse even if the numbers are close to each other

No. 172430

body shape is a big part of this. women who gain weight in their stomach will look fatter than those who gain in their butt/hips/thighs. there was just a study published where people were presented silhouettes of women at roughly the same BMI but with different weight distributions, and the thick middle women were always rated more harshly than the thick bottoms women. it makes sense evolutionarily because the tendency to gain around the stomach = low estrogen/progesterone = low fertility

No. 172431

File: 1613847128823.png (839.17 KB, 1206x348, try.png)

No. 172478

Is a bmi of 22 considered high-end? Asking for a friend

No. 172487

Nta, but for me personally the face trade-off when losing weight isn't worth it for me. I've yo-yo'd all over the place and I gotta say my face after losing weight easily ages me by like 10 years.

The extra fluff on my face I get from carrying an extra 15-20 lbs really acts like facial fillers. I prefer it tbh.

No. 172512

Imo higher-end of healthy is roughly around 23 bmi and up.

No. 172527

File: 1613926938386.png (673.99 KB, 1036x446, bmi.png)

These are all between 21 and 24

No. 172539

What point are you trying to make with this?

No. 172541

That we can go with numbers or with mirrors with respect to what we can like

No. 172543

And in any case: healthy doesn't always equate with "good looking". You can "look healthy" and "be healthy" which are different things. Proper body composition is another thing: an obese person and a super skinny person are unhealthy.
Probably not the thread to talk about this…

No. 172547

I mean I get what you're saying and I most certaintly don't disagree with your last post but the conversation was never about health or what we like so I don't really understand why you're bringing this up in response to my post about bmi and being chubby.

No. 172553

Then BMI is a thing which is more about numbers and not the mirror, the adjective chubby is more about appearance
A muscular girl with a high BMI is most likely not chubby

No. 172566

There is a specific thread for weight loss with pictures in the catalog
Should it be bumped? Y/N

No. 172571

File: 1613951174676.jpg (273.18 KB, 856x856, niki hughes.jpg)


No. 179487

Do you have some tips on how to be more confident as a chubby girl?

No. 179489

Google "body neutrality". Basically the idea is that instead of body positivity (everyone is beautiful and desirable just the way they are!!!!) you should focus on feeling neutral about your body. Your body walks around and does shit and enables you to live in the physical world, it doesn't need to be conventionally sexy it just needs to function. Some people are gonna think you're fugly for being chubby but it doesn't matter, unless you're a model or actress it's not your job to be hot.

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