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No. 79191

Does anyone else never/almost never wear makeup? I feel alone in this. I don't think wearing or not wearing makeup makes anyone better than anyone else and I don't want to argue about that, I just rarely meet other girls who don't put some on as part of a daily routine.

No. 79192

i usually don't wear makeup. not that i'm against it or anything, it just feels dirty? idk. i just feel annoyed when it's on my face majority of time. eye, brow, and lip makeup is the furthest i will go unless it's a really big event. and even then…

No. 79194

Not me. I love the light, natural makeup look. It's very appealing and enhances my natural features without being too heavy.

No. 79197

I fill my brows a bit just so they look a little fuller and I use chapstick and spot conceal my acne marks if I need to. For the most part I never wear a full face. I feel like it just looks weird on me.
Also this >>79192
>it just feels dirty
agreed, I feel very gross when I wear makeup even though I know it's fine and I properly prepare my skin for it and stuff. I might just be sensitive to having products on my skin though. I can't stand hand cream either.

No. 79199

I see women of all ages who wear no makeup all the time, and I've never thought anything like "why isn't she wearing makeup?" Like people usually only compelled to notice no-makeup when the girl in question usually wears it and suddenly isn't.

I don't wear makeup most of the time and I'm not a natural beauty at all. I'm trying to not obsess over my looks so much and go about my life accepting that sometimes I dont look good.

No. 79201

I almost never go out wearing makeup but I still like to practice at home. I do it because it's fun and creative.

No. 79202

Me, I'm lazy and always wake up late.
Also like 70% of Europe.

No. 79203

i'm gyaru so you know…

i used to wear only lipgloss before that though.

No. 79212

I can't wear a full face of makeup, I think it feels and looks disgusting. all I do is spot conceal, take care of my skin, groom my brows, and maybe add a little liner and tinted lip balm. it's a much better investment to take care of your skin

No. 79213

Idk if it's because I'm incompetent but I feel I look uglier with makeup.

No. 79214

I can't do makeup because I hate looking at my own face for extended periods of time

No. 79218

i don't either. if i absolutely need to go somewhere where it's expected of me, i put some BB cream under my eyes and apply mascara (and eyeliner – RARE)

i've started investing in skin care routine last year. pricier face wash, moisturizer and exfoliants, do it every day. still, my skin remains far from great :(

No. 79219

I don't wear makeup on a daily basis but I like wearing it. Basically I'll wear makeup when I feel like expressing myself and looking better than the basic me but on a daily basis I only wear moisturizer and lip balm.

No. 79289

I wear it maybe once or twice a month. Going out to dinner with friends, and if there's a special event. I don't wear it for work (not a client-facing job, and the dress code is very casual) and I only lasted four months always wearing it for my boyfriend (he never asked/cared and told me I didn't have to around him unless I liked wearing it).
I am not great at makeup, but I do a passable, basic job when I need to. I'm glad I don't have to do it every day for work. I do have acne, and I look better with makeup, but I don't like wearing it. It's so boring to put on, and I hate the way it feels.

No. 79290

i never wear makeup, i just never learned how to and when my sister tried to put it on me it felt gross on my face.

i do feel dumb sometimes im so used to seeing women with 'natural' makeup that i dont realize thats not what they actually look like and feel confused when they look uglier all of a sudden

No. 79292

I don't wear makeup outside of cosplay, and I rarely cosplay female characters so it's never feminine looking. I guess it's me being lazy and accepting that I look fugly/manly with or without makeup and should spare others the eye sore. Even when I attempt to cosplay female characters I feel like a tranny, I got the techniques down but still. I wouldn't even be cosplaying females if my friends didn't push me into doing them. I can't stand feeling that miserable in daily life too so I guess I'll never bother to try.

No. 79306

I don't do full face for work anymore. It was honestly getting expensive and I was sick to death of having to replenish supply every other month.

Especially because when I stopped wearing as much makeup, no one gave a fuck. I'll still do mascara, a little eyebrow pencil, blush, and some concealer over a red spot. But I don't go back to the full coverage foundation, contour, eyeliner, etc. unless I have a business meeting or important company function.

Btw–the only time I've ever gotten the old "You look tired" for not wearing makeup is if I've worn it nonstop and all the sudden I don't wear it one day. If people are used to seeing you with the full face of slap, they will notice one day when you don't have it. But they also get used to seeing you without makeup and soon that becomes normal too.

No. 79309

I never wear makeup except for chapstick, only because my lips dry out in about 5 minutes.

When I did regularly wear makeup about 3 years ago I did it because I felt like I was ugly and needed to cover it up, but my skin couldnt take it. The dry skin on my cheeks got even worse, and I constantly had pimples on my forehead and nose. Whenever I wore eyeliner and/or mascara the skin around my eyes would get red and irritated and I would also get meibomian gland infections all the time. Keep in mind this was with looking after my skin and brand new products.

I can count the amount of times ive worn makeup over the last couple of years on one hand. Ive realised makeup cant change the features I dont like, and since ive stopped, my skin has been a lot nicer. Makeup is such a pointless hassle tbh.

No. 79310

I never wear the stuff but I've always wanted to get into wearing it. I was never lucky enough to have and maintain a friendship with a girl who wore makeup and could go crazy over the stuff with me. Tried to get into it on my own but anytime I would go to the makeup counters with questions, it always seemed like I was an inconvenience to their hard and pressing days of standing around picking their asses.

No. 79311

Oh god I feel really alienated for not wearing makeup sometimes. I recently had a friend who wanted to research what women watch on Youtube so she asked us to send links to our favorite channels, and I was literally the only person who posted users who weren't beauty vloggers. Even my best friend, who rarely wears makeup, linked to a beauty vlogger.
I dunno that realization was odd, like I felt not woman enough for a while. The thing is, my mom doesn't like putting on makeup either.
I have a face with a bunch of hyper-pigmentation and I breakout a lot, but I've never had the urge to cover up or anything. And I see how much some people spend on makeup & I'm like no way I'd rather save that for groceries or a video game lol.
Like two to three times a year I'll put on makeup, one of those times is usually Halloween.

No. 79313

>no makeup
I wish I could. My skin isn't perfect, I get blemishes, dark eye circles and have oily/combo skin so I need concealer, bb cream/foundation and finishing powder as a must.
As for the rest of my face, I usually go for a light makeup: I do my brows (my real brows are thin and asymmetrical, waiting for the time I will be able to get microblading lol), natural looking blush, mascara and rosy tinted lipbalm. Also black or brown liner on my waterline if I feel like doing it.
I feel respect for the girls who don't wear makeup though

No. 79315

If I could, I would wear no makeup so I respect all of you guys above who mentioned that you don't.

My skin is such shitty condition that I need it. For some reason I got terrible acne as an adult that I didn't have as a teenager. My doctor recommended I take the oral contraceptive but if anything, it made it worse. I would love to go out without makeup and feel comfortable.

No. 79321

I don't wear makeup but not because I don't want to. I've pretty much just given up on it. I'm really ugly and I honestly feel like makeup makes it worse rather than better, because it looks like I'm trying too hard and overcompensating. Putting makeup on ugly features just makes them look like ugly features with a bunch of shit slathered all over them. Wearing nice lipstick or something just makes me feel like a deformed monster trying to imitate someone beautiful and failing miserably at it.

Also I'm not talented with makeup at all and I can't figure out how to work with my eye shape. The whole thing honestly makes me really depressed. I want to be one of those girls who always glows and looks so pretty and put together but I just can't get there. I know this sounds dumb but I feel like less of a woman, like I'm missing this important part of being female because I'm not beautiful. Most of the time I can stifle this feeling and just go on with my life but then every once in a while I see a beautiful woman or something and I just think "jesus fucking christ, I wonder what that must feel like?" It must feel so free and good to feel nice in your body.

So, yeah, I've stopped trying and never wear makeup. No amount of practice or expensive product or hours of youtube tutorials can fix me and make me less worthless looking.

No. 79325

I used to be a makeup artist, loved doing elaborate makeup, own a fucking ton of it, looked down my nose at the girls who look like clowns working in department stores here who slather on way too tanned foundation and nike tick brows and just look like they're really fucking overcompensating. It always irked me that people thought more makeup = beautiful. It doesn't enhance your features at that point, just makes you look like a retarded caricature.

I would spent about 30 minutes before work doing a base foundation, and nice classic makeup, but over the years I just grew sick of it. I have always had an admiration for girls I pass by or see who are rocking a bare face, regardless of what they look like. I think it looks so clean and comfy and most of all, unique.

If I do makeup now, I do bb cream, some light highlighter from Lush, mascara, brows and rosy lip balm, and I usually take it off as soon as I'm home. When I wore a lot of makeup I think seeing these beautiful girls baring their faces and looking like themselves gave me the confidence to do the same, even though I'm sooo fucking sick of hearing "you look sooo different with no makeup". Just… I don't want to hear it, I am tired of makeup being fuckin central in daily life now.

No. 79328

I’m ugly without makeup. I don’t feel bad about myself when I go out without any on. But I’ve noticed people treat me better when I have makeup on. Smiling at me, starting conversations with me, etc. So there’s that! I mean there’s really only a short period of time in life to be appreciated for beauty before it fades, so I’m just taking advantage of that while I can.

I wish I could get away with no makeup though. If I could I wouldn’t bother with it.

No. 79332

I’m kinda the opposite, I did a full face every time I left my house up until recently. Now that I don’t wear any (or if I do, just primer and brown mascara) and find people are actually nicer to me. Especially other women. It may just be that makeup makes me, personally, look less appochable or something, but I thought it was interesting.

No. 79335


Hello comrade, I only wear makeup for occasions that call for it. Like weddings, pictures for my work card, when I had job interviews.

I don't wear makeup daily, I just don't have the time and don't really need it since after high school my face cleared up. Skincare/hair care is more important to me and makeup is like the icing on top. The only time I wear my makeup back to back during the week is when I visit my sisters who like to do the insta baddie makeup and constantly takes pictures, and that's the only time I'll put someone on my face consistently.

No. 79349

I don't care for it but I at least try to put on concealer and mascara, only because I have acne scarring and people look at me like a freak since I'm surrounded by clear skin folks and it makes me feel dirty and gross, mascara is because my eyes always look dull and gross

I wish I can go without it, but I feel so guilty and disappointing for my scarring

No. 79353

I have full face cystic acne scarring too anon, but it’s much better now after getting lactic acid facials and learning about how to prevent and reverse scarring. I learned everything from google with just “how to get rid of acne scars on a budget.”.

No. 79372

I just can't get people that feel It's okay to comment on something like that. "Ohh, you only have your face on. You look …. <some other word for bad>" like, how is this not rude?

No. 79377

I wear makeup from time to time but only for the pleasure since I'm very comfortable with my bare face, when I do I wear a very sheer foundation, some concealer around my mouth and my nose, lipstick and mascara. I wish I could wear some eyeliner and eyeshadow but since my eyes are deep set and downturned anything other than mascara make them look way smaller and "tired". But I learned to love them anyways, I think it's a very romantic eye shape.

No. 79384

I don't wear makeup because I'm chronically tired and can't be arsed most of the time when I only need to go to class or something.

I kind of have a love/hate relationship with it though. I have very round, very big prominent eyes with dark circles that make them look even bulgier. I have this weird epicanthal fold (we wuz Huns n shiet) that covers a bit of my inner eye corner and extends into my brow bone (?) which has a lot of I guess fat or something like that. As a result my eyes look completely flat when I close them, but when I open them my proper eyelid completely disappears under the fatty area and makes my eyes look even rounder and more cartoony, also oddly meaty. Also from the side you can see my eyes sticking out of my head a bit and I'm really self-conscious about that.
It looks super weird in photos and people used to call me a frog, a Pekingese dog and say my parents put giant googly eyes on me as a kid and they got stuck.
I've never seen a pair like them even from my parents, they're a huge pain in the ass to shop for. When they're not made up I always look kind of surprised, which looks stupid.

I'd love to find a tutorial or something but everyone always says "put lots of black shadow on them, do a smoky eye to mask the bulging" but it just looks stupid because of the fold and the fatty area, and not very fit for day to day wear.


No. 79386

I wear zero makeup (even for nice events) and I love it, I wish more people were into going makeup-free (even girls who don't do contouring seem to love the "natural" look). There's something so freeing about never worrying if your makeup is fixed.

No. 79389

I used to wear eye makeup and lipstick everyday but I've gotten lazy as I got older. Now the only time I ever wear any makeup is if there's a special occasion or if I'm in a random mood to put it on. I have a lot of really fun eye shadows and lipstick/gloss but they mostly just take up space in my bathroom drawer. I do try to take really good care of my skin so I feel like that's the best "makeup".

No. 79401

This! When I lived in Japan the more fashionable girls on campus wouldn't be caught without makeup so I felt pressured to wear makeup too. It felt so uncomfortable and in the back of my mind I often worried that my make up got messed or something when I went without looking in the mirror too long. I'm going back in 3 months and I don't think I can go back to that makeup life. Life without makeup (on the daily) is pretty nice.

No. 79450

I never wear makeup in my daily life but if I feel like it or I'm going to an event, I'll wear a little bit. I have a weird thing about things that feel like paint on my face- I don't like face masks or liquid foundation there's something about it that freaks me out. When I do wear makeup, it's just neutral eyeshadow, pencil liner, mascara, and a light powder. I also have an androgynous baby face so I feel like I look like a little boy playing with mommie's makeup if I go for highlighters and bolder colors. I like makeup on other people though, my gf goes all out everyday and it's impressive how quickly she can put it on and have it look professional. If I'm going out at night to a party she does my makeup for fun.

No. 79452

>lactic acid facials
Do you get them from the derm or do you buy them? A lot of different things pop up ranging from under 10 dollars to 200+ dollars

No. 79573

I never wore makeup because I never understood the point of it. My mother, sister, and girls in middle/high school always gave me a hard time about it but I didn't care. I do, however, make sure my skin stays clean and moisturized. I suppose it's working because people say I look like I'm 18 or younger and are shocked to know I'm actually 26.

No. 79818

It's pretty normal that I'll go out without makeup on, but even the elderly around me have some slap on their face.
Then you see the mirror and wish you had at least put a base of foundation on before leaving the house
But ultimately, I don't really care about it unless I want to make a good impression on someone
Or if there's a special occasion

Problem is, when you don't put makeup on often, it takes hours for me to even get my eyeshadow looking presentable
Anyone else get this? Like being rusty?

No. 79830

I actually got some lactic acid online and made one myself for cheap (I’m a nerd, don’t do this), but you can take your pick of the over the counter $15-25+ DIY peels or spring for a stronger, more expensive one. Pay attention to the percentage of lactic acid in the peel you use, If you want the best results, see a dermatologist for a really strong peel, but tbh if you’re gonna spend that money just save up for fraxal laser scar removal (best scar removal procedure). Basically they all work the same, it just depends on your skin sensitivity and your patience. Use a weaker one more often for more gradual results (if you have sensitive skin), or use a stronger one less often for more dramatic results (but beware skin irritation). Follow all instructions on the packaging of whatever you buy!!! Whatever you do, make sure to keep your face clean, don’t touch your skin, wear sun protection, and moisturize. You’re still putting acid on your face, so it’s important to take care of your skin after you do the peels (and in general ofc).

I did also start out with “beginner” scar removal stuff like lemon juice/honey scrubs and caking on sunscreen to prevent further scar darkening, so by the time I graduated to the lactic acid I guess I weakened them? Lol.

Obviously I still have the texture scars and pitted scars but all I have to do it throw a filter on my selfies or do a quick shoop and you can’t even tell because I don’t have redness to worry about anymore. I still have my gripes with my skin, but the red spots aren’t one of them anymore (sorry if this post sucks, I’m still rolling for 420!).

No. 80352

thanks anon, I'll try otc/diy ones until I can afford one from the derm, my scars aren't necessarily that bad, my skin is smooth to texture but they just look like red dots under the skin if that makes sense

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